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tv   The Papers  BBC News  April 15, 2019 10:40pm-11:00pm BST

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this is bbc news. i'm geeta guru—murthy. the headlines at 11 o'clock. side, and arguments is put to one side, and there will be a truce that will last one of the world's most famous landmarks, through easter. he quite rightly notre dame cathedral in paris, has been engulfed by fire. decide if you cannot talk about political reform, economic change firefighters say the building's structure and its two main towers and so on on a night like this. he have been saved. said the right words. it's what people will have wanted. there was but much of the roof has been destroyed and the main spire over talk of a big demonstration in paris the transept has collapsed. this coming saturday which would president emmanuel macron earlier have been a response to his words visited the site and said in the last half hour — tonight will i expect that will be "we will rebuild". and these are live pictures called off out of respect, because of the fire at the 850—year—old gothic building. people won't have their heart in it. and at 11.30 we'll be taking an in—depth look that will not sweep to one side the at the papers with our reviewers jessica elgot and steven swinford — whole context of the yellow vests. stay with us for that. they will be back. hugh schofield in paris, thank you so much. we can bring in benedicte paviot, who is the uk correspondent for france 24. i don't know if you are able to hear those statements in full, in particular from those statements in full, in particularfrom president those statements in full, in particular from president macron.
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those statements in full, in particularfrom president macron. he is speaking for the country in that role. there is some hope, i guess, if the main structure is still standing. there is hope. there is great sadness in paris. this is a very special time for the catholics, for christians, coming up to easter. and i think the president has called it right. his tweet was measured. he talked about a part of us burning with notre—dame cathedral. and a reference that maybe will have been lost on many people, and that is that actually, it is .0. it is in the very heart, geographical heart, of paris. that is were alljourneys are measured in the sense. it is cultural, it is emotional, is architectural beauty. it is attachment. and i think that measure of hope is very important. we will rebuild. and it's quite
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extraordinary to receive messages from not just extraordinary to receive messages from notjustjournalists, but people i know far across the world, m essa 9 es people i know far across the world, m essa g es of people i know far across the world, messages of sympathy, and i think what we need in this world is more beauty, not less, and there's no doubt that president macron was expecting to have a very different message to deliver tonight. it was a much awaited exercise, response on the three months consultations to this yellow vest protest. and i agree with you. there will be a truce. this is not the place coming up truce. this is not the place coming up the moments. when i look at the wording, it is involuntary. it may have started in the roof because of the repairs that were ongoing. it will be a measure of hope, and i'm interested that the president has already started a fund, a fund many people will feel whether they are catholic or christian or of other faith or no faith, they will want to
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contribute to what is in awe—inspiring the beautiful —— awe—inspiring the beautiful —— awe—inspiring lee beautiful billing. there will be questions tomorrow, or tonight, on the speed or lack of speed, equipment or lack of equipment, to stop the destruction of such a big part of the cathedral. talking several hours about the devastating act. so often when we have news like this, it involves a tragedy involving people, and yet this building has evoked powerful responses from people on social media, from international leaders, very, very quickly, and that's quite a unique event, isn't it? it is. it's galvanising people across the world. it's in french culture, in french people's hurts, notjust parisians. people from around the world come to see us, notjust
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catholic, christians. it is in print literature. —— french literature for some it's in paintings. it is beautiful to see the unified response. i remember as a french journalists working, my first assignment, to go out in the field and it was actually to cover, reports, edit a special programme on the late show of notre—dame cathedral. for me, notre—dame cathedral. for me, notre—dame cathedral has a very special place. it survived two world wars, many centuries. it was not destroyed by the nazis. it was march to be destroyed during world war ii and think goodness a general decided, a german general, decided not to destroy that, another beautiful building in paris. it's very special, and art and architecture plays a very special part. and it's
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not just about beauty. plays a very special part. and it's notjust about beauty. sometimes in life we cannot quite define what it is, andi life we cannot quite define what it is, and i think that it's difficult sometimes to find the words. it means so much to so many people. those bells chimed, i'm told, i was told by my french grandmother, to end world war ii, to celebrate the end world war ii, to celebrate the end of world war ii. and yes, it's time to soon to rebuild, and i will admire profoundly anybody who can rebuild what we have lost, whether it's the main spire and those incredible, beautiful windows, and long—lived beauty. long live art. very often, you are quite right in our profession, we talk about so many sad events. i understand, however, all the artifacts have been saved. nobody has died but i do understand in the last few minutes a firefighter has been seriously
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injured. they have taken huge risks. 500 of them, said president macron, will have been fighting this fire. it is easy from afar to think that we feel powerless. i felt totally powerless, mesmerized, stopped everything i was doing, but we will have to see. the inquiry will come but just as importantly, have to see. the inquiry will come butjust as importantly, remember that paris is a very densely built city so everything is quite close. i think the access to the cathedral was not terribly good, complicated full sublets hope —— couple gated. let's hope if this happened to another billing, the speed committee equipping could be even better. 0k, benedicte paviot, thank you for sharing your thoughts with us this evening. of course there will be questions about how this happened, how this was handled. one of those i spoke to come inside
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the cathedral. maybe less than an hour after this started, i ran... i live less than a mile from notre—dame, and there were already crowds gathering as the first flames kind of showed themselves, and the scene was... people were quiet and sad and just felt like nothing could be done. and were you forced to move away? what was the response on the ground? i was forced to move away, yes. i stood there for about five minutes and then ashes and hot embers were falling on the crowd and the police were forcing people back. what were your thoughts as you saw this? i am devastated. i am standing here watching it from the backside now and i... i walked past this building almost weekly. it's so beautiful. it's such a bright spot in my day and it's devastating for me, who's not even french,
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to see this happening. did you have any idea as you saw this starting how it could have started? was there any indication? any sound, any particular smell? any clue at all? i'm not quite sure. i know that there have been reports of issues with the construction and the scaffolding that's been up there for a while. yeah, all i saw wasjust a giant plume of green—yellow smoke arriving for a really long time. where are you standing now? what can you see at the moment? i am on the left bank of the seine. i am facing west, but looking at the backside. the famous flying buttresses of the building. i can still see flames pretty much right behind the two towers in the front and in the central part of the building. still see flames rising and, yes, there are firefighters all around it trying to fight the fire,
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and still sirens going off every couple seconds. and just, the seine is lined with hundreds of thousands of people. it is crazy. i've never seen paris this packed. and how are people reacting? and you're saying that it looks as though there are flames inside both towers? is that what you're saying? behind the two towers. i can't see quite if it's in the towers. i sure hope not. right in the middle of the building. hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. there is only one story, bringing coverage on night, that fire in notre—dame. with me arejessica elgot, chief political correspondent at
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the guardian, and steven swinford, deputy political editor from the telegraph. thanks very much to both of you for coming in. let's have a look at the front pages we have tonight. the guardian leads on the fire of notre dame, saying it could be linked to building work that was under way. the financial times is also focusing on the blaze — calling the cathedral one of france's best known structures and one of the most visited places in the world. the i dedicates its front page to a picture of notre dame's tower in flames — before it later collapsed. the telegraph shows a picture of the beloved cathedral in flames over the river seine. it talks about the impact this has had on the people of paris. the metro, too, leads on the fire, with a picture of smoke billowing into the sky and crowds watching from a bridge over the river seine. the daily mail's front page is covered by a picture of the cathedral in flames. it talks of the history that has been lost. the sun writes "notre doom" — with a shot of the tower falling apart amongst the fire.
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the daily express looks at statins — saying three people aren't reaping the rewards of the drug. let's have a look at some of the papers. the guardian. a very powerful headline, and the image. papers. the guardian. a very powerful headline, and the imagem is expert energy cd details in that photo committee flames going up that -- it is photo committee flames going up that —— it is extraordinary seeing the details in that photo committee fla mes details in that photo committee flames going up. from what we are hearing earlier, the building and risk of collapsing, it was very disheartening to feel that, hard to see anything but sorrow in these pictures anyway. the telegraph has got a pretty powerful right up on his front page. again, a very powerful image with the river and a boatin powerful image with the river and a boat in front. it's got quite a lot of detail onjust one boat in front. it's got quite a lot of detail on just one person saying the saddest thing they have ever stood and watched in their life.
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it's that sense of morning. the most important thing to say, it appears nobody has died tonight in their no fatalities... one injured firemen, forgive me. president macron saying tonight, the incredible quote, part of us have burned tonight. the place notre dame occupies in france is really coming home, and this piece captures. you both are experts in politics in this country. using there will be a political impact to this? this was supposed to be a massive night for president macron. i guess that's all you know people ina i guess that's all you know people in a sense of sadness. there will be
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a restoration work but i think tonight he can talk about the speech, he came to the site to watch it, and it's an extremely sombre mood. there may well and being political ramifications but he don't know if tonight will be. tonight may not be that. ijust want know if tonight will be. tonight may not be that. i just want to show eve ryo ne not be that. i just want to show everyone the i. just a very clear headline. nine centuries of history brought crushing down just 63 minutes, stephen. we don't have this overwhelming sadness about a building, buti overwhelming sadness about a building, but i guess is one of those everyone learns about at school, everyone has visited about it. president trump has given an interview again saying itjust means a lot to everybody. huge relevance. what this captures is the speed of thing. we have both speaking to yvette cooper she was yvette cooper this evening. she was on the banks of the seine, and
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suddenly she is watching it burn. the flames ripped across the roof, they chased up the spire spire collapsed. is the speed of what happened that shocked everyone. the independent has the picture of the flames, that spire. the good news is that perhaps the main structure will make it through this. there's going to bea make it through this. there's going to be a massive fix, restoration, a huge appeal now launched. to be a massive fix, restoration, a huge appeal now launchedlj expect... huge appeal now launched.” expect... there were so much of it that quite never could be replaced. the wooden structure of the roof, many of your viewers will have seen the rose windows in there as well, lost as well. and there may be replacements but to stand under that roof is a special thing, and it's
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devastating that it's gone. we've heard a lot of the eyewitnesses saying they just stood heard a lot of the eyewitnesses saying theyjust stood there and that people were in tears as they we re that people were in tears as they were watching that. are you surprised by the level of emotion we have senior tonight? not at all. it is this seared beer to place. —— spiritual place. it is easter weekend coming up. for all the weeks in the yearfor this weekend coming up. for all the weeks in the year for this to happen... in the telegraph, the heart of paris was torn asunder tonight. it's gone people crying on the streets, people sitting on the streets. all the kind of things you would associate with a mourning happening. and very quickly, jessica, do you think there will be difficult questions asked? the firefighters, from what we've seen, seem to have done an
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extraordinary job seen, seem to have done an extraordinaryjob of containing the fire and they were praised by president macron. hopefully not in that direction. we will see. jessica, steven, we'll see you in an hour's time, hopefully with more time, to look at the newspapers. we'll be at half past 11 for another look at the papers. the front pages are on the website. and if you miss it any event, the papers are on the iplayer. thank you very much. hello there. our weather is set to get much warmer over the next few days, as we replace the chilly easterly winds that have been coming in from scandinavia with something much warmer moving in from the southeast.
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so that's going to boost the temperatures as we head into easter weekend. the warmest spots could see temperatures climb as high as 25 degrees celsius, so feeling really quite warm at times for the weekend ahead. before we get there, we've had mixed fortunes weather—wise today. the best of the sunshine has been across england, eastern parts of wales and eastern areas of scotland. but it's not been like that everywhere. across western parts of the uk, the cloud has been thicker and we have seen outbreaks of rain. the rain accompanied by strong winds across these western areas, too, bringing rough seas to the coastline around northern ireland, where we've also had some damp weather. the winds really feeling quite cold with those gusts up to around a0 or 50 mph. overnight tonight, the same band of rain still with us and going nowhere fast. so there will be more rain at times in northern ireland, some rain dribbling its way to parts of wales and southwest england. with a lot of cloud expected overnight, it's not going to be as cold as last night.
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temperatures between five and eight celsius. now for tuesday morning, expect a cloudy start to the day for most areas with our weather front slowly fizzling across wales and southwest england. there will be some damp weather here at times. the wettest weather will be moving into western scotland as we head through tuesday afternoon. but that still leaves eastern scotland and eastern areas of england, where the weather should stay dry and bright, with occasional sunny spells. now the weather begins to warm up, really, as we head into wednesday. the winds fall light and there will be bigger gaps in the cloud, so more in the way of sunny spells. that will help the temperature along quite nicely. looking at highs of 18 degrees towards southeast england. 14 celsius in edinburgh. some of these north sea coasts, though, kept a little bit cooler by the onshore winds. on into thursday, more of the fine weather on the cards. a few mist and fog patches possible first thing in the morning, but otherwise staying fine with spells of sunshine. in the sunshine, warming up, temperatures reaching a high of 20 degrees in cardiff. feeling warmer as well in belfast, i6, and 17 there in edinburgh, feeling pleasant with spells of sunshine. it gets even warmer still, though, as we head into easter weekend. temperatures in the very warmest spots are likely to peak at around
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25 celsius before things turn cooler next week.
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