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she's now running the news site welcome to newsday. i'm kasia madera in london. rappler in the philippines. the headlines: we are just new since the beginning of last year, the music as well. we are just now a total of 11 charges have been one of the world's architectural wonders, getting images from the bbc from levelled against ressa and the news notre dame cathedral in paris, site she founded — rappler. has been left in ruins within notre dame. these are some of ms ressa's most recent arrest by a devastating fire. was on march 29 for allegedly these are the live pictures the first images coming into us here violating laws barring from the french capital where it's in the newsroom from within we are foreign ownership of media. been burning for nearly five hours. and shortly she's standing trial looking now at the devastation that in the capital manila. has taken place. bearing in mind from there we're joined now by the bbc‘s howard johnson. good morning. i'm outside the manila regional court. she is on trialfor this cathedral has been burning, the cyber libel allegations. back in 2012, allegations cast against her the blaze has destroyed much fla mes this cathedral has been burning, the flames blazing, four hours. we are of the cathedral‘s roof. this is the moment the main spire of now looking at some of the about an article written about a devastation that has taken place and businessman but the actual case was it is hard to believe that this has filed in october 2017. what we have the 850—year—old building collapsed. found out from looking into this been taking place right in the centre of paris within notre dame. a these are the first pick is of the case is that maria ressa was charged with making allegations, dubious devastation inside the cathedral place that is notjust important relationship. the chief justice where investigators are trying to ascertain the severity of the historically, but religiously and with making allegations, dubious relationship. the chiefjustice at the time, who is going to an damage. also musically as we were hearing i'm rico hizon in singapore. there. this building means so much impeachment trial, there are also in the programme: president macron has in so many ways to so many different allegations that this businessman been to the scene. had connections to drug trafficking people. these are the first images full and human trafficking. he that we are seeing of the devastation from within notre dame. denies and refuses to acknowledge
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we will have more from paris in a these allegations but maria ressa will attend court and she says this moment. first, let's look at some of the day ‘s other news. the case brought against her as a clampdown on the freedom of speech international committee of the red and an attempt to bring down the rappler website. are these cyber cross and sorry why libel charges fair? well, cyber libel charges fair? well, cyber libel came around in 2012 at the the icrc says it knows that the nurse was seen alive late time when human rights groups said last year, but the two it was going to criminalise the drivers have not been heard journalistic fashion. that's what of since the abduction. matthew morris , icrc‘s spokesperson for the uk explains why it has taken she faces here today. we have also icrc so long to acknowledge these abductions. found out that this law could also jeopardise freedom of speech, lots of human rights groups of said this will curtail people from trying to it's been a very long and complex expose corruption and issues like five .5 years. we've always made the that in the philippines. it's decision with our colleagues in something that we will see, pretty mind. things started to change the
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end of 2017, reports that louisa had much a trial of notjust this case but also the freedom of speech. been seen perhaps giving medical ca re been seen perhaps giving medical care to people in some towns and villages near the euphrates, and i freedom of speech is at the central have to say, since 2013, we've not issue of this case. not only maria heard anything about the other two. ressa but other media outlets are underfire for as late as last year, the end of ressa but other media outlets are under fire for criticising president rodrigo duterte in his fight against last year, so with islamic state losing its territory in syria in an extrajudicial killings. what we've area where we know louisa had been seenin extrajudicial killings. what we've seen in the last three years, thousands of people killed, seen, that was a significant extrajudicial claims. that they milestone. we had been trying to tap into any links, within europe in the haven't been given due process. americas and the middle east, to try putting drugs next to them to appear and look at any leads. all sorts of rumours and leads and we try to that they were committing a crime. check and everything that we've these are allegations, the police heard. say they were always fighting back. it's been more than 3.5 years since the volkswagen emissions scandal exploded onto the world stage. now the company's former chief executive martin winterkorn, rappler have been very fierce in and four other managers, exploring this war on drugs and have been charged with fraud doing investigations about it and in germany for their role that has irked rodrigo duterte. he in allegedly manipulating diesel emissions testing.
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mr winterkorn could face up to ten called rappler a fake news outlet in the past before he became president. years in prison if found guilty. he said journalists if they got a story wrong deserved to die. we have in the uk, the city of liverpool has been marking the 30th anniversary seen under his watch, there has been a lot of fire againstjournalists including myself, supporters of the of the hillsborough disaster. president, very critical on line. so this trial today is being seen as a a minute's silence was observed at 6 minutes past three, the time the match was stopped. trial of freedom of expression here 96 football fans died in this country. thank you very much in a crush on the terraces during an fa cup semi—final. for joining in this country. thank you very much forjoining us and for the date, tens of thousands of howard johnson. north koreans have attended a huge public rally in pyongyang to honour the country's leaders. known as the day of the sun, it began as a sit in last week — it's the most important in the north korean calendar, and in just a few days has turned marking the birthday into a mass protest. of the country's founder, kim il—sung in 1912. now the organisers of the huge soldiers, workers, families, demonastrations in sudan say newlyweds and tourists queued they want the full dismantling to place flowers at the base of the "deep state" left behind of leaders' statues in the capital. by ousted leader 0mar al—bashir. soldiers, workers, families, newlyweds and tourists queued a spokesman said leaders of the past to place flowers at the base regime should be put on trial. the bbc‘s alistair leithead reports. of leaders' statues in the capital.
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maria ressa is a former cnn reporter and was time magazine's people 00:04:03,429 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 of the year in 2018. great changes already come to sudan but not enough of those who risk it all to overthrow addict data and believe they still have the momentum to demand more. some soldiers have stood alongside the protesters that they ——as they camped outside the military headquarters charging for change. 0ne army, one people, they shout. revolution. but after30 yea rs of shout. revolution. but after30 years of power, senior officers have a lot to lose there is still suspicion there is not expect this is not an authority ready to give in but a carefully choreographed transition. i say we wish everyone agrees on the formation of a civil government which paves the way and prepares the environment for a social and political reconciliation and that it can reach peace. the opposition has been meeting the transitional military council and
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there have been many concessions. translation: i say we announce the appointment of a new intelligence chief. but despite the arrest of former government figures on the promise the opposition can choose a new prime minister. there is still suspicion on the streets in the sense that now is the chance to shape a different, civilian led future. translation: i say untilwe see tangible results, we're not moving from the side because we're not asking for a change of people, they're asking for a change of our entire situation. freedom, peace and justice. the revolution is the people's choice. we will rebuild sudan, one that exists for everyone without discrimination and racism. at this point, trust is hard—won and easily lost, breaking a promise not to disperse the protests will again destabilise this fast—moving process. the question is where the
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line is drawn. the point when the military leaders feel they can't give any more. let's go back to our top story, the devastation of notre dame. let's look at some of the newspapers. as you can expect, the french papers are covering this. the whole front page has been dedicated to this by le figaro. inside, the paper quotes the president is saying, iam paper quotes the president is saying, i am sad tonight to see this pa rt saying, i am sad tonight to see this part burn. also, le monde. the spire of notre dame colleague for —— cathedral collapsed in flames. it said the president cancelled other arrangements and he went to the cathedral. we had been expecting him to address the yellow vest movement but instead, he did this. every
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single french newspaper will be talking about this it carries one photo of notre dame. firefighters this time is saying the fire might be potentially linked to the renovation of the building that had been taking place. those are the images the early morning papers are taking. this is the live shot we are seeing. the flames very much under control as we can see but something they need to continue doing is to ensure that no flames flickered so the temperature of the stonework, being described as solid. but the temperature of the stonework is very high in the firefighters, i'm sure they will be working through the night, they need to maintain the temperature to bring it right down. to ensure no flames resurface. so we won't see that devastation again.
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the rooftop the spire that had been there, but completely collapsed. we showed you some of the images on the bbc news room. early on, my collea g u es bbc news room. early on, my colleagues were able to speak to the former french environment minister. it is an important tragedy. the whole of france cries because sentries of the ancient world history go up in smoke. what do you feel as you look at the images of the fire at notre dame? i'm so sad to see this and as a representative, i want to share my sadness with all french people. there is some early criticism of the response. it feels too early to have that sort of
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criticism but are you in any position to talk about are prepared 01’ position to talk about are prepared or otherwise the french firefighters and authorities may have been for something like this? it is too early. we don't know anything just now. of course, it will be lost on now. of course, it will be lost on no christians around the world that yesterday was palm sunday, next weekend is easter sunday, the holy weekend is easter sunday, the holy week in the christian church. and as the president has pointed out, christians in paris will be watching their beloved notre dame burn in this very holy, spiritual week. it is all french people and all around the world. it is the most important monument in europe which is the most
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visited i think everybody is very sad tonight. whatever their origin. we heard earlier from sad tonight. whatever their origin. we heard earlierfrom ken follett who studied the construction of these buildings. what can happen in a fire like this is that the roof colla pses a fire like this is that the roof collapses into the building. do you think that is why this blaze spread so think that is why this blaze spread so quickly and so ferociously? it's a good explanation, it's a good explanation. political and religious leaders have been giving their response to the events in paris. german chancellor angela merkel said: i am deeply saddened to follow the events
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in paris and see the horrible images of notre dame in flames. notre dame is a symbol of france and our european culture. british prime minister theresa may tweeted: my thoughts are with the people of france tonight and with the emergency services who are fighting the terrible blaze at notre dame cathedral. president trump gave this response: so horrible to watch the massive fire at notre dame cathedral in paris. god bless the people of france! his predecessor barack 0bama said: notre dame is one of the world's great treasures. it's in our nature to mourn when we see history lost — but it's also in our nature to rebuild for tomorrow, as strong as we can. a statement from the vatican said: we express our closeness to the french catholics and the population of paris, and assure you of our prayers for the firefighters. and officials at westminster abbey
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here in the uk, tweeted: devastated for our friends at notre dame and for the people of france. you are in our thoughts and prayers tonight. just some of the many, many reactions across social media across events taking place in paris. a little earlier, dr massimo faggioli professor of historical theology at villanova university based in philadelphia spoke to me. i asked him about the cultural and religious significance of the important artwork inside notre dame. there are paintings, books, they have an archive. they are relics that by definition cannot be rebuilt, cannot be replicated. the cathedral in a catholic tradition is a place where there are abundant events that happen. catholicism is a very physically, it has to be
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touchable. it is very important the sense of smell, objects that need to be passed on and so the loss is beyond building. it's what is inside and what was possible inside with those objects. added when it comes to notre dame, what objects do you believe is important. i don't know where to begin, it's such an iconic building. the most important relic seems to be the crown of thorns which is the relic that is believed to be the crown that was put on jesus's head. it doesn't really matter if that was the crown that
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jesus had on his head,, it's what catholics believe. that is, i believe, the most important relic, it seems from the latest news, has been saved. that is a symbolically high value especially because it is holy week. of course and we have had palm sunday and we have easter coming upfor palm sunday and we have easter coming up for questions. this is one of the most important times as well with christmas, of course, in their religious calendar. a tunic leaved to have been warned by saint louis is also hoped to have been saved. —— believed to have been worn. notre dame has a history that has a lot to do with king louis the ninth. also
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known as saint louis, king of france. the cathedral was completed and it was given as a gift to king louis nine. having the king of france becoming a saint of the catholic church and notre dame being associated with that king, is quite unique in the history of the national catholic church. and it is not, in terms of when we look forward , not, in terms of when we look forward, of course, we are still looking at the devastation. is it --it is looking at the devastation. is it ——it is possible to rebuild notre dame. how does it work in terms of the importance. can you rebuild this and it still have the same resident
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—— resonance meaning, religious and historic? a good question. every active rebuilding is always an active rebuilding is always an active interpretation. how you rebuild. we know catholics globally are quite divided about what catholic art is. what catholic architecture looks like. secondly, it is built by society before you had a secular state. now president macron saying we will rebuild, it is important when you look at what some catholics are saying. they don't wa nt catholics are saying. they don't want a secularised president to rebuild notre dame which says something on how complicated symbolically this is because some are saying that if emmanuel macron rebuilds this church, it will be
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macron's church, it will not be the catholic church. the monetary is minor compared to how you will be rebuild. will it be the same symbol of catholicism as it has been for nine centuries or something else? that has to do with how france believes this church will be in history and in his life from now on, much more than what it has been in the previous nine centuries. much more than what it has been in the previous nine centurieslj appreciate the previous nine centuries.” appreciate that it is such a complicated question but wejust appreciate that it is such a complicated question but we just saw yesterday even when we were talking about the restoration of the private chambers of marie antoinette and that was a huge expense, three years of restoration and we saw them to theirfull of restoration and we saw them to their full splendour. of restoration and we saw them to theirfull splendour. we of restoration and we saw them to their full splendour. we also saw in rome, the opening up of the marble stairs that christ is believed to have walked along. it is a question
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about how the vatican perhaps paying for this? somebody is going to have to come in and put a new roof on. how does it work? as a catholic historian, let me tell you that money never goes from the vatican, it usually goes to the vatican. i don't expect the vatican to pay for this. there will be some contribution symbolically or in terms of expertise at the money i don't think will come from the vatican orfrom don't think will come from the vatican or from rome. don't think will come from the vatican orfrom rome. i expect also because of the particular relationship between french catholicism and the french state, it will be french money from the french taxpayers but this is something new. again, because when all of these cathedrals were built, there was no taxpayers' money that was giving money to a secular state so this may
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sound a very peripheral issue for us but for some kind of catholics they feel like there may be some kind of violence done upon this church if it is rebuilt by the secular state. this fire says something about the state of the catholic church globally now but i believe the act of rebuilding will say even more about the situation of the catholic church today. fascinating point about how rebuilding and going forward and what it means the france, what it means that the catholic church and who will ultimately be paying for it as we look at images of notre dame tonight. yes, it is still the fire
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under control but there is so much work that will need to be redone to reconstruct that roof as firefighters work tirelessly to bring the temperature of the stone under control. that's right, this is indeed a historic loss. as a catholic, ifeel devastated and sad by this catastrophic fire that has hit this iconic notre dame cathedral. i visited the cathedral a few times. the last time was about three years ago. it was also during holy week. i'd attended mass service between monday and friday and i adored the artand monday and friday and i adored the art and the architecture of this monumental cathedral and i'm really sad that it has happened at this time and during our generation, the destruction of the notre dame cathedral.
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for catholics, for christians, of course it is holy week. we enter the most —— one of the most significant times for questions and they will be a very huge loss for this iconic building that i do want to show you images from inside because there is a glimmer of hope in want of course has been a devastating situation. we see the fire, the flames, blazing above in the roof that has been devastated but there is some hope because the walls were kept and so the devastation is salvageable and the devastation is salvageable and the true cross is still in place in notre dame. there is more spring sunshine and more spring warmth on the way as we head towards the easter weekend. the
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weekend just gone was quite chilly, temperatures 10—12. an easterly wind and the aircoming temperatures 10—12. an easterly wind and the air coming all the way from the baltic. look what happens over the baltic. look what happens over the next few days. a lot of that blue, cold air gets pushed away and it really heats up across essential parts of europe and that is where we are going to get our weather coming from. we will be developing this south—easterly breeze and it will be warming up everywhere. mid 20s perhaps by saturday. 0n warming up everywhere. mid 20s perhaps by saturday. on monday, in the sunshine, it felt pleasant enough. likewise in liverpool, merseyside. we also had this cloud coming in very slowly from the west which has been bringing with it patchy rain and drizzle. earlier on it was windy as well in northern ireland and here in cornwall, unseasonable weather. the winds are easing down and the rain is edging its way eastwards. the skies are filling with cloud. rain from northern ireland heading across to wales and the west country. the rain petering out to a certain extent.
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the rain is lighter and patchy. heading into eastern scotland and eastern england heading to be dry a lot of cloud around. the winds won't be as strong on tuesday but still an onshore breeze coming into northeast scotland. a little bit on the chilly side. under the cloud, temperatures typically ten or 13. a touch higher in the london area if it brightens up. more sunshine on the way on wednesday. some mist and fog around. some patchy cloud developing and you could just squeeze out a light shower. generally it is drier, more sunshine and more warmth as the bridges climb to 17 or 18. it is set to get warmer over the coming few days. still high—pressure — make high—pressure coming up from scandinavia. not only is it warmer coming up from central europe but
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more sunshine around as well. the peak of the temperatures will be on saturday and it could get 2a or 25. it starts to cool down a little bit and we may see some rain arriving in the north—west.
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