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hello. you're watching the bbc news channel, it's 13:11. there has been a sharp rise in the number of crimes involving dating apps and websites across england and wales. an investigation by bbc radio 5 live found that around half the reported offences were sex crimes. the online dating association says its members do all they can to protect users from harm. hello. the programme's presenter, adrian goldberg, explained more about why the number of crimes have increased. brexit are to end in an agreement. we've analysed figures from 22 of the 43 police forces cabinet office minister david lidington insists a deal can get through parliament before elections across england and wales who responded to a freedom for the european of information request. parliament on may 23rd. they showed that, in 2015, there were 329 offences reported it comes as former conservative leader iain duncan smith has warned to those forces related to online tory activists have little appetite to campaign for those elections — websites or dating apps. he said holding them would be a disaster for the country. here's our political now, that 329 by last year had risen to 528 offences. correspondentjessica parker. so an exact doubling across those
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22 police force areas. and overall, half of those westminster has seen rising tensions reported or alleged crimes in recent times. now, mps have were sexual in nature. departed parliament for an easter i should say as well, break, urged to reflect on the current deadlock. but cross—party i hesitate to use the phrase talks between the government and labour are set to continue this ‘tip of the iceberg', week. a man who is very much but bear in mind, that is just half of the police involved in those discussions, the forces who responded to our freedom prime minister a step effective of information request. large police force areas deputy. he says an agreement hinges like the metropolitan police in london didn't respond. on both sides giving ground. while so i think it is reasonable we will do our best to try and reach to assume that the real figure of crimes associated with dating websites and apps would a compromise with the main be much, much higher. but i suppose we need to put it opposition party, it would mean compromise on both sides. if that into context, i mean, do we know how many people use these doesn't work, then what we will want sort of dating apps? to move towards is to put before we have been speaking to a number of industry organisations. parliament a set of options with a one has told us that we have something like 10 million people system for making a choice and across the uk who are signed up parliament actually having to come toa parliament actually having to come to a preferred option, rather than to dating sites and apps. voting against everything. talks and they point out that only a tiny number of people that use those sites are predatory in any way have been described as constructive but can really be done when it comes or are involved in any kind of criminal activity. toissues but can really be done when it comes to issues such as how to craft a nevertheless, there are victims‘ future customs policy? there are groups, victims‘ families saying fears in labour, too, that any that the websites could do more.
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compromise agreement will only survive as survive as long as for example, they could introduce theresa may buzz premiership. people criminal records checks to make sure are putting their best endeavours to that people who sign up to sites don't have a criminal history, work. but if i come a change in the particularly around issues of sexual violence or domestic abuse. leadership of the conservative the websites themselves though say party, that may account for nothing that they don't have the authority to require that of people and that's the worry. my colleagues are trying their very best to find a way through this so they can have who sign up. those assurances that any progress thatis those assurances that any progress that is made is embedded and let's get more on that story entrenched in that way. regarding the leaked recording a complication, too, for labour on of the labour leaderjeremy corbyn, in which he suggests the party may what stance to take on another have lost, mislaid or ignored referendum, some mps clear that such evidence of anti—semitism. condition must be attached to any his comments were secretly taped agreement. it's clear that there is by one of his fiercest critics, agreement. it's clear that there is a mood in the party to accept the the labour mp dame margaret hodge, when she met him to deal that emerges, as long as it's discuss the matter. put to referendum. that is, in a part of the recording has been sense, the compromise. theresa may released by the sunday times. hopes a deal can be done in time to a labour spokesman said the recording showed jeremy corbyn‘s avoid participating in the upcoming desire to rebuild trust european parliamentary elections but with thejewish community. if it can't, a warning that the tory
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grassroots are feeling far from labour mp louise ellmanjoins us enthusiastic. we simply can't fight the euro elections. i gather dozens from our liverpool newsroom. of conservative association members have now written a letter to the you have been critical of the labour leadership over this issue, what do prime minister saying they are not you make of what mr corbyn said in going to fight the election. a this recording that the party disaster for us and the country. officials had mislaid or ignored what will you say on the doorstep? "vote for me and i'll be gone in some of the evidence of anti—semitism? some of the evidence of anti-semitism? since jeremy corbyn three months?" brexit may have been became leader of the labour party, further delayed but the deadlock at many further delayed but the deadlock at ma ny levels anti—jewish hatred, anti—semitism, further delayed but the deadlock at many levels remains. and jessica joins me now. has increased massively within the labour party, and the party has done these talks between labour and the nothing about it. the revelation in conservatives continuing over the easter break. do we know whether this tape suggests thatjeremy knew they have any chance of success? at it rather more than he has ever indicated before about the they have any chance of success? at the moment, both sides don't want to complicity of officials in this. but be seen to walk away but undoubtedly there are some difficult issues for the real problem is the involvement ofjeremy corbyn‘s office in them to overcome, particularly this issue on what to do about customs. stopping action being taken against the labour party wants to see a people who are committing customs union with the eu but many anti—semitic offences. it seems it is only when they are publicly in the conservative party have been exposed is anything done about them. clear that they think such an arrangement would severely limit the the party is rife with people
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uk's ability to do independent trade promoting conspiracy againstjewish deals. there is a question that if people, talking about a rothschild— the deal is reached, well that compromise be acceptable to mps a zionist conspiracy, blaming dues within both parties and their wider for 9/11. even in the last week, three labour council candidate in membership. meanwhile, jeremy one local authority had to be corbyn, the labour leader, embroiled suspended because their promotion of in another row about anti—semitism. holocaust denial was publicly these are comments from elite exposed. this is absolutely intolerable in jeremy reporting between a conversation from margaret hodge, a severe critic exposed. this is absolutely intolerable injeremy corbyn is ofjeremy corbyn and his handling of refundable. but doesn't this tape show, from mr corbyn‘s point of anti—semitism and the labour leader view, that he is aware of the issue? from back in february. in this recording, mr corbin is talking that some of this evidence of anti—semitism has been mislaid or about his plans to recruit the ignored, in fact, anti—semitism has been mislaid or ignored, infact, a labour anti—semitism has been mislaid or ignored, in fact, a labour spokesman former lord chancellor, lord today said that the party does take faulkner to review the party but ‘s allegations of anti—semitism complaints system. seriously and said thatjeremy he will look at the speed corbyn has a desire to make procedure is as robust and efficient of dealing with cases, as possible, and to rebuild trust the administration of them, the manipulation of the evidence, before it's put before with the jewish appropriate panels and things. as possible, and to rebuild trust with thejewish community. so labour because i was concerned that are saying that what this shows is evidence had either been mislaid, mr corbyn is aware of the problem ignored or not used and i think and is trying to do something about we need a better system on it. it. the facts show that jeremy 0k. corbyn has not done anything about it's that admission that some of the it. i reported a member of the
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evidence may have been misled, for labour party who downloaded example. some people are reacting in anti—semitic images from a white supremacist website. it has now different ways to this. it can be interpreted in a couple of ways. a emerged that actually action was to labour party spokesman says this be taken at somebody from jeremy actually shows jeremy corbyn has a desire to make procedures as robust corbyn‘s office intervene and stop the action being taken. now and efficient as possible and to something has been done because the rebuild trust within the jewish issue was publicly exposed. it is not what is about injeremy corbyn‘s community. others see it as his sta rkest community. others see it as his head,it starkest admission yet, albeit in a not what is about injeremy corbyn‘s head, it is what he is going to do private conversation, that maybe there are concerns the complaints about the rising tide of anti—semitism, hatred againstjewish policy in the labour party will stop people, that is so rife within the labour party. i was talking earlier seven labour mps including margaret today margaret hodge, your colleague hodge our calling for a fully and fellow labour mp, who secretly independent body to deal with complaints and they said the current recorded this conversation. she said complaints and they said the current complaints system is broken. thank there is a pollen with trust in the you. jessica parker, our political labour leadership. i said to her correspondent. that isn't there a problem with teachers say there's increasing evidence that poverty is damaging the education of children in the uk. trusting you if you are going to the national education union says secretly record your party leader? more pupils are struggling because they come to school hungry what would you say about that? or without a good night's sleep. margaret is quite right to be sarah walton reports. speaking out against anti—semitism. the labour party tried to expel overcrowding in homes, so children do not have margaret, it was stopped because of space to do homework. the weight of party and public
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children attending school with no coats, no socks and without other opinion. the onus rests with the essential items of clothing. labour party and it is horrendous that we are in this situation, the most of my class arrive labour party are supposed to be an at school hungry and thirsty. just some of the quotes anti—racist party but underjeremy from an online survey of more corbyn‘s leadership, that his solid, than 8,000 teachers. his anti—racist credentials are 91% of them said poverty solid because of the riding tide of was a limiting factor in children's capacity to learn. hatred againstjewish solid because of the riding tide of hatred against jewish people solid because of the riding tide of hatred againstjewish people that the labour party is doing very little about unless the incidences ahead of its annual conference in liverpool, this week, are publicly exposed. but whatever the national education union says its members are seeing more you think about this, mr corbyn‘s families struggling financially. supporters say that is it right that a labour member of parliament and one school in watford says it's secretly records her party leader and then putting it out to a often left to them to help. newspaper? margaret is quite right we've had situations whereby parents to expose what is happening. jeremy have had maybe an oven stop working, keeps saying that he is concerned or a fridge stop working, about anti—semitism, but then does nothing at all about it. it now and they literally can't replace it. appears that he knew about some of thankfully, we have quite a good the problems but still did nothing network, when we find out things about it. so this reinforces the big like that, and then we're able to access, from various charities, support for them. question, why isn'tjeremy corbyn, but it shouldn't be like that. as leader lader, doing something the neu also says the situation is being made worse about anti—semitism within his by the education funding crisis, ranks? thank you so much for your
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which means schools and colleges can do less to counter the impact of poverty. time. the government says tackling sport and for a full disadvantage will always be round up, from the bbc a priority and it's investing sport centre, here's holly. in free school meals for more than i million a busy day today, so much going on. of the most disadvantaged children. there is so much going on, we are sarah walton, bbc news. loving it! the final day a woman, arrested when a 9—year—old of the masters is underway — it's one of the great sporting boy died in a holiday park dog occasions of the year — and this year there seems to be attack, has been released an even greater level while inquiries continue. of anticipation. it's open champion police were called francesco molinari who holds a two—shot lead. to the scene in looe in cornwall just before but take a look at some 5am yesterday morning. of the names behind him — the 28—year—old woman was arrested three hours later on suspicion tiger woods, tony finau, of manslaughter and having a dog dangerously out of control. police say the boy and his family brooks koepka, webb simpson, ian poulter. came from the plymouth area. tee times have been brought forward because of the threat demonstrations are continuing of thunderstorms interrupting play later, and all players in sudan following the ousting are going out in threes instead of the usual twos to try and ensure it finishes today. of the country's dictator omar al bashir by a military coup on thursday. molinari, woods and finau start their rounds at 2:20pm. it promises to be unmissable. protestors are demanding an immediate move to civilian rule there's also live coverage and have vowed to stay
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on the streets as a military council on radio 5 live right now. has now taken power. yesterday, the officer in charge bbc two's coverage will start said there would be democratic elections held within two years. at 1:55pm, while additional live sport and lewis hamilton has won coverage from amen corner, formula i's i,000th race, holes 15 and 16, and selected the chinese grand prix. featured groups is available on the bbc sport website, hamilton started from second, but soon sped past his mercedes connected tvs and mobile app. team—mate valtteri bottas and went world champion lewis hamilton has on to secure a comfortable victory. won the chinese grand prix. bottas finished second, hamilton started from second on the grid but soon sped while sebastian vettel was third, past his mercedes team—mate but only after ferrari ordered his team—mate, valtteri bottas and thereafter never charles leclerc, to let him pass. looked like relinquishing the lead in formula 1's1,000th grand prix. golf and as the augusta masters bottas finished second, enters its final round, while ferrari's sebastian vettel the italian francesco molinari was third, but only after the team is leading the charge at 13—under par. ordered his team—mate charles leclerc to let him pass. but fans‘ favourite tiger woods is lurking not far behind. our sports correspondent it's a huge day in the premier andy swiss reports. league title race with the top two — cheering liverpool and manchester city — in action this afternoon. jurgen klopp's side host chelsea later in what's being billed so, could this be the day that completes one of sport's most as their toughest test in the run—in. extraordinary comebacks? before that, pep guardiola more than a decade after his last major title, takes his side to crystal palace.
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it was just like old times for tiger woods, after a third round which saw him conjure selhurst park is always difficult, i that familiar masters magic. have mean to say, notjust for the as the decibel level rose, so did he, to within touching distance of the lead. after his battles with form players, but for everything. they and fitness, it could be a remarkable story. have quality players, one against but this man will have other ideas. one, one against 211 against three. francesco molinari is the one they're all chasing. so six games left to finish the the italian edged out woods at the open, last year. premier league, we know what we are another near—flawless round suggests he could do so again. playing for. we are going to prepare but others will also well. all eyes on norwich as they look to take a step closer have high hopes. to the premier league. they're in action at america's tony finau rocketing up the wigan athletic this lunchtime. leaderboard alongside woods, the latics themselves are just just two shots behind, a point above the relegation zone after one of the rounds of the week. so a win is vital for them as well, and england's ian poulter and it's wigan who lead is still right in it. through reece james's first half penalty with about half for all his ryder cup success, an hourto go. he has never won a major title. it's semifinals day in the women's fa cup but after another fine display, starting with two teams who've he's four shots back and in with a chance. never reached this stage of the competition before as reading host west ham united. well, with thunderstorms forecast for the final day, it's half time at the adams stadium, play is starting
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earlier than normal. an unusual end to the masters, and the score is 0—0. but especially with tiger woods in the hunt, it west ham coming closest could be a dramatic one. through fara williams. andy swiss, bbc news, augusta. you can watch the second you can see more on all of today's half via the red button. stories on the bbc news channel. the winner here will face either the next news on bbc one holders manchester city or chelsea is at 6.30pm, this evening. bye for now. whose semifinal is at 3:30pm. it's the final day of the european gymnastics championships in poland with the finals in the men's apparatus already underway. we can go live to the azoty arena where great britain's courtney tulloch has been competing in the men's vault final. he hasn't done too well so far. gb‘s james hall is in the high bar final later and brinn bevan on the parallel bars. while claudia fragapane will be hoping to mark her return from injury with a medal in the floor final. alice kinsella is also competing in that event as well as the beam. you can watch it all live
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on bbc two until 13:55, then it switches over to bbc one. after that, it's the second women's fa cup final of the day between manchester city and chelsea at 3:15pm. also available on the bbc sport website. that's that's all the sport for now. more from the bbc sport centre throughout the afternoon. bye from me. a feast of sport, holly. i'm looking forward to the liverpool and chelsea game in particular. three people have died after the vehicle they were travelling in was hit by a car going the wrong way down a slip road in peterborough. police have arrested a man on suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving and driving while under the influence. he remains in a critical condition in hospital. facebook users are experiencing problems accessing their accounts after a technical problem. users are unable to log onto facebook, instagram or whatsapp. all three social networks
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are owned by facebook. hundreds of people have taken to twitter to report the problems. nigeria's president buhari has said he will not rest until the schoolgirls abducted by islamist militants from chibok are reunited with their families. his statement comes on the fifth anniversary of the kidnapping by boko haram of 276 girls from their school. 60 girls have since escaped, over 100 more have been freed, but 112 are still missing. severe weather in the southern united states has claimed the lives of two children in texas after a tree fell on the family car. tornadoes swept through the town of franklin, causing widespread damage. severe weather has also been affecting communities in neighbouring louisiana and mississippi. we've got about half of texas coming to help us. we have lost about half of the south side. we need all of the help we can get. we need somebody to get these people
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back cleaned up and get them back in their homes. how many times have you gone to work when you're not really up to it? a new study has found more than 40% of employees said their work was being affected by health problems — a figure that's risen by a third over the last five years. here's our business correspondent, emma simpson. sarah's main job these days is looking after her children. a decade ago, she was in engineering recruitment. i was 22. it felt exciting for me to be starting my career. i absolutely loved it, it was a greatjob. but sarah ended up having a breakdown, yet still felt under pressure to get back to work. it was just quite surreal to be thinking, "oh, i probably have to go to work tomorrow," but i was sat in a hospital bed recovering and being told by doctors,
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"you're really seriously ill, you need to look after yourself. this is something you shouldn't be messing around with. you know, you'vejust tried to take your own life." when you look back on it with hindsight you see, actually, if i'd have been given a bit more time to become well before i had had a breakdown, i would have been in a better position to keep on working. if you break a leg, it's clear you need time off. having a mental illness or suffering from workplace stress can be harder to spot, but researchers found these are the biggest factors behind the growing problem of people turning up for work when they're not well enough to do theirjobs. basically did enough to meet the minimums. you know, to get by. dale hit rock bottom when he lost his wife but his employer helped him including a fitness programme to improve his physical and mental health. overall, i feel better in myself. but how more productive do you feel at work?
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quite a bit, and i'm definitely a lot better than i was as far as my overall performance in myjob. dale works for dixons carphone. the compa ny‘s been on a journey, too. we've had to be careful about health and safety in the workplace but what we've missed is mental well—being which is just as crucial as all of the other factors as well. people with poor mental wellbeing, they aren't as productive as people who are healthier, they're less robust, they take more time off through sickness, and they're less responsive and we need to help them. we need to help our workforces. good afternoon, thanks for calling technical support. my name is dale. it's worked for dale. he's now earned his first ever full—time bonus so if other organisations really started to tackle this problem, might it help solve the uk's productivity puzzle where workers aren't nearly as efficient as they could be?
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absolutely. we believe the key issue to britain's productivity problem is due to presenteeism, where people are present at work but are not performing in an optimal way. sarah freelances now and is happy. she just wishes she was shown some compassion and flexibility when she needed it most. emma simpson, bbc news, colchester. visitors to london's kew gardens will get the chance to experience a different kind of flower this spring, thanks to a new exhibition by the american artist, dale chihuly. 32 sculptures have been installed around the gardens. our reporter wendy hurrell went to take a look, and to hearfrom the man who designed them. well, i love greenhouses, you know, and how can you not love kew? it's just the most extraordinary, with some 300 acres with all these greenhouses.
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it is notjust under glass that you'll find these reflections of nature. the cherry blossoms are out at kew gardens. poking up out of the grass, not only tulips, but these amazing glass sculptures. this is just one of 32 installations across the gardens that are going to be here until the end of october. it's the work of artist dale chihuly, based in seattle. thousands of these pieces of glass have been carefully shipped over here and displayed for us all to see. sapphire star glints in the spring light. summer sun is framed by the lake and palm house. icicle tower alone is made of nearly 2,000 individual pieces of hand—blown glass. because of the way they're packed and put into containers, containers very rarely getjiggled around very much, so there's very little breakage.
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yet that doesn't always apply in the studio that chihuly‘s wife manages. when the artist is pushing to the very limit what glass can do, are there designs that just don't work? absolutely. i've worked on things for months and then decided at the very end that it was a bad idea and had to break everything. that's a sad day. that is a sad day. it's a sad day when you have to break things you've made. but these seemingly fragile shards are now nestled amongst the budding plants. they're just even more beautiful and stunning in the landscape than we could have ever hoped for. i've got probably have a number of favourites. but i think the niijima floats in the japanese garden, with the cherry blossom out and the colours, with the pagoda in the background. kew gardens is hoping that the success of chihuly exhibitions across the world will be replicated here once again. wendy hurrell, bbc news.
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time for a look at the weather with tomasz shafernaker. is it isita is it a nice day to visit kew gardens? it is always a nice day to visit kew gardens. particularly today. over the coming days, the weather will get even better. it will be warming up considerably across the uk. at the moment, there is still a nip in the air, tomorrow iam thinking is still a nip in the air, tomorrow i am thinking i should have written a little less cold rather than milder. it is still going to be fairly nippy tomorrow. as far as the weather itself goes, the country is split in half. in western areas there is more cloud and hazy sunshine whereas in the east we have sunny spells coming and going. the reason we have this split is because there is a weather front close to the
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