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tv   The Travel Show  BBC News  April 13, 2019 10:30am-11:00am BST

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um— lm—“m bait hi? u‘u fist. a ilw . paddy white university, but he also still to come: simon's this is bbc news. travelled around —— pad you are. the headlines: here with tips on cutting the cost more than 70 mps and peers sign of car hire. a letter urging the government to ensure julian assange faces shakespeare had to go to church authorities in sweden, every sunday with these people, and if they request his extradition. and diving into the world a range of people who had great of underwater fine dining. experience of things that he so don't go away. the sudanese general who led a coup wouldn't have visited himself and to overthrow long—term leader the other interesting thing is that 0mar al—bashir steps down, just 24 hours after he took charge of the country. these doctors are interesting doctors celebrate a new treatment — called gene silencing — characters, what makes shakespeare such an interesting writer is he that's seen major success in treating the crippling pain caused by porphyria. makes such interesting characters a dutch fertility doctor is found and talking to these people was a to have used his own sperm to father 49 children, key pa rt hello from the fine atlantic city and talking to these people was a key part in him seeing how of porto in portugal. without his patients' consent. characters varied amongst people and this week, i have advice on a mother that came out in his plays. geoffrey and shakespeare's works and daughter wanting are well known, but where in london did he live? to explore beyond singapore. we speak to the historical detective first though, after a series marsh, excellent, thank you so much of airline failures this winter, many of you have been in touch who's tracked him down. for being with us this morning. about how best to protect yourself in case your airline is grounded and your ticket turns out and the brexit extention the name of the next star wars to be worthless. and israeli prime minister film has been announced. episode ix which is going to be well, a travel insurance policy
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released later this year will be called the rise of skywalker. which covers scheduled airline it'll feature previously unseen footage of carrie fisher as princess leia — failure could prove worthwhile. three years after the actress's death. and coming up in the programme now back to northern portugal, in the next hour — heather and terry hamilton are planning a four—day visit we'll be speaking to a star wars superfan live from chicago. to porto later this spring, now it's time for a look and they ask... at the weather with darren bett. hello again. we've got some stronger winds today which are making it feel that bit colder. we've got a few showers, perhaps one "what advice do you have or two wintry ones coming into on the things that shouldn't be missed? " the south—east of england and east anglia. but away from here, it is going to be dry, plenty of sunshine, some fair a two—dimensional map really doesn't weather cloud building up. do justice to the three—dimensional a little more hazy for delights of porto, one of europe's northern ireland, west wales and most spectacularly situated cities. the south—west of england my perennial highlights where it is particularly windy. are the view of the waterfront temperatures in the north—west from dom luis bridge, of scotland could make 12 or 13, and the view of dom luis bridge eastern parts of england nearer from the waterfront. there are also some magnificent buildings, starting with sao bento seven to nine and falling quickly station itself, the ferreira borges market and the mighty cathedral. this evening as skies clear and the winds drop. and a bit of rain in the far if you find yourself with an afternoon to spare, south—west of england should consider a trip to the nearby town keep the temperatures up here, otherwise it is going to be clear of aveiro, an hour south on a very skies, cold and frosty once again. cheap train ride. second half of the weekend starts with sunshine it provides a charming and very in many areas, but more different outlook on cloud for northern ireland, south—western parts of wales, northern portugal.
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south—west england. next, ann lennox says her daughter is currently on a gap year but they have a rendezvous to meet up for six days in singapore. cloud amounts elsewhere will tend to increase, more cloud than today. "have you got any advice the odd shower possible but most places will be dry, but those temperatures again on where a mother and daughter struggling up to highs of 9 or 10 celsius. could go to get a taste of asia from singapore?" well, ann, i've called in advice from a singapore resident. some nice day trips that you can take in singapore would be to check hello, this is bbc news with shaun ley. out the natural side of singapore. the headlines: one of the areas i would recommend more than 70 mps and peers sign a letter urging the government checking out is kranji in the north—west. to ensure julian assange faces there's a really good nature reserve authorities in sweden, called sungei buloh reserve. if they request his extradition. there's lots of mangroves, forests, the sudanese general who led a coup it's great for walks, to overthrow long—term leader you can find lots of animals omar al—bashir steps down — just 2a hours after he took and birds as well. charge of the country. doctors celebrate a new treatment called gene silencing another place i would recommend that's seen major success checking out is pulau ubin island, in treating the crippling pain in the north—east part of singapore. you can take a ferry there, caused by porphyria. it is popular for walking, a dutch fertility doctor is found trekking, cycling. to have used his own sperm to father 49 children, you get to see a side of singapore which is very different without his patients' consent. from the cityscape.
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philip noakes raises a common problem for those of us who like to rent a car in the us. he hired a vehicle in san diego, california, and... now on bbc news, according to my booking there was nothing else to pay, but i found at the end that $112 it's the travel show. of items had been added in shakespeare, it is exit pursued to the bill, covering by bayer, for me it is exit by the emergency sickness plan and roadside safety net. the rental firm said that i'd signed for them, which on closer lions. this week on the show... inspection i found i had. face—to—face with mountain how do i get a refund? lion table manners. the intricate art of the chinese dumpling. philip, i've been scammed simon's in porto by car—rental staff in exactly the same city. with my travel tips. i apparently initialled and going under at europe's first the contract for an upgrade, underwater restaurant. even though i never said i wanted one. what can you do about it? well, i have vowed to make a point next time of recording the entire transaction, including saying in a loud voice, "and just to be absolutely sure, i do not wish to take any extras at all". it seems a little bit extreme, but that's the way i'm afraid
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you have to play it. time now for my departure, but please keep sending me your travel problems and i'll do my very first, last year, a series best to find you the answers. of devastating wildfires had a huge impact across california. for now, from me, simon calder, they were the state's worst on record, burning almost 2—million goodbye, see you soon. acres of land. but it wasn'tjust people that and finally, with the opening were affected by the fires. of the world's largest underwater in greater los angeles, wild mountain lions live around restaurant in norway's southern popular hiking spots. region of lindesnes just a few weeks ago, we visited to see the often man—made fires along what goes into creating with other human activities threaten their lives. a restaurant five metres underwater. so i've headed north of la to the verdugo mountains. my name is stig ubostad. i'd heard that one mountain lion called p41, who became caught up i'm the part owner, together in a fire there in 2017, helped turn around local with my brother, of under. understanding of these it's the world's largest underwater powerful animals. so it's one of the misconceptions restaurant and the first in europe. that los angeles is just this concrete jungle without wildlife, but it's much more than just that. but there's so much to see here. despite attacks on people being very
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the three pillars which we divided rare, occasional reports the project in is marine biology, of incidents have contributed to mountain lions being eradicated architecture, and gastronomy. from north america's eastern states. their biggest threats still comes from human activity in the form those three together, of road traffic, animal you don't build under if you don't have a passion. poisons and fire. it's not possible. the fires swept through a good amount of the verdugo range in 2017 but this spot in particular was hit pretty hard by the fires. the challenge was really to find it's black. yeah. right now we're in a 16 square mile a form and a shape and a location habitat and a mountain lion that could actually withstand these territory is anywhere forces that we knew would happen. from 150—250 square miles. so the solution was a pipe. so the fact they're even able and it was constructed on a barge, to live and hunt here successfully then transported to this site is pretty astounding. and carefully lifted off the barge, they're doing ok here onto its very precise but they really need help foundation points, because a big from people and so i think we're issue is of course not to ruin
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at a critical time right now the place while you're of are we going to coexist are constructing. with mountain lions or are we not? so it had to be put down in a really careful manner in order to maintain it's thought there could be 30,000 the landscape and the underwater mountain lions in western north america but sightings landscape, not least, are extremely rare. now passionate locals not ruin the ecology of the place. are using modern technology to photograph the lions and broaden so once that was done, everyone was breathing out, that was the real most challenging public understanding of them. part of the project. we tried to show what this part johanna turner first discovered of norway can be and is. the verdugo lion p41 six years ago with one of over a dozen camera traps she set up just on the outskirts of la. today, i'm joining her to check one out and see if a lion's been through here recently. is that the... that's the cougar—cam! did we just trigger the trap? there you go! where's the camera, in the bottom? yeah. so in one week, what would you expect to find on this camera? the lions will habitually come through about every 2—3 weeks. it depends where we fall most people, they don't know
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in there and there's no telling what is under the water until we take a look. in the nordic seas, it is totally different from tropical fishes with the colours, it's different. that's a funny photo of the raccoon! this one. my name is trond rafoss, i work for the norwegian bioeconomy this is what we're hoping to get. research institute. this is the camera spot from about a month ago. this is a really big male. we had to document the species showing up in the area he has eaten well very recently, before we dared to go a big burger baby there. so, let's see what was on with a project like this. on this memory card. i hope we get to see him again. a couple of daytime shots. to come into this room under and, yeah, that's the water, it gave us the end of the roll. new opportunities. all right so 264 photos... it gives you a totally not a single mountain lion. different setting butjohanna has often been much where you have time, you have plenty of time luckier catching lions on camera. to do the observations.
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we have the brown, the green, she invited me to her la home the red seaweeds, so, yeah, we think also in our cold waters to show me some of her favourite photos and tell me more about p41 we have spectacular colours. who was named as part of research work on local mountain lions. the head chef, nikolai, he's been working on the menu now when i started this, for 1.5 years, just working with it if a lion wandered into suburbia and foraging and exploring new ways of using different variety and was seen by people, they would call lapd, they would call animal control and they would instantly send people of the sea. out to find it and shoot it to kill. they were scared of it? yeah. and once i started showing pictures of a lion that is calm, in the mornings i like to go out and forage for different kinds it went from shoot on—site to, well, of things, right now at this time we can tranquillize and relocate of year it's mostly seaweed. and then at least it i feel being out in nature and foraging for two hours before has a chance, or... you have to go into the kitchen and be there the rest now the ultimate step is, of the day is really nice. you don't have to do anything. yeah, yeah.
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after years of monitoring p41, he was tragically found dead following a wildfire in 2017. i think it's so nice to tell when p41 was found dead the guests that this food we foraged and i had friends calling me, just out here, 150 metres from the restaurant, or this fish the chef you know, nearly in tears, over it. that's sort of when i realised, was diving for this morning. there are so many things not getting we started this only a few years ago used, everybody wants only the best to where he would be shot, ingredients, but why can't ling roe not be good? to people realising that they've it's definitely better lost an animal that they came to know. for the environment if people eat but the story for p41 doesn't end quite there. a short drive from los angeles is animazonia, a charitable the things next door instead of having flown—in foie gras organisation staffed by volunteers and truffle every day. i think it's going to bring people to look after animals in need. closer to who they actually people can visit are and in relationship to nature and the borderline that we have here by appointment. here between water and land. it's here where they're looking after one lion who was found next to a car in la, separated from its parents atjust a few oh, i'm feeling a lot of pressure. months old following wildfire. a lot of people have spent so much time, energy,
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so, this is leno. to make this restaurant 0h, is that a hiss? that is a hiss! so beautiful, and dramatic. it's ok, it's ok... this is his normal greeting. so now it's open is he doesn't look very happy. when the fun starts. he's not too happy yet but he'll get a little more comfortable as we're some days you will get a lot here a bit longer. of fish, and some days wow! it's not that good. that's how nature is. you know who his parents were? well, we know for sure p41 was his father and that's nothing more, nothing less. been genetically tested. it's nature at its best. why is he still here and not released back into the wild? well, so, at three months old, that's it for this week. he wouldn't have learned the hunting coming up next week: rafa skills that he needed. they usually stay with their mothers between 1—2 years of age is in spain's capital madrid and so he had to come to be in a sanctuary setting where transport revolution where he would be protected. is transforming the way people are getting around. this is like being a kid again, woohoo! so make sure not to miss it. the fact is, these sanctuaries are really needed. remember you can join our adventures we have to be able to provide by following us on social media,
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for the animals that we've but for now from me, mike corey, displaced as humans. and the rest of the travel show team here in california, it's goodbye. it seems like people are getting more excited about living so close to an animal like this. they are, i think the awareness of the need to be more mindful in the city planning, putting corridors and all of that type of work, people are behind it now, they understand that we've done this and we need to fix it and we need to do well for the wildlife. that's a big show but i feel like he's not as mean as he's showing right now. well, i wouldn't want hello there. we've got more of the same really through the rest of this weekend. it's going to remain on the cold to see you go in there. side and we have got stronger winds as well, east to south—easterly laughter. winds are picking up oh, man. which make it feel colder. we're best friends, leno, most places will be dry, there will be some sunshine around we're best friends! but there will be some more frosty nights and early mornings big cats, small cats, as well as we had early this morning. a look outside from earlier on, this is the picture in everybody loves jerky. county antrim and it is this part of northern ireland that will probably
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see the best of the sunshine now, we are off to taiwan's capital across the country. here we are in woking in surrey with some blue skies and probably staying dry here today, city of taipei for this month's though there are some showers coming in across east anglia into the south east of england today, one or two could be heavy, global gourmet — where the chefs perhaps with some sleet and hail. at din tai fung have taken but away from here it is going the art of making dumplings to be dry, some lengthy spells of sunshine, some fair weather cloud. sunshine is a bit hazy onto a whole new level. in northern ireland, west wales and the south—west of england and here we have got some stronger winds as well and it willjust make it feel colder. not so bad if you are in the sunshine but in the shade, those sort of temperatures are pretty chilly for this time of the year, 8, 9,10 celsius, that sort of number. as we head through this evening, those temperatures will drop away fairly quickly underneath the clearing skies, any showers retreating to those north sea coasts. but we do have a weather front approaching northern ireland, so a lot more cloud here, so too across west wales and maybe a little rain in the far south—west of england, so much milder here. but away from here toward central and eastern areas, it will be cold and frosty once again.
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so, a cold start to the second half of the weekend. still a little rain perhaps over towards cornwall, the isles of scilly and more cloud and still a stronger wind. elsewhere, after a sunny start, we will see cloud amounts increasing, probably more cloud than we're seeing today and as a result, it is going to feel quite cold once again and those temperatures are struggling up to 9 or 10 celsius, so below parfor this time of the year. as we head into the beginning of next week, well, we've still got the area of high pressure toward scandinavia, drawing in colder air, keeping these weather fronts at bay, but strengthening the wind so a cold and rather blustery start to the new week. we still have high pressure as we move further into the week up towards easter, but the position of the high will change, we'll draw in some slightly warmer airfrom the south—east and temperatures are going to rise, which is good news for the easter holidays and as we head up to easter, it is going to be warming up. that is it from me. goodbye.
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