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tv   The Papers  BBC News  April 13, 2019 10:30pm-11:01pm BST

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welcome to paris. the mesmerizing this is bbc news. i'm martine croxall. to ensure that the headlines at 11:00. new digital exhibition by culture itsn —m— if‘ai‘ii in; him more than 70 mps and peers sign assigned faces the authorities in spaces. the french museum foundation a letter urging the government to ensure julian assange faces sweden should they requested his that specialises an immersive art the authorities in sweden — displays. is former i9th—century extradition. if they request his extradition. police in london have opened fire on a car that deliberately foundry has been transformed to rammed the ukrainian ambassador's official vehicle outside the embassy bring to life the paintings of police fire shots and arrest a man — one man has been arrested. outside the ukrainian embassy vincent van gogh. in london after the ambassador‘s car an investigation‘s underway following the death of a ten year old boy — it also gives visitors the chance to appreciate the influence japanese is deliberately rammed. who was attacked by a dog prints had on his work. at a holiday park in cornwall. the immersive audiovisual experience retraces the dutch master's a ten—year—old boy has died sudan's new leader —— life and work. the country's third in three days — after being attacked by a dog has offered concessions to the protesters — who forced the generals to depose using state—of—the—art visuals at a holiday park in cornwall. the country's long—time sudan's new leader — president on thursday. its third in three days — and iao laser video projectors, calls for dialogue with all factions the artist's works are transformed, and offers the release of political prisoners. becoming stunning moving images that are projected onto iom—high walls. and at 11:30 we'll be taking an in—depth look at the papers this truly adds a new depth with our reviewers, hello and welcome to our look ahead to van gogh's work. to what the the papers will be you really feel you've been nigel nelson and jo phillips. bringing us tomorrow. transported into his paintings. with me are nigel nelson quite an emotional from the sunday mirror and political experience, i have to say. commentatorjo phillips. those behind the exhibition are also hoping that it will help to make fine arts more accessible, whose sleeves are a bit tight drawing in younger audiences who can
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tonight. if the hands go blue, we interact with the projections and appreciate the masterpieces are in trouble. in a new and more modern way. many of tomorrow's front pages are already in. the sunday telegraph says first, another surprising instance new polling evidence suggests jeremy corbyn is on course to sweep into into no 10 after theresa may where an old institution meets failed to deliver on her promise new technology, this time to take the uk out of the eu courtesy of the vatican. by march 29th. the observer reports that jeremy corbyn has been jen copestake has been warned by labour's leader investigating how the church is influencing robotic research. in the european parliament and other senior figures the party will be deserted by millions of anti—brexit voters if it fails to give clear backing to a second referendum robots. in its manifesto for next these days they seem month's eu elections. to be everywhere. meanwhile the sunday times also has from badminton courts... a story about labour — it claims thatjeremy corbyn ignored evidence of anti—semitism in the party. restaurants... monasteries... the sunday express says brexiteers have vowed to keep fighting ..and factories. for britain after leading government figures warned that brexit is dead. they're augmenting our lives the mail on sunday claims that spy in various helpful ways. chiefs briefed the prime minister and home secretary about allegations with many countries facing that thejihadi bride, shamima begum an ageing population, issues such as elderly care was witnessed stitching and access to doctors are being taken on by roboticists. suicide bombers into vests.
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in policing and even warfare, autonomous systems are rolled out for police cars and drones. let's start with jeremy corbyn. he has a lot of coverage tonight. the and with superfast 56 data sunday telegraph is where we will networks around the corner, the capabilities of these machines start, down from number ten as could increase exponentially. tories face 60 seat lost. assumes we this has led many to question the responsibilities that come get a general election. it does with these capabilities. assume that. it is notjust one and the questions are coming not just from silicon valley but from the heart of one pole, martin baxter uses calculus to work out from the polls exactly who of the world's major religions. at the vatican, the catholic church is the lead and what their seat has brought together scientists and ethicists to discuss these numbers will be. he prides himself issues, and pope francis has written a letter, the human community, which emphasises the urgent need on correctly, guessing the general to study the relationship between humans and emerging technologies. election. and chose the tories with the pope presented the letter these 59 seats, however when you get to the pontifical academy for life down to the small print, you are to open the special conference called robo—ethics: humans, talking about if there was an machines and health. election tomorrow, labour would, under this sordid system be 37 seats ahead of the tories. what that would
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mean is going into coalition with the snp. labour will obviously benefit from that and it does not benefit from that and it does not benefit hugely that the readership charges and like a bull elephant, to one of the star attractions defend julian assigned. the old here is japanese professor hiroshi ishiguro, the creator of extremely humanlike robots. silly thing. a particularly silly i am a humanoid. i am a copy of professor ishiguro. thing, that one. but the tories are he has used them before to speak at his place in conferences but this time he has come in person. terrified of the great elections and if we have the eu elections, they are if we have the eu elections, they a re pretty if we have the eu elections, they are pretty scared of that as well and they are fed up with the lack of i thought it was very important to speak on the robotics. and it was progress on brett that they will very important for robotics lose seats at. this is if people bothered to go out and vote and it will be interesting to see what because... happens next month's local elections but i think turnout will be everything, is annette? you think the turnout would be low for a general election as well? yes. all
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elections at the moment. because i professor ishiguro presented his vision of the future of humanity, think people are, they are seeing a a world where humans evolved into robots, plague on both your houses or all of leaving behind our organic your house is even and in the local election people might say if i bodies of flesh and blood. usually vote lib again, i will vote green or you could mix and match at that that are. but any general election, if you went into a general election, if you went into a general election with the current many here have doubts about this leadership, jeremy corbyn and who knows for the tories, then i think brave new world. this dream is a terrible dream. people are just absolutely fed up. it is impossible to unify algorithms and love. algorithms and artists. people define themselves by brexit rather than political party and this is why elections are so predictable, it is crazy, it is part of us. those with phenomenal majorities i prefer our limits to our could lose their seat if they are really good perfection. remainders and a lever fee. let's professor ishiguro said one day humans would want to give look at the observer. philip hammond robots their own rights,
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as we grow in relationships with them and welcome them into our homes as companions and helpers. saying that times are at that tight but this is not a view shared to get this done but we could be by european governments. we are not of the opinion that al or robots should have rights moving towards a second referendum on their own. and parliament asked if they want a the rights pertain to people. second referendum. and this is if we are going into a general election, if you imagine that someday there'll one of the determinants would be as they are going to be a second be a robot that completely behaves referendum and there would be a lot like a human being, of pressure and the pressure on moves like a human being, jeremy corbyn has come from richard looks like a human being, has facial expressions like a human corvette who leads labour's meps and being, how then will you decide whether this entity has if we go into the european elections a soul or not? and you are not promising or so we have to discuss committing to a second referendum, you will lose a whole generation and there is this sort of, it is nearly that, what that means. three years or it will be three this week the european union years by the time we go into the published a set of guidelines european elections, there are people for ethical artificial intelligence, who cannot vote then who can know, warning algorithms must not discriminate based on a person's gender, race or age. the arguable questions about whether they suggested that in europe or not after nearly three years the a person should always be told when they are interacting question that we were asked three
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years ago is still valid or whether with an algorithm. we asked the question do you want to steal or do you want to stay? but the church will focus on the ethics then we hear that if brexit is not of artificial intelligence next year delivered, it will wreck people's as it explores the relationship between humans and emerging confidence, their belief. technologies. absolutely. that is true. one of the a conversation which could not only affect our future of work, reasons that i am so against the but also shape what defines second referendum, i started us as human beings. reasons that i am so against the second referendum, istarted being uncomfortable by it but now i am the london games festival is a place where smaller indie games are given against that, it would be telling an opportunity to shine democracy on its head if you ended alongside more well—known triple—a blockbuster titles. up democracy on its head if you ended up with a result which would say a kicking off the festival, egx rezzed is an event packed with as much information remain read and a read— leave last time. then what would happen. the as the big brand blockbusters. oft quoted david davis, it would not be democracy if they cannot change its mind in which three years on... this is axiom soccer which is a mixture between football and a third may be people have? but it is person shooter. different. but we are a and you may think those things go
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representative democracy. sale every together like fish fingers and custard, but after playing for a short amount of time you will learn that flying robots five years or rather quick at the punting the ball down the pitch would probably improve things moment, that we can change our in the premier league. get that ball away from my goal... government, change our local back of the net! developed by dundee—based studio earthbound games, the team behind axiom have plans government, change our local government, can change our mps, meps to turn this fusion of football going into europe but a referendum and flying machines is different and people they decide, into a spectator sport. whatever you think about that, i am it's notjust designed to be played, a remainder that you have to live with that. the sunday express says but to be watched as well. ministers fear brexit is dead but the streaming aspect of games has they promise to fight on to finish they promise to fight on to finish thejob. they promise to fight on to finish become huge over the past five the job. is echoing what he was years, so we believe over the next saying, there are people who are stage of spectators, will be interactive spectators, convinced that all of these the interacting in the way they would if they were at a live delays and dithering is stopping football match, for example. this collection of seemingly unrelated objects as a preview of the weirdness that is about to come when playing vr game brexit, but david cameron assumed a ton of feathers. everyone would... and whether you wa nt everyone would... and whether you want brexit or not, it is very there is still something difficult to disentangle from... the i don't understand...
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you have constructed a set up long relationship that we had, here that uses some crt monitors, u nless long relationship that we had, unless you decide to go for no deal. you are trying to disentangle what looks like an old tape something that has been more than a0 deck, and a cuddly toy. i wanted to create a spectacle yea rs something that has been more than a0 years in the making and it is for people watching. constitutionally, practically in he was the last human we had... every sense actually a difficult also, i want to leave people process in one of the problems, i with something to take away think the brexiteer deadline, people from the whole experience, so the soundtrack of the game is processed through a tape deck say the longer this goes on, do we with an audio cassette tape end with another postponement at the for the output, so people can take end with another postponement at the home a little cassette tape end of october. not if emmanuel of their custom journey throughout the game. macron gets his way. they say don't time to try it out. the game has a story of sorts, waste the time we have given you. a mystery about a serial killer. macron gets his way. they say don't waste the time we have given youm would try to get out of the european you all are right in front of me, as clear as day. elections we have a new deadline of it quickly becomes less of a mystery may the 22nd. people thought we to solve and more of a pixelated psychedelic journey, could just walk away in june... it exploring what a game actually is. is not like swapping bank accounts, remove the plug behind you. if you sell a house, you move house but it will take a certain amount of
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time. people cannot be that daft and it is like an 8—bit nightmare thought up by david lynch with help from max headroom. particularly people in parliament who should have an understanding of the constitution. they are now and there is a parting gift, my audio recording of the whole experience. now all i have to do showing to be completely stupid. the problem is if we end up in a is find a tape deck. situation whereby there is no across town, here at somerset house, compromise, we are still facing, the now play this exhibition explores the potential 0ctober if we leave with no deal, what mps will do is revoke article of gaming technology. 50 and they will not be any brexit everybody who knows anything and once you revoke it, you cannot about games knows that this is a nintendo entertainment system, go back on it. there was some so—far—so—mid—80s gaming platform. discussion whether you can revoke it but a closer look at the controllers for now and brexit is still... reveals that they've had all their buttons europe thinks that if you are to removed except for one. so, how are we expected to play revoke, that is fine but that is it, you do not come back in a few games on this with just one button? months' time and say by the way we well, with a little help would like to try again. is that not from up to eight friends. a feeling in the whole of the each controller has just one button project that no one can ever foresee that performs a different function. run left, run right, jump, so on. in order to complete a game a group thatand... of people must work together. project that no one can ever foresee that and... this was a test case wasn't it? but that was the problem,
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about ten years ago in 2006, there was a forum post the referendum was so un—thought—out in the accessibility forums, and moderators there for different and based on complacency and accessibility groups were wondering arrogance of david cameron that what the history of videogames people will vote to remain and he would look like if they were one delivered his promise. majority of switch, accessible to folks with limited manual dexterity. people who voted wanted to leave. the first post in the thread was a nintendo entertainment system exactly. not a huge majority but it controller with one a button. was enough. and you have to stand by it. and it probably has not changed. so i wanted to make that image real let's look at the mail on sunday. and see what happens to play. suddenly, tetris is notjust this is shamima begum, who was one about fitting blocks together the right way, it is about deciding, as if by committee, of the 15—year—old girls he went to where to put the blocks. syria to live with irs. and recently so everything becomes multiplayer. that's it for the short cut of click from the atelier des lumieres, tracked down in the sunday times, here in paris. there's much more in the full—length version, which you can see and was found in a refugee camp in on iplayer, and you can find us all across social media, northern syria. she was heavily on youtube, instagram, pregnant at the time and has since facebook and twitter, at @bbcclick. given birth to a little boy who died thanks for watching, in the camp but she had claimed and and we'll see you soon. her husband... syria to live with
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is. this alleged evidence comes in three things that has come to the prime minister through the intelligence services and talks about witnesses seeing her preparing suicide vests, selling them on two bombers so any attempt to remove hello, we started the weekend with them would cause the bombs to temperatures well below average for detonate. the paper says that the time of year and that is where they will stay for part two of the weekend, tomorrow at least for many reports have come through, allied of those we have seen a bit of sunshine, lovely view from earlier spy reports have come through, allied spy agencies probably be cia and in the day and i am expecting there dutch intelligence from other to be more clout across the uk developing tomorrow after clear, sunny and frosty start for many of western ins converts. but we do not know. a lot of people say that she us, high pressure just sunny and frosty start for many of us, high pressurejust by holding on but there is a letter from trying to was only 15 when she went. and the push and from the west so further west you are, more cloud will be point about this is the best shows, around and a chance at seeing some assuming it is true, we do not know rain during sunday. away from there if it is true, but assuming it is, and in the immediate north sea
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it is at the home secretary was because, you can see the extent of wrong, you cannot make anyone frost last sunday begins well below stateless which is what he trained to do with her, where to the point freezing in the coldest spot. plenty of morning sunshine but notice how she should have been brought back here in the intelligence services plenty of cloud will build and we would then have a chance to talk to are starting to lose some behind a cloud and the odd shower from her properly, find out what she has been up to, if she has been doing eastern scotland and eastern parts these things, she would actually of england. further west you are in have valuable intelligence to share. the sunday times. salisbury is the northern ireland, remember we saw the weather front earlier, or at best place to live. they did not least more cloud around. these are average speeds across western parts could be gasping in excess of a0 mph because of the poisoning but i am in some spots in that adds an extra sure the people will be extremely delighted. a year ago, child to an already chilly day but sure the people will be extremely delighted. a yearago, it sure the people will be extremely delighted. a year ago, it was a very sorry place but it is a beautiful for many of us, the temperatures had back into single figures. going mediaeval city as anyone who has through sunday night into monday been their nose and a lovely morning, some of the cloud we have cathedral and it has been voted, not had all melted away with clear skies, some will have a frost again voted best but scored highly in the but still parts of southwest england sunday times 2019 best places to and northern ireland, and a chance live in britain, particularly for facing some outbreaks of rain and the community spirit that overcame avoiding a frost. either way you end the community spirit that overcame the shock and fear and confusion of up avoiding a frost. either way you end up with a frost not quite as cold as
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we start the day on monday morning. the shock and fear and confusion of the attacks. business is returning with some sunshine and cloud to normal. what is not to like. and developing, we will see a chance of they will probably have little outbreaks of rain and parts of souvenirs for the tourists.|j southwest england placing into wales they will probably have little souvenirs for the tourists. i think thatis souvenirs for the tourists. i think and northern ireland. it will be a that is a little unpleasant and breezy day. temperatures are just perhaps a that bad taste even for edging upwards so that is a sign of you. i think that is very rude. the things to come as we go through the week ahead. we still need to keep pressure low to the west and hide to sunday telegraph, a dandy date joins the east of us and that position the hall of fame. i did not know will change slightly and we will tap into warmerair will change slightly and we will tap into warmer airfrom the will change slightly and we will tap into warmer air from the southeast which will boost temperatures. there was one but she has got to be one of our, if not our finest initially the week has cloud and outbreaks of rain and then increasing sunshine and warmth. actress, so she certainly deserves that, we have her dressed up as catherine the great on the front of the sunday telegraph. catherine the great on the front of the sunday telegraphlj catherine the great on the front of the sunday telegraph. i think it is lovely but i would like to know who else is in the radio go away and do a bit of research. we will. other
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halls of fame are available as well. that's it for the papers this hour. you'll both be back at 11:30pm for another look at the papers, don't forget you can see the front pages of the papers online on the bbc news website. it's all there for you, seven days a week at, and if you miss the programme any evening you can watch it later on bbc iplayer. next on bbc news it's time for click.
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