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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  April 17, 2019 10:30pm-10:41pm BST

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who did a turn to for three and who did a turn to for important goals is sergio and he scored to make it li—2 in this game. a very good strike and that really left spire scrabbling around as the match to on and on, he wanted that he wondered if they had never not but lorenzo managed to bundle the ball into the back of the night with you minutes to go, that gold was looked at through that the ar, but it was a proud, but then the spurs went through for the first semi finals, but unbelievably there was time for one final twist. had the ball in the back of the net with just seconds to go, i celebrated wildly, everyone thought that was it city was going through instead, but then another dar decision, and this time it was disallowed for offside, since if he thought they were through to semifinals but snatched from them because my remark about to psy—tu rvy from them because my remark about topsy—turvy game sprays waiting for
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— for aggregate going to this first semifinals on away goals and. amazing goals. where does this leave both clubs, who meet again in the league at the weekend. that said, unbelievably we have to do it again in the primarily because city and spurs play in a few days‘ time and so much of the build up to this game is dominated by a crucial week this is an terms of the season, quadruple on the line here today, and treatment of their but they have to refocus on the premier league where they trail by a few points. they don't want to suffer another defeat that could derail their primary ambitions as well they had sprays coming up saturday and then after that manchester derby integrity of the described the games as finest, he is desperate to get back on track and he is going to ta ke back on track and he is going to take some time to recover as a window at the emotional impact on the players is going to be at their but they have to pick themselves up with a crucial game against fresno
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premier league. they thank you very much indeed. liverpool are certainly used to dramatic nights in the champions league... this evening, they were clinical — in securing their place in the semi—finals, by beating porto. david ornstein reports. at this stage of the champions league, the aim is clear, and all the liverpool arrived with the upper hand, the home side planted to turn the tide, a warning shot within the first minute. the reds were on the ropes, but like such talent, they're a lwa ys ropes, but like such talent, they're always dangerous. the effort was ruled out for offside, however a check with the dar corrected the call and the people had a priceless illegal. and that all they secured their passage to the last part, this may certain added. the ever reliable mohammed found his team—mates and away support. pica finally found the target, though it was too little too
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late and after roberto restored the advantage, virgil van dyck would extend it, liveable taking on another step towards ultimate aim, next step barcelona. so this is how the finalfour line up. tottenham's win on away goals over man city, means they play ajax. their home first. liverpool are away to barcelona in theirfirst leg. those matches played on april the 30th... the return legs are on may seventh. barcelona and ajax sealed their places in the last four of the competition, after knocking out manchester united and juventus on tuesday night respectively. manchester united's women have been promoted to the game's top division, the women's super league, after a thumping victory over aston villa. they've done it in their first season, upon returning to the sport — after 13 years away. jo currie has this report for us. it's been a remarkable rise from manchester united when then, a year ago after heavy criticism, they announced they were bringing back
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the web team 13 years after scrapping it and now at the first time of asking they been promoted to top tier, the wet and super league and three games to spare. the early had it set them on the land did not look back, that was what the way and did not look back, that was with penalty address individual efforts giving them a three no lead by half—time. marcus came in the second half, getting united forth, before i send a letter it players after they goalkeeper sent for handing the ball outside the box, wrapping up the evening with five male score, job done and promotion secured. from the cloud i was no pressure but and outside while they expected it so and outside while they expected it so they delivered it brilliantly. it's worth noting that they still have to meet the super league criteria before being officially promoted, but at they had said that should be a formality. as for the cloud, the story doesn't end here, on saturday day and has crystal
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palace, one more win will have been to championship title. and then, celebrations can really begin. now for some of the day's other sports stories... israel folau has requested a code of conduct hearing after rugby australia ended his contract over a social media post, in which he said "hail awaits" gay people. a social media post, in which he said "hell awaits" gay people. he had 48 hours to ask for the hearing — or accept being sacked. man's been arrested following an alleged altercation between fleetwood bossjoey barton and barnsley head coach daniel stendel at oakwell. barnsley had complained to the fa and the efl about the incident they beat the top of the table, made 60 lanai knockouts three sixes, david made half one as well. purple
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striker silas going to get as part of this evening has been one of the welds 100 most influential people by time magazine he is one of the us magazines six cover stars and use the interview to discuss equality for women. anthony joshua's world heavyweight title contest with jarrell miller is officially off. the new york state athletic commission has refused miller a licence to challenge forjoshua's wba, ibf and wbo belts after he returned an adverse sample to anti—doping authorities. miller is awaiting the results of his ‘b‘ sample and could still reapply for his licence if that comes back negative. but if it comes back positive as well, then the licence remains denied and joshua's camp would have to find a new opponent. i'm very worried because we go when, we go into the ring literally punching someone and hurting someone. punching someone and hurting someone. at some point, if someone
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is on drugs, i think it's unfair. you could literally kill someone and there or you could cause harm to yourself because you won't feel that maybe you won't feel the power that you have been hit with and may not be taking but i feel like you're causing a self harm and other people harm and it's not good for the sport. to know your cheating and taking substances, i think about boxing is all about skills control and power and speed and if you don't have it, people do it to cheat, and try to get that nice but i don't think it's right, they should not be able to come back to backs —— boxing again. the barbados—born pace bowler — jofra archer — has missed out on england's preliminary squad for the cricket world cup. but he has been offered the chance to force his way into the side. he's been given his first call up to the one—day squad for a couple of the warm up games. yesterday i had the call and tell
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them he had been included in the sports and we have a chat he was pleased and then he went out and we nt pleased and then he went out and went on for wales, so that some information, 20/20 is not the same as 50 over, there are different things there but the skills he brings, they are transferable. to be good at table tennis — you need to have lightning fast reactions, and pin—point accuracy. one 15—year—old boy has got both! the australian olympic team posted this video on instagram — saying they can't get enough of the so—called aussie ping pong kid. nick rudd's videos have been causing quite a stir on social media. he claims to have had over 150 million views. that takes a lot of practise. that's all from sportsday. coming up in a moment, the papers.
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hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are laura hughes, political correspondent for the financial times, and deputy political editor of the daily express, sam lister. many of tomorrow's front pages are already in.(stack front pages)the metro leads on more climate change protests in london with dramatic images on its front page. the independent says activists are planning to bring more disruption to the capital. it also gives over space to labour backbenchers who are demanding that jeremy corbyn backs a fresh eu referendum. the daily telegraph reports that the met police have accused the london mayor, sadiq khan,
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of aggravating the situation by supporting the demonstrators. the mail says that the environment secretary, michael gove, blames the disruption on the police for not clearing the streets. there are more pictures of climate change activists on the front of the times, but the paper leads on two opinion polls, which suggest that nigel farage's new brexit party is on course to win may's european elections. the guardian claims that data it's seen shows that half of england is owned by just 1% of the population. scientists are hailing the news that a pig's brains was revived after death, which they say, could pave the way for a breakthrough in alzheimer's research. that's on the front. let's begin with the metro, and these two
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