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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  April 13, 2019 6:30pm-7:00pm BST

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it reaches the world extremely fast. and the kind of people, the audience that watches it, is a little different. it's not completely different, and it's not exclusive, but it's a different kind of audience. radhika also starred in two hit bollywood films last year, including pad man, the first mainstream indian film to tackle menstrual health in the country. haroon rashid, bbc news. now it's time for a look at the weather. the weather mostly behaving itself today apart from a few showers in the south—east and east anglia. but the weather is deceiving, blue skies and fluffy clouds but it's nippy out there, and it'll be a chilly evening in very cold tomorrow. this evening temperatures only around eight celsius, some rain to the rest of our neighbourhood, trying to nudge into northern ireland
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and may be the tip of cornwall. probably won't. the vast majority of the country title have clear skies, and here is the extent of the frost. you can see in major towns and cities it will be freezing and slightly below. tropical in plymouth, six celsius. a weather front trying to move in tomorrow but it can't, stalling to the west of us maybe with thicker cloud and spots of rain to the west. overall the weather is looking bright and still nippy tomorrow with highs of 7—10. hello, this is bbc news. the headlines: more than 70 mps and peers have signed a letter urging the government to ensure julian assange faces authorities in sweden if they request his extradition. police in london have arrested a man after opening
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fire on a car that drove into the ukrainian ambassador's official vehicle outside the embassy. the incident is not being treated as terror—related. an investigation‘s under way following the death of a ten—year—old boy who was attacked by a dog at a holiday park in cornwall. sudan's new leader, the country's third in three days, has offered concessions to the protesters who forced the generals to depose the country's long—time president on thursday. now on bbc news, it's time for sportsday. hello. look at it though if the effect of headlines this evening if that tiger woods is in contention at the masters with that we will be live at a benefit management would be better than under both the blue
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book cardiff city up and then move to bungalow with that moment and it felt that the nuclear adventure. max whitlock takes gold in the pommel horse at the european championships to win his first major title since 2017. also coming up in the programme: it isa it is a myth 30s but the bullet in 1001 that one place. vottas booth movement into the pole and set up with thought and laughed about that to secure their place in the domestic playoffs. good evening but that will have all of the department that not an amendment that that skit spoke to the masters. that was a five—day type of at the end of the second round. that was a first lieutenant.
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because that is well under way. most of the night leaders on 700 on that to start with the final parenting plan that molinari and jason day on the thursday at 7:35 p:m.. let's cfoss the thursday at 7:35 p:m.. let's cross live to a definite national. it is looking so tight, it is equipment involvement the message was this to go. a very exciting set ofa was this to go. a very exciting set of a cliff that had opened a definite national letter is a five both at the top of that all five of them have one matrix defend seven of them have one matrix defend seven of the pot nine are pretty if minutes and there are many people is all that important sides of that meeting that important sides of that meeting that the fact that a day in have it installed. this is not to look forward to the intellect of his department who involved with the lloyd memo if played reasonably well. a fantastic day of golf. is that the defendant executive management a few months tiger woods
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played so well. but if there no, is a parkland molinari, they are big business that they give me about a good job. it has been a clue in the course being that the fet are five automated mentors and have nothing thousand and tiger woods can affect a mages he has a effect that he is not done since 2011 the fee for buying that beer festival that is an element of baptist up a little smiling at the clouds and that i've been filling his golf and myth lifting the weapon hadn't had a couple of good recoveries and 1130 at 13 and a it shot out of his trees. he is almost back in with both the fet could see him on the phenomena and death are just about and a knife like grip and i noticed on the range, a lazy living he was a challenge that that this is what the therapist that you live here this week in the event of the most
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exceptional length of his career.m is so congested. so much experience and pat fff that they do call it moving day seven to 50 days ago a thatis moving day seven to 50 days ago a that is very hard to tell if it implies that all those plugs in not easy to get at. not much of a brief visit duvets have to vocab for quite a few thoughts that you have admitted to the second 2—putt if that part fives are almost medical to not play and place the infected 2—putt if that part fives are almost medical and outlet part five left them off there on that monday to his bed and exploit low here is that messieurs is thatjust bed and exploit low here is that messieurs is that just that metadata found that if that easier to plug the measure that ability a lot. we are alive and un—american from half past seven on the sink to the footnote that i flipped that very much. there were some big games in the bottom half
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of the premier league today, with lots of teams who are still trying to avoid that final relegation spot in action. 0lly foster has a full round—up of how some of those clubs fared this afternoon. we've had five results so far in the premier league with the bottom seven sides all involved, and it's looking bleak for cardiff. manchester united also underlies the content manchester united also underlies the co nte nt of manchester united also underlies the content of those at seven. fulham and huddersfield are already down, and cardiff are still in the relegation zone, five points off safety after they lost 2—0 to burnley. massive victory them. chris wood scored both for the clarets, the first on the half hour mark then the second in injury time. they should be safe now. cardiff manager neil warnock was charged by the fa yesterday for calling premier league officials the worst in the world. referee mike dean overruled his assistant, who had awarded the bluebirds a penalty
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for a burnley handball. the lies gave it the step to tell me that mike did not see it that mike must have faith in him because he tested lives been a part of his body so tested lives been a part of his body so it cannot be an office that i thought the life and then the light division that might have been hesitant on the people to hear what hesitant on the people to hear what he said that the pure medicine and the 17th fet that i was told he did not say that that that if he did not fit ina not say that that that if he did not fit in a have to be seated at his head but that i don't know if that left a word that. i think the referee appreciated that very well if it is a tough call and a big moment that that it hits his face and nothing about it is delivered at all that i think delivery does very well if that is a
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big coffin advisement is 70 yards away. it is the right decision. make your own mind away. it is the right decision. make yourown mind up away. it is the right decision. make your own mind up on match day not just up. next up for cardiff is a trip to brighton next tuesday night. what a match that will be because it's the seagulls they have to catch, five points above them. they were desparate for a win today, but were thrashed by bournemouth 5—0 at home. five different goal—scorers for the cherries — gosling, fraser, brooks, wilson and stanislas. brighton hardly helped their cause with anthony knockaert sent off in the second half when they were only two down. 0nce once the second goal goes in, you are down to ten men and booth spaces become bigger and at that statement whatever youth is not working and they have the ability to pick us off in the areas that the two that in
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the end, it is just about making sure you keep that school down as much as possible because we fear is that it could have been. we are pleased to know that equality quality is a vivid unselfish talent and executive been than an musical feet after a period of time with that as a counterattack to have an bulletin that goes today for step. as you think of southhampton. they had been below on the difference but just the head if that method in a couple of minutes and the cloth and auto live in hampton equalised for step basically a 3—1 and visited because it would give them a bit of breathing space now about the delegations. the him especially have enough
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nephew and melt in the cutting out of the troubles and i think the guys helped us a lot. maybe the must be the moment at the weekend and celebrate with those and his team did the same and i think it was a massive with us today. he felt something and except that it isa he felt something and except that it is a good team with good players left that they are better than us and baby and they have to look at it and baby and they have to look at it and recruit and bounce back in the loop. tottenham have moved back up to third in the premier league after beating already relegated huddersfield 4—0 in the lunchtime kick—off. lucas moura scored a hat—trick, the first in their new stadium. joe lynskey reports. ten days into the back at home with him at tottenham hope to build to something spectacular. this week, they could go through to the
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tendency to sin benefit a map get out of bed needed to get out of bed neededin out of bed needed to get out of bed needed in the steps both had seven plays out injured and vested. that day victor won them undetected service into content consistent suv and finish to cap the dominants and then of committing homicide could left for step in a difficult season, lucas has elected his attentiveness that he is an adult who think that for huddersfield, live at the bottom has been a flippant, a lack of both have been out of business already for step in and come up to feel how it's done is living in the set .1 more notice. a dominant input totte n ha m more notice. a dominant input tottenham lid that by his hatchet. 0pena tottenham lid that by his hatchet. open a spectacularly so that for moura and his manager than it was as clinical as it did. the day second
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extension of the home in the spotlight the thought. so that benefited at the of that example if you make some changes and then we needed to divide between a special ed and i think it was good because we have left the and the performance was limited to 15 andi and the performance was limited to 15 and i and so pleased for step. they celebrated their first premier league win. manchester playing west ham right now. into the second half. paul pogba gave them the lead from a penalty but the hammers have just equalised and it is 1—1. that is going to have a big impact on that race for the top four. let's look at the top of the table. still an awful lot ca n the top of the table. still an awful
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lot can change, we have some big games coming up, spurs up to third, manchester city at palace tomorrow. they can go top of the win for liverpool host chelsea. arsenal go to watford on monday night, and you can see man united really need that win to climb up to fifth. bottom of the table, brighton against cardiff on tuesday, that is massive, bright and have a game in hand, that is important. born little bit safe, so to burnley after that win at southampton. what a big win that was for them. but they are still in the mix. you are right up to date with the premier league. staying with football, hearts have bounced back from their differ it to hibs by booking their place in the scottish cup final after a nonevent in the first half against inverness at hamden, the side came alive after the break winning 3—0 to book a place in the final of the 15th time ina place in the final of the 15th time in a club's history. adam wilde reports. for a
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clu b club just booed off at half—time fa ns club just booed off at half—time fans expecting more. finally finding a way through. muted immediately. joe chalmers within inches of an equaliser. it couldn't have been much closer but that was as close as inverness came. hearts again feigning space from a corner. this timejohn souttar with the emphatic finish. brought down in the box, then sean claire put any doubts to rest. heartbreak for inverness caledonian thistle, parts kit on. ipswich town's17—year spell in the championship has come to an end. they've been relegated to league one after a 1—1 draw at home to birmingham. ipswich last played in the third tier of english football in 1957. they came from a goal
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down, but couldn't find a winner at portman road. elsewhere, aston villa beat play—off rivals bristol city 2—1 for their eighth—straight win. relegation battlers bolton wanderers were hammered 4—0 by derby county, while promotion—chasing sheffield united conceded a late equaliser against millwall. leeds united will go back into second if they avoid defeat against sheffield wednesday in the yorkshire derby. it is currently 0—0 there. police are investigating an alleged incident involving the management to it but if that defector put bette boutin had confronted the monthly benefit by wednesday that the blood is that the plate has been deleted. seh is that the plate has been deleted. self meant police have confirmed
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that they are investigating a lot by the way of combining the assisted the way of combining the assisted the police with inquiry. max whitlock has won pommel gold at the european gymnastic championships in poland. it was his first major title for nearly two years. there was also a bronze for ellie downie in the vault. david mcdaid has been watching the action for us. made two of the five year and an attitude metaphor that bitten‘s him this and as bold as that the effect that came from maxim but not that that came from maxim but not that that he had not won a major international since 2017 that the day, he put on them master class gift of the pilot was in a school in a few 15.5 to catholic placement on top of the podium with them and that the businesses at finally ending that unwanted event about a major international though. that unwanted event about a major international thoughlj that unwanted event about a major internationalthough. i am really happy for that move that up with a movement and come up with me and i am excited about the event of that i
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felt like they have given me so much competence and has been in a booth moved and i look to get in here for that office in that final thing that i was that office in that final thing that iwasa that office in that final thing that i was a sixth place the public that that other in the rings, in the fifth book equipment clinic. not in that the metaphor to be and it didn't out of the qms not the fact that most pertinent meta— at european level and those off of both su ccesses european level and those off of both successes and to if you have been suffering from an apple injury that my vet have always been claimed that the difficult existent up there but not as big as the two that what i had a move that that that i did that i will have the... bootjimmy the event that the goods still have motown give to them on the left at a female. tomorrow, formula 1 will celebrate its 1000th race, and while a lot‘s changed over the years, mercedes' dominance at the chinese grand prix has been
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pretty consista nt in recent years. they've locked out the front row tomorrow, with valteri bottas on pole. that's the team's sixth in the last seven races in china. team—mate lewis hamilton will start behind him, as nick parrott reports. domination is a theme that runs through formula 1's history. alfa romeo controlled the first grand prix 69 years ago, and mercedes are doing the same as it reaches 1000 races in china. but it's not the dominant driver at the front of the pack. valtteri bottas usually plays second fiddle to mercedes team—mate and five—time world champion lewis hamilton. in shanghai, though, it was the finn conducting proceedings, quickest in practise and qualifying to claim his first pole of the season, edging out his british rival by two hundredths of a second. after locking out the front row in bahrain a fortnight ago, a good weekend so far starting from the polls, really confident this morning. honestly struggled a bit to
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get the perfect lappin but it was good enough. big congratulations, he has been stellar. i have been struggling, fighting the car all weekend, i have been chipping away at it. it was eight tenths at one stage, the gap between us. to be as close as we are at the end is fantastic, an incredible result for the team. there is a bit more time left on the table there but i will try to get it tomorrow. after locking out the front row in bahrain a fortnight ago, ferrari slipped back. sebastian vettel was more than a quarter of a second off the pace, but his number one status over team—mate charles leclerc has been confirmed by his boss. he shouldn't despair, though. one thing that can upset the form book here is a safety car, and in final practise, rookie alexander albon showed how easy it is to lose control at this track. in rugby union's premiership, gloucester fought back to beat bath to take a big step towards securing a place in the play—offs. trailing by ten points at the break, they went on to win by 27 points
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to 23 to clinch a bonus point victory and dent bath's top four aspirations. ben croucher was watching this one for us. we are at that time of year where the big day is not far away. for bath to be at the party they had to alter their course from left to right, burns to rory. the early lead created by the backs, cemented by the forwards. tom dunn, job done, 17-0 the the forwards. tom dunn, job done, 17—0 the game, barely 20 minutes old. last edited their best man to show up. danny cipriani the 1a such occasion, so good he can without looking. closer still in more orthodox fashion. is this war on tom seabrook got a chance to show off his dancing down the wing to push gloucester ahead for the first time ina gloucester ahead for the first time in a match. withjust gloucester ahead for the first time in a match. with just a gloucester ahead for the first time
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in a match. withjust a point in it, the penalty put enough distance to keep bath behind for the remainder. i result then that brings gloucester‘s big day ever closer, they could be assured of a play—off spot tomorrow night. elsewhere today, worcester eased their relegation fears with a bonus—point 39—17 win over sale sharks. northampton saints earned a late 20 points to 19 victory at harlequins. bristol against saracens is just under way, and it's currently 111—13 to saracens. tommy seymour one of five different tri- tommy seymour one of five different tri— stories for the warriors, they ran home very comfortable winners in the end, 39—24. connacht have
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secured their place in the play—offs. they scored this try and kicked nine points as his side beat the cardiff blues 29—22. plenty more coming up but quick look at the other stories. mitch evans has become formula e's seventh different winner in as many races this season. the australian won in rome ahead of germany's andre lotterer. the race was red—flagged on the first lap after a multi—car pile—up. the rajasthan royals beat the mumbai indians by four wickets in the ipl. chasing 188 to win, jos buttler hit a quickfire 89 before the royals chased down their target with three balls to spare. anthony crolla says he's fine despite suffering a brutal knockout in the fourth round of his world lightweight fight against ukraine's vasyl lomachenko. the manchester fighter was looking to regain the world title he lost three years ago.
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now, later tonight, the american claressa shields will face germany's christina hammer. the winner will become the undisputed middleweight champion of the world. the atlantic city bout is being billed as the biggest in women's boxing history, with both putting their undefeated records on the line. there are some flashing images coming up in austin halewood's report. it's a show down women's boxing has been waiting for, the sport's first superfight. been waiting for, the sport's first super fight. both fighters been waiting for, the sport's first superfight. both fighters putting their different versions of the middleweight world title on the line. she signed up for something she should not have signed up for. i love the fact she is 24—0, 11 knockouts. she is a tough opponent but i have beat way tougher, stronger, than her. after becoming the first american boxer in history to win two 0lympic golds at the
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london and a rio games, stilljust 24, london and a rio games, stilljust 2a, ina london and a rio games, stilljust 2a, in a professionalfights london and a rio games, stilljust 2a, in a professional fights she london and a rio games, stilljust 2a, in a professionalfights she has brought professional boxing into the mainstream with a hollywood film about her life on the way. now comes the biggest challenge yet. christina hamer has had 2a fights, she is a sensible one, the smart one, she is also three inches taller, and it is the top of the bill in one of america's bastian sites, boxing states, atlantic city. bad blood between the pair started injune last year in the aftermath of one of shiels' fights. now the american has vowed to nail the hammer and prove she is the greatest female boxer of all time. while the german seems to be leaving the talking for the ring. i don't like to talk a lot or speak a lot. my part is the smarter one andi a lot. my part is the smarter one and i want to show my skills in the ring and get all these belts. shields' fights have already drawn
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in thousands of viewers in the us on pay—per—view tv but this is the first time a women's fight would have a prime—time bell on a saturday night, chance they seek to bring women's boxing into the global mainstream. there's three months to go until the netball world cup begins in liverpool. england are expected to challenge for the title. scotland and northern ireland are also taking part. the northern irish are hoping for their highest finish at the tournament, and to help them, they have a new coach whose appointment has broken the mould. emily croydon reports. netball is a sport on the move. it is the number one women's sport in the uk and is expected to strengthen that position with a world cup on the horizon. in a female dominated world, there will be a man in charge of one of the home nations in the summer's tournament. get aggressive. netball has been a part of my life since i was eight years old so i have grown up with it and been involved in a number of different departments as a coach and also administrator and commentator, so it has been part
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of who i am as a person and i have never seen myself as any different from any other female or male in the game. it isjust something i have been involved in and been really aspirational and driven to succeed in. obviously, we are all there used to female coaches and female management the whole way through, so to bring in a male coachjust changes the dynamic of the squad. obviously, an all—female squad with a male interpretation just changes it up. regarded as one of the most promising coaches in the sport, ryan's appointment in northern ireland has created a buzz, but he arrived on the back of an unprecedented losing streak. after 27 successive defeats in his time at adelaide thunderbirds, some may have wondered if we would see dan ryan back in the game, but still only in his mid—30s, he is now in his first international head coach role, and in northern ireland he has a team determined to make a mark at the world cup. if you go through a winless season, a lot of coaches will not be interested in doing it again, but for me it was the catalyst
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to go, i am not to let this defy me and i am going to use this as a launching pad for what happens in my future opportunities. he faces his native australia, the world's best side, in the opening game of the world cup, but if he can mastermind a competitive tournament, he will be sure not to stand out for his gender but for his coaching achievements. that's all from sportsday. we'll have more at half past seven. hello. a chilly start to the weekend and will not feel any warmer tomorrow but most places are staying dry. there are a few showers thought across the southeast fading away. this front is approaching the islands in the far west of northern
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ireland overnight. a few outbreaks of rain out of that. breezy in the west and cloud of loading the frosted along the immediate north seacoast. elsewhere, down to “11 or -5 seacoast. elsewhere, down to “11 or —5 and the coldest spots on sunday. plenty of sunshine early on and some cloud is going to build. an early shower towards kant, one or two developing in northeast england and eastern scotland. this to the further western areas of northern ireland could see some occasional rain if the day goes on. the breeze is stronger tomorrow with average speeds across western speeds with gusts in excess of a0 mph. all the as an after chill to summit temperatures. but it does warm up in the week ahead.
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this is bbc news, i'm martine croxall. the headlines at seven: more than 70 mps and peers sign a letter urging the government to ensure julian assange faces authorities in sweden — if they request his extradition. police fire shots and arrest a man outside the ukrainian embassy in london after the ambassador‘s car is deliberately rammed. a ten—year—old boy has died after being attacked by a dog at a holiday park in cornwall. sudan's new leader — its third in three days — calls for dialogue with all factions and offers the release of political prisoners. doctors celebrate a new type of treatment — called ‘gene silencing' — used to reverse a disease that leaves people in crippling pain. and tiger woods is right in the mix at the masters — he's about to tee off in his all important third round.


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