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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  April 17, 2019 6:30pm-6:51pm BST

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talents, it was only i went into the talents, it was only when i got to the top that i saw how daunting it was. at some point we heard an enormous noise which must have been the spire falling down. people who watch pornography on the web will have to prove they are at least 18 years old from july this yearin least 18 years old from july this year in new measures helped to make the internet safer for children. a third day of protest in central london, activists say being arrested as part of their campaign to highlight climate change. the royal house loses its claim over hearing damage caused to a viola player at one of its rehearsals. ina player at one of its rehearsals. in a moment, time tojoin player at one of its rehearsals. in a moment, time to join the sportsday team, first a look at what is coming up on bbc news this evening. in beyond 100 days we will be looking ahead to the release of the redacted version of special counsel robert mueller‘s account of
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allegations into alleged russian interference. after france invites architects from around the world to send in designs for a new spy for notre—dame, we ask ofa for a new spy for notre—dame, we ask of a radical new look would be appropriate. at 1040 pmb will take our first look at the papers, with sam listerfrom the express and a journalist from the express and a journalist from the ft. stay with us this evening, but now it is time for sportsday. hello, and welcome to sportsday. coming up on the programme... it's another huge night for the english clubs in the champions league as tottenham take their 1—0 advtange to manchester city. i'm at the etihad and city try to keep the unprecedented quadruple alive. elsewhere tonight, liverpool are in porto asjurgen klopp insists his side will fight with all they have to
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reach the last four. and no space forjofra archer in the world cup squad just yet — but the bajan bowler does get the call up for england's one dayers. hello and welcome to sportsday. on another epic champions league semifinals night, with three english sides still in contention, jurgen klopp‘s men are in portugal carrying a 2—0 lead from the first leg. can they turn up the heat at the estadio de dragao? while over at the etihad, the tightest tie of the lot, manchester city looking for revenge against tottenham, who have the advantage going into their second leg.. but pep guardiola wont be exiting this competition without a fight — as craig templeton reports.
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a vital moment, notjust in the seasons of manchester city and totte n ha m seasons of manchester city and tottenham but also the history of the two clubs. city have reached the champions league semifinal once before in 2016, when they were beaten by eventual winners real madrid. but you have to go back nearly 50 years for their only piece of european silverware, the uefa cup winners cup in 1970. they are chasing an unprecedented quadruple of trophies, something that the manager called impossible, but how do the players feel? if you don't dream big you will not get near it, if you don't believe in yourselves 01’ if you don't believe in yourselves or your team—mates, your staff or whatever, you will not achieve. i think it comes from within everyone,
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as players, as staff, that we have this dream, disbelief and ambition to do it and we are trying to fulfil that. spurs' last european final was in the uefa cup in 1984, a tournament they won. they are in a strong position after some human's winner in london, and progress to the final four would show how far they have come under mauricio pochettino. the importance of tonight is not lost on the captain. it is quite clear the project we have tried to make and tottenham thanks to the gaffer and his coaching staff. every season we improve, we try to be even more competitive after every season. we are in a good position, it is a massive opportunity for the club. we know there will be at least one english team in the semifinals, but which one will grasp the
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opportunity? craig templeton, bbc news. well, let's go straight to the etihad now — and our correspondent katie gornall. good evening, katie. spurs have this leads going into the quarterfinal tonight, you get the impression that city really feel the pressure? there is more pressure on city because there is a bit more riding on it, it is a big game for both clu bs on it, it is a big game for both clubs but city have the added incentive of going for the quadruple, and it is a massive week in terms of their season as a whole. they had spare is in the champions league, that the premier league, then the manchester derby, so this could define the success of their season could define the success of their season “— could define the success of their season —— they have spurs in the champions league. to be finished —— mega considered an elite club in this day and age you need to win the champions league. spurs seem quite
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laid—back, the manager has not been ina laid—back, the manager has not been in a champions league semifinal before, he is enjoying it and they are ina before, he is enjoying it and they are in a good position, they have a 1-0 are in a good position, they have a 1—0 lead from the first leg and if spurs score tonight then city would have to put three past them. they know the scale of the challenge, pochettino has described city as one of the best teams in the world. there was lots of analysis and criticism over pep guardiola's team choice, what sort of team will be expected tonight? we don't have team news just yet, but a few eyebrows we re news just yet, but a few eyebrows were raised in the first leg when he did not select de bruyne despite him being in fantastic form. we had to remember they had a penalty saved by hugo lloris, it could have been different coming into the game, but ido different coming into the game, but i do not think we will see the same
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approach in pochettino does not expect the same approach from guardiola. city had to open up and will try to do their best to do that. spurs will be managing without the injured harry kane, there will be more pressure on their shoulders of their striker, but they will back him. over to portugal, then, where liverpool are looking to finish the job against porto. they have a 2—0 lead going into tonight's tie as they bid to reach a second successive champions league semifinal for the first time since 2008. despite their advantage, managerjurgen klopp says they will fight with all they have. —— captainjames —— captain james milner says —— captainjames milner says there isa —— captainjames milner says there is a real feeling —— captainjames milner says there is a realfeeling of —— captainjames milner says there is a real feeling of confidence within the sport at the moment. you will never play a full season playing your best football, that is important to remember. there will be times when you cannot play your best, it has impressed me more than when we are playing well, we all know how well we can play, we blew teams away in certain periods, this year it is when we had not played as
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well as we would like and had to keep going into the 90th minute. that is what has impressed me more. let's speak now to football correspondent from, melissa reddy, who is in porto ahead of that game. some liverpool fans are already counting their chickens but porto can't be undestimated — they did put the pressure on liverpool at times in the first leg? jurgen klopp open his press conference with exactly that fact, that while the support base might be complacent and think the job is already done, his players certainly don't. they have turned lots of analysis, they know how dangerous porto can be on the counter. they we re porto can be on the counter. they were quite aggressive, and only when they conceded twice they did not give up, and that relentless, i think you will see even more in front of the home fans. liverpool do have history on their side, though? yes, with its liverpool team, the
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thing is that what happened last season at porto, they will disregard. this is a very serious liverpool team, and that is why i think the fans are so calm and relaxed and feel like liverpool are already in the semifinal, because they had seen this liverpool do the business in a variety of ways, whether that is blitzing the opposition, keeping it really tight and nicking a goal, there is lots of confidence in the squad, because they had ta ken confidence in the squad, because they had taken nothing for granted this season. with a 2-0 this season. with a 2—0 lead to going into the second leg, i imagine the fans are feeling confident. what is the atmosphere like? jovial, as it a lwa ys atmosphere like? jovial, as it always is when liverpool supporters come to europe. it is raining in porto but the banners are up and the
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volume has not ceased. as kick—off gets closer i expect the atmosphere to ramp up. in this competition liverpool are synonymous with each other, i think the fans really take to that and the special atmosphere they create around games, jurgen klopp reference that it costs a lot to travel to europe and follow the tea m to travel to europe and follow the team around and yet the supporters keep doing it. they do notjust come along, they add to the entire environment. we spoke about the atmosphere that i think the players get a massive boost from knowing they have this very vocal, very passionate and driven support behind them. iam passionate and driven support behind them. i am sure the fans are enjoying every moment. thank you for joining us, melissa. and both semifinals kick off at eight o'clock tonight. you can follow live commentary from the etihad with updates from portugal on bbc radio 5 live from seven o'clock and live text commentary on the bbc sport website — bbc. co. uk/sport. still to come on sportsday... more football with manchester united women on the brink of promotion. we'll hear from manager casey stoney on the secret
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to her success after united's remarable first season. now to cricket, and the bajan fast bowlerjofra archer has missed out on england's preliminary squad for the cricket world cup, but he has been given a first call—up to the one day side for a couple of warm up games. well, our reporter austin halewood has more on this. he has not made the cut but will get a chance to impress in the warm up games? yes, england made two squads today. archer was not in the initial world cup squad that has been named in the one—day squad to take on pakistan. this is a huge opportunity for him, he is one of 17 players picked for the five warm up matches against pakistan starting next
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month. he has every chance of making it into the world cup squad still, which will only be finalised after the series. he only qualified for england last month because of a change in residency rules, and at just 24 he is setting the t20 world alight with some really impressive performances around the world, in the ipl in india, the big bash in australia and the t20 in the uk. but when it comes to the 50 over format, which the world cup will be played on, he is a relative newbie. he has only played 14 matches of that form. he has struggled to affect them as much as t20 matches. he has only picked up 21 wickets at an average of 30 runs, and an economy ofjust over five runs and over. of 30 runs, and an economy ofjust overfive runs and over. some of of 30 runs, and an economy ofjust over five runs and over. some of the current players in the last few days have talked of their unease at
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archer being picked, but the man with the most important decision of all, ed smith, the chairman of selectors, thinks that archer's t20 skills are very transferable to the 50 over game. obviously twenty20 is not the same, but the skillsjofra archer brings are broadly transferable to the 50 over game. a high—profile tournament like the ipl will give a player exposure to high pressure situations, jofra has had a good amount of experience. now he gets the chance to play for england and show what he can do. sono jofra archer in england and show what he can do. sonojofra archer in the squad, but who is likely to be in the squad? bettina is largely unchanged, consistency has been a key. eoin morgan is captain, with the likes of jonny bairstow, jos buttler, joe root and ben stokes within the world cup 15.
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and these two are the only additions to the squad to face pakistan. jofra archer and chrisjordan — they have a chance to try and force their way to the world cup. the former england captain michael vaughan thinks archer will be there. he tweeted that, "preliminary squads are a bit of admin for the icc. jofra archer will be in the official world cup squad. #justsaying." he doesn't read much into it. but there are 17 players in the squad to face pakistan, holly, so the question now is how are the selectors going to give all of them a fair and proper chance to show what they can do in just five matches? we shall see. thank you. that hashtag, just saying, we should use that more! now a look at some of the other main stories around today. israel folau has requested a code of conduct hearing after rugby australia ended his contract over a social media post in which he said hell awaits gay people. he had 48 hours to ask for the hearing or accept being sacked. a man's been arrested following an alleged altercation between fleetwood bossjoey barton
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and barnsley head coach daniel stendel at 0akwell. barnsley had complained to the fa and the efl about the incident during saturday's league one game. and liverpool striker mo salah has been named one of the world's100 most influential people by time magazine. he's one of the us magazine's six cover stars and used his interview to discuss women's equality. returning to football now ahead of a crucial game for manchester united women this evening. victory over aston villa will deliver a knockout blow in the promotion race, securing at least a top—two spot less than a year after the women's side reformed. lets get more on this now from our correspondentjo currie. looking pretty busy behind you. united just two points away, they have had a remarkable season given they have only been together for less tha n they have only been together for less than a year? yes, one year ago
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this team did not exist, manchester united disbanded their women's team 13 years ago, but last year and end they were bringing them back and applying for a place in the women's championship. they have only had one defeat this season, they are just 90 minutes away from promotion to the super league in their first season with games to spare. we caught up with games to spare. we caught up with their manager casey stoney and said the club deserve to be in this position. it is credit to the players and staff, they have worked extremely ha rd over staff, they have worked extremely hard over the last nine or ten months, day in, day out. they are a together group, they have put performances out here and have grown asa performances out here and have grown as a group, credited them. you have paid 16 in the league, only one defeat, are either new surprised at how successful they have been? double yes, i am annoyed by the
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defeat, though, but they have done so well and the test was when we played those wsl one sites. we have four games to go, we want to win them all and go up with momentum. provides aston villa at home tonight, a site 20 points behind them, it should be relatively straightforward? reporter: united will start tonight as favourites and they have some england players in the squad, alex goode and siobhan chamberlain. you would expect them to win, but aston villa can tonight with only one defeat in their last seven. they will not make it easy and, let's be honest, nobody wants to be the team to help another side get promoted. kick—off is at 7pm. they are certainly getting very excited behind you, somebody will be celebrating tonight regardless. there are quite a few in tonight!
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anthonyjoshua's next big fight is in doubt. he's scheduled to take onjarrell miller in new york on the 1st ofjune, but promoter eddie hearn says miller has returned an adverse sample to anti—doping authorities. miller's team say they're waiting for more information, and both fighters continue to train for the fight. ade adedoyin has more on this. joshua and miller are due to meet at madison square garden injust joshua and miller are due to meet at madison square garden in just over six weeks, but miller will be waking up six weeks, but miller will be waking up to the fact that the biggest night of his career may not happen following confirmation that he has returned an adverse finding for a banned substance, but irony being that he accused anthonyjoshua of using performance enhancing drugs, and now he is trying to clear his name. he will meet with the new york state athletic commission to provide any information as to how this substance got into his system. if they do not license him he will be
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pulled from the bill, and it will be a costly mistake notjust in terms of career but financially, he was due to earn over $5 million for this contest. if he is pulled out, joshua's team will need to find a replacement. joseph parker says he is ready, willing and able if that happens. before i go, let's look at this. to be good at table tennis you need to have lightning fast reactions and pin—point accuracy. 0ne15—year—old boy has got both! the australian 0ympic team posted this video on instagram, saying they can't get enough of the so—called aussie ping pong kid. that is ridiculous! nick rudd's videos have been causing quite a stir on social media. he claims to have had over 150 million views. i don't think that is the first time he has tried that. that is taking a
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bit of practice. incredible. don't forget there is much more on the website, the build—up to the champions league as manchester city host tottenham in the quarterfinal of the champions league, and liverpool have that 2—0 advantage at the quarterfinal in porto. all the action on the website, and in radio 5 live. we will have more for you throughout the evening. it might. —— good night. holly hamilton at the bbc sports centre. more on the news that french government is announce table be an international competition to find the best ideas for rebuilding iconic notre—dame. prime minister edouard philippe says they want to replace the spire which crumbled in flames as the fire reached its height


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