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hello. this is bbc news with ben blan. the headlines. tiger woods has won his fifteenth major golf title, more than a decade after his last— tiger woods wins the championship at the us masters in augusta. it's his and was described as the greatest fifth masters title. president trump offered sporting championships of all time. his congratulations, calling the golfer a truly great champion. after more than a decade since his with me now is andrew murray, former european 0pen champion last major victory the 43—year—old and bbc commentator. battled back to back to when his 15th title in august or humic my mum good to have you with us andrew, so was here she was there, ijust the tiger roars fine. couldn't i can be more happy and well just an incredible we re couldn't i can be more happy and were excited and kind of at a loss the tiger roars fine. welljust an incredible story. of words really. after being written probably one of the greatest certainly one of the greatest sporting comebacks ever. i mean the off, and overcoming injury, we will crowds, you can just assess the skill of his achievement, sporting comebacks ever. i mean the crowds, you canjust see by sporting comebacks ever. i mean the crowds, you can just see by his reaction when he won, how much it also tonight. theresa may's deputy meant to him, and to all the fans says the government and labour around the world, let alone their inner gusto. it's fantastic. and you are out there, where you, to see some of the tournament. did you
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think he was going to do it? well i the gatwick drone attack that caused saw him at really close quarters on chaos for thousands of passengers — thursday, i flew back friday evening the bbc learns that it was carried from i had some guests out there, so out by someone who knew it was terrific to get to see the about the airport's operational procedures. quy it was terrific to get to see the guy really close up. he looked in and a powerful tornado rips through texas, destroying buildings good form. he looked very composed. and leaving many injured. he looked communal, a bit almost like the tiger of old, and certainly the last nine holes, he showed such fantastic composure, and created some marvellous shots. it's great to have tiger back. he needed it, for it to be on primetime television, it was fantastic. we are just seeing the scenes now at the moment, that a very good evening. he knew he clinched it. the crowd, after an 11—year wait, a fall absolutely euphoric. that is not from grace and four back surgeries, tiger woods won his 15th that typical at the masters, is it? major today. they're normally quite restrained. there were raucous celebrations around the 18th green restraint is definitely the word over there. there's no other word, in augusta as the 43—year—old, written off by so many, they were going bonkers, weren't punched the air in delight, a wide smile across his face, they? it was just amazing to see. before celebrating with his children at the back of the green. the elation on his face, the it's been described as one of the greatest sporting emotion, as he came off the 18th
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comebacks of all time. from augusta, andy swiss reports. green. that his mother and of course his kids as well, the first time they've ever seen him when a major. cheering and applause it was really truly, truly, a real it is one of the most remarkable human story is well as a golfing comebacks that sport has ever seen. great comeback story too. on that just a few years ago, tiger woods seemed finished as a golfer but on a point, he's had a really rough time day of unforgettable emotion, he is of it recently, and the injury in the masters champion again. woods particular, to come back from that, thatis particular, to come back from that, had not won a major title for more that is particularly astonishing. yeah, to come back to play golf at than a decade, but roared on by the augusta crowd, he set about rolling the very highest level, coming back from four major back surgeries, and back the years. he still trailed the mental scars as well from his francesco molinari, but when his hopes came to a watery end, the comeback communal, he suffered a italian‘s nightmare became woods' little bit of the chipping yelps, fairy tale. from there, he was round about the greens, he was struggling a little bit mentally. to simply inspired, lifted by his fans get all parts of his game, you know, to new, dizzying heights. 0h, in the right sink for this simply inspired, lifted by his fans to new, dizzying heights. oh, my good god, i tell you, tournament was just nothing more to new, dizzying heights. oh, my good god, itell you, i to new, dizzying heights. oh, my good god, i tell you, i can't stand this. it was a march to glory, and than truly amazing. what will this do do you think for the game, in on the final hole, he tapped in for terms of interest, and inspiring
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triumph. what a moment. listen. potential future fans. yeah well cheering and applause hopefully all the kids that i was with this afternoon got back after suddenly, the personal problems, the yea rs of suddenly, the personal problems, the years of injury, seemed a distant the coaching and seeing tiger, because of course come over here, it memory, as he celebrated with the fa ns memory, as he celebrated with the fans and fell into the arms of his finished at seven or eight o'clock when it finished communal, hopefully family. 22 years after his first all those young golf fans were up masters win, the emotion was only and around watching it. you know, by too clear. it has come full circle, pure freak of nature, because of you know, my dad was here in 97 and they played early because of the 110w storm that was hitting a gusto. so i you know, my dad was here in 97 and now i am the dad with my two kids think it will really, really boost there. 22 years, i think, the game. i think to see it on now i am the dad with my two kids there. 22 years, ithink, between wins is a long time. but it is primetime television at this sort of time, primetime, as well, it was unrealfor me wins is a long time. but it is unreal for me to experience this. my just, just, it's a great story. i mum was here. she was there in 97 as think it will inspire many, many well. and so ijust couldn't be more coaches and young people alike. ok, happy, more excited and... you know, andrew really great to talk to you. iam kind happy, more excited and... you know, i am kind of at a loss for words, andrew murray there, former european open really. woods' jenny has been like champion. it's time for a look at the weather with sarah keith—lucas. good evening. no other. after dominating golf in it has been a mostly dry but a chilly feeling weekend, with temperatures well below normal his 20s, his personal and for this stage of april professional life unravelled. a over the last few days. debilitating back injury, and in this picture was taken by one
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of our weather watchers in suffolk. 2017, even a charge for reckless some blue sky and sunshine, driving. many had written him off. some fair weather cloud, there's been quite a chilly easterly breeze over the past few days, but today, his perseverance was particularly in the east. being lauded around the world, from tomorrow, things are again looking mainly dry. barack obama to serena williams, it will start to turn a little bit milder, from the lowest of lows, to the with some much milder weather on the cards later in the week. highest tide, a truly astonishing what we've got, we've got a weather feat. you just can't believe it. front moving in from the west, but high pressure sitting across scandinavia, he's produced a lot of wonderful driving our weather at the moment. golf for many, many years, he gets that will keep things mostly dry injured and you think you will never but it's also been bringing us this cold air mass, come back again. but suddenly, with with wind coming from the east or south—east. sheer grit and determination, it was blue colours on the map breathtaking stuff under a lot of at the moment. pressure. the culmination, then, of one more fairly chilly night to come before things turn milder. a quite astonishing personal for much of the country, we've got clear skies overnight tonight. comeback, the famous green jacket a bit more cloud for eastern and one of sport's golden moments. scotland, maybe even the odd snow flurry over the highest ground andyjoins us now from augusta. for aberdeenshire, for instance. towards the west we've an extraordinary achievement, also got more cloud, especially in the context a few splashes of rain around. of everything that's happened not as cold here, six or 7 degrees overnight for northern ireland in his life over the past decade. and the south—west of england. but a cold night elsewhere with temperatures in rural spots —1, minus two degrees. yes, it is a rather soggy augusta so where you've got those now but what we have seen today is clear skies, it's a cold, frosty start to monday something truly special. it is hard but there should be to think of a more dramatic downfall some decent sunshine. there will be more cloud working in from the east,
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than the one that tiger woods the likes of lincolnshire up towards northumberland experienced. he was the biggest and aberdeenshire, a few spots sports star in the world, the world of drizzle and quite a chilly wind number one, but then came a coming in off the north sea. also more rain in the far high—profile divorce, followed by south—west but elsewhere, that debilitating back problem. he under those clear skies, not a bad day. temperatures, quite widely 13 or 1a had a string of operations on his back and eventually back fusion degrees but we are looking at single figures with the breeze coming surgery back and eventually back fusion surgery two years ago. at one point, in from the north sea. he was ranked outside the world's as we head through the week ahead, goodbye to the blues and hello to the orange colours, top 1000 golfers. so to go from that the milder air, drawing in from a southerly direction. top 1000 golfers. so to go from that to do this is truly remarkable, certainly a rise in temperature perhaps the comeback of all through this week. during tuesday we've still got comebacks. in terms of sporting a weather front lingering in the west bringing comebacks, well, perhaps people will some rain around some think of muhammad ali coming back to of these irish sea coasts. western scotland, northern ireland, win the world boxing title at the wales, for instance. further east, it should stay dry age of 32. but this is right up with some spells of sunshine, there. this is tiger woods' 15th and those temperatures, a degree or so warmer by this stage. major title. i think most people had we're looking at about 10—15 for most of us. still rather chilly, though, written off his chances of matching across eastern parts of scotland. jack legless' record of 18 major heading on into the middle titles but after this, you have to of the week, wednesday may well say anything is possible. andy start on a fairly chilly, swiss, there, in augusta, thank you. misty note but the mist should clear away and it's looking like a really decent day. dry across the board, ——jack swiss, there, in augusta, thank you. —— jack nicklaus' record. a bit of patchy cloud building
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one of the government ministers through the afternoon. leading brexit talks with labour sunny spells, top temperatures up says compromise will be needed to around 18 degrees, on both sides if there's and it will turn even warmer as we head towards to be an agreement. cabinet office minister david the end of the week. lidington insists a deal can be bye for now. reached before elections for the european parliament on may 23rd. it comes as former conservative leader iain duncan smith has warned that tory activists have little appetite to campaign for those elections, and that holding them would be a disaster for the country. here's our political correspondent chris mason. the noise. i deeply regret that we have not yet been able to secure agreement in this house. the setbacks. the protests. please do not waste this time. the delay. so now what? the conservatives and labour are still talking. enter this man, the prime minister's deputy. "let's meet again this week", he says, "and see where we have got to it in about ten days' time". we would hope to take stock of where we are,
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as soon as parliament gets back after this recess, but i don't think that this question can be allowed to drag out for much longer. i think the public rightly wants politicians to get on and deal with it. labour are taking the negotiations seriously, but fret about theresa may making promises and then standing down. the people are putting their best endeavours to work, but if there comes a change in the leadership of the conservative party, that may all count for nothing and that is the worry. westminster collectively is shattered. exhausted by the last few weeks and while the jeopardy of having to take immediate decisions has passed for now at least, the government wants to keep the pace up. the challenge though of these talks between the conservatives and labour is that in order to find common ground, the leaders will have to give ground. %he risk of that is that some
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on their own side will scream that they are being let down. and here is an example of that. if the labour leadership do not insist on another referendum, some will be livid. it is clear that there is a mood in the party to accept the deal that emerges, as long as it is put to referendum. that is in a sense the compromise. at the last european parliament elections, conservative said, "vote for us and we will have a referendum. brexit will mean no more elections like these". but they will happen next month, if the commons does not back a deal soon. we simply cannot fight the euro elections. i gather dozens of conservative association members have now written a letter to the prime minister saying that they are not prepared to fight euro elections. it would be an utter disaster for us. a disaster for the country. i mean, what are you going to say on the doorstep? "vote for me, and i will be gone in three months?"
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it has quieten down around here, the media tents taken down. just the discarded essentials left. this won't last long. untangling this knotty mess has been postponed, not sorted. chris mason, bbc news, at westminster. leaked audio suggests the labour leaderjeremy corbyn privately expressed concern that evidence of anti—semitism within his party has been "mislaid or ignored". the sunday times released part of a conversation he had with the mp dame margaret hodge, which she secretly recorded. a labour spokesman said it shows mr corbyn's desire to take anti—semitism seriously, and that the party is keen to make procedures as robust and efficient as possible. a boy who was killed by a dog at a caravan park was alone with the animal when he was attacked. that's according to police in cornwall. the nine—year—old has been named as frankie macritchie. he died at the tencreek holiday park in the early hours of yesterday morning. with more, here's our
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correspondent sarah ransome. frankie macritchie. one of the first pictures of the nine—year—old who mauled of the nine—year—old who was vmauled to death by a dog yesterday. a life cut short and what should have been an easter break by the sea that turned to tragedy. flowers and toys have been late at the entrance of the caravan park where he had been staying. police discovered his body early yesterday morning. residents reported hearing screams, before the emergency services arrived, and officers say some of them tried to give him first aid but he had already died. this afternoon, detectives confirmed frankie was on holiday from plymouth with a group of adults and the bulldog—type breed of dog belonged to one of his mother's friends. we believe that frankie was alone in the caravan with the dog as he was attacked. whilst the adults that he was on holiday with were in an adjacent unit. this is a desperately sad event, which has seen a nine—year—old boy lose his life whilst on holiday.
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our thoughts and sympathies are with the loved ones of frankie, and all of those who knew him. the police presence here has been scaled back. a 28—year—old woman who was arrested yesterday on suspicion of manslaughter has since been released pending further investigations. the dog involved was seized at the time and taken to kennels, where it is still being looked after. tencreek holiday park remains open while the investigation continues and frankie's family is being supported by specialist officers. a note from one of his aunties says she will miss him until her heart stops beating. sarah ransome, bbc news, looe. a woman has died and at least 20 people have been hurt in a crash on the isle of wight this afternoon. a double—decker bus and two cars were involved in the accident. st mary's hospital in nearby newport declared a major incident and called in extra staff to help with the casualties.
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it poverty is harming children's capacity to learn and it's getting worse. those are the findings of an online survey of thousands of teachers carried out by the national education union. it says more pupils are struggling because they come to school hungry, thirsty or without a proper night's sleep. caroline davies reports. the children come to school with no coats, no socks. a number of my pupils live in overcrowded housing and have disrupted sleep. most of my class arrive at school hungry and thirsty. these are the responses from some of the 8,000 teachers asked in an online survey about how poverty affects their pupils. more than 90% of them said it was a limiting factor in children's capacity to learn. the national education union, who commissioned the survey, say that more of its members are seeing families becoming poorer. at this school in watford, the head teacher says the school have to step in to help. we have had situations whereby
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parents have had maybe an oven or a fridge stop working, they literally can't replace it, but thankfully we have quite a good network and we find out things like that and then we are able to access from various charities support for them. but it shouldn't be like that. the government says that tackling disadvantage will always be a priority and it is making sure that more than a million of the most disadvantaged children can also access free school meals through their education. during the easter break, they have invested in clubs where children can have a meal. the holidays can be difficult. it isa it is a lot harder because it is all the time. for two years, this mother has needed help from a community food bank to feed her family. she didn't want to be identified. it is not easy when your kids asking forfood it is not easy when your kids asking for food and you provide it. it is not easy when your kids asking forfood and you provide it. it it is not easy when your kids asking for food and you provide it. it is really ha rd. how much worry do
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you have about food? every day, every night, it is the first thing i think about and the last thing i thought about. term time or holidays, there are families that are struggling. the worry is if that affects their education, it could damage the future. caroline davies, bbc news. gatwick airport says whoever was responsible for the drone attack that caused major disruption to thousands of passengers just before christmas knew about the airport's operational procedures, and seemed to be able to see what was happening on the runway. bbc news has learnt new details about the tactics of the drone operator, who still hasn't been caught. 0ur transport correspondent tom burridge has this exclusive report. a flight leaves or arrives at gatwick every few minutes, but when drones were spotted just before christmas, the airport's only runway was closed
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for more than 30 hours. it was bleak for tens of thousands of passengers. we have now learnt that a security officer made the first sightings. he spotted two drones at the edge of the airfield, close to this bus stop. all flights were suspended. three hours later, the drones had disappeared. but when a team went out to inspect the runway, a standard procedure before reopening, a drone was suddenly back, and that pattern was repeated throughout the next day. each time these vehicles went out to prepare the runway to reopen, a drone would, as if by magic, reappear over the airfield again. someone seemed to understand how an airport operates and could even see what was going on. gatwick, in its first interview since the incident, suggests whoever was operating the drones had inside knowledge. the drone attack was clearly a malicious attack. and by virtue of the way that they operated, they clearly had some idea of how airports work
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and had some intelligence as to what we were doing. once the military had set up counter—drone equipment on top of the south terminal, the number of drone sightings dropped significantly. gatwick has defended closing the airport for so long. it is absolutely appropriate that if we have a drone operating at the airport that we suspend operations. that was our agreed protocol in advance and that is exactly what we did on the day. i have no regrets because we maintained the safety of our passengers. since the incident, uk airports including gatwick have been investing in new equipment, like this radar developed in the netherlands. most drones are too small for standard radar. this one can pick them up and differentiate them from birds. it was used to protect world leaders at the g20 last summer, and demonstrated to us at this dutch military airbase. if a drone flies onto a runway, there is no simple solution. bringing it down can be risky,
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hacking it orjamming it hard. gatwick has exposed just how vulnerable to drones a lot of places are. airports are actually one of the most difficult areas to protect. that has to do with the collateral damage that intervention methods could lead to. only an innocent couple has been arrested for what happened at gatwick. sussex police says more than 100 people, mainly airport staff and police officers, saw the drones. it hasn't released a video of them because it says the footage is such poor quality. but it remains a mystery how someone could fly drones into one of the world's busiest airports, cause chaos for such a long time and, for now at least, get away with it. tom burridge, bbc news, at gatwick. and you can see more on that story on panorama: the gatwick drone attack, tomorrow night at 8.30pm on bbc one. a powerful tornado has ripped through the small town of franklin in texas, leaving many people injured.
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it damaged 20 buildings, destroying some completely, and left 4,000 people without power. dan johnson reports. this is franklin, a small texas town sitting in america's tornado alley. the full force of nature's strongest swirling winds, focused here forjust a few minutes, but an entire community was torn apart. its homes were smashed to pieces and its families were scattered. it's... you've got houses turned over. you've got houses off foundations. it looks like a bomb has gone off. this is what hit them. a powerful storm, whipping up winds of more than 140 mph. it happened so quick, i didn't have time to get scared until it was over. while this family's home is pulled apart, they sheltered in the hallway. there is part of my garage.
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my front porch, the awning out over that house of the front porch, is in my neighbour's yard. and there is even less left standing there. 100 miles away, strong winds brought a tree down on a car, killing two children. drivers were trapped and injured in overturned vehicles. electricity lines came down, leaving thousands without power. here, they are now beginning to recover, but this huge storm system is still on the move, heading east, putting millions more at risk. dan johnson, bbc news. with the rest of the day's sport, here's 0lly foster at the bbc sport centre. good evening. the top two teams in the premier league were playing today. highlights follow the news but i've got the results for you now. it's as you were in the title race. liverpool beat chelsea 2—0 at anfield. sadio mane and mo salah scored the goals in the second half. that keeps them two points clear of manchester city, with four games left to play. the title is still in city's hands, because they have played one game
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less than liverpool. they won 3—1 at crystal palace. raheem sterling scored twice. celtic are on for another clean sweep of trophies. they beat aberdeen 3—0 in an ill—tempered scottish cup semifinal at hampden park. they'll face hearts in next month's final. adam wild reports. suchis such is celtic‘s domination of scottish football, this represents just the latest step on their journey towards an historic treble treble. aberdeen trying to force a stumble. the task made all the harder as dominic ball was sent off for this sickening challenge on ryan christie. the end of the afternoon for both. an ugly moment that gave way to one of bd, james forrest's opening goal was magnificent. aberdeen now struggling to stop celtic. they did come here, but penalty the decision, 0dsonne edouard adding the second. now aberdeen were really losing control, another red card for lewis
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ferguson's reckless lunge. the free kick eventually finding its way to thomas roglic will stop it was no more than celtic deserved. —— tom roglic. still controversy to the last aberdeen manager derek mcinnes sent to the stands for apparently reacting to sectarian chanting. celtic comfortable winners on an uncomfortable afternoon. adam wild, bbc news. the women's fa cup final will be between west ham and manchester city. city knocked out the holders chelsea. the match was heading for extra time but an injury—time own goal saw city win the match 1—0. west ham beat reading on penalties in the other semifinal. lewis hamilton has moved to the top of the formula 1 driver's standings after winning the chinese grand prix. he overtook his mercedes team—mate valteri bottas at the start and hung on for his sixth victory in shanghai in what was the 1,000th race in f1. ten—year—old sky brown has won gold at the national skateboarding championships in salford. she eased to victory in the inaugural competition, also picking up herfirst qualification points for next
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year's olympics in tokyo, where she hopes to become great britain's youngest summer 0lympian. there's more on the bbc sport website including more reaction to that incredible win for tiger woods at the masters. that's all your sport. that's it from me and the team. now on bbc one, it's time for the news where you are. goodbye.
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