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they have a clean sheet. position. they have a clean sheet. they are in a good position and feeling positive. to the premier league now and while most of the focus is on the title race and the battle for champions league spots, at the other end of the table its become a straight shoot—out between two clubs who face each other this evening as brighton host cardiff. cardiff are third from bottom and in the relegation zone, five points behind brighton who are just a place higher. but look at the goal difference here. cardiff's goal difference is irretrievably worse than all the sides above them including brighton, although while this is a must win for cardiff tonight. for brighton this more of must not lose, considering what's still to come for them this season. in four days' time they face wolves, nine places above them in the league, however they did beat them
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in the reverse fixture in october. after that though it's three out of the current top four, manchester city, arsenal and spurs. to the premier league now and while most of the focus next for cardiff though, it's the league leaders liverpool. if they don't narrow that gap to two points with a win tonight, it's hard to imagine them being able to do the job againstjurgen klopp's side. and they'd still have to face manchester united aat old trafford for their final game of the season. no pressure then on either side! well, let's hear what the managers themselves had to say. you have got to be optimistic. we have had that many kicks in the teeth in the last four, wiki bouncing back really. i think we have just got to look at the goals, and look at what he has done, tiger woods, amazing nobody gave him a
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chance either. i think it is great. —— look at the golf. chance either. i think it is great. -- look at the golf. i don't think any of us can excite the cardiff team to come here and lie down. if we felt it would be a comfortable game, then we will be wrong on that one. the fa has provided the written reasons for clearing crystal palace goalkeeper wayne hennessey of giving a nazi salute earlier this month. they say the panel that heard his case believed hennessey‘s claim that he did not know what a nazi salute was and have advised him to brush up on his history. this part of the statement released today. when cross—examined about this, mr hennessey displayed a very considerable degree of ignorance about anything to do with hitler, fascism and the nazi regime. regrettable though it may be that anyone should be unaware of so important a part of our history, we do not feel we should therefore find he was not telling the truth.
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let's take a look at some of the other stories around today. barnsley have complained to the english football league and fa following an alleged incident involving their manager daniel stendel and fleetwood boss joey barton. barnsley are assisting south yorkshire police with enquiries. ireland's katie taylor has been given the chance to become the undisputed lightweight world champion. taylor will face belgium's delfine persoon onjune the first on the undercard of anthonyjoshua's fight with jarrell miller in new york's madison square garden. british number two cameron norrie is through to the second round of the monte carlo masters after beating france's adrian mannarino in straight sets. he faces hungary's marton fuchovitch next. the rugby football union have had their say on billy vuniploa's online conduct.
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the england and saracens forward posted support for australian player israel folau who said all gay people should go to hell. folau has subsequently been sacked by australia. today, vunipola received a formal warning. our rugby union correspondent, chrisjones, has more on this story. it has been a very unusual few days for everybody at saracens but the clu b for everybody at saracens but the club caught up in the centre of the storm caused by their number eight, billy vinupola. his apparent defence of the anti—lg bt billy vinupola. his apparent defence of the anti—lgbt stance of fellow christian israel folau has seen the englishman formally warned by saracens and the rugby football union. he has expressed his regret at the offence caused, with both the rfu and saracens stressing that his viewpoint is at odds with rugby union's values of inclusivity. the saracens boss hopes the matter has now been dealt with, as his side prepare for a huge champions cup
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semifinal against munster on saturday, with billy vunipola said to be involved. this group of players and staff have been together for a long period of time and we ca re for a long period of time and we care about each other and we want to look out for each other through the good times and the bad times as well. and i have no doubt when it comes to saturday, he will be giving it all for his team—mates and likewise hails team—mates will be pulling for him as well. coaches and players at saracens came to move on and focus on the rugby but the fact that believe own apollo has not taken down his controversial post, shows he is standing by his beliefs, evenif shows he is standing by his beliefs, even if he regrets sharing them on social media. england bowler chris woakes claims it wouldn't be morally fair to includejofra archer in england's provisional world cup squad, which is named tomorrow. archer has qualified to play for england thanks to a change in the residency rules. he's originally from barbados. the fast bowler is currently playing in the ipl for rajasthan royals and he's already taken the wicket
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of chris gayle this afternoon. it's thought he'll be selected at least for the warm up matches, when he'll be given a chance to force his way in to the 15 man squad for this summer's tournament. selection is very much part and parcel of the game and the job that we do. pharaoh is probably not the right word. it probably wouldn't be fair. morally. at the same time it is the nature of international sport and if someone was to miss out, it would be incredibly unlucky but it is down to the selectors. and finally in nba playoffs the defending champion golden state warriors surprising lost at home to the la clippers in game 2. (00v)and they threw away the biggest postseason lead in history. and they threw away the biggest postseason lead in history. steph curry lead them to a 31 point advantage until the clippers clawed the game back — landry shamet scored the game
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winning 3 pointer to take the game and level the series 1—1. that's all from sportsday. we'll have more throughout the evening. good afternoon. there is a lot of cloud out there today but that is not sticking around through the rest of this week. we will see increasing amounts of sunshine and it is going to turn considerably warmer as well. as we head through this evening and tonight. damp across western scotland. some clear spells. missed and fog patches. most places will avoid a frost. tomorrow, that cloud
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will break up and then we will see lots of sunshine and a very small chance of a shower. a keen easterly breeze. it will feel a little cool for north sea coasts but inland, highs of 18, i9, for north sea coasts but inland, highs of 18, 19, maybe 20 degrees. medal 20 is possible in the south by the time we get to saturday. —— middle.
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you're watching beyond one hundred days. france's wealthiest companies and citizens step up — pledging millions to restore notre dame. that will be a way off — today police and fire services are busy trying to determine if the building is safe and secure. we got more images from the cathedral today — inside and out, the damage is less terrible than originally feared. the damage is devastating but the main building has been saved. the damage is devastating but the main building has been savedm the damage is devastating but the main building has been saved. it is not just a main building has been saved. it is notjust a building but our common legacy and strengthen history and it belongs to everyone. the president was quick to the scene to assess damage — tonight emmanuel macron will address the nation. we will bring you what he says.


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