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tv   BBC News at Nine  BBC News  April 16, 2019 9:00am-10:00am BST

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we can speak now to marie le conte, england, a king of england was hello, it's tuesday, it's ten a french journalist, o'clock, i'm victoria derbyshire. who joins me from westminster. crowned in notre dame during the 100 the fire at notre—dame yea rs war frankie very much forjoining us. crowned in notre dame during the 100 years war in the 15th century, cathedral in paris is out. the blaze gutted the roof you're watching bbc news at nine another king of england and his and toppled the spire, with me, joanna gosling. what were your emotions as you watch but major parts of the building the headlines... marriage ceremony here, charles the notre—dame burn? have been saved. what were your emotions as you watch notre-dame burn? like everyone else first in the 17th century. this paris wakes up to face the french president promises the aftermath of an inferno that around the world, i was just glued isn't just the engulfed notre—dame. first in the 17th century. this isn'tjust the property of france, to the screen. it was complete it concerns all of the rolling the cathedral will be rebuilt. it took emergency crews shock. we had no idea how much worse nearly nine hours to bring centuries of history in western the flames under control. it was going to get, so even having europe. is it a place that you have within the past few moments, translation: we were able to build it's been confirmed that the fire visited? oh yes, like everybody this cathedral more than a ten has been extinguished. to go to bed because we did not know should years ago. so i say to you the first pictures from inside, what was going to happen next. as the flames took hold, very solemnly, we will rebuild this show the extent of the task ahead. else, it is. and your memories are to go to bed because we did not know what was going to happen nextm to go to bed because we did not know what was going to happen next. it is cathedral altogether. this is extraordinary what has changed overwhelming when you've been in it it's feared some of the cathedral‘s overnight, those enormous donations and of course the class is the thing probably part of french destiny. priceless stained glass windows have not survived. that stays with you. the vivid blue coming in and the fact that the crowd sings hymn. parisians stood and sang stone structure still stands. there colour and it's such a relief to as they watched while flames the fire took hold with frightening speed. will be a lot of work but it is hear that some of that class may engulfed one of the world's many were left in shock after seeing most iconic buildings. still the iconic building in most of the moment the spire collapsed. have come through the fire and translation: it's very sad. besides that, the sound of the crowd sings a hymn. it is one of the great monuments of france. its entirety which remains intact. translation: there are hundreds organ, the great organ of notre of people who've died parisians try to lift dame, one of the greatest pipe each other‘s spirits, while president macron pledges we saw some incredible pictures that the 850—year—old cathedral inside the cathedral and the cross organs of europe, mostly in the heart of paris will be restored. 19th—century and lots of earlier bits and it sounds as if that might still being there among the rubble, the fact the organ has survived and translation: we will rebuild this a p pa re ntly the fact the organ has survived and apparently some of the stained glass at least in part have survived. all
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windows as well. it nearly feels of that is very heartening. and we cathedral altogether, also understand many of the like a windows as well. it nearly feels likea miracle, windows as well. it nearly feels like a miracle, not to sound trite, treasures were taken out and had to see that all of that has survived been taken elsewhere so they had —— we were able to build this after the incredible images of last been taken elsewhere so they had been rescued which is obviously good cathedral over 850 years ago, so i night. to hear but in terms of the things what will happen in terms of who say to you now, we will rebuild this that will inevitably have been lost, cathedral altogether. will be funding the rebuilding? i some of the stained glass, as you mentioned those two enormous and amid an ongoing battle mentioned, it can never be replaced. to salvage the cathedral‘s art, some treasures have already been donations from those two how closely can it be replicated? businessmen, but there has been an well probably, if you wanted, rescued issue until now with actually extremely closely, this is a funding restoration work within building that has been photographed notre—dame because of controversy in and photographed for record purposes and photographed for record purposes and everyone else as well so yes, it france around the state funding religious buildings because of the could be reproduced and probably you good morning and welcome to the bbc news at nine. importance of separating secular and should, given this sort of building firefighters have worked through the night to extinguish state ? importance of separating secular and but what sort of reproduction? the fire that engulfed notre dame cathedral state? as a country we are very in paris yesterday evening. because so much of the building is attached to that concept, but at the actually a 19th—century at its height, the smoke reproduction, it was in a terrible and flames could be seen from all over the city, same time the church probably does state and the victorians or the and the iconic steeple collapsed. not have the money to pay for the french equivalent in the 19th but the two bell towers were saved — as well as some of the art century made it for what they restoration itself. i do not foresee and relics inside. thought a cathedral should look the french state giving money to like. so there is an element of choice there. and we watched that president macron has fund it, but clearly president promised a global effort to rebuild the cathedral. macron has said they will be opening
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donations and i'm sure they will be spire collapsed in horror. that in pouring in from around the world. we itself, is a piece of 19th—century have started seeing it already. reproduction. you could do something else. there had been a medieval let's go live to our colleague spire in an the 19th century outside notre—dame. imagined what it would have looked like so maybe we can do the same. let's go live to our colleague outside notre-dame. good morning from paris. iam pointing out obviously at the very outside notre-dame. good morning from paris. i am on the small island important structures have been aside from it having that damaged by fire and had been rebuilt, york minster being on which notre—dame sits, and has specifically mentioned, hampton court, the fire of course at windsor city for —— set of 850 years, the architectural significance, every road in france is measured from .0 castle. it is a constant of great old historic centre of paris where many buildings. the buildings the city began to thousand years in front of notre—dame, it is at the ago. i was on the left bank, the far responded to that because you have heart of so many things for french side of the cathedral, last night. to see that notre dame is a great it was a scene of cataclysmic stone box. and what went last night people. devastation as we watched as the was a medieval wooden roof above it great ball of fire consumed the roof so much french history, our high and which tourists have never seen inside and a marvellous survivor, of notre—dame cathedral. it was low points, it had stood there. something which i never thought i long. people might think of the that has gone. the vaults, by and would ever see. we all stood in awe, eiffel tower, the great french large, survived. they were the symbol and it has beenjust protection for what was beneath. and stunned by what was happening. the eiffel tower, the great french symbol and it has been just over eiffel tower, the great french symbol and it has beenjust over 100 yea rs, really. mood was one of despair, there was a symbol and it has beenjust over 100 years, really. notre—dame has been it is, when you think of all of the there for so long. as was mentioned fear that the building would not history that has gone over those 850 in an earlier interview it goes
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survive. we watched as the fire yea rs history that has gone over those 850 years that the building has stood, beyond religion, you do not have to encroached on the two towers, the beyond religion, you do not have to be christian to see it as a deeply two belfry is which look down on the it is extraordinary, actually, that important place. last night felt great espionage of notre—dame and wouldn't medieval structure has very personalfor survived so long. yes, it is. and important place. last night felt very personal for french people, as a result. it's very often the case that when are the iconic, symbolic, it is visited by huge numbers of recognisable parts of the cathedral. you try and restore it, that's when when we left late last night the tourists, is it too early to fire was still burning, it seemed estimate how long the work will the trouble starts. particularly that the towers were safe but we did because we've been in the habit of not know what to expect this putting electricity cables in places take? and also the cost?|j where they weren't intended. thank morning. we arrived, the sun came up you very much indeed forjoining us. three hours ago and there was a estimate how long the work will take? and also the cost? i have no idea, but my understanding is that thank you. and we will of course pa rt idea, but my understanding is that sense of some relief which is shared part of the reason why some people keep you updated on what is happening. the fire service in paris by everyone i have spoken to on the we re part of the reason why some people telling us this morning that the were not made in notre—dame is quayside here when they arrive and fire is now completely out and because they felt they might lose mercifully, as we have been seen, look at the building, because suddenly you are reminded of the tourism from closing it. but clearly that stone structure remains but solidity of it all. the cathedral is it's the wooden part inside and the roof and spire, the spire that was this needs to happen, regardless of stone, ancient stone and still actually made of metal and put up in there, and it feels strong. that the impact on tourism. will one of the reconstructions in the 19th century when the building was politicians be united around this? undergoing repairs then, those are absolutely, they have been the things that have gone and some com pletely absolutely, they have been completely united. i think people of the stained glass. we will keep feeling is palpable among people who have come in their thousands to the had already started vaguely you updated and there plenty online, quayside to watch, the same feeling plenty of videos of what happened
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campaigning for the 2020 paris and plenty of information about the of resurgent hope which president mayoral election, that has stopped, history of that iconic building. macron referred to last night when they have come together to talk he said, we will rebuild. i will about the great tragedy. i think if letsjoin history of that iconic building. lets join sally history of that iconic building. letsjoin sally for a history of that iconic building. lets join sally for a sports update. explain briefly now, technically, anything it is the one thing that good morning. what has happened to the building, has united french people in politics and in the country at white for a the roof has gone, the wooden structure of the roof has gone. in long time. emmanuel macron was due to give an address and postponed itself, that is extremely important manchester united have to overcome a and a tragic loss, the roof that in order to go straight to the structure was largely made of the 1-0 manchester united have to overcome a 1—0 deficit. it's the first time the cathedral and speak. he was meant to manager has played or managed at the original medieval oak timbers g ra nts manager has played or managed at the grants and scoring the winning goal give a televised address to the in the 1999 final against bayern munich as patrick geary reports. brought here from the forests around nation, sorted about the yellow vests but also about the greater paris in the 12th and 13th century. people across the world to visit concerns in france, it was meant to mark phase two of his presidency but barcelona. it attracts guests for it was called the forest, it was that was cancelled the second he its weather, culture, its sheer such an entangled web of beams, heard about what happened. it will theatre. it's less welcoming if you tra nsversal, such an entangled web of beams, transversal, horizontal such an entangled web of beams, probably be postponed and shown need to win a football match. that's tra nsversal, horizontal and vertical, bulging up the again eventually, but we are not restructure. in itself, that was a manchester united ‘s reason for show when. from a personal visiting but they have their own massive loss, but that was what went history. in stoppage time in 1999 perspective, just describe the up. it was wood, all would. the structure, i assume you have been inside yourself? like a lot of united scored twice to beat bayern munich and win the european cup. a spire also went, a wooden spire, which covered in ledge. we saw that french people, as a child, i was defining night not least for the man dragged there by my family and quite who got the second and now manages
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in the genetic pictures, almost like grumpy about having to queue, so i them. what better place to reconnect don't really have any great, great toa them. what better place to reconnect something out of the blitz, the to a glorious past? sometimes people vertical spire toppled and fell memories of h. it is so true, these through the billowing smoke at have said to me, it has to be our around eight pmi 9pm last night. iconic structures, we take them for granted that they are there and often do not visit the ones right on year. we are back here. but to go less important, the spire was a oui’ often do not visit the ones right on our doorstep. exactly, lots of through, we have to win and perform. parisians have ta ken 19th—century addition put on in the our doorstep. exactly, lots of parisians have taken to social media to say i walked past every other day you can say we have two rely on great restoration of the 19th at least once a week and have never faith. united ‘s one nil defeat at century. —— the billowing smoke at around 8pm, 9pm last night. there is been in, and picking myself, so in a 0ld faith. united ‘s one nil defeat at old trafford last week. barcelona large way it is a positive lesson to learn that the things on your damage to the north belltower, where doorstep, you say you will see them rested most of their stories at the many of the bells are. inside, at some point but you probably weekend. so the likes of lionel should while you can because you around the bells, there is a wooden don't know what will happen. thank messi, perhaps the rope is my best structure housing the bells. that you, marie le conte. will be fresh. at least united can joining me now is diarmaid was damaged and there was a point macculloch, professor of church draw in recent memory. they beat psg last night when there was real fear history at the university of oxford. 31 away from home in the last round. that the whole of that structure we've seen ourselves that we can get would collapse, which would cause great damage to the building. back from being 2—0 down against a emmanuel macron has described notre essentially the stonework has fantastic team. historically, barcelona is the best. the last ten dame cathedral as part of french survived, the flying purchasers, the destiny. part of our lives. how yea rs. barcelona is the best. the last ten years. so we know it's going to be a stone vaults, i understand some of would you describe it? it's all of
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massive effort. but the players have the voting on the inside has shown it before. in this cavernous collapsed. —— the flying buttresses. those things but something for all of europe. this building was right place they must do it again. united will need another famous night as there at the beginning of the great they face one of football because my mark lobel gives more information in gothic style, one at the very first. greatest tests. arsenal moved back his package. just as tourists were leaving there are buildings like this, the 855—year—old cathedral, a fire imitations, you might say, echoes of took hold of france's into the premier league ‘stop most visited monument. smoke was seen atjust greatest tests. arsenal moved back into the premier league ‘s top four after a 1—0 win away at watford and before 7pm, paris time. the blaze intensified. it in places like scotland. suddenly the skyline drastically it was all thanks to this howler changed for all to see. enormously important from an from the goalkeeper. he led the goal notre dame's roof architectural and cultural point of view. the university of paris, one and spire destroyed. m, from the goalkeeper. he led the goal of the first universities in europe, in, the only goal of the game inside oh, no. what started as the cathedral school the first ten minutes and with of notre dame, the sorbonne, started emotions running high at got worse for watford. the captain appeared to and so much more. from this great church and it echoes elbow another player and was shown a around 500 firefighters straight red card. let's look at rushed to the scene. european history. in terms of 0ne now seriously injured. the cause of the fire some of the back pages. the daily telegraph focuses on this. the is still being investigated but the damage goes much deeper. a beating heart for catholicism, picture of the flash point leading the building itself a survivor toa picture of the flash point leading to a dismissal. and the rivalry of so many religious wars, and a home for priceless holy relics too. tonight, reporting that barcelona wa nt to wrapped up in french gothic tonight, reporting that barcelona want to sign united striker marcus architecture, the site ratchford. and the guardian features of napoleon's coronation.
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a grinning tiger woods. his focus a living museum some now will be a 16th major after his thought had died. masters success. it could happen. translation: i studied history and it was very important for me coming up over the course of the day to come and see her, we will of course be building up to maybe for one last time before the big game in barcelona. we'll be she was no longer there. live at the stadium ahead of the translation: there are hundreds game in sportsday. that said 6:30pm. of people who died to build this cathedral and in here is their memory too. it hurts to see that. you'll be able to hear full commentary on bbc radio 5 live. kick translation: it is very sad, off at apm. it seems quite a few it is one of the great monuments of france. damage too to the sportsmen and women have been mediaeval acoustics. 0nlookers found solace in hymns. inspired by tiger woods achievements on sunday. steph curry, the nba crowd singing hymn. play—offs, showing us his best impression. isn't that great? you reassurance came from got the celebration and to a t. we the french president. love that celebration. that's all from me for now, but more from the translation: we will rebuild this cathedral altogether, and it is undoubtedly part bbc sport centre at 11:15am. sally, of the french destiny. much was already needed to pay for restoration works, thank you. let's go back to paris.
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now an international fundraising campaign has been launched, the live scenes this morning. france and some better news from the paris fire brigade, declaring notre dame's structure wa kes the live scenes this morning. france wakes up to that seen that last preserved in its totality, though admitting a great battle night was so horrifying to watch. to save art lay ahead. the fire that broke out at notre parts of france are measured from its distance to this dame cathedral and the banks of the grand monument, for now, river centre. right in the centre of many are drawn closer to it than ever before by one shocking paris. the fire raged last night. it fire that took everyone by surprise. mark lobel, bbc news. took nine hours to put out, 500 firefighters involved, unclear what the extent of the damage would be. but this morning, it's clear, one of the spires has been totally that was mark lobel. destroyed. that was seen following in the flames last night. that was actually not an original part of the let's talk to shiv malik, an author and journalist structure. it was a later addition. who witnessed yesterday's fire. but what has really gone completely he is british, he happens to have beenin is the wooden, medieval structure he is british, he happens to have that formed the roof and parts of been in paris last night with a view right on the cathedral. take as to the inside of the building. a what you saw last night?” structure that has remained there
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right on the cathedral. take as to what you saw last night? i was staying at a famous english language for 850 yea rs. book shop, shakespeare and company, structure that has remained there for 850 years. stone facade is it sits about 150 metres on the left intact but it is the wood that com pletely intact but it is the wood that completely burned. we were speaking just some moments ago to an bank of the seine. i was working historian who said one of the issues with these structures is when there with my back to notre—dame and sensed an acrid smell, you could see the smoke already billowing from in are repairs and modernisation is an electric school into these buildings and around the area of the that weren't originally intended to cathedral. you can see the be here and it's not clear at this stage what exactly it is that scaffolding now. the fire services sparked this fire but there were some renovation works ongoing as arrived and took them another 50 pa rt some renovation works ongoing as part of a programme of renovation inside the cathedral. but it is good minutes really for the cherry to see this morning that stone pickers to get up and their hoses structures still standing. such an onto the fire. within an hour or two important symbol in france. just outside in the area just outside the there was a serious operation where cathedral there is a little metal they were pumping the water directly plaque in the ground. it is .0, the out of the seine and into the heart of the cathedral. the fire went on point from which every destination in france is measured and that is for about five or six hours, at around 2ami
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for about five or six hours, at around 2am i went to sleep with the something obviously that is sound of the choristers nearby, they important and symbolic and president we re sound of the choristers nearby, they were singing for many others. it was mike ron has described notre dame as a very comforting sound, along with the occasional sporadic applause for the occasional sporadic applause for pa rt mike ron has described notre dame as part of france's destiny and the firefighters as they left the literature and at the heart of the scene. it seems obvious to me at the nation ‘s lives and he has vowed beginning, i was not farfrom you, there was a real difficulty with the that the loading will be completely restored and he is at one with all firefighters to approach the fire. politicians on that. so far, the fire was on the southern side, facing the left bank, there is a enormous private donations have been garden separating it from the river and it seemed that the big fire coming in. 100 million euros was donated almost immediately by a appliances could not get close well—known french businessman and enough, especially at the beginning. another french businessman has it seemed there was somehow not enough. in typical french style they taught that donating 200 million have reference for their article, so euros. already, the fund for they said notre—dame aside from any rebuilding stands at 300 million. at other building. it looks like there the final cost will be as obviously would be space, but it is spiritual, com pletely the final cost will be as obviously completely unknown at this stage because the requirements will be to at least 25 floors from the bottom find the best craftsmanship to try to the top of the belltower. they to replicate what has been lost stop could not get high enough with their some of the stained glass windows cherry pickers. there was a number of appliances, i spotted five or six amongst the things that have been
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hoses at one point on the side i lost and will never be able to be could see, undoubtedly there were other firefighters working on the replaced. they obviously will try to other firefighters working on the reconstruct what was there but they other side. it was a very long will not be able to put back what operation. again, there were horrible —— harrowing moments of has gone. many of the treasures looking at the belltower, putting it inside were actually removed and have been saved. so that is good out, it set alight again, but in the news. the full extent of what has end it was saved. were you, as i gone has not been assessed yet and obviously that will take some time was, among other people and able to and it will no doubt be a very long see their reaction? i was surrounded bya building programme during which of see their reaction? i was surrounded by a good crowd of people looking course, this building will be insta nt by a good crowd of people looking instant silence. what was the mood com pletely course, this building will be completely closed to visitors. and like where you were? the police and we we re completely closed to visitors. and we were hearing earlier that is one reason why much—needed repairs have firefighters quickly closed most of the surrounding roads. there was not happened because of the fact shock horror to start with, people that it not happened because of the fact thatitis not happened because of the fact that it is such a popular building for tourists and there's been a could not believe it. for france, relu cta nce for tourists and there's been a reluctance to close the building to tourists. the president of the there is political turmoil. macron was meant to go on television at european commission has been about 8pm last night and deliver the speaking at strasbourg this morning results of this great debate and he gave his reaction to the fire describing it as a horror. following the descriptions of the yellow vest protests, i think this
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is the last thing that paris needed, translation: the city has been stuck by —— struck ina is the last thing that paris needed, in a sense. but perhaps witnessing bya the structure still standing this the city has been stuck by —— struck by a tragedy not only architectural in nature but affects the life of all french people. being destroyed morning will bring people together, and the rebuilding project will bring the city together perhaps in a and engulfed in flames, it's an external symbol of force because way it might need. how did you feel when you got up, the sun was coming there are many who visit notre dame up when you got up, the sun was coming up and you looked at the building, and have done over the ages and this what was your prominent feeling? real relief. this building is 150 strikes at the very heart. very yea rs real relief. this building is 150 years old. it gives us a sense that important part of france has been despite whatever goes on in our personal lives on politics, whatever severely hit and we are widowed to a disruptions we may face, these degree, all of us. and i would say monuments are there to reminders that life goes on, there are to my french friends, we have a institutions which will outlast us. great deal of sympathy and indeed the whole commission has expressed to see it stand when i woke this morning was a real comfort, as i'm its sympathy and will offer all the sure it would have been for all help that france would require. parisians. they pump the water out europe has been hurt, france has been hurt, paris has been hurt, all of the seine, you could see it as a of us have been hurt and we show baptism for rebirth of this building solidarity with those people. we've and perhaps the body politic in
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paris at large. the base of a symbolic feeling of hope, an ironic also had comment from pope francis feeling of hope despite the disaster who is praying for french catholics scenes last night? all fire, in a and the prison population. a vatican sense, brings rebirth and renewal. spokesman has said on twitter the it is almost weird to say but it was pope is close to france and is offering prayers for all of those almost comforting to see it still trying to cope with this dramatic standing. thank you very much for situation. the vatican expressed shock and sadness at the fire that joining us, shiv malik. many people caused extensive damage to a symbol of christianity in france and in the are speculating about the causes of the fire. there is scaffolding, that world. with us now is tim tatton—brown, is there because there was who was a consultant archaeologist renovation work going on already to to some of britain's best cathedrals including salisbury and westminster abbey... welcome to the programme and thank cope with the dilapidated state of you forjoining us. what were your lots of the buildings, stonework in thoughts as she watched this iconic building burn last night? initially, particular. i have been speaking to the head of the friends of it was horror. when i watched carefully the pictures, i was very notre—dame, the fund—raising body. he says he does not think it could happy to see that i think it looked have been the workmen behind this, they are skilled craftsmen who have been there for a year, they left the much worse than it is because the thing about notre dame, it's a
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scene a good islay before the fire started. the scaffolding seems magnificent masonry building with an untouched, he pointed out. —— they incredibly high volt, 100 feet above the ground and i think inside that left the scene good hour before the masonry structure that will be water fire started. the restoration work and fundraising needed to raise the damaged and smoke damaged, it should money will clearly be the next be still intact. the real thing that priority, president macron spoke last night volubly about the you saw, was the timber roof burning from one end to the other, right across the transept in the middle importance of starting the reconstruction work. translation: we and then toppling, we saw the little will rebuild this cathedral, altogether, and it is undoubtedly spire. all of that was very much pa rt altogether, and it is undoubtedly part of the french destiny. it is a project we will have for the coming rebuilt by a famous architect in yea rs, project we will have for the coming years, but i am committed to it. 19th—century france, in the middle of the 19th century. and all of starting tomorrow, a national subscription will be launched and well beyond our borders we will that, obviously, has gone, has been destroyed, the flesh, the little appealfor the well beyond our borders we will appeal for the greatest talents, and there are many who will plan, spire is entirely new. he replaced it, the original one had already contribute and rebuild. we will gone, it, the original one had already rebuild notre—dame, because that is o it, the original one had already gone, we have photographs showing it what the french expect, and because in the 1830s and 40s, the earliest it is what our history deserves.
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photographs. so i think and pray that in fact, it would seem in a week or so time when it is assessed, it's not as bad as it seems. we saw the reconstruction work will be an enormous task, people are talking fla mes it's not as bad as it seems. we saw flames licking up into the air. about is of years, years in which it will be impossible to visit the 0bviously flames licking up into the air. obviously it was incredibly dramatic and sad and certainly, some of the interior of the cathedral. let people talking about periods of yea rs. people talking about periods of years. they will have to reconstruct roofs there will have been destroyed. a lot of it is the whole roof, the spire and 19th—century repair. 0ne possibly some of the windows, other destroyed. a lot of it is 19th—century repair. one of the big word is that the three most problems was it was in a terrible important windows, the rose windows, state. when i was last there i was the rose window on the western lucky to be able to go up and we had front, the most important and famous a british archaeological association conference there. i was shocked at of the windows, and then two on the north and south transit, they have the state of the masonry on the survived. the stated the interior, outside. which desperately needed repair work. so in some ways, not entirely clear. photographs we have seen suggest it is maybe not because of the fire, that will quite as bad as we feared clearly happen now. there were originally. to look at the task of stories about france couldn't even afford to do it and were looking to
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america to pay for the restoration reconstruction, here is another of notre dame. it's amazing. but now package. as the flames begin to subside, with this, as always when a parisians may be daunted by the huge catastrophe happens, i'm sure all task of restoring this much loved monument. the money will be found. beyond the for over 850 years, this gothic structure has stood in the french capital. but not unscathed. east end of the cathedral there is a newsreel: france has no other cathedral like notre dame. notre dame has witnessed some pile of rotting masonry which has been falling of the building for a of the biggest moments in history. it's survived wars, a revolution, long time now. and that shows a very the pope even crowned napoleon emperor here. it's also been neglected and rebuilt and attacked and damaged many times sad state of it. so with in the past. state—of—the—art new scaffolding which will obviously have to go all and yet survived. the way round, it should be, i would it's a cathedral built to impress — have thought, done within two or imposing stonework, stunning stained glass windows. three years, something like that, once they get going. it's not that it's going to need decades as many of the 30,000 daily visitors someone said, and it will need a new may have climbed the 387 steps of the imposing towers. roof above the faults. in the 1960s, both survived. the early 1960s, in westminster but the 96 metres tall spire, itself restored in the 19th abbey, it had its medieval roofs
9:17 am
torn out and burnt in great bonfires century, did not. restoring this building will be and it was then replaced by new a painstaking task and it will be dependent on a small number concrete and steel structure to how of highly skilled workers. many people know that? westminster but notre dame isn'tjust abbey, only the east end of westminster abbey has prodded the an important architectural building medieval roof. the real decision is to make magnificent new oak timber and religious centre, it means so much more to people roof trusses or do you put in a from the world of music. modern steel frame? so it's this is our building, worldwide. so those of us who are in the field com pletely modern steel frame? so it's completely hidden on the top side of this fabulous place. it's the great of music are heartbroken. thing about notre dame and all the this has to do, as well, great french cathedrals, they with the biggest and most magnificent with those who are organists. because since the 15th century gothic as we call it, structures in there have been great organs in the cathedral. the world. yes, and so on that, as to get it back to its former medieval glory will undoubtedly cost millions. president macron has called you say, if there are parts that on the world to help contribute. aren't seen, its not really so much one of france's wealthiest businessmen, francois—henri pinault, that materials that are as close to has already pledged $113 million the original have to be sourced. i mean, obviously, one of the key to the restoration. things that is being talked about is the stained glass and whether the
9:18 am
a hopeful start to bringing this colours, the medieval colours can be iconic building back replaced. what are your thoughts?- to its previous impressive stature. ramzan karmali, bbc news. and we'rejoined now the moment, i'm only going by what i by anne elisabeth—moutet, saw on the bbc news last night. a frenchjournalist and commentator looking at pictures. i would be for the daily telegraph. she is a familiar face on the bbc. amazed if any of the stained glass has been damaged at all. that's not to say that something may have fallen down. the glass is below the talk is through yesterday evening. i stone vault. the windows that you am sure is a parisian it was a sense can see in those horrendous pictures of horror and ghastliness of it all? are in the high gables, in other we had the five stages of grief, words the roof area. that is above where all the stained glass, bits of stained glass is in this amazing 100 denial, anger, sadness, i don't know foot height space, all below the how it ends. i happen to live in new great stone vaults. hopefully, it won't be damaged stop one can say, york at the time of 9/11 and people by contrast, there i mention it, kept comparing to that frame of people will know about york minster and the last fire. it was one of the mind. 0n the one hand, we do not great roofs in york minster, it had
9:19 am
been burnt in the last 200 years but have the death which is huge, there this is because york minster was too is the gaping hole in the heart of big, it was built to wide and paris. the structure of the cathedral has held. but all those images which we saw, the fire therefore they couldn't put stone va u lts therefore they couldn't put stone vaults into york minster. all the great high vaulted roofs are in fact blazing, the heart of some smelter made of timber. so when the roof behind the lacework of the burns, everything. 0n the pavement stonework, it was absolutely terrifying and i think we are in down below and that is horrendous. shock. i would say that emmanuel luckily, notre dame has these magnificent vaults throughout, it macron has had a bad time of it in has gargoyles on either side, it's a recent months, that he was perfect when he came to the location and fabulous building. and i'm hoping spoke about starting the rebuilding that the internal shell will be tomorrow, which is today, which very intact, even if smoke damage will certainly have caused problems. good. things like that. things like the the link with new york is the —— relics and the treasures, i hope, good. the link with new york is the -- the link with new york is there in that they will be intact unless some i the very skyline has changed. haven't seen, some of the, you know, photographs of paris yesterday are different to photographs of today, the burning timbers from the roof above fell down but i don't see
9:20 am
the spire is gone. the spy was added evidence for that as yet. and the at around 1840, you have to realise. stained glass too, you see, i think, as long as it has been damaged, it was inspired by other spires of the middle ages but not documented saved by water with powerful hoses, before. but it had become hysterical, the fact that friends fingers crossed, most of the stained carried out such important renovation in the 19th century. it glass should be completely intact, evenif glass should be completely intact, even if covered in sort of smoke and will need a lot of cleaning and was made of metal, not stone, the conservation. and those relics that you mentioned inside the building, metal could not stand the dilator it is understood that largely they nation that came from the heat of h. had been taken, they were taken out paris does not have a skyline the and taken some it still to be way new york has a skyline and assessed whether things had been notre—dame is not part of the lost but what are the sorts of things that are there? well it's an amazing mixture of all sorts of skyline. every single road is relics. and dare i say it, a lot of measured in france from kilometre 19th—century stuff as well, because, zero, which is in front of don't forget, after the french notre—dame, so you can centre it is revolution, notre dame was turned
9:21 am
into a temple of reason, was to our feeling of self as a nation, a country and a civilisation. —— you attacked, and the same in 1870, 71, can see how essential it is. most of there was a fire started then. a the rose windows, the great big huge amount of damage to place at round windows, they are gone except for the one above the portal. the notre dame, first of all after the one above the portal, a 19th—century french revolution, it was very renovation, the great medieval rose windows and stained glass are made thoroughly repaired costing millions with techniques which have been lost, especially in terms of colours, the blues and the reds, and millions of you know, sorry, i that will not be saved. they will be will turn my phone off. costing reproduced, there will be techniques to make it look like it, but it is millions and millions of francs at terrifying. then you have all the the time in 1864 and much of the history of notre—dame, there is a treasury stuff is what was put back great book by victor hugo, that is the power of the french after that. so i'm sure that intellectual. victor hugo's book. shouldn't be a problem at all, either with the relative —— the renovation to start and calls the relics in the treasury. a new funding to help the renovation in the mid 19th century. it is nice to building was stuck on the side of notre dame, that should be entirely see that we have a less cultural but ok. still a great and full once good notre dame, that should be entirely 0k. tell notre dame, that should be entirely
9:22 am
clash of the business tycoons over ok. tell us about the construction itself. this feat of construction, this. the president stated they 850 yea rs itself. this feat of construction, would start a fundraising movement 850 years ago, this stone structure, in the country to pay for the how long did it take to build and how long did it take to build and repairs, and some luxury tycoons, a how extraordinary is what happened man who has gucci, yves sandler ran there? it's a slight method to under the luxury brands, he pledged hundreds of years to build. in fact, there were all sorts of roman buildings underneath. it's 100 million euros. the man who does absolutely at the heart of the city. it's the equivalent of st paul's cathedral site in london, not deal and moet champagne, his rival, westminster abbey, of course. cathedral site in london, not he pledged double, 200 million westminsterabbey, of course. but the thing about the building, is euros. for once we're watching a fight of the and thinking, let that in 1163 they started to build othersjoin in, it will help. at the east end this magnificent new building with incredibly high walls. the french are no longer observant in the way they used to be, they are this is what they were doing at that site, and famously would go on to nominally catholic and a great majority but not observant. there is amiens. so the eastern part of the building was probably put up in half
9:23 am
a century at the most. iforget something which transcends sunday building was probably put up in half a century at the most. i forget the exact dates which we do know fairly attendance, there is a deep well, followed by the transepts and attachment to these ancient religious buildings? it is to be the nave and finishing with the two superb west towers, the thing that makes notre dame when you look at it from the west end everybody knows included in the forward to the about quasimodo climbing all over it european constitution, but we have christian back row. the music, if in films and all of that. those you think of mozart and bach, they towers, and i think they are about 230 feet high, immensely high, when they were built they were rather would not exist without religion. —— like shard is to london today, but we have a christian background. higher than anything else by miles. it has to do with what shaped europe and in the towers hang an incredible in the past two millennia. thank you very much, anne—elisabeth moutet, ring of bells, again, all restored for sharing your thoughts on this in the 19th century and later and i hope all of those are entirely side but in some way hopeful day as intact. and the work was finished by well in paris. sad because of the devastation to the cathedral the the early 13th century. so basically, the building was built in inverted be seen, but hopeful about a century at most. but then, because the cathedral is still there to be seen. the late middle ages, went on being
9:24 am
back to you in london. thank you, rebuilt, various chapels were remodelled, all sorts of other hugh schofield. things were done. and so, it's not that it took hundreds of years to build, its just that when you have a magnificent building, it has to those extraordinary donations coming evolve, people go on and build it in me that the fund already stands and salisbury, for example, they at 300 million euros from the two built the entire cathedral in 40 yea rs. huge donations that came in. built the entire cathedral in 40 years. and later they incredibly thousands took to the streets as the cathedral burned. daringly stuck a tower and spire. many stood together singing hymns as they watched the flames. crowd sings hymn thank you so much for sharing your extensive knowledge with us. we appreciate it hugely as we look at the pictures of notre dame cathedral in paris, still standing this morning after that devastating fire last night. we have much more at the top of the hour. let's get a weather update with lucy. hello, good morning. temperatures start to rise later in the week, perhaps as high as 25 degrees. today
9:25 am
looking fairly cloudy for most, some outbreaks of rain, you can see on the radar stretching up through northern ireland and into western parts of scotland, through wales and parts of scotland, through wales and parts of scotland, through wales and parts of western england. as we go through this afternoon, there will beafairamount through this afternoon, there will be a fair amount of cloud around. that rain will gradually edge its way eastwards, we could see some spots of drizzle for parts of the west midlands into south—east england. brightening up across devon and cornwall, some sunny spells, the chance of under two isolated showers. some dry weather over in the east of scotland and eastern england, with some hazy spells of fairly breezy though for the north sea coast and north—east, temperatures clipped by courtesy of the wind. temperatures reaching a maximum of 15 degrees. we go through this evening and overnight, the rain starting to ease, it could take its time in the north—west, still with us time in the north—west, still with us in the early hours. across england and wales and clear spells developing, we could see some patches have mist until full developing in the south—east, wales,
9:26 am
southern counties of england. moving into mid week, we see temperatures picking up stock we have high pressure sitting across scandinavia and we have these winds are feeding clockwise across that area of high pressure. we drank in some milder airfrom the pressure. we drank in some milder air from the south—east and with that, we see temperatures start to pick up. tomorrow could start off with some patches of mist and full, for south—east wales, southern parts of england. that will clear and we look at dry weather, sunshine, areas of cloud. there is the chance of one or two showers for the midlands and south—east of england, temperatures starting to pick up, highs of 19 degrees. again, cooler in the north—east on that north sea coast. as you move into thursday, again bringing the chance of some patches of mist and fog for spain. another largely dry day with sunshine and areas of cloud, the temperatures picking up that bit further as we move into thursday. highs of 20 degrees. 0n the north sea coast, it will start to pick up here as well.
9:27 am
between 12—16d. as we move into the easter weekend, a lot of dry and fine weather to begin with, 24 25 degrees, signs we could see something and settled later in the weekend.
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