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this is bbc news, the headlines at 10pm. police investigating the murder of the journalist, lyra mckee say they are dealing with a "new breed of terrorist". scotland yard requests two—hundred extra officers from neighbouring forces to help with the climate change protests, as the number of arrests reaches seven—hundred—and fifty hottest day of the year so far — as temperatures reach 25 and a half degrees and at 10:30 and again at 11:30 we'll be taking an in—depth look at the papers with our reviewers bonnie greer and penny smith — stay with us for that.
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detectives investigating the murder of the journalist, lyra mckee, have suggested a "new breed of terrorist" is rising through the ranks in northern ireland. two teenagers have been arrested in connection with the fatal shooting of the 29—year—old in londonderry on thursday night. police say they've had "unprecedented co—operation" from the public since the attack. we have already received unprecedented support from we have already received unprecedented support from the we have already received unprecedented support from the local community and i would like to thank them for helping us to seekjustice on lyra's behalf. i know there will be some people who know what happened but are frightened to come forward. i want to reassure you we will work with you sensitively. that isa will work with you sensitively. that is a real sense that what happened to lyra matt ac change and i want people to have confidence to come
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forward to help us. it is reported that those who killed lyra and this cowardly attack should not be allowed to do this again. they hide in the shadows and attempt to justify their actions to each other and have shown no courage to offer any explanation they likely to lyra's family. meanwhile the community continue to work together with the policing team to bring a lasting and positive change for the community. this should be lyra's legacy. it was notjust a attack on lyra it was an attack on the fabric of the community. her killers have succeeded only in uniting the entire community and condemnation. i would appeal to individuals that have information to contact us and what that house may be, contact
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detectives on 101 or via the crimestoppers charity. west yorkshire firefighters are dealing with a blaze on fifty acres of moorland above ilkley. crews were called to the fire just north of dick hudsons pub in bingley around lunchtime today and have been using beaters and water backpacks. hundreds of extra police officers have been drafted in by the metropolitan police from other forces as it tries to move climate change protestors from parts of central london. since the demonstrations began on monday more than 750 people have been arrested. our correspondent simonjones has been following some of the remaining protestors — and sent us this from waterloo bridge. you get a real sense that the patience of the police is being stretched as are the resources. but the protests on this bridge continue causing disruption to traffic and people in the area. let's show you the picture there. unlike oxford circus which was cleared earlier,
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people are still here, they are making speeches, singing, cheering from time to time. a bit like what happened earlier at oxford circus, what police have done is formed a circle around the protesters on the bridge to try and keep the numbers contained there. to try to take people away. what protesters have been doing is lying on the ground so the police are forced to carry them away from here. but the message from the police as people have had enough of this, this is stretching their resources, taking resources away from fighting other types of crime. we really heard and unusual plea from the commissioner of the metropolitan police cressida dick saying please if you want to protest there is a lawful designated site at marble arch. by remaining here you are breaking the law, the police have got an order saying that people cannot be here. but the protesters are saying
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they are making their point, they are determined to stay here and that is why we have got a bit of a stand—off. certainly the police are very keen to bring this to an end but equally you have the protesters saying we are here for the long hall, particularly with the long holiday weekend and as people move away more people come and replace them so although oxford circus has been cleared which certainly will be seen as a success for the police, we are certainly not talking about the endgame any time soon i think.
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there is a real sense that what happened to lyra marked a sea change andi happened to lyra marked a sea change and i want people to have confidence to come forward to help us. after a week of disruption and hundreds of arrests — the head of the metropolitan police urges climate change protestors to move on. britain basks on the hottest day of the year so far — with more sunshine to come. and alive and buzzing — how two hundred thousand bees living in the notre dam cathedral survived the inferno.
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good evening. the detective leading the investigation into the killing of lyra mckee in northern ireland, has warned a "new breed of terrorist is coming through the ranks". two teenagers have been arrested by officers who they suspect were involved in shooting dead the young journalist in londonderry. police say they believe the dissident republican group the new ira is behind the killing. the teenagers are being questioned in belfast, from where louise cullen sent this report. a journalist, campaigner, beloved partner and devoted daughter, the police today said they had met lyra mckee's family to try to answer their questions and they said the killing had united the community against the dissidents. my broader concern is that what we are seeing is a new breed of terrorists coming through the ranks. and that for me is very worrying. there is a real sense that what happened to lyra marked a sea change. and i want people to have confidence to come forward. two men were arrested in derry this morning in connection with the murder of lyra mckee.
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they were brought here to belfast for questioning at the psni serious crime suite in musgrave police station. they are being held under the terrorism act. police were carrying out a search operation targeting dissident republicans in the creggan area of derry on thursday night when rioting flared. in cctv footage, a masked man steps out from behind a wall. he disappears and then a few minutes later, a man with a gun fired shots towards police and onlookers. lyra mckee was rushed to hospital where she died from her injuries. police believe a group calling itself the new ira was behind the shooting. one of the things that is worrying about this organisation is that they do have people who were experienced in the dark arts of bomb—making, when they were in the provisional ira and some of those people have gone over to the new ira in the last decade or so. for friends of the journalist and lgbt activist, reality is just beginning to sink in. when i woke up this morning, i did think that i had dreamt all this, it hadn't really happened.
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i dreamt the vigil, i dreamt everything and then i heard the news and i realised it wasn't some awful nightmare, it was true. and people across northern ireland are standing with lyra's family and friends, with books of condolence being signed and vigils held in a number of towns and cities. everybody should show their condemnation of this murder in some shape or form. we need to move forward. nobody wants to go back to the dark days and our children deserve the opportunity to never be brought up in that the way that we all were. the community has been brought together to stand against that possibility by the killing of a woman who called herself a ceasefire baby. louise cullen, bbc news. hundreds of extra police officers have been drafted in by the metropolitan police from other forces as it tries to clear climate change protestors from parts of central london. since the demonstrations began on monday more than 750 people have been arrested. the metropolitan police commissioner cressida dick has defended the handling of the protests and described the operation as unprecedented.
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jon donnison reports. the extinction rebellion has life in it yet. for a sixth day, climate change protesters targeted central london. yesterday's pink boat at oxford circus was replaced by a green hammock. their message? they're not going away. if there were a better way, please somebody tell us, because we have tried the suggested ways. we have tried writing to mps. we have tried doing petitions. we have tried standing in the street with banners. it clearly hasn't worked. cheering and applause. she was eventually arrested. as were others. but they're not making it easy for the police. some protesters had glued themselves together, with their arms encased in piping. a cheer goes up now as one protester has been released.
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here at oxford circus, the police are using bolt cutters, angle grinders, and special chemicals to break through the glue that protesters have used to stick themselves together. cheering and applause. there were similar scenes at waterloo bridge. we are here to protect our kids and to protect our future kids and their future kids and you don't have to understand science to understand that. the metropolitan police have had to request 200 extra officers from neighbouring forces, but deny they are struggling to cope or that cells are full. it has been a really challenging operation. they are using very dynamic communications and very dynamic tactics. i think many people would say that we have not seen anything quite like this in this city or around the country before. by late afternoon, the last of the protesters at oxford circus had been removed and traffic was flowing again. you are suffocating me.
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you are drowing me. but as dusk fell at waterloo bridge, some demonstrators were preparing to bed down for the night. in the morning, they will be back. more than 100 protesters are still appear on waterloo bridge, a fair number of police as well but i have to say the atmosphere is very non—confrontational, pretty relaxed as it has been for much of the week. we did get a sense in that interview with cressida dick in terms of how unprecedented she regards these events this week and that the tactics have may be surprised the police. in terms of disruption for londoners, it has been pretty limited this week and it will be interesting to see what happens in the next few days when many people will be returning to work. john, thank you. let's take a look at some of today's other news. clashes have broken out between demonstrators and police in paris, on the twenty—third saturday of ‘yellow vest‘ protests against the rising cost of living.
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the police fired tear gas and stun grenades, and have arrested nearly two—hundred people. the public prosecutor in sudan says more than a hundred million pounds in cash has been recovered from the home of the deposed president, 0mar al—bashir. he's under investigation for money laundering after being toppled more than a week ago. protesters continue to demand civilian rule. an attack on the communications ministry in the afghan capital kabul has left seven people dead including three police officers. a government spokesman said all four gunmen had also been killed. hundreds of people were evacuated after the assailants stormed the building, setting off an explosion at its boundary wall. the taliban has denied responsibility for the attack. it's turning out to be one of the hottest easter bank holiday weekends on record with temperatures reaching 25 and a half celsius in hampshire today — the warmest day of the year so far. and there's more to come, with sunshine and high temperatures expected for most of the country tomorrow and monday. from sunny southport,
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0livia richwald sent this report. summer holiday scenes over the easter weekend. southport, on merseyside, has one of the biggest expanses of sand in the north—west and the second longest pier in the country. these girls have taken two trains to be here today. it feels like summer because it's really hot and it's really sunny. what have you been doing? er, laying on the beach and going to the shops. it's been a lovely day here. it's been very warm. obviously, the sun's ultra warm for this time of year, so you've got to enjoy it while it lasts, i think. days like this are few and far between. i've spent plenty of easters reporting on unseasonal snow, but i have to say that southport in the sunshine is far more enjoyable, and this isjust the beginning, because it's due to be lovely tomorrow and monday. across the uk, most places have been basking in blue skies and sunshine.
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from the north of wales on anglesey, to the south in carmarthenshire, people were hitting the beaches. it was the perfect day for the european stone stacking championships in dunbar in scotland. when the mercury goes up, thousands go down to brighton, where the water skiers were enjoying calm seas. inland, the boats were moving somewhat slower in milton keynes, and on the thames, where birds of all varieties were soaking up the sun. today, southport was hotter than seville and st tropez. tomorrow's easter eggs will be served sunny side up. 0livia richwald, bbc news, southport. the warm weather hasn't come without problems however. firefighters in west yorkshire have spent much of the day battling a large fire affecting several acres of ilkley moor. walkers have been warned to stay clear of the area. with all the sport now, here's karthi gna nasegaram
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at the bbc sport centre... good evening. good evening, kate. saracens are through to the final of rugby union's prestigious european champions cup for the fourth time in six years. it had been a controversial week for their star, billy vunipola, but he was named man of the match as the two time champions powered past munster, winning 32—16. jo currie reports. the champions cup bathed in sunshine. the perfect condition as two of the games heavyweights walk the line for a place in the final. small margin separated them at the break with 0wen farrell ‘s boot on four separate occasions just fast enough to keep saracens ahead. as the second half started, the london side cranked up the heat and if anyone knows how to negotiate the latter stages of this competition it is them, having won it twice in the last three years. michael rhodes finally the man to break the irish down. but after tasting defeat in
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their last six european semi—finals, munster were not going out on a web. a turnover enough to put darren sweep them into the corner, hope for the munster faithful soon to be bulldozed billy —— billy vunipola. after perhaps the toughest week of his career when he was formally warned by the rfu for social media comments, the forward showed the best of himself on the pitch. his saracens side too strong and too powerful and in the end just too good. jill kerry, bbc news. and in rugby union's european challenge cup, sale were narrowly defeated 2a points to 20 in their semifinal by la rochelle. right, it is time to pop out of the room if you don't want to know today's football results as match of the day follows soon on bbc one. the premier league title race promises to be fascinating to the end as manchester city returned to the top of the table after a phil foden goal gave them a 1—0 win over spurs, just three days after the london side had knocked city out of the champions league. at the bottom of the table brighton secured an important point with a 1—all draw with wolves.
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relegated fulham won their first away game of the season at bournemouth. watford's european ambitions stay alive after their 2—1 win over huddersfield. west ham and leicester drew 2—all. and ayoze perez scored a hat—trick at the bottom of the table brighton secured an important point the scottish premiership hasn't been decided quite yet. a rangers victory today means celtic will have to wait at least another week if they are to retain the title. steven gerrard's side beat hearts 3—1 to move to within eight points of the top spot. it was 1—all between hamilton and motherwell. aberdeen leapfrogged kilmarnock into third place in the table after a 1—nil win. kilmarnock had three players sent off in that game. livinston went down to 10 men and lost 3—1 to st mirren. and dundee are six points adrift at the bottom of the table after losing at stjohnstone. manchester united have won the women's championship title, only 11 months after being re—formed. united thrashed crystal palace 7—nil this afternoon to be crowned champions, just three days after they sealed promotion to the super league. united had axed their women's team back in 2005 leading to a 13 year
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absence from the sport. tennis and it was a noisy and nervous first day for great britain as they faced kazakhstan in a fed cup play—off at the copper box arena in london. great britain's katie boulter lost her match against yulia putinseva despite having had three match points. earlier, johanna konta had won the opening singles to give great britain a 1—0 lead. the tie is now level at 1—1. the reverse singles and a doubles match will be played tomorrow. there was a rare clay court defeat for rafael nadal. after winning the monte carlo masters title 11 times, nadal was beaten in straight sets in the semi finals today by italy's fabio fognini. nadal said his performance was one of his worst on clay in 1a years. there's more on the bbc sport website including the latest from new york as the british boxer, amir khan, challenges terence crawford for his wbo world welterweight title. there is live commentary of that fight on bbcradio5live. kate.
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some of notre—dame's smallest residents appear to have survived the devastating fire which destroyed most of the cathedral‘s roof and toppled its famous spire. around 200 thousand bees living in hives on the roof were initially thought to have perished in the blaze, but the fire did not reach the hives, and the smoke merely made them drunk as hugh schofield reports from paris. for six years, they have been keeping bees on the roof of notre dame. the inferno, one might have thought, should have reduced the three hives to a large pool of wax. but no. this brief video, taken this afternoon, shows that all is still in order. the day after, we had pictures taken by drones and i could see the three dots made by the roofs of the hives and nothing was in front. nothing that looked like melted wax and then, on thursday, nicola, my boss, met andre on the pavement and he said that he had seen bees
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going back and forth into the hives. luckily the hives were not on the part of the roof that burned, but on the sacristy, a much lower level, visible here on the foreground. night was falling when the fire broke out, so the bees should have been settling down to rest. i was at first very pleased, but i am facing them. they were on earth before us and they will be here after us and i am definitely convinced of that, whatever we do, pesticides, i am always positive and i know that they will survive. definitely. christian writers of antiquity, saw bees as an inspiration for the church. a community of workers, toiling for a common good. eastertide at notre dame, they are providing another symbol, of life and hope. hugh schofield, bbc news, paris. you can see more on all of today's stories on the bbc news channel. that's all from me. goodnight.
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hello. after day two of the easter weekend warmth you may be watching is to
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saturday turned out to be a decent day for many parts, this weather watcher chose a beach in scarborough but you could have gone to a number of locations for a similar effect because the heat was quite widespread across the british isles,
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although the colours dribble away in the north—west with a very good reason. it wasn't a heatwave right round the coast, still some onshore breezes across parts of east anglia, 11 to 13 there and the reason it was so in cool the north—west was the weather front which will still be around starting tomorrow. a lot of cloud and rain, extensive rain overnight to the north and western isles but sunday elsewhere is going to prove another sparkling day, temperatures still into the low 20s and a number of places, always a fraction cooler around the exposed coasts. the temperatures for the most pa rt coasts. the temperatures for the most part are well above seasonal norm. through the evening and overnight it will be lovely again for many parts, butjust the sense we will push this rain away from the mainland of scotland, not
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particularly cold, under the clear skies it may be that east anglia sees temperatures dipping well into single figures. here we are for easter monday, looking like a fine and settled today again, not much change except in the north—western quarterfor change except in the north—western quarter for eventually the front will pull out into the atlantic and at last the sunshine comes through and temperatures will respond, between 11 and 13 could be into the mid—teens. elsewhere between 22 and 24 mid—teens. elsewhere between 22 and 2a possible. 0nce we're through monday into tuesday we see things changing with a low pressure becoming dominant through biscay towards the western side of the british isles. into the middle part of the week and we lose the influence of the continent on the weather and it will be more about the atlantic influencing and dominating the scene from mid week and into the second half of the week. tuesday something of a transition day, the first signs of
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cloud with the odd shivery burst into the western areas, not seen temperatures plummeting straightaway, the odd 20 to 22 on offer but once we begin to pick up that atlantic influence introducing more moisture into the atmosphere it will begin to see some quite heavy downpours gradually drifting from the south and west across parts of the south and west across parts of the british isles and it is at this point be begin to see temperatures are falling back, no more 2425 if you ever got that, may be the upper teens. into thursday those belts of sugary rain work further north and from west to east to the point where most areas go buy the second—half of the week have seen at least some rain and for some that will be quite welcome. by that stage temperatures will be looking tween the mid—teens so by the end of next week looking at something a good deal more
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u nsettled, at something a good deal more unsettled, the risk of thundery showers and it will turn cooler, temperatures ending the week at the seasonal norm. hello. this is bbc news. we'll be taking a look at tomorrow mornings papers in a moment — first the headlines. police investigating the murder of the journalist lyra mckee say they are dealing with a "new breed of terrorist". scotland yard requests 200 extra officers from neighbouring forces to help with the climate change protests, as the number of arrests reaches 750. hottest day of the year so far — as temperatures reach 25.5 degrees.
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hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are the columnist for the new european newspaper, and playwright, bonnie greer, and the broadcaster, penny smith. it feels like it is almost morning! it feels like it is almost morning! it is the bbc. that is the station you are on tonight. let's have a look at the front pages. the mail on sunday has details of a survey which suggests that 40% of conservative councillors are planning to vote for nigel farage's brexit party in next month's european elections, in protest over theresa may's failure to bring about the uk's exit from the eu. meanwhile the sunday telegraph reports on the findings of a polling memo which suggests that conservative supporters


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