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tv   The Papers  BBC News  April 17, 2019 11:30pm-12:01am BST

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to do. we should see thing to do. we should see temperatures climb to 25 celsius. across parts of the south of the uk, we could compare pretty well to temperatures further south, for example in barcelona. before we get there, we've got high pressure still with us today around that high pressure, we are feeling in the winds from the south—east, those winds from the south—east, those winds will be quite brisk around the eastern coast. that will have an impact on the temperatures around the north sea coast later in the day. that said, we start off with patches of low cloud, there will be patches of low cloud, there will be patches of low cloud, there will be patches of mist and fog around as well. some of them could be quite dense. they should all clear pretty quickly through the morning. we will be left with fine weather into the afternoon, sunshine, temperatures hitting the 20 degrees mark in both cardiff and london. around the eastern coast of england, eastern coast of scotland, call and pressure, given those onshore winds. those winds continue to flow through thursday. bringing with it patchy
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cloud across eastern areas of scotla nd cloud across eastern areas of scotland but otherwise, it's not too cold overnight, with clear spells. temperatures into the first part of friday starting off the day at around 6— 10 celsius. quite a mild start to the day. good friday, looking like a good day as well. i purchased with us, notice though that the winds are going to be lighter coming across the north sea. that's going to have an impact with the temperatures across eastern scotla nd the temperatures across eastern scotland and eastern areas of england. temperatures, 21 celsius in edinburgh, 21 as well in birmingham, london and carter. thinks warming up in northern ireland as well. we're going to continue to see the fine settled for most areas, some wainscoting into the far north—west, the western isles, that is open to a bit of doubt. away from that office connor, sunny and as warm as well. damages coming to 25 celsius making it the warmest day of the year. we
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may will start to see some changes in the forecast on sunday, whether front could move in across parts of scotla nd front could move in across parts of scotland but there is some uncertainty with the detail of that front, it will be quite weak if it does make its way in. the south, crossing into wales, it's more likely to keep dry and the sunshine still this time of year. 18 in edinburgh, into the 20s further south. easter monday, there is the potential of seeing some rain across western areas, open to a lot of uncertainty. it could be that the dry weather holds on all easter weekend for the majority of us, and stays dry and sunny. when coming from a southerly direction, another 11 for this time of year, 18 in edinburgh, 23 on the cards potentially towards london and the south—east. i've mentioned the uncertainty in the forecast, that continues into next read. it's all to do with the jet stream, the dip in the jetstream. we get something that will be called a cut—off flow
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and that will change the atmosphere which changes the direction that the weather comes from. that is crucial, that's what's causing the uncertainty. but it looks more likely is crucial, that's what's causing the uncertainty. but it looks more likely as we head into next week there will be more of a push on the jetstream that will bring some rain across the uk. temperatures will tend to ease by which —— by the time we get to the change high pressure could last a bit longer.
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hello. this is bbc news with shaun ley. we'll be taking a look at tomorrow morning's papers in a moment. first the headlines. from marseille to strasbourg to chartres, at 6:50 this evening cathedrals all over the countryjoined in to show solidarity with notre—dame. more footage of the damage inside the cathedral as firefighters who risked spoke for the first time. translation: i went up into the towers. it was only when i got to the top that i saw how daunting it was. at some point we heard an enormous noise, which must have been the spire falling down. at least 28 tourists have been killed after their bus overturned on the portuguese island of madeira. most are thought to be german.
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all the way through! it has gone in! and after an extraordinary night of football, liverpool and tottenham are through to the champions league semifinals. hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are laura hughes, political correspondent for the financial times, and deputy political editor of the daily express, sam lister. many of tomorrow's front pages are already in. the metro leads on more climate change protests in london with dramatic images on its front page. the independent says activists are planning to bring more disruption to the capital. it also gives over space to labour backbenchers who are demanding that jeremy corbyn backs a fresh eu referendum. the daily telegraph reports that the met police have accused the london mayor, sadiq khan, of aggravating the situation by supporting the demonstrators. the mail says that the environment secretary, michael gove, blames the disruption on the police
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for not clearing the streets. the daily express says the home secretary, sajid david, has handed £50 million to the police so they can, according to the paper, "flood the streets" with officers over easter to cut knife crime. there are more pictures of climate change activists on the front of the times, but the paper leads on two opinion polls, which suggest that nigel farage's new brexit party is on course to win may's european parliamentary elections. the guardian claims that data it's seen shows that half of england is owned by just 1% of the population. and finally, scientists, in the i, are hailing the news that a pig's brains was revived after death, which they say could pave the way for a breakthrough in alzheimer's research. i have to see, that pic on the front
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of the i is not very cute. laura, sam, good to have you back. sam, let us start with the daily mirror. a striking headline. waving the white flag, blaming the police for backing off. i mean, they're making the point, they are accusing the police of surrendering london street 's to the climate change protesters. it is interesting your new walk around london today, around parliament square there are only a smattering of protesters, there is no traffic, everything is closed, it major disruptions to people in london. they are making the point of why asked the police are waiting in and sorting it out? it is a dilemma for the police. you are damned if you do and damned if you don't. people will remember the protests a few years ago, anticapitalist protests, where they were cackling protesters and there were lessons about the tactics they used. i think the issue is that
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they used. i think the issue is that the government, sadiq khan, the mayor of london, nobly disagrees with their method and what they are protesting over. —— nobody. because thatis protesting over. —— nobody. because that is not controversial, if you we re that is not controversial, if you were to start deploying aggressive tactics on these protesters the police would be criticised. it would be bad optics given what they are saying and what they are calling for. sadiq khan has, in part, said he endorses their message, makes it ha rd he endorses their message, makes it hard for the police are. that is on the front of the telegraph. he says he shows the object gives, their passion, he says. exactly. if you are the police and going up to these protesters they feel vindicated because they feel as though they have the mayor of london on their side —— objectives. it has felt like a festival walking around london, as we said earlier. it has not felt like serious, scary protests. therefore if the police were to act ina therefore if the police were to act in a brutal way, the front pages
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would look very different, very critical of them. it is a hard position to be in. sadiq khan is saying, shares their passion, but presumably his is the answer to the question that some of the protesters as post, he was a comedy central government would say they are doing things, he would say i am doing things, he would say i am doing things in london and they're not necessarily popular things —— protesters' posed. he will cut down oi'i protesters' posed. he will cut down on carbon emissions, which will cost drivers in london quite a lot of money. there are competing demands oi'i money. there are competing demands on this. i think what is interesting is the protesters were suggesting they will try to continue this for two weeks, two weeks of chaos in central london. just as people start to come back, the kids go back to school, could be very different feeling. exactly. as we were saying, people who use public transport and cycle to work were unable to do so today because of the protests stop just looking at social media stop
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people saying they were getting an uber because they were not able to cycle. to punish those who are trying to do the right thing by the climate is an interesting strategy and will upset a few people. and if it continues then people might be less empathetic stop the mirror has gone for an alternative way of treating the story. no pictures of protesters glueing themselves do things. but a rather moving shot of a polar bear, apparently stuck on a vanishing piece of ice, presumably a shrinking piece of eyes. and now the ubiquitous david at ronnie frontpage as well. i am sure we know what they are saying. this is really what it is all about. by like this frontpage. it has reminded everyone. all the front pages are talking about the protests. they are not talking about what the protests... protesters become the story, not what they are trying to project.
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this brings it back to why they are out on the streets, which is rising temperatures, globalwarming. out on the streets, which is rising temperatures, global warming. inside the paper talks about how donald trump, the us president, as described global warming as a hoax and says he does not believe in it. david attenborough is saying we have limited time to try to sort this out, we need to because various species across the world are being destroyed, are dying out because of rising temperatures and now is the time to act. it is a reminder of what the protesters are actually therefore. let us move onto the times. sam, this is interesting, a picture of the four, it is interesting, labour party activists who have attached themselves to jeremy corbyn‘s fence, but he was not going to stop to speak to them when he left home while being pursued by four camera crew. the story underneath is the one that might be more ominous for him ——
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channel 4 camera crew. nigel farage's new party, the brexit party is on 26 points. it didn't exist eight couple of weeks ago. within three months it has come out of nowhere to outstrip labour and the conservatives —— did not exist a few months ago. the conservatives are only on 15 points. it is astonishing. just on that, they noticed on one of the front pages which they don't have to hand, comres's boss, andrew hawkins, says he has never recorded a figure that low for the conservative party in a national election in i think he said, 20 as a polling. that is ominous. an election they desperately don't want. ——20 years of polling. you have to remember, 2014, nigel faraj led ukip to a shock victory in the european
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elections then. it was the first time labourand elections then. it was the first time labour and the conservatives, neither of those parties topped the poll in britain in 100 years. it is quite an astonishing achievement. that was with ukip, a party that had beenin that was with ukip, a party that had been in ——in existence for quite some time. three months in and he is on course to repeat that with this brand—new on course to repeat that with this brand— new party. on course to repeat that with this brand-new party. he has the virtue, i suppose, as a small politician of a smaller party and he has tremendous name recognition. a smaller party and he has tremendous name recognitionm a smaller party and he has tremendous name recognition. it is extraordinary. people recognise him, they associated him with a message which we need to leave the eu, there isa which we need to leave the eu, there is a lot of frustration with mps in parliament. there is no ambiguity with nigel faraj, saying i will this lay members differently. he sticks to his line without having to compromise. which is a simple message to consume. people will vote
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differently in european elections than they would in a local election. we remember how ukip did not do well in general elections it could be used as a protest vote to send a message to the two major clinical parties that they are dissatisfied. equally, it shows that the alternative side, the more your file side, the smaller parties, and change uk, the breakaway group, failed to make this sort of attraction at this party has. back to the original point, because of nigel faraj, in a large part, because people follow and easily identify with him, they like the sound of him at a time when mps are blathering on and frustrating the brexit process, they feel. sam, he
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has that impact that is quite worrying for the conservatives. they thought they had banished the farage problem, by agreeing to hold the referendum, now out his back, and arguably he is in a strong position to attack the conservatives as he was five years ago. i had a chat to nigel farage earlier today and he was quite cautious about this, obviously very pleased. an old enough had to know that 0nepoll does not necessarily... this really worried the conservatives. 15 points is not a good position for them to be in. obviously he is quite happy tonight and i think theresa may will not be too pleased by the headlines. i think it will be another pint of best for him tonight. we move onto the independent. it is notjust the conservatives we have to worry about appears to be the message. this was by the people's vote campaign. it
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was scared at the agenda of a second referendum. and obviously the poll has been conducted according to the normal rules. of course. you can ta ke normal rules. of course. you can take from these pulse what you want. it is not unhelpful to them —— polls. the message for labour has been, you need to endorse a second referendum so that you can give people an alternative, give people something to vote for two counts the brexit party and the message that has been put out thereby nigel faraj and there are some criticism that the smaller parties who do advocate a second vote, perhaps haven't united ina a second vote, perhaps haven't united in a way could have done which would have given people an alternate choice, because conservative labour it is confusing and a lot of people are confused as to what labour's position is on a second referendum and there have been long calls forjeremy corbyn to fully endorse a second vote —— nigel farage. meanwhile, labour and fully endorse a second vote —— nigel farage. meanwhile, labourand the conservative government are engaged in these exit talks, which must be
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very confusing for those who have traditionally voted for one party and they are looking something else. it looks as though the brexit party has managed to come through. a more crowded field that we are used to. let us move away from brexit, sam, to the front of the express. this is another interview with the very visible sajid javid. we have been seeing a lot of him the last couple of weeks. we've had this terrible bloodshed on the streets in the recent months. it's something that being spoken about in recent weeks. as you say, it's very visible at the moment. we have a leadership. it's under way. he's been talking about more about his back story in recent days. and he also mentioned here in
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article that it concerns him as the home secretary. also as a father and you can see what's happening here. here is trying to get the public to know a bit better than he has not passed. he is not particularly known to everyone out there. he suddenly set out his stall. what do you make of this parade, this beauty parade one might call it laura? it's another difficult for them at the moment because the government is sort of paralysed, unable to get its way and yet these people are already preparing themselves to run and say actually, i could be in charge. we've seen, everyone knows who the main candidates are, we also know the behind—the—scenes, huge meetings taking place and he's been invited for a glass of wine and a cup of tea. one leadership hopeful says
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that giving out goodie bags to those who have been invited out to see him. you did say the bag. that was generous. usually a bar of chocolate works for me. it's extraordinary how blatant the solders. given that we do have a conservative leader in place. has he not given an indication of when she will leave? she promised to leave if the mps vote through her deal and they have chosen not to do that. who knows how long she also but most people wouldn't expect to be around by the end of the year. who knows with theresa may? people are getting ready for the official launch. life after may. it's on its way. it could happen in june. the after may. it's on its way. it could happen injune. the guardian, sam, half of england owned by 1% of the population. i'm not sure anyone a
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surprise but it's interesting to see the figures laid out. 25,000 londoners earning half the country. what the guardian has done here, quite clever, it has used modern technology to map england in a way that hasn't been done before. it's also worked out that if you distribute the land on perhaps, if fairer basis, we might get in a cage. what would you do with your acre? i would grow plants, follow jeremy corbyn ‘s example, i built a little house. a pond, maybe. sounds good to me. big apple with ponds, that means ducks. you gotta watch your expenses. —— be careful with. i'd grow some herbs, have another space. if everyone has their own
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land, it's a beguiling image to imagine you both their on your land defending them from all borders. a more general point is this one about how there is a mismatch in a society that says it's concerned about the prospect of improving lives and the rest of it, that's still quite a striking feet. 1% of the population, only half of —— owning half of the country. it comes down to the monarchy, we know the queen owns a lot of land. it says that 17% of the 25,000 is owned by bankers, and newly moneyed industrialist. it isn't just the old newly moneyed industrialist. it isn'tjust the old aristocracy, it isn'tjust the old aristocracy, it isn't just universities and isn'tjust the old aristocracy, it isn'tjust universities and the crown. it's. .. corporations isn'tjust universities and the crown. it's... corporations of london. exactly. it's people that are acquiring wealth and going on and buying this land. and finally,
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sam, the story we've all been fascinated by and revolted by the same time. on the front of the eye. it isa same time. on the front of the eye. it is a gruesome story. pete brains revived after death. i have to say, the peak does not look very keen on the peak does not look very keen on the idea. you can see it pleading help. there is a sci—fi feel to it but there is a serious point of it, obviously the scientists have made this major breakthrough. and what they're aiming to do with this is eventually develop it into some kind of treatment for stroke and alzheimer's. effectively what they are doing is not so much about consciousness but about the chemical life. you're preventing blood cells from dying in the blood is —— the blood supply is cut off. you see that instructs it could have enormous potential. it is quite a
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terrifying prospect. it's not as though the pigs came back to life. i think there is some sort of confusion in a way that a lot of different papers have covered it tonight because the scientist i think happen very clear these are not conscious pigs. they were not suddenly conscious. the brain was not communicating with itself and the normal way. this is not a living animal, it'sjust the normal way. this is not a living animal, it's just about the cells. which is potentially great for scientific purposes. it is scary, it sounds scary but these pigs were not brought back to life. which is what perhaps some people think. that's the reassuring thing. do not be alarmed by what you see on screen. it's not necessarily as bad as it looks. i'm interested that the sun described this as frankenswine.
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that's it for the papers tonight. don't forget you can see the front pages of the papers online on the bbc news website. it's all there for you, seven days a week at and if you miss the programme any evening you can watch it later on bbc iplayer. ido i do feel compelled to urge you to look at it. good evening — this is your latest sports news. tottenham have edged out manchester city — in a dramatic end to their champions league quarterfinal second leg at the etihad. city thought they'd won it in stoppage time, but had their goal ruled out by the video assistant referree. it means spurs go through on away goals, and face ajax in the semis — ending city's hopes of the quadruple. our sports correspondent katie gornall has this report.
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a blue moon rising over manchester, the city ‘s fans this is a good omen. they've been told to bring the noise or this crunch match early on to hit all the right notes. 1—0 down on the firstly, city scored after four minutes. given the perfect start. the perfect strike. but city when celebrating the long as the spurs struck back. two goals in a space of three frantic minutes. but there was no let up from city, when they need a goal, one man always delivers. incredibly, there was still time for a few more twists. is this bundled in by the spurs had them through to the semis. this goal was disallowed for offside, city
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strea m was disallowed for offside, city stream ended in the most erratic of ways. liverpool will face barcelona in the semi—finals after cruising past porto 6—1 on aggregate. jurgen klopp's side were already 2—0 up from the first leg and needed the video assistant referee to confirm that sadio mane's opening goal was onside. mo salah doubled their lead with the pick of the night's goals before porto pulled one back. roberto firmino and virgil van dijk also scored in the 4—1win. manchester united will be playing in the women's super league next season after securing promotion with a 5—0 win over aston villa. they opened the scoring in just the sixth minute thanks to millie turner. and charlie devlin wrapped up the victory with more than a quarter of an hour to go. united will be crowned champions if they beat crystal palace at home on saturday. from the start to come in with 21 new players, to be promoted, it's brilliant. it's what we set up to achieve. on saturday we want to win the league and like i said, half of
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the league and like i said, half of thejob is done and we the league and like i said, half of the job is done and we will fully enjoy this. jarrell miller has been denied a licence to fight anthonyjoshua in new york onjune1st. it comes after an adverse finding in a drug—testing sample. ade adedoyin has more. it's looking unlikely that people face joshua it's looking unlikely that people facejoshua in it's looking unlikely that people face joshua in on it's looking unlikely that people facejoshua in on during the first was not i've spoken to the commission and left confirmed that the application for a license has been denied. it is normal procedure for another to commission to deny a fighter license if in a sample comes back positive. miller has requested for a back positive. miller has requested fora bsample back positive. miller has requested for a b sample to be tested. comes back negative, he can reapply for a license and provide any information as to why his first sample came back positive. if, however, his b sample comes back positive, that's the end of the matter. i've also spoken to the ceo of the promotions that handle anthony joshua ‘s the ceo of the promotions that handle anthonyjoshua ‘s affairs. they say he was struck by the
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developments and say they are considering a number of possible opponents. they are pressing ahead for during the first. the situation is not quite clear but an increased likelihood that miller will step into the ring. when he makes his us debut as a professional. that's all the sport for now. a fine spell looks set to continue for a few days, thursday will start ona for a few days, thursday will start on a cloudy note along the eastern side of the british isles. not a cold one by any means at all. a touch of frost maybe in one or two sheltered spots in scotland. many temperatures in positive territory. grey skies into eastern scotland, have to spot a rain from that crowd. and onshore breeze. come the afternoon, more on the way of sunshine, temperature is closer to 12 and 20, you will find that value as you come away from the eastern coast. there will be a lot of sunshine around. this is how things look on friday. good friday at that, a lot of sunshine. a corker of the
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day. two things to bear in mind, a lot of sunshine but uv levels are beginning to creep up. if you suffer from pollen levels, they are on the increase as well. temperatures up a notch or two widely across the british isles, of locations exceeding 20 degrees.
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this is newsday on the bbc. i'm rico hizon in singapore. the headlines: joko widodo heads towards a second term as unofficial results put the indonesian president well ahead in the general election. supporters ofjoko widodo have come here to try to catch a glimpse of the man they have just voted in as this country's next president, for the second time. north korea says it's tested a new type of tactical guided weapon — the first missile test since the hanoi summit between kim jong—un and president trump. i'm kasia madera in london. also in the programme: at least 29 tourists have been
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killed after their bus overturned


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