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mps urge the government to ensure hello, this is bbc news. we will be julian assange faces charges of rape this is bbc news, taking a look at the newspapers and i'm martine croxall. and sexual assault in sweden — just a moment. but first they had the headlines at 10: if authorities there more than 70 mp5 and peers sign call for him to do so. land, more than 70 mps and peers a letter urging the government have signed a letter urging the with the us seeking his extradition government to ensure thatjulian to ensure julian assange faces over hacking charges, mps have authorities in sweden — written to the home secretary to say if they request his extradition. any case in sweden assigned faces the authorities in should be heard first. police fire shots and arrest a man sweden should they requested his outside the ukrainian embassy let's make sure that if the swedish extradition. in london, after the ambassador‘s police in london have opened fire authorities wish to extradite on a car that deliberately car is deliberately rammed. mr assange that is given priority. rammed the ukrainian ambassador's official vehicle outside the embassy the issues with the united states — one man has been arrested. a ten—year—old boy has died after being attacked by a dog can be dealt with afterwards. an investigation's underway following the death of a ten year old boy — at a holiday park in cornwall. a ten—year—old boy is mauled to death by a dog at who was attacked by a dog at a holiday park in cornwall. sudan's new leader — a caravan park in cornwall. its third in three days — sudan's new leader —— calls for dialogue with all factions the country's third in three days — the amritsar massacre — has offered concessions and offers the release to the protesters — of political prisoners. india marks the centenary of one who forced the generals to depose of the darkest episodes the country's long—time president on thursday. of the colonial era. and at 10:30, we'll be taking a look at the papers with our reviewers nigel nelson and more tiger woods magic at the masters — and jo phillips. as he bids to win his first major title in over a decade. hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are nigel nelson
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from the sunday mirror and political commentatorjo phillips. good evening. welcome to bbc news. good evening. whose sleeves are a bit tight more than 70 mps and peers have tonight. if the hands called on the government to ensure more than 70 mps and peers have that julian assange faces justice called on the government, to ensure that the wikileaks in sweden, if the authorities co—founder, julian assange, there request his extradition. faces justice in sweden if the authorities there re—open a rape investigation against him, on charges he denies. the wikilea ks co—founder was arrested on thursday, the united states has already requested that the uk hand over seven years after seeking refuge mr assange to them to answer in the ecuadorian embassy in london, a charge of computer as he attempted to avoid trial hacking leading to one of the largest ever leaks on sexual offences charges — of government secrets. that he denies. here's our political the us also wants to put him on trial for computer hacking, in connection with the publication correspondent, chris mason. of thousands of secret military documents about the iraq war. dragged out of ecuador‘s embassy here's our political in london on thursday, julian assange faces one big question. where will he be sent now? correspondent, chris mason. more than 70 politicians have dragged out of ecuador‘s embassy put their names to a letter in london on thursday, to the home secretary, julian assange faces one big sajid javid, to request that he do question — where everything he can to champion action will he be sent now? that will ensure thatjulian assange can be extradited to sweden. more than 70 politicians have put their names to a letter to the home secretary, they also urge him to stand sajid javid, to request that he do
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with the victims of sexual violence everything he can to champion action and seek to ensure the case that will ensure thatjulian assange against mr assange can now be properly investigated. can be extradited to sweden. they also urge him to stand i've signed this letter with the victims of sexual violence because i think the top priority is the accusations and seek to ensure the case against mr assange for rape against mr assange can now be and sexual violence in sweden, properly investigated. and i was very concerned that that vitally important issue seemed to be i've signed this letter getting airbrushed out because i think the top of the conversation. priority is the accusations against mr assange for rape and sexual violence in sweden, and i was very concerned that that the swedish authorities have been vitally important issue seemed to be pursuing julian assange for years over allegations of rape and sexual getting airbrushed out of the conversation. assault, which he denies. the swedish authorities have been at the same time, the united states pursuing julian assange for years wants mr assange extradited over allegations of rape and sexual over hacking charges assault, which he denies. after his organisation wikileaks at the same time, the united states released secret material, including this video from a us military helicopter... wants mr assange extradited come on. over hacking charges, fire! gunfire. after his organisation wikileaks ..appearing to show firing released secret material, at iraqi civilians in 2007. including this video from a us military helicopter... the home office isn't come on. fire! commenting on this letter, gunfire.
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..appearing to show firing and, as things stand, sweden hasn't requested that at iraqi civilians in 2007. julian assange is sent there. but if it were to do so, british law sets out the home office isn't commenting on this letter, what would happen next, and it could mean the home secretary and as things stand, deciding where he goes. sweden hasn't requested that and one of the criteria in coming julian assange is sent there. but if it were to do so, to that decision is the severity british law sets out of the alleged offences. what would happen next, and it could mean the home secretary after seven years of voluntary deciding where he goes. imprisonment, this weekend and one of the criteria in coming julian assange is actually behind to that decision is the severity bars, provoking a political row of the alleged offences. and a potential international after seven years of voluntary dispute over his future. imprisonment, this weekend julian assange is actually behind bars, provoking a political row chris mason, bbc news. and a potential international police in london have opened fire on a car outside dispute over his future. the ukrainian embassy, chris mason, bbc news. after it deliberately rammed a car belonging to the ukranian ambassador. the metropolitan police said that the vehicle was then driven a 10—year—old boy has died at their officers at the scene. after being attacked by a dog at a holiday park in cornwall. a 28—year—old woman has been police used firearms and a taser arrested on suspicion before arresting a man in his 40s. of manslaughter and having a dog they've since ruled out terrorism. dangerously out of control. heidi davey reports from looe. earlier, i spoke to an eyewitness to the incident, emergency services were called
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darcey mercier, who to the popular holiday park described what he saw. sure, i was at home. in south east cornwalljust before 5am this morning. several residents here at tencreek described how they heard the gentleman showed up screams in the early hours. about seven in the morning, blasting ukrainian music, it's believed the ten—year—old boy's in some kind of protest against the embassy. grandmother found him, but he was in an unresponsive state. then i was out on my terrace devon and cornwall police confirm when he started ramming the car the boy was pronounced dead and the police arrested him. at the scene, after being attacked you spoke to him, i believe? by a dog, that was of yes, idid. a bulldog—type breed. i asked him to turn down the music a 28—year—old woman was arrested and he said he was playing ukrainian just several hours later music for the ukrainian embassy and was a little bit on suspicion of manslaughter belligerent and didn't and having a dog want to turn it down, dangerously out of control. so i went inside. people in general don't come far at this time of year. how quickly were the police there? they will be from parts of devon he was sat out there and from all around cornwall. for almost two hours, but once he rammed the car, this community is renowned the police showed up rather quickly, for when things happen, i would say in five minutes. that we pull together and we try and what did they do? and help in any way we can. the holiday park, though, initially, a couple of officers is very much open for business. showed up and blocked the street new visitors and existing customers and they were trying to talk him out have all been arriving.
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of the car, asked him everybody we have spoken to open his window and he kept kind to has just reiterated of driving back and forth, what a strong community it is. in a somewhat threatening manner. lots of static caravans in there, lots of people that have been here for years. they all just say how shocked they are that something then, the other officers like that can happen here. with the firearms showed up and, obviously it's terrible news. from what i saw, it looks as we were driving down it was a bit of a shock, like they shot out the tyres of the car and that's and it does sort of worry you. when they opened the car and tasered him. in a statement, the holiday park has how difficult was it said, "our thoughts are very much for them to arrest him? with the family involved. i don't think it was too difficult. they have our deepest sympathies. tencreek management i mean, he wouldn't continues to help police open the car at all. with their inquiries." they smashed the window and then opened the door and dragged him out. and those officers remain on site he seemed to fight back a little this evening, offering support bit, but he was quite surrounded, to residents and holiday—makers. so i didn't have a clear view. heidi davey, bbc news, in looe. how clear to you was it, the reason police in west london used for him behaving in this way? a taser and fired shots during the arrest of a man in a car near the ukrainian embassy. i really don't know. i mean, it was really strange. the man, who is in his 40s, is reported to have deliberately he sat... rammed into the ambassador‘s he wasn't even parked official car, which near the pavement, he was just sat was parked outside. in the middle of the road for two hours. no one was injured, and police say i'm not sure if he was drunk or something but, yeah, the incident isn't terror related. it was quite strange. doctors have used a new
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type of treatment — called "gene silencing" — to reverse a disease which leaves people with crippling pain. eyewitness darcey mercier. the condition can also a 10—year—old boy has died cause paralysis and is fatal in some cases. after he was attacked by a dog at a holiday park in cornwall. the treatment works by fine—tuning the genetic instructions police were called to a caravan locked into our dna. at tencreek holiday park in looe — to reports that a boy experts say the same approach was "unresponsive". could be used in other previously a 28—year—old woman has been untreatable diseases. arrested on suspicion of manslaughter and having a dog dangerously out of control. the new head of sudan's ruling police in wales are investigating the death of a teenager military council has announced a series of measures to placate who was found unconscious protesters — after the coup that in a park in caerphilly. forced president 0mar the 13—year—old boy has been named al—bashirfrom power. the new leader, who was sworn locally as carson price. his death is being treated in this morning, promised to oversee as unexplained and officers dialogue between all the political are working to determine the cause. factions, and a civilian government during, or at the end of, in a moment viewers on bbc one a two—year transitional period. willjoin us for a round of the news demonstrators have demanded with kate silverton. but before that: an immediate move to civilian rule, the head of sudan's interim military council and have vowed to keeping on taking has called for dialogue to the streets, as with all factions, two days simonjones reports. after a coup ousted long—time leader still on the streets, 0mar al—bashir. having forced out two leaders in just two days. protesters have helped bring general burhan replaced the coup about the downfall of the country's leader after he resigned yesterday. long term president, general burhan announced
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the restructuring of state and then the man who led institutions, the end of a night the coup to topple him — curfew and the release seen as too close to the old regime. of political prisoners. they want an immediate transfer demonstrators have vowed to civilian rule and have momentum. to continue their protests until there is a move but in an attempt to pacify them, general abdel fattah burhan to civilian rule. abdelrahman, sudan's third leader i've been speaking to ahmed soliman, a researcher with the africa in as many days, has announced programme at chatham house. the end of the nightly curfew, he said general burhan has been using a much more conciliatory tone. the release of political prisoners, he isa and a war on corruption. he is a different kettle of fish, but he won further changes he's not been politicised in the won't come quickly. translation: a military council will be formed to represent same way, he's not held a position the sovereignty of the country like the minister of defence of vice and a civil government should be president previously, he is someone formed with the general who is seen as a military man, as a agreement of the people. the military council will also straight military man, as well. but, be committed to paving the road for civil rule, based on a maximum of a two year we have heard from him today and we transitional period. at the end of these two years, have heard a much more consider a power will be handed over to a civilian government chosen tree tone, again, but not a huge by the people. sudan's unstable political situation follows months amount of the two—year transitional piece. it still remains that. and of unrest over rising prices. some of those figures remain the organisation that aims to bring peace and prosperity to the continent says all sides need significantly as part of the
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transitional military council, to talk to each other. including the minister of defence more now than ever it's time to engage in dialogue, and the rapid support force, which to create the conditions that is one of the armed force would make it possible paramilitary, or now regularised to meet the aspirations groups, who are active in the of the sudanese people, fourth. the leader of that is now to uphold democracy and good governance and restore the vice chair of the military council and i think that will worry constitutional order a lot of people in sedan as well, as soon as possible. and also as we are seeing the new man in charge has been seen negotiations taking place today —— on the streets of khartoum talking to the protesters. and an initial meeting has taken in sudan. they haven't led, at this place, but whoever ends up the long—term leader will face huge challenges — not least an economy in serious trouble. time, towards a civilian administration, and i think those simon jones, bbc news. calls are going to continue on the ceremonies have been taking streets. place in northern india, to mark 100 years since british troops opened fire on hundreds of unarmed men, women and children in amritsar — considered one of the darkest episodes of the colonial era. 0pposition leader rahul gandhi and britain's high commissioner have laid wreaths at the site of the massacre.
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theresa may has stopped short of offering a formal apology for what happened. she described the events as "a shameful scar on british—indian history". sangita myska reports. at the site of the amritsar massacre, 100 years on... ..a ceremony to remember the dead. among those gathered, politicians in the throes of india's general election campaign laying wreaths to mark one of the nation's darkest chapters. elsewhere, india's prime minister added his thoughts. completion of 100 years since the jallianwala bag massacre. i pay my respect to the martyrs of this incident. it was here, at the jallianwala bag public gardens, that on the 13th of april 1919 thousands had gathered
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to celebrate a holy festival. tensions in the city had been running high. colonial authorities had introduced martial laws and when some of the crowd began to chant anti—british slogans, the man in charge of maintaining public order, general reginald dyer, ordered his troops to open fire. officially, 379 indians were killed, 1200 were injured, but it's now thought those figures may have been far higher. for those paying their respects at the site, a poignant reminder... the bullet holes can still be seen. over the years, britain has offered its regret, but never an outright apology. on a state visit in 1997, the queen called the events "distressing". and more recently, david cameron described it as "deeply shameful". at today's ceremony, britain's high commissioner chose his words carefully.
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the revulsion that we felt at the time is still strong today. it tarnished the reputation, and we regret, as i say, the suffering, and will continue to do so, the suffering caused. the amritsar massacre marked the beginning of the end of colonial rule, but it's not until britain offers a full apology that some say this chapter in the story of the empire can finally be closed. sangita myska, bbc news. with all the sport now, here's 0lly foster at the bbc sport centre. good evening. the third round is well under way at the augusta masters. there's been some low scoring. ian poulter is doing his best to stay in touch and a familiar name is making his move up the
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leaderboard. andy swiss is there. saturday is known as moving day in golf, when the leaderboard can change in the blink of an eye. but most of them here were trained on one man. could tiger woods continue his thrilling push for victory? well, after dropping an early shot this certainly got the crowd going. tiger woods! the decibel level was on the rise, and if that was good, what followed was even better. woods with another flash of that familiar brilliance. 0thers, though, were making even bigger strides. webb simpson charging through the field with a superb round of 64. as for britain's leading hope, ian poulter, well, after a quiet start, he began finding his range. europe's ryder cup talisman still right in the thick of it. and with calm conditions, it was a day for some stunning scoring, not least from tony finau, as an inspired display saw him rocket up the leaderboard.
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and also going well was the open champion, francesco molinari. the big names are circling at augusta and the result should be a thrilling finale. welcome of the latest i can tell you is that america's tony finau leads the way. he's put together a quite stunning round of 64 was not behind him, tiger woods is going very nicely. he's two shots behind. ian poulter is four shots behind. 0ne nicely. he's two shots behind. ian poulter is four shots behind. one of the bit of news, because of the threat of thunderstorms tomorrow they've announced they are going to stop play early in the hope that they can avoid disruption. so we could find out the masters champion a little earlier than normal. andy swiss live from augusta, many thanks indeed. there were six games in the premier league today, 20 goals coming up on match of the day after the news, but i've got the results now, if you want them. tottenham are back up to third in the table,
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lucas moura scored the first hat—trick at their new stadium. they beat already relegated huddersfield 4—0. bournemouth are all but safe after they hit five past brighton — the seagulls remain five points above cardiff, who are in the relegation zone — they lost to burnley. relegated fulham also beat everton 2—0. manchester united are up to fifth after a late winner against west ham. southampton came out on top against wolves to move up to 16th. hearts are through to the scottish cup final. they beat championship side inverness caledonian thistle 3-0. side inverness caledonian thistle 3—0. they were booed off the pitch after a goalless first half but the 2012 winners scored three times in the second half. they'll play either celtic or aberdeen, who play their semifinal tomorrow. 0ne celtic or aberdeen, who play their semifinal tomorrow. one of the football line for you. south yorkshire police are investigating an incident at barnsley, after an alleged confrontation in the tunnel involving the fleetwood town manager j°ey involving the fleetwood town manager joey barton. a barnsley player claimed on social media that his manager was left with blood pouring from his face. although that post
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has since been deleted. the double 0lympic has since been deleted. the double olympic champion max whitlock has won gold at the european gymnastics championships in poland. he posted a huge score on the pommel to win his first major individual title since 2017. there was also a bronze for ellie downie on the vault. she won all—around silver yesterday. much more on the bbc sport website including details of formula one qualifying, valtteri bottas beat lewis hamilton to poll for the grand prix tomorrow. you can see more on all of today's stories on the bbc news channel. that's all from me. goodnight. bye— bye. with the sudanese professional association, who have been steering these protests over the last four months,.
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we started their weekend with temperatures well below average for the time of year and that is where they will stay for part two of their weekend tomorrow at least. for many of us, we have seen a bit of sunshine, lovely view from moray earlier in the day. expecting more cloud to develop in the uk after a clear and frosty start a minibus. high pressurejust clear and frosty start a minibus. high pressure just about holding off but there is a weather front trying to push in from the west, so the further west you are, there will be a bit more cloud around and the chance of seeing some rain on sunday. away from here, an increase in cloud and the immediate north sea coast, you can see the extent of roster some day begins at well below freezing in the cold spots. plenty of morning sunshine but notice how the cloud is going to build. we will start to lose the sun behind the cloud. the odd shower for eastern scotland, wintry on the hills, one 01’ scotland, wintry on the hills, one or two scotland, wintry on the hills, one ortwo in scotland, wintry on the hills, one or two in eastern parts of england and some patchy rain. the isles of scilly, cornwall and perhaps pembrokeshire and the further west you are in northern ireland, remember, we saw the weather front
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earlier. more cloud around. a stronger east south easterly breeze, average speeds across western parts could gust in excess of 40 miles an hourin could gust in excess of 40 miles an hour in some spots. that adds an extra chill to an already chilly day and for many of us temperatures are pegged back into single figures. as we go on through sunday night and into monday morning, some of the cloud we have had will melt away and under clear skies some of us will have a frost again but still towards parts of south—west england, wales and northern ireland, some cloud and the chance of some outbreaks of rain and avoiding of rust. i think even where you end up with a brass, not quite as cold as monday morning. some sunshine, some cloud developing and most places dry but again, close to that weather front, the chance of outbreaks of rain in south—west england, pushing into parts of wales and northern ireland. it will be a breezy day step temperatures just edging upwards and that is a sign of things to come as we go through the week ahead. we are still going to keep pressure low to the west of us,
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high to the east of us but their position changes slightly and we will start to tap into some warm air coming in from the south—east. that will boost temperatures. initially, the week had some cloud and outbreaks of rain across western areas and then increasing sunshine and warmth.
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