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putter putter this is bbc news. i'm ben brown. the headlines at ten: a leaked recording of jeremy corbyn reveals that the labour party lost, misland or ignored evidence teachers across the uk of anti—semitism in the party say poverty is harming children's ability i was concerned that everything had to learn as research suggests some pupils are struggling because they go to school hungry been mislaid or misused. or with not enough sleep. demonstrators in sudan say teachers say there's increasing they will not end their protests evidence that poverty is damaging against the country's military the education of children in the uk demonstrators in sudan say until all their demands are met. they will not end their protests there's been a sharp rise against the country's military in the number of crimes involving until all their demands are met dating apps and websites across england and wales. there's been a sharp rise in the number of crimes involving and in a few minutes, we will have our sunday morning dating apps and websites edition of the papers across england and wales. with sian griffiths and shyama perera. and is the tiger roaring back? tiger woods will try to win his first major title for more than a decade, as he enters the final before the papers — sport and for a full round up, from the bbc sport centre, here's holly hamilton.
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another victory for lewis hamilton? he finished ahead of his team—mate valtteri bottas to make it three 1—2s in a row for mercedes. nick parrott reports. there was no catching lewis hamilton in the pit lane or on the track here in shanghai. with the honour of winning formula 1's 1000 race at sta ke, winning formula 1's1000 race at stake, he was determined to add that statistic to his collection. he swept past mercedes term eight and went on to become the second driver to lead 4000 laps. the first lap drama can deliver continued with a penalisation for colliding with two mclarens. let sebastian buy. mercedes were fast like it, even managing to double up on the pit stops. they got lucky last time out but there was
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nothing fortunate about hamilton's sixth win in china. that leaves hamilton six points clear in the driver championship and the cds with the best start to the seasons for a tea m the best start to the seasons for a team since 1992. —— and mercedes with the best out. there's a storm brewing — and notjust on the course — although the weather has meant the tee times have been brought forward. it's perhaps the most anticipated final day after the lowest scoring saturday in masters history, with tiger woods roaring up the leaderboard. 0ur sports correspondent andy swiss is there. so, could this be the day that completes one of sport's most extraordinary comebacks? more than a decade after his last major title, it was just like old times for tiger woods after a third round which saw him conjure that familiar masters magic. cheering and applause. as the decibel level rose, so did he, to within touching distance of the lead.
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after his battles with form and fitness, it could be a remarkable story. but this man will have other ideas. francesco molinari is the one they're all chasing. the italian edged out woods at the open last year and another near flawless round suggests he could do so again. but others will also have high hopes. america's tony finau rocketing up the leaderboard alongside woods just two shots behind after one of the rounds of the week. and england's ian poulter is still right in it. for all his ryder cup success, he's never won a major title but after another fine display, he's four shots back and in with a chance. well, with thunderstorms forecast for the final day, play is starting earlier than normal. an unusual end of the masters but especially with tiger woods in the hunt, it could be a dramatic one. andy swiss, bbc news, augusta. bbc two's live coverage will start at 1:55, while additional live coverage from amen corner,
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holes 15 and 16 and selected featured groups will be available on the bbc sport website, connected tvs and mobile app from 12:30. there's also live commentary on radio 5live sports extra from three. it's a huge day in the premier league title race — with liverpool at home to chelsea, and manchester city away at crystal palace. yesterday though was more about the fight to avoid the drop, as ben croucher rerpots. when is a penalty not a penalty? you be the referee for this one. yes? no? well, how about this one? yes? commentator: and this one is a penalty! the linesman darren cann seemed to think so. the referee mike dean didn't. the upshot — no penalty, another cardiff defeat and another frustrated neil warnock. the linesman gave it. theyjust told me that mike didn't see it. mike must have seen something because he's gone over and told the linesman it's hit a part
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of his body and so it can't be handball. so, baffling really. warnock might be glad to see the back of the officials and chris wood after the burnley striker‘s brace placed extra emphasis on tuesday's match with brighton. it's after the seagulls were grounded by bournemouth. a 5—0 defeat, just five points above cardiff and the drop zone. now, when is a penalty actually a penalty? little doubt here. paul pogba's two spot kicks kept manchester united's push for the top four on course against west ham. nice one, son. now, it wasn't son or kane doing the scoring for tottenham against a hapless huddersfield. instead, lucas moura bagged three of their four. commentator: lucas moura on the hat—trick! oh, my word. the first hat—trick in the tottenham hotspur stadium! nice one, dad. ben croucher, bbc news. west ham say they're disgusted by a video of some of their fans singing anti—semitic songs on the tram in manchester
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following yesterday's tie at old trafford. the club have said they'll identify the fans, pass their details to the police and ban them for life they say that they do not want people like this associated with the club. and that their behaviour is not welcome at west ham or in civilised society. leeds united are edging closer to a return to the premier league. they beat yorkshire rivals sheffield wednesday 1—0 to move three points behind leaders norwich and three points clear of third placed sheffield united, who drew 1—1 with millwall. police are investigating an alleged incident involving fleetwood manager joey barton in the tunnel after his side's defeat at barnsley in league one. barnsley striker cauley woodrow tweeted that manager daniel stendel had blood pouring from his face after a confrontation between the two — that tweet has since been deleted. nobody from either club carried out the usual post—match media interviews.
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barnsley say they are "assisting the police with its enquiries". hearts are through to the scottish cup final after a 3—0 win over inverness cally thistle. all the goals came in the second half at hampden, including this from john soutter. it will be hearts‘ 15th scottish cup final appearance. they'll take on the winners of this afternoon's other semifinal between aberdeen and the holders celtic. england international billy vunipola was booed after coming off the bench for saracens at bristol. it comes after he controversially defended an anti—gay social media post from israel folau. the rugby football union has said it intends to hold a meeting with vunipola this week. bristol beat the premiership champions 23 points to 21. there was an extraordinary finish in super league where hull fc beat catalan 31—30 with a golden point in overtime. hull were two
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points behind when they had this penalty from the half way line in the last minute. that was brilliantly converted by marc sneed, and with no draws in this competition that meant the next score would be the winner. up popped sneed again to finish that drop goal to the joy of those hull fc fans in perpignan. american boxer claressa shields has declared herself "the greatest woman of all time" after unifying the middleweight division. the unbeaten shields outclassed christina hammer with a unanimous decision win to add the wbo title to her wba, wba and ibf belts. afterward she called out both the undisputed welterweight champion cecilia brakhus and unbeaten british super middleweight savannah marshall. max whitlock has won pommel gold at the european gymnastic championships
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in poland. after a year of silver medals in 2018, the olympic champion once again took to the top spot on the podium with this outstanding routine to claim his second european pommel gold medal. and there was a bronze for ellie downie in the vault. that's all the sport for now. now on bbc news, here's ben brown with the papers. hello and welcome to our sunday morning paper review. with me are the sunday times education editor, sian griffiths and the author and journalist, shyama perera. welcome to you both, thank you both for joining welcome to you both, thank you both forjoining us. let's take a look
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at the front pages. the sunday telegraph says new polling evidence suggestsjeremy corbyn is on course to sweep into downing street after theresa may failed to deliver on her promise to take the uk out of the eu by march 29th. the observer reports that jeremy corbyn has been warned by labour's leader in the european parliament that the party will be deserted by millions of anti—brexit voters if it fails to give clear backing to a second referendum in its manifesto for next month's eu elections. meanwhile, the sunday times also has a story about labour — it claims thatjeremy corbyn ignored evidence of anti—semitism in the party. the sunday express says brexiteers have vowed to keep fighting for britain after leading government figures warned that brexit is dead. and the mail on sunday claims that spy chiefs briefed the prime minister and home secretary about allegations that thejihadi bride, shamima begum was witnessed sewing suicide bombers into explosive vests. just a flavour of the front pages and what is in the papers. let's
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talk through them in a bit more detail. as a sunday times journalist, why don't you talk and see the story aboutjeremy corbyn admitting that the party ignored anti—semitism. this is a tape, secretly recorded tape. that is right. it is the second week of our investigation into this. as you say, this is a secretly recorded tape of a meeting betweenjeremy corbyn and margaret hodge, the first time he admits that labour ignored anti—semitism. the tape has been passed to the sunday times and i think it is running on television later on today. it is interesting because he has always previously blamed for the party has always previously said that officials who have left the party were responsible to the backlog of complaints. this tape was made in february of this year, so it is very recent. he made it in the context of saying this is
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why we are going to recreate lord falconer touche to sort out this problem. even in february, after all the officials has left, there was an ongoing problem. it is very interesting story. ongoing problem. it is very interesting storylj suppose the labour party and his supporters would say it shows that he is acknowledging there as a problem. this is this week, this is from a while back. he has not done very much except that lord falconer into play. i think it is time that the labour party, instead of being another party that you put it right in the face and they say they can't see it, actually says that first report by baroness jack barty was clearly very seriously for —— flawed and independently. this is never going to go away even this tape is stoking it again. —— baroness
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chakrabarti. this talk about the european elections, warning that the party needs to clarify its stance on another referendum if it is going to do what other european elections. it looks like at the moment we are going to be fighting. although it is not certain. it does look like we are going to be fighting another european election at the end of may. this story is that richard corbett, he has told jeremy corbyn that going into this election, we have to be saying, they have to be saying that the party will be decided by millions of anti brexit fighters if it fails to clearly back a second referendum in its manifesto. the fair is that young people who are very pro eu will desert the party and will move to things like the greens and so on, if labour does not make it very clear. it is about a
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balance. mr coburn says there are lots of labour voters who voted to leave the eu. —— mr corbyn. lots of labour voters who voted to leave the eu. —— mr corbynlj lots of labour voters who voted to leave the eu. -- mr corbyn. i think it is unlikely that labour are going to say they are going to have a second referendum. there is a wing in the party that wants it. if you look at wales and the west midlands, all the areas that are read errors, they voted pro—brexit. we were promised on the other hand a people's vote. promised by hugh? i suppose by everybody. we have got a swell of public opinion behind it. the labour party itself has mentioned the people's vote. the labour party itself has mentioned the people's votem the labour party itself has mentioned the people's vote. it is an option on the table. it has not said it is his policy. 0n the basis, people have seized upon it thinking it is an option and it ought to be
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actioned. some bad news for mr corbyn in the papers, but also some good news because the sunday telegraph has said that he is bound for number ten. the tories facing a 60 seat loss, if there was a general election. it does not look likely there will be one. there is not one due for another two years at least. in the current poll, labour would win 296 seats against 259 for the tories, and the sunday telegraph effectively does what the observer does, the observer is warning if corbyn does not support a people's vote will lose those young voters particularly whojoined vote will lose those young voters particularly who joined labour as a sort of movement of action. he is warning that the tories will lose all their brexiteer vouchers he vacillated a lot of the time, which is why cameron called the referendum, who then came back into the tory fold, he started to leave
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it with the following election. in their leader, they dojust one the tory party is about to fall flat on its face. unless it does something about this poll and indeed about its... surely it is so volatile at the moment, the electric, brexit is divided, the parties on the country, very difficult for anybody to actually predict even if they were going to be an election tomorrow how it would go. yes, this poll was taken in april and what the professor is saying about it is that it reflects a disappointment among leave voters, this is what this poll is showing, that their fare is that we did not leave when we were supposed to leave and so then they are not going to vote tory and they are not going to vote tory and they are going tojoin are not going to vote tory and they are going to join this are not going to vote tory and they are going tojoin this new are not going to vote tory and they are going to join this new brexit party that nigel farage has set up, all ukip. it is very volatile, it
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was taken in april, in six months' time it could be different picture again. let us move away from jeremy corbyn. there is a story in the sunday telegraph, the shimmer bacon —— match 0mega she was the enforcer in the morality police guard. —— shamima begum. it says she was carrying a rifle and went around telling women for wearing the wrong colour shoes and was generally... she was not the innocent mother of three that she has portrayed herself as subsequently. i think it is quite interesting because there are longer stories and other papers about this, but what we are hearing really is that there is far more to this story than meets the eye. where has all
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this come from, do we think as much as they've been briefing? summit the intelligence sources, it is interesting to note that this is coming out at the time, she is being stripped of her british citizenship, but her lawyers are planning a legal challenge to try and overturn that decision. i think the briefing on both sides, she gave one account when she spoke to the times a few weeks ago and made out that she was this innocent housewife, she had already lost two children and then she lost her son very recently. now of course this stuff is coming out but actually she was, well, she was very hardcore apparently and a member of the morality police who went around and was responsible for women being imprisoned and lashed. these are very different accounts. these are very different accounts. the mail on sunday, they have got a
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bit more detail on this. they have a much more detailed piece saying that she was witnessed sewing suicide bombers into their vests. once they put them on, she would stitching them up so they were tightly fitting and say these suicide bombers could not take them off. that she was in fa ct not take them off. that she was in fact highly influential in managing herteam, fact highly influential in managing her team, that she was paid apparently between 500 and £1000 a month, so it was a job. it wasn't just a voluntary role. and that she has clearly been, according to the story and if these intelligence soufces story and if these intelligence sources are correct, a mover story and if these intelligence soufces are correct, a mover and shaker on the ground in the camps and everywhere else. of course, to me, that makes her far more interesting in terms of bringing her back and getting a debrief. but also rather terrifying to think she is brought back and she is still radicalised. .. yes. what she might
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do them. let us go back to brexit. the sister of jacob do them. let us go back to brexit. the sister ofjacob rees—mogg. this is saying that she says the people have been betrayed because she has quit the tories for nigel farage's new party. annunziata rees mogg, david cameron wanted her to be called nancy rees mogg because he thought it would play better with the voters. just nancy mark. -- mogg. it appears that annunziata rees mogg is even more passionate thanjacob. rees mogg is even more passionate than jacob. he has rees mogg is even more passionate thanjacob. he has called her his brexit conscience. she has did for
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nigel farage's brexit mac party. some really amusing bits in this interview. jacob has insisted over the years on the spelling her name. he has spelt my name with ezi instead of nz. i think he is coming around to my spelling now. they seem very posh. super posh. if we started calling him yacob, he would be outrage. i think it shows something about his attitude. his children all have elaborate names, i think there's something to say, his daughter is called mary. i think it says an awful lot that this is how he treats his sister and i find that more interesting quite frankly than his sister. salisbury, the best place to live. not that long after the novichok
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nerve agent attack and that the city has only just been nerve agent attack and that the city has onlyjust been declared com pletely has onlyjust been declared completely decontaminated. this is our best places to live guide which we do every year. it is a lwa ys guide which we do every year. it is always great fun, it is notjust the best place to live, but we divide the country to live and we find the best place to live in wales and scotla nd best place to live in wales and scotland and so on. really lovely, it isa scotland and so on. really lovely, it is a lovely magazine, it is a huge talking point for us. it is chosen, a lot of people say, why salisbury? especially a year after the novichok scandal. it is because they looked at a lot of things, air quality, crime, house prices, transport links, and this year... but not nerve agent attacks. they went to interview people who lived in different places and ask them, that extra touch of class. salisbury did really well on all the fronts. it isa did really well on all the fronts. it is a great boost for the city because it really suffered, its businesses have suffered so much
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because of what happened there. this isa because of what happened there. this is a tribute to the fightback and the recovery plan. when they went, i like the line in the magazine about salisbury, people said it is known as smallsbury, because it is so friendly. will people stop flocking back there? i suppose this goes into tourist guide. i was disappointed to see that willesden green was not mentioned, isle of dogs was the top place in london that got a shout out in this. that is right, so much fun. we are all going to argue. let's end on the mail on sunday. the flea bag star is let's end on the mail on sunday. the fleabag star is going to be helping to make the next james fleabag star is going to be helping to make the nextjames bond movie apparently. it is fuzzy because it
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says she has been consulted, it does not say whether she is going to write it, she is being talked about these storyline. apparently daniel craig has called her in. phoebe waller—bridge shows women on screen and brings them alive. even when it is ironic or satire, it is very funny. she sees things about women that often only other women see. i think it is interesting that our macho brand in terms of film or one of our most matcher brands is bringing her in. maybe she could be the first female james bond. what do you think? that would be fantastic. i suspect that will not happen. i agree, i think it is great that she is coming in to bea think it is great that she is coming in to be a scriptwriter on bond and challenging respond when in, the stereotypes of the bond women. after
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the meeting movement, we are fed up, they are past their sell by date. —— they are past their sell by date. —— the me too movement. it has been overly birch, james bond, before there was a camp element running three. —— overly birch. danny birch. da n ny boyle birch. danny boyle has quit, we do not know what the creative differences were. i think there is the sense that it needs modernising, it needs updating andi needs modernising, it needs updating and i think it is interesting that a p pa re ntly and i think it is interesting that apparently daniel craig suggested that phoebe waller—bridge came in, andi that phoebe waller—bridge came in, and i wonder how much his wife played in that, rachel, she is very feminist. she n it? she should be. she would be a good bond. thank you so she would be a good bond. thank you so much for being with us.
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don't forget you can see the front pages online on the bbc news website at and if you miss the programme you can watch it later on bbc iplayer. the next edition of the papers will be at 10.30 tonight. thank you, sian and shyama. goodbye. hello there. it is a familiar theme really through today. most places dry, on the chilly side as well but we are seeing more cloud around. one part of the uk that's been quite cloudy all day has been the south—west of england. we've got this area of cloud stretching from the south—west, across wales and up towards northern ireland. that's not really moving very far. it's actually a weak weather front that is just stumbling into that area of high pressure, that's blocking things off and drawing in the chillier airand bringing us, earlier on at least, a lot of sunshine. but as temperatures have risen so we've seen more
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patchy cloud developing, that's spreading out a bit more, limiting the sunshine a bit during the afternoon. and we have still got the cloudier skies, stronger winds for northern ireland and towards the far south—west, perhaps one or two spots of rain. the odd light shower possible around those north sea coasts, but on the whole it's a dry day. rather more cloud perhaps then we had yesterday and so temperatures struggling to around nine or ten celsius. now, the cloud that does develop will tend to decay during this evening, skies will clear in many areas. we'll keep cloudier skies for northern ireland, across parts of wales and the south—west, perhaps a little bit more rain coming in as well. there will be a touch of frost, more likely across northern england and scotland, not as widespread as recently and that's because the winds will be strengthened despite those clearing skies, temperatures shouldn't get quite as low. always some more cloud for northern ireland, parts of wales, the south—west of england, chance of a little bit more rain too and then we will see cloud coming into the eastern most parts of england and scotland, bringing some showers in off the north sea. but in between, some sunshine.
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but for all of us, it is going to be a windier day on monday. gales possible for northern ireland and across the south—west of england together with that risk of rain. temperatures here, 11 celsius. 0n the whole, those temperatures are a little bit higher than we are seeing today. now, the windy weather comes with that area of low pressure running close to the uk. that moves away and this weather front that's bringing the cloud and rain starts to push its way eastwards. again, it is getting blocked off to a certain extent by the high pressure so we're not quite sure how far east it will go. it probably won't be a great deal of rain as it leaves northern ireland, pushes into western scotland, over the irish sea into western parts of england and wales. there will be a lot of cloud around i suspect on tuesday. but those temperatures continue to just creep up by a degree or so. there is warmer weather on the way as we get more sunshine from the middle part of the week. great news if you're heading out and about in the run—up to easter. goodbye.
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