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tv   The Travel Show  BBC News  April 19, 2019 11:30am-12:00pm BST

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them and around them and iconography around them which they would have had in them which they would have had in the cathedral. later on they will be having the good friday service at the church of saint sultans, a big church, much later construction, not too far away on the left bank, and on sunday it will be held on the right bank. —— sulpitius. on sunday it will be held on the right bank. -- sulpitius. time for a look at the weather. bank don't often go together but we have lots of sunshine, fine and settled conditions for the long easter weekend. this was taken earlier this morning, lots of sunshine at portland in dorset. the skies are hazy and high plywood around. continuing through the rest of the day. yesterday was the warmest day of the year across england, scotland, wales and northern ireland, 23.3 celsius in west sussex, higher temperatures than that today and even higher tomorrow, 25 or 26 across some parts of
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london, quite widely in the low 20s celsius. the reason for the warmth, we have strong april sunshine, the wind is coming from the east or south—east, pulling some warm air from central and eastern parts of europe. this area of high pressure across scandinavia giving these atla ntic across scandinavia giving these atlantic fronts at bay. we will see more cloud moving into western and northern scotland and northern ireland over night. today, lots more sunshine. as i mentioned it will be hazy at times, large areas of high cloud but a dry, fine and warm day. always cooler and southern coasts with the breeze of the sea but away from here temperatures in the high teens, low 20s celsius, perhaps 23 and may be 2a across south—east england. through this evening and overnight, things stayed dry, we have a mostly clear sky, mostly because this frontal system starts moving into northern ireland, northern and western scotland bringing more cloud and may be patchy drizzle and light rain by dawn but elsewhere clear skies, the odd patch of mist and fog and frost
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free night, temperatures 5—iodc. this front will linger through tomorrow across northern and western scotla nd tomorrow across northern and western scotland into northern ireland. we cannot rule out the odd bit of patchy light rain and drizzle and most will be drier, to the south across central and southern scotland, all of england and wales, lots more warm sunshine and even warmer tomorrow, somewhere lots more warm sunshine and even warmer tomorrow, somewhere to the west of london perhaps even 25, 20 six celsius. this area of high pressure dominates the scene going into easter sunday. this front is not too far away. it will generate more cloud again across northern and western scotland and northern ireland, still the odd patchy light rain and drizzle but most should be dry on easter sunday and certainly to the south and east of our front it is sunny, once we have played away early mist and fog. probably not quite as warm on sunday compared to saturday but still very pleasant in the sunshine, temperatures getting up to between 20—23dc. still some spells of sunshine on bank holiday monday were most will be dry, feeling a little bit cooler and things slowly turn more unsettled from the west through next week.
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goodbye. hello, this is bbc news. the headlines: the prime minister has described the killing ofjournalist lyra mckee in londonderry as "shocking and truly senseless". it's also been condemned by political leaders in northern ireland and the irish taoiseach. police have begun a murder investigation. this is a horrendous act. it's unnecessary, it's uncalled for, it's totally unjustified. but not only is it the murder of a young woman, it's an attack again upon the people of the city. climate change protests in london are entering their fifth day, with more than 1,000 police officers deployed to cover the demonstrations over the easter weekend. two women, aged 22 and 36, have died in the water off aberdeen beach. police say they were foreign nationals who appear
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to have gone swimming and underestimated the conditions. there are not thought to be any suspicious circumstances. now on bbc news, the travel show. coming up on this week's programme... car—free in madrid. this is like being a kid again. woohoo! digging the dutch masters. and it's downhill all the way in the mountains of latvia.
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we start this week in the spanish capital, madrid, where change is coming fast. the way people get around the city is being transformed, city officials are clearing the cars from the congested streets and opening them up to new possibilities. rentable electric scooters. they have become increasingly popular in many european cities of late. for lots of people, it's a transport revolution they've been waiting for. for others, it's something else entirely. too many in madrid. madrid resident rafa estafania reports. look at this! electric scooters, bicycle sharing,
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everybody seems to be sharing means of transport now in madrid. nobody seems to use their own bikes, their own scooters any more. we've got here the electric bikes, they are being charged at the moment, and over there, a line full of electric scooters. they are everywhere. it seems that everybody in madrid is using them to move around. and they are just part of the story. faced with some of the worst pollution in europe, city officials hope to reduce it by 40% by taking the most polluting vehicles off the road in a plan they call madrid central. meanwhile, on all the roads once created to adapt the city around the new automobiles of the time, new spaces are being created for pedestrians. tour guide pedro agreed to show me around. it's fantastic because, as a guide, i can see
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you from this point of view, from this place for the first time since the renovation. i've never been able to look at this building from this angle. this is because all this is new, right? it was full of traffic going around and it was almost impossible. now it is a new space for them. excellent, excellent. all new for pedestrians, for the people, no cars. i love it. how is it affecting you and the visitors, the fact that we've got madrid central, that we have more pedestrians on the street, less traffic? gran via or the city centre is never quiet. this is a very alive city, it's crazy, it's amazing. we can feel less traffic and we can feel a better air. it's fantastic. of course, madrid isn't the first to try to remove cars from its city centre. by working with companies offering
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greener electric options, there are more ways to explore the centre than ever. already widely available in cities around the world, electric scooters arrived here last summer. you feel like a kid almost. you drive around having fun and it's the joy of riding. it's a great way to move around. commuting with our scooters has become fun. how good do you think is madrid in terms of green transportation? i would say madrid ten years ago or even five years ago was like a car—driven city and now i think madrid is becoming the biggest lap in the world and it's living a fantastic, vibrant moment so you have tonnes of different means of transportation. it's super—exciting because the city council took a very bold move
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doing madrid central. it's farfrom being perfect, but it's going in the right direction and people are starting to leave their cars or private vehicles at home and starting to take either public transport or one of the shared vehicles. scooter users leave them wherever they are when they get to their destination, but some people worry they lead to the streets. what would you say to those people who are a bit unhappy with the idea of having all these scooters lying around? we are aware that the dockless system comes with a lot of benefits and some inconvenience. it's just a matter of getting used to it. it's new for everyone, including us, so we need to find together with our competitors and with the city officials ways to kind of move forward in a responsible way. this is like being a kid again! woohoo! so, what if you are a traveller going just short distances around the city centre? pick one, which is going to be better — the old public transport system or the new kids on the block? to find out, i've roped in a friend.
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pedro here is going to take public transport. i'm going to take one of these electric scooters. but this is not a race, so i will go steady and safe and i want you to do the same, 0k, promise? i promise. are you ready? i am totally ready. ready, go. so my first challenge is to find a scooter. in just a few seconds, i've found one that is 30 seconds‘ walk away. it's a quick scan of the bar code and i am off to catch up with pedro. now i've got to say one thing for the scooters — while they do take a bit more effort and concentration, they have to be more exciting than taking a bus. and if you don't know the way, you can easily get lost.
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but if you need to get somewhere quickly, well, it looks like i may be there first. we're here! but only just. i cannot believe it, i arrived here literally a minute ago. are you 0k? of course. and if you're heading to spain this spring, he are the things we think you should look out for. seville's april fair is huge and what's more, it's not even in april this year. from may 4th, more than 1,000 tents are pitched on the fairground to the southwest of the city and for the whole week,
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the site becomes the place to eat, drink and dance the night away. it's a great way to get a fun flavour of traditional andalusia. the mulafest urban arts festival has become something of a fixture in madrid since it was established in 2012. it's pretty diverse, everything from tattoos to circus arts to motorbikes are celebrated here. you'd better hurry up if you need tickets, though — the whole thing takes place just a week from now. many think spring is the perfect time to visit granada's spectacular moorish alhambra palace. in the summer, it gets incredibly hot and busy. you may have missed the best of the blossom now in its generalife gardens, but you're still guaranteed some stunning architecture without the stifling heat. and while you're in the south of the country, why not check out the restored caminito del rey in a crevasse close to malaga? the narrow walkway was reopened
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in 2015 after more than a decade of closure. it's more than three kilometres long and only a metre wide and used to be called the world's most dangerous footpath, but these days there is a bit more fencing to help stop you from plunging over the side. to sweden next, and an archaeological treat that's become the most visited museum piece in the whole of scandinavia. the vasa lay in the bay of stockholm for more than three centuries before its discovery in 1956. we dropped in to meet the people whose job it is to protect the ship forfuture generations. my name is lisa mansson. i am the director of the vasa museum. the vasa is a ship that was actually built in the 17th century, but sank on her maiden voyage.
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so the swedish king at the time, gustavus adolphus, he needed more warrior ships so he ordered to build this very big ship that should be the flagship in the swedish navy, but she only sailed for approximately 20 minutes. a wind caught her sails and she leaned to the side and unfortunately the cannon ports were open and the water came streaming in through the cannon ports. she got heavy and and leaned to the side and actually sank. the vasa is 98% original, which is unique in the world. there are no other ships from the 17th century of this size
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that are this well preserved. the reason that the ship is so well preserved is that it sank in the baltic sea where we don't have ship worms that you have in more salty water. so thanks to the brackish water in the baltic sea, she was well kept. right now, the museum is going through a very important phase and that is focusing on preserving the ship for the future. if we wouldn't do anything, the ship is slightly moving to the side and she is thinking about one millimetre each year we don't want to have that go on forever because it will be breakage at some point.
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so many people ask us, how come that we have this success since it's actually built on a failure? and i think that failure is actually something that is a part of revolution. —— evolution. we need to allow ourselves to fail to build success. stay with us because still to come... it's one small step for tourism in space and one giant leap into your favourite van gogh. we've got the best thing is currently trending in the world of travel. and i'm in latvia, plunging headfirst down an icy hill. lucky old me. so don't go away.
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time now for trending travel, a monthly look at some of the best travel—related stories, pics and videos making use online. did you ever dream of being an astronaut as a kid? 50 years after the first moon landings, virgin galactic recently successfully tested a manned passenger flight to the edge of space and now they have just signed an agreement to launch flights from uae, hopefully bringing those childhood dreams a step closer for those who can afford them. back on earth, las vegas has always been the home for high rollers and now here's a new hotel room for the very biggest spenders. it's got two floors, has a six original works of art
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and a pool overlooking the street. if you're tempted, then the price tag isjust $200,000 a night, or yours for free if you've got over $1 million in credit with the palms casino. in the more traditional art city of florence, locals have formed a graffiti—busting group, the angels of beauty, to restore the city's ancient sights. these volunteers have armed themselves with special cutting—edge lasers because traditional cleaning methods can damage the stone. the scientists say the new techniques are capable of safely cleaning any surface back to its former glory. and maybe this could be useful in helping you travel in a foreign country. this recent video from matthew brennan in china has had over 2 million views on twitter. he shows how facial recognition software is now being used to direct passengers to their airport gates.
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so i discovered the system when i was travelling in southwest china, in chengdu. to my knowledge, they are piloting this new system. it's not available yet in shanghai or beijing. you can't speak to it, it's only a facial recognition system where it will tell you your flight information, your flight status, whether it has been delayed or not and how to get to your gate. the data for my face, i assume, i'd be surprised if it wasn't coming from the security check. super—helpful or sinister? you decide. now, lots of you have sent us your pictures this month using the hashtag #traveltuesday. here are some of our favourites. spring is here in the northern hemisphere and that means huge amounts of people travelling to japan to see the iconic cherry blossoms. here is a daytime shot from reiko sato of the tokyo tower. this stunning photo
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is from tetsuro takahashi, and this one was sent to us on twitter. remember, keep sending in your pictures. now, let's meet the travel film—makers and vloggers who have caught our eye this month. if you're in paris anytime this year, then the atelier des lumieres is asking you to step inside the artwork itself. with its new van gogh exhibition, with 140 state—of—the—art projectors and 50 speakers setting the mood for what they call a new emotional and dynamic approach to art. this hugely popular museum had 4 million visitors last year and is looking to have the same hit again this year. well, that's your lot for now, but don't forget to send us your best pics, clips and stories and who knows? maybe next time you could be
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trending in travel. gauja is latvia's oldest and largest national park, but we are not here this week for the peace and quiet of its lovely forests. we are here for adventure. and it starts just south of the park in this little town. welcome to sigulda bobsleigh track, one of the very few in the world where tourists can get the same adrenaline rush as professional racers. built under the soviet union in 1986, the track has played host to international competitions in luge, skeleton and bobsleigh rides, with some obvious success. the track is now used as a training venue for several latvian champions, but there are no competitions
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on today, which is lucky for me because it means i get to drive it out. because it means i get to try it out. although, having a look, i don't really feel so lucky. first, i'm meeting the man in control of the sled, my pilot. this is the ice track, try not to fall over. good to meet you. so tell me, what do i need to do? first, you need a helmet. 0k. next, get inside the bob. sitting, hold, not only with the hands, but all your body, your muscles. and we go down and that's it. all right, so as long as i've got muscles, will be ok. i'm in safe hands. ok, let's go. get the team together. we're about to set off 100 kilometres down a very icy hill, but luckily i've got an expert pilot. fingers crossed everything goes very smoothly.
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apart from the pilot steering the bobsleigh from the front, a team also includes pushers and a brakeman, but tourists get it easy, theyjust need to duck in and hold very tight. this track is almost 1,500 metres long and you need a pretty strong stomach to manage its 16 curves. oh, man. i think that's one of the most intense experiences of my entire life. that was like being in a very, very active, very cold tumble dryer for a minute and a half. i don't even know how long it was. that was completely insane. another winter sport that can take your breath away is this, the skeleton.
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imagine a luge with no brakes or steering aid that you ride headfirst. martin and thomas are brothers and they're both world and olympic champions in this sport. it's our home track and we did many runs here, i think for learning it's great. i agree because if you learn, you can survive here, then you can survive anywhere. you must love this sport, to devote so much of your life to it. what do you love about it? i don't like training and all this stuff, but what i love this competition so that's the best part for me. i don't think i'm ready to try one of the full—blown skeletons, but there is a tourist version available that's a little bit more my speed. wish me luck. it's called a frog and for this
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one, there is no crew to make me feel safe. 0hhhh! she screams oh, my goodness! this is the easy option, but still pretty intense. how was it? so cool! the track in sigulda could now become an olympic venue, too. itjoins stockholm in a bid for hosting the 2026 0lympic winter games.
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answer injune this year and in the meantime... oh, yeah, i could go again right now. let's go. sadly, that's all we have time for, but coming up on next week's programme... the game is on. got his queen. mike is in norway where one of the world's most enduring games has seen a huge revival thanks to a home—grown grand master. i would say my favourite player from the past is probably myself, like, three or four years ago. my heart is beating so fast. so do join us then and in the meantime, you can sign up our social media feed where you can share your travels with us and the world. until next time, from me, christa larwood, and the rest of the travel show team here in latvia, it's goodbye.
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hello. it's not even midday and already over 21 celsius in 21 celsius in porthmadog in wales. lots of april sunshine across the uk stop this is alnwick. lots of sunshine here. there is high cloud around it turning things a is a witch continue through the afternoon. yesterday across the uk we saw our warmest air so far, 23.3 celsius across southeast england, higher today. so far, 23.3 celsius across southeast england, highertoday. by tomorrow, some weather to the west of london could be up to 26 and temperatures quite widely in the low 20 celsius this weekend. we have strong april sunshine and hour winds
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coming from the easter southeast are pulling warm airfrom coming from the easter southeast are pulling warm air from central and eastern parts of europe. high pressure a cross eastern parts of europe. high pressure across scandinavia keeping these fronts at bay, just about. we will see more cloud across northern and western scotland and northern ireland tonight but for daylight hours, lots more sunshine. it will be hazy at times, large areas of high cloud, a fairly brisk breeze blowing, east or south easterly for some and southern coasts, southwesterly across northern ireland and scotland so some coasts will feel fresher but away from here, temperatures widely 19 to 22 celsius, 23 or 2a across parts of southeast england so it is a fine and dry night, clear skies for many but all this cloud starts to push into northern and western scotland and northern ireland. it could bring rain and drizzle but otherwise a dry night with patches of mist and fog and temperatures not much lower than five or six celsius so we are frost—free with a good deal of sunshine tomorrow. this front is stubborn to go from northern or
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western scotland and northern ireland so it could bring patchy light rain at times. away from here, another dry, warm and often sunny day, temperatures higher tomorrow, up day, temperatures higher tomorrow, up to 2a or 25 or even 26 across southeast england. to easter sunday, high pressure is still dominant. we will find weather fronts nudging into western and northern scotland and northern ireland so more cloud here and the odd patch of light rain but most will have a mainly dry day on easter sunday and to the south of this across central and southern scotland, all of england and wales, afine, dry scotland, all of england and wales, a fine, dry day with good spells of sunshine, temperatures down a notch on easter sunday but pleasantly warm in the strong april sunshine, temperature is getting up to 22 or 23 celsius stop we will hold on to find conditions into easter monday, mainly dry, spells of sunshine, feeling slightly cooler before things turn much more unsettled in the week ahead.
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this is bbc news, i'm carrie gracie, the headlines at midday. the prime minister has described the killing ofjournalist lyra mckee in londonderry as "shocking and truly senseless". sinn fein said it was "heartbreaking". those people who carried out this attack have no place in society. those people who carried out this attack have no support. those people who have carried out this attack have attacked all of us. climate change protests in london are entering their fifth day. thousands of police officers are deployed to try to clear the demonstrators. local authorities are acused of the "social cleansing" of people who rough sleep, beg or loiter


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