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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  April 16, 2019 10:30pm-10:40pm BST

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been watching the action for us. barcelona just had too much for united this evening. absolute footballing lesson, fans came with so much help in their hearts and all they got yesterday when they have to take a deep breath and take their chances, and they simply did not do that. united in the preceding minutes had a chance to ta ke the preceding minutes had a chance to take the game by the scruff of the neck, and the 40th second smashing crossfire. but really that's where it all ended for united despite the fact that in the ten minute there a penalty given the challenge on and it went to the ar and it look like likely said but that of course it was down to nessie. and he was simply mesmerizing. they could not deal with him at all. his first goal was ashley young attempting a crow turn,
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lee and getting the 23rd go there, against english clubs. at the 24th can courtesy as something collect item, david had it so often been the saviour for united this season and season saviour for united this season and season pasta, but it eluded him and he looked on in horror as that bounced underneath him. after that, leonel massey was mesmerizing, he was turning philjones inside out and for united it was going to get worse. could tino had a horror show, not enjoying life, but i go with the pick of the bike how beautiful i sat even sweeter for pick of the bike how beautiful i sat even sweeterfor him pick of the bike how beautiful i sat even sweeter for him after he faced criticism, he put his hands to his yea rs criticism, he put his hands to his years as if to say yes, now you can see why they paid money for me, and for the next bit liverpool player must have hurt even more. but they can't leave without any complaints at all, they simply were not at the races and i think they have a
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rebuilding job on his hands this past summer, plenty of players don't seem to be up to it and they really didn't look up to it at all in terms of the best in europe. thank you very much, natalie. well — what a story to tell you about in turin. ajax came from a goal down to beatjuventus 2—1 . and reach the semi—finals for the first time in 22 years. austin halewood watched the action. this season, dave made a habit said that setting the arts, they beat real madrid, and from thejuventus backyard, they threw everything at the italians. the old lady in turin was a different task. mainly, because they had him. who else but christy renaldo with the opening goal, his sixth of the competition so goal, his sixth of the competition so far. but this land a batch
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outside to play without fear, and they know how to finish. donnie calmly leveling the tie, and it still, they continue to press. going close once again in the second half, before turin fell silent in shock. the captain just before turin fell silent in shock. the captainjust i9 before turin fell silent in shock. the captain just 19 hiding before turin fell silent in shock. the captainjust i9 hiding his team into the semifinals of the champions league. the old ladyjuventus bound by the young boys at ajax. it's also been a crucial night in the premier league — in the battle to avoid relegation. cardiff have beaten brighton by two goals to nil at the amex. it's a huge win for neil warnock‘s side — who are nowjust two points from safety, with four games to play. cardiff took the lead through nathaniel mendez—laing in the first half. they made it two, when captain sean morrison scored just after half time, his first of the season. brighton had their chances — glenn murray hit the bar in stoppage time. but the win gives cardiff
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some hope of survival. everybody knew how big it was, eve ryo ne everybody knew how big it was, everyone was rag “— everybody knew how big it was, everyone was rag —— relegate if we lost the game, we won't catch anything at this level so it makes it interesting really, it we don't give up and like i said i thought we scored two good goal and play good stuff as well, we heard quite a few pundits today saying it'll be the final game prize, but we are alive and kicking. let's see how that affects matters at the bottom of the table. cardiff reduce the gap to two points, with brighton in 17th — and cardiff still occupying that final spot in the relegation zone. huddersfield and fulham already relegated. brighton do have a game in hand on cardiff. but both sides have a tough run in. cardiff are home to title hopefuls liverpool next. brighton have wolves away. back to the champions league... and at least one english side will definitely be in the semi—finals. but will it be manchester city or tottenham. spurs have the advantage, after winning their quarter finalfirst leg 1—0, at their new stadium. but city still have hopes for the quadruple, and will go into the match at the etihad
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as favourites, despite having less preparation time than their opponents. —— human beings and they will be knowledge in the game and we need that knowledge, without support as he can go through so hopefully, i'm expecting and really curious how our fine jewellery —— expecting and really curious how our fine jewellery — — react expecting and really curious how our fine jewellery —— react tomorrow, i wa nt fine jewellery —— react tomorrow, i want to see they want us to get to the semifinals. they want to see the fans if they want us to get there. from the manchester city is one of the best teens in the world and of course it's a clear way to win the premier league and when the champions league. but for us, to beat them it's an amazing result, and we know very well the tie is still open and of course tomorrow is going to be very tough. well liverpool are in pole position to make it into the last four.
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they take a 2—0 lead to porto... for their quarter final second leg tomorrow night. and for one of their key players this season, it's liverpool's determination in close games. that's seen them come this far, both in europe and in the premier league title race. there is a confidence within their squad, and an enough of that which is important that you won't play a full season playing your best, and this year we have not played as well as we would like and we had to go down and go in the 90th minute to get it when cannot we do out the tight games, that's what impressed me the most. the fa has provided the written reasons for clearing crystal palace goalkeeper wayne hennessey of giving a nazi salute earlier this month. they say the panel that heard his case believed hennessey‘s claim that he did not know what a nazi salute was and have advised him to brush up on his history. this part of the statement released today... when cross—examined about this mr hennessey displayed a very considerable degree of ignorance about anything to do
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with hitler, fascism and the nazi regime. regrettable though it may be that anyone should be unaware of so important a part of our history, we do not feel we should therefore find he was not telling the truth... let's take a look at some of the other stories making the headlines today... former manchester united and england midfielder paul scholes — has been charged with misconduct in relation to the football association's betting rules. it is alleged he placed 140 bets on football matches between august 2015 and january 2019. he has until april the 26th to respond to the charge. ireland's katie taylor has been given the chance to become the undisputed lightweight world champion. taylor will face belgium's delfine persoon onjune the first on the undercard of anthonyjoshua's fight with jarrell miller in new york's madison square garden. the 2016 olympic champion adam peaty has secured his place on the british team for swimming's world championships this summer. he easily won the 100 metre breast stroke in glasgow to book his spot on the team for south korea.
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the rugby football union has had its say on billy vunipola's online conduct. the england and saracens forward posted support for australian player israel folau, who said ‘hell awaits' gay people. folau has subsequently been sacked by australia. today, vunipola received a formal warning. 0ur rugby union correspondent chrisjones has more on this story. it's been an unusual a few days for eve ryo ne it's been an unusual a few days for everyone here, with the cloud, caught up in the centre of the storm caused by day number eight, billy. his defence of the anti—lgbt star, and fellow christian israel has seen the englishman formally warned by both clubs. he has expressed a great gripe at the defence called with both the clubs stressing his viewpoints are at odds of that rugby union values as inclusivity. they have the matter has now been dealt with, and they prepare for huge cup
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semifinal on saturday with him being involved in. these group of players and staff have been together for a very long period of time and we care about each other and we want to look out for each other, through the good times and to the bad times as well. and you know, i have no doubt that when it comes to saturday, he will be getting us all and likewise. coaches and players clean to move on and focus on the rugby, but the fact he has not taken down his controversial post shows that he is standing by his beliefs, even if he regrets sharing that my social media. —— dan. england bowler chris woakes claims it wouldn't be morally fair to includejofra archer in england's provisional world cup squad... which is named tomorrow. archer has qualified to play for england thanks to a change in the residency rules...
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as he's originally from barbados. the fast bowler is currently playing in the ipl for rajasthan royals... and he took three wickets, including chris gayle's, in their defeat against kings ii punjab today. it's thought he'll be selected at least for the warm up games, when he'll be given a chance to force his way in to the 15 man squad for this summer's tournament. selection is part of the enterprise so that the game and a good job we do, so there is probably not the right word. you know, it would not probably be fair morally, but at the same time, it's the nature of international sport and if someone we re international sport and if someone were to miss out it's incredibly unlucky, but that's how it is. that's all from sportsday. coming up in a moment, the papers.


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