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tv   The Briefing  BBC News  April 17, 2019 5:45am-6:01am BST

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amazon go store, which opened yesterday, with no cash and no cashiers. is that a good thing or a bad thing? we will talk about that. and finally the daily telegraph business front. apple and qualcomm settle a £20 billion lawsuit. this story are touched on in business briefing. with me is shona ghosh, senior tech reporterfrom business insider. let us get stuck in. all the french papers have got these images on the front pages. pretty haunting, isn't it, seeing the ravaged building, almost like a skeleton and seeing all these windows, ancient 13th century windows having collapsed out. it is amazing to see that the stonework seems to have survived.
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perhaps we can be positive about that. it is not as destructive as we thought. the article talks about saving notre—dame and how citizens and businesses have been mobilised to restore the cathedral. it has more detail about that in the article, talking about france's richard mann putting in 100 million and the kind of thing —— richest man. and president macron vowing to get it restored within five years. i would imagine those who are expert in the field would not think five yea rs in the field would not think five years is long enough. it seems optimistic. not to be cynical, a few lucky maybe using, he need something to unify the country. this is something the whole nation and the uk and people in the us feel this is a tragedy. and it feels like emmanuel macron is using this as a way of... he is capitalising on it in the wake of the gilets jaunes protest that have been going on for such a long time. when he made his
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comments he said we need to come together, show unity, it has come at a point in time that may be politically quite convenient for him. let us look at the metro, the uk paper. it has got "they save notre—dame". more detail about the five firefighters who risked their lives to go inside and the images of the chaplain who was the one who went in to say you have got to get that painting down, you have to say this relic, et cetera. incredible bravery when you see the human stories of the people who were fighting this massive fire. the roof has collapsed and they have got into savings. it shows dedication to the cause. i've found it funny to see france's civil service community good morning welcome to breakfast, with dan walker and louise minchin. contradicting donald trump's tweet 0ur headlines today: thirty minutes from destruction — firefighters are praised about how to fight the fire. he for risking their lives to save notre—dame cathedral. talked about airborne water tanks and they said no. worry it would cause more damage. the force of the solidarity along the seine. last night hundreds of parisians
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water would be too strong. —— the turned out for a candlelit vigil to pay homage to worry water would be too strong. —— the woi’i’y was. water would be too strong. —— the worry was. so many have been in the 850—year—old gothic structure. touch with the story. now we move extra time for new mums and dads — onto the french capital, paris, ——we campaigners call on the government to extend parental leave forfamilies with premature babies. move on, from the french capital, avoiding double holiday heartache — if you have to cancel london, and extension rebellion. your trip unexpectedly, they are saying they will keep going what are your refund rights? why are there calls for stronger regulation? and they are, down the road from you, keeping 0xford and they are, down the road from you, keeping oxford street and regent street at a standstill —— extinction. it is amazing to sit on the front pages. it is not on the front pages. that is what i'm meant. a17. normally i feel these movements don't. —— page 17. it proves or the protesters are talking about, that people do not see climate change as a front and centre story. it is difficult to sell to the public comment feels far away and distant and academic, that actually i think
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they a right to highlight the problem. many would say that the problem. many would say that the problem definitely needs to be highlighted. it is this the way to do it? they say they are going to stay in london and in key parts of the capital until the government listens to them. theyjust wonder what they mean by that, what they are looking for the government to do. i think if you have vague timelines and don't ask for concrete things it is difficult. as a cyclist, i don't worry too much about the traffic blocks or the transport blocks. as an effective way of getting city to take notice. but certainly it is hard to see what they will ultimately achieve except perhaps attention. it is interesting. the article in the guardian looks at the disruption this is because in london in terms of travel and that kind of thing, which is what bbc online is looking at as well. i imagine others will look at this and think we need to focus on the issue of climate change, et cetera. we look at the daily mailfront page. 0n change, et cetera. we look at the daily mail front page. 0n the front page of the financial times. unemployment figures out in the uk
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yesterday which show that more and more people are in the workplace, more people are in the workplace, morejobs added. but more people are in the workplace, more jobs added. but both these articles highlight the fact that more women, especially over the age of 50, are in the workplace and they are asking the reasons why. of 50, are in the workplace and they are asking the reasons whym of 50, are in the workplace and they are asking the reasons why. it is interesting. such a confluence of factors. as a millennial it is not appealing to me that... you will work until you are 90. appealing to me that... you will work until you are 901i appealing to me that... you will work until you are 90. i will work until i'm dead, essentially. childcare is more expensive, there is more quality at home, women aren't expected to necessarily stay at home and be a housewife. they are respected to help in terms of finances as well. have they are single parents —— expected. things have changed socially that contribute to the rise. some good, some bad. it is a mixed picture. it is hard to say that there is one element. the daily meyler article talks about the fact that they have increased the rate retirement age for women. they can't retire or stop working perhaps as soon as they would like to. lots of elements. are
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going to stretch for 20 if that is what you are looking for retirement 110w. what you are looking for retirement now. ——20 ideas. what you are looking for retirement now. --20 ideas. are those who would argue that brexit is not such a bad thing for the uk, thejobs market is getting stronger and stronger and real wages are going up as well. many have said we could be in recession right now we chose to leave the european union this as proof we not. not yet perhaps. they will be interested to see what happens in the long—term if we managed to leave how that impacts jobs and unemployment. perhaps it will be a positive impact. theoretically there could be more localjobs available. san francisco has three amazon go stores. what is it like inside? what does it say? quite terrifying, it seems. i don't think there are no humans inside
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these convenience stores, supermarkets, but fewer staff than ina supermarkets, but fewer staff than in a normal supermarket. but there is no money, as in cash. no money. you walk in, pick things up off the shelf, and then you walk out. there is no formal payment process. amazon detects what you have picked up and it charges into your account. inside the shops there are loads of sensors picking up what you are doing any minute you walk out the door it is paid for and it has got out of account. that would worry me. they have three boys. they would be running in and out with all sorts of things. eight feel like there are practical challenges. if you are not a young person unencumbered by kids. if you like older people could be confused by this. perhaps they will install some security. it feels like quite a lonely experience. people go to the supermarkets for the social element as much as anything. if there is no—one to chat to and ask questions of it feels quite cold.
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there is no—one to chat to and ask questions of it feels quite coldm it the future, though, this is obviously an experiment going on in san francisco, but will we see the shops on the high street soon? with retail, it is a low margin business, to stop to keep profitable. i've feel like with businesses any excuse to get rid of the most expensive element, which is humans, they will pick up. whether people like it remains to be seen. it could be one option of many of the high street. apple and qualcomm settle a massive lawsuit that has been going on for quite some time. will you be writing about this later today or have you done so? our us colleagues have been following this more closely than i have. it is quite bad for intel, the rival chipmaker, the company supplying trips to the iphone for the last four years. now a rival is backin the last four years. now a rival is back in the game and may supply its own 5g chips to the iphone. not good news with some companies. it is the end of a very niggling dispute.
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thank you for being on the briefing. great to have your comment on the stories today. and thank you for your company. whatever you up to today hope you enjoyed. don't forget the hashtag is a bbc the briefing. we asked where is your special place? many have beenin is your special place? many have been in touch with your views. it has been nice to see. take a look andjoin in and has been nice to see. take a look and join in and tell me where you'd like to be or where you enjoy travelling to. they will see you $0011. travelling to. they will see you soon. bye—bye. —— i will see you $0011.
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hello there, good morning. as expected, tuesday was a cloudy day for many of us. rain and drizzle around as well. and this was the scene, actually, in the north—west of england where it was quite a bit cooler thanks to that rain and drizzle and low cloud. but we had a taste of things to come in cornwall. the sun was out and it was a good deal warmer as well. and we're going to find more sunshine more widely as we into the easter weekend. and as a result it will be turning warmer everywhere. now, still some cloud on the scene. this cloud is heading towards iberia to bring some cooler, wetter weather. this cloud brought the rain and drizzle earlier on. that it is tending to peter out all the while. it's a little bit damp across western scotland. further south, clearing skies means some mist and fog forming in wales, the midlands, and parts of southern england. that will take a little while to clear away in the morning. the drizzle won't last long in western scotland. the cloud breaks, the sunshine develops more widely. but we could bubble up a bit of cloud from east anglia towards the pennines and maybe squeeze out an isolated late shower. 0n the whole, it's a dry and a warm afternoon, with temperatures getting up to 19 or 20 and the south—east of england.
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the only downside with this warmth and sunshine — high pollen levels across england and wales in particular. but as we head into the evening and overnight, we've got to watch out towards the east to see some mist and low cloud coming in off the north sea. that will push its way further inland across northern areas. so a bit misty and murky in the hills and chilly around some rural areas. those are the temperatures in towns and cities. it will, however, get warmer as we head towards easter. really warming up, actually, across central europe. and this is where our air is going to be coming from, hence those rising temperatures on that south—easterly breeze. there will be some mist and cloud around to begin with on thursday. that cloud tending to break up. sunshine developing quite widely. south—easterly breezes. still a little bit cooler around some of those north sea coasts, eastern scotland, northeast england. but otherwise temperatures are continuing to rise, 20 or 21 is quite likely on thursday. friday, hardly a cloud in the sky. a beautiful day, good friday. we'll see lots of sunshine. this light south to south—easterly breeze putting that warmth northwards. so 21 or 22 through the central belt of scotland. 22 or 23 from london through the midlands to the north—west of england. this is a flavour of what's to come over the easter weekend. the peak of the heat likely to be on saturday.
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northern areas turn more cloudy. maybe seeing some rain, particularly on sunday. 00:12:03,450 --> 2147483051:42:46,440 but the southeast still dry 2147483051:42:46,440 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 with some sunshine.
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