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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  April 21, 2019 7:30pm-7:45pm BST

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hello this is bbc news. the headlines... more than 200 people have died after a series of explosions at churches and hotels in sri lanka. 5 british citizens are among the dead. sri lankan authorities say eight people have been arrested in connection with the attacks. three police officers died during a raid in the capital colombo
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police say most of the explosions were suicide blasts, it not yet clear who is responsible for the attacks. more than 830 people, protesting in london about climate change this week, have been arrested by police — 42 were charged. police in west yorkshire have arrested a number of people in connection with fires burning on ilkley moor. dozens of firefighters are still dealing with the blaze, which covers six acres. a comedian and actor — volodymyr zelensky — has won ukraine's presidential election defeating the incumbent, petro poroshenko who has conceded victory. now on bbc news, it's time for sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday. i'm damian johnson. ahead on the programme...
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delight for liverpool, as they leapfrog manchester city yet again to return to the top of the premier league after a 2—0 win at cardiff. brilliant from britain at the fed cup. they win their tie with kazakhstan, to secure promotion for the first time in 26 years. and what next for amir khan after his controversial world title defeat to terence crawford in new york. first tonight... liverpool are back on top of the premier league after a 2—0 victory over cardiff city. they have leapfrogged the champions manchester city yet again after a tense afternoon in south wales. there were significant results for the top four too,
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as david ornstein reports. a day as vital to liverpool's title bid as cardiff's fight against relegation, a day when chances needed to be taken, and wastefulness could prove costly. for a periods the gulf in quality was clear, but pressure can be a leveller. both goalkeepers were to thank for keeping the scores level at half—time. level, but not for long. the deadlock was broken, and almost the net. liverpool in front. the celebration and smile what a mark of what it went. cardiff should have equalised. how did he miss? their afternoon went from bad to worse, a penalty to liverpool. james milner was as reliable as ever from the spot. the reds rising back to the premier league summit, and still in contention for a first title in 29 yea rs. knocked out of europe in midweek, manchester united's sole focus is now to finish in the top four. but those hopes were dented by an abject display that saw everton
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condemn them to a sixth defeat in eight. the job facing ole gunnar solskjaer looks bigger by the game. i think everyone here can say with hands on their heart that that is nowhere near good enough, that is not a united team. the manager, the staff and the players know that. we apologise again to the fans but we promise we are going to come out on wednesday and do what we can to give them a performance. there was another big result too in the race for the top four. arsenal had a great chance to move above tottenham and into third. but they were beaten 3—2 at home by crystal palace. mesut ozil equalised after christian benteke opened the scoring. but palace made it 3—1 with goals from wilf zaha and james mcarthur. pierre emerick aubamyang's effort with thirteen minutes remaning failed to produce an arsenal fightback and they remain in fourth place.
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let's have a run through some of the day's other football headlines and... celtic need just four more points from their four remaining premiership games to clinch another league title. they were held to a goalless draw at hibernian this afternoon, hibs keeper ofir marciano was in inspired form to keep neil lennon's side out. chelsea have lost their first leg of their women's champions league semi final against lyon. they lost 2—1, so they did get an away goal which could prove to be vital come the second leg. arsenal need just one more win to take the women's super league title after a 2—1win over everton. they're four points clear at the top of the table, and will win the league if they beat brighton next weekend. away from football, great britain have won their fed cup tie with kazakhstan at the copperbox arena in london. the win was sealed by a couple of great performances from johanna konta and katie boulter.
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our tennis correspondent russell fuller was watching. both players wear and tear list positions in their matches and due to very courageous performance to finally see britain back to the world group, the top 16 teams and the fed cup since 1993 and let's start with the ohana content which was the first match of the day. it was the first match of the day. it was nip and tuck most of the way until she put the foot on the gas and she showed many errors and she got one of the breaks back and recovered from 5—3 down. virtually flawless tennis to take a deciders 7-5 flawless tennis to take a deciders 7—5 and gave britain the first robber in the afternoon. 11 successive singles in a row for konta. how significant is this for british women's tennis. it means a lot to the team know that the
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victory is secure. katie boulter had to do it the hard way and she was struggling with the back problem that she was also affected by yesterday and she was talking a hot water bottle down the back of her skirt at the change to suit her back and a breakdown and i sat down, she was ina and a breakdown and i sat down, she was in a bit of trouble before coming back and taking the decider 6-1. what that coming back and taking the decider 6—1. what that means is they are in the elite top 16 and as a stand they will be an world group to because it is divided into two groups of 18. date promise reform and the chosen format though it is not confirmed it will happen in time for next year was to have 12 team, one week long world cup finals in april, perhaps ina world cup finals in april, perhaps in a city in europe. britain would be involved in that and sub capacity, they need to when a play off in february but they have a shot at winning the title next year. and
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it is fairto at winning the title next year. and it is fair to say that konta was central. it's day two of the world snooker championship at the crucible theatre in sheffield. both ding junhui and shaun murphy have been in action today. hazel irvine and the team watched the action. a very eventful easter sunday here at the crucible and brought a victory. 10—7 when and it was a struggle and be and as he fought back happy but how'd they did he look? for a first match pretty solid. he will be delighted with that performance. shawn murphy not to be outdone, the first for frames against a rookie opponent and four in total and what was an absolutely smashing session for him. he nailed the session and every credit to him from the perspective of the fact that he comes into this tournament with not too much forward so a
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ba na na with not too much forward so a banana skin of playing an unknown quantity but significantly big gearing up to the world championship and seems to pay dividends. if he can continue control of the ball like he did today, he can be a threat. the one we were enjoying, way past 6pm however and said to be something of a marathon match, look at the 14th seat up against the qualifier and they had to stop the match at a very difficult point, at 9-8 match at a very difficult point, at 9—8 and wilson and i had. he will get the batter to make better as they go back on? it is difficult because it was getting very edgy out there and had to go back for an hour or two and they will come back and go back out that it is still anyone's match that one. looking for anyone's match that one. looking for a full evening session and so much to come at the world championship and we had a magician conjuring the next phase.
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the coverage continues on bbc two 110w. leinster are through to the final of rugby union's champions cup after beating toulouse in the semi final. the irish provincial side will face saracens of the premiership at newcastle united's st james's park next month. ben croucher reports. after a year and ireland, the champions cup is starting to feel at home with leinster and only spent as long and need toulouse trophy cabinet as the new one in dublin and its history. they want to return to france, toulouse has to deliver better the next. compounding with the irish side reluctant to wave goodbye to their trophy. of those like might well have - waved like might well have late to waved the white flag by half—time but only talked on for a penalty in the build up talked on for a penalty in the build up but still leinster had to wait 12 minutes after the break to go further ahead. toulouse chipping away with the boot and offering some french resistance only for garry ringrose to touch the ball down at
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the same time as him, no try. at the french knew they were down, leinster proceeded to take them some more. no intentions of letting the trophy go anywhere just yet. britain's amir khan has vowed to continue boxing despite a controversial defeat in his world title challenge against the wbo welterweight champion terence crawford. khan was pulled out by his corner after suffering an accidental low blow from the american. ade adedoyin was ringside for the fight at madison square garden. it was always going to be a tough task for him because he was up against one of the best pound for pound fighters in the world but it cannot get off to a worse start. cot with a right hand that scrambled his senses and a left and put them down and after that he was never really in the fight and after the six round, a round of controversial and anti—climatic ending and hit with a low blow. it was an accidental low blow and in that situation you have up blow and in that situation you have up to five minutes to recover from that but i spoke to his trainer who
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said after three minutes it was very clear that he was not going to be in a position to continue, not against the fighter of the calibre of terrence crawford and that is why he pulled him out. it overshadows what was a very dominant performance by terrence crawford. illustrated why they consider him one of the best in they consider him one of the best in the world at the moment and all weight classes. it is criticised heavily for the way the fight ended and what did he have to say about that? he was tackled in the ring when he gave his interview and when he went to the press conference as well, they were members of crawford plus i can feel as if he clicked and suggested that he took the easy way out and that there was a sense of inevitability that he would eventually be knocked out. he said in the news conference afterwards that was not his style any take exception to the fact that some people would call him a quitter. here is what he had to say.|j people would call him a quitter. here is what he had to say. i would
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rather be knocked out, i would rather be knocked out, i would rather be knocked out, i would rather be knocked out then quit a fight. it is not a me to quit. and obviously i was hit with a low shot and could not recover from it, that is the reason why the fight was called off. i trade to continue but it was getting worse and obviously he in the corner called it off and wait chose not to fight. he certainly shows the scars of battle and what next for him because it will be those he will advise them not to return? he had a big decision to make as far as his career, he has boxed at any level and remember he was an olympic silver medallist and at 22 he was a champion and by 25 he w011 at 22 he was a champion and by 25 he won the title twice. he always box at the elite level and he was clearly a step behind terrence crawford and as i say there was a
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sense of inevitability. so we has to ask himself that he still had what it takes to compete at the highest level. i tell you this and all the signs i ever seen and beaten, he was never outclassed in the way he was. he said after the press conference he still has a lot to offer the support and has to go away and think about it and when i spoke to his trainer, i asked about it and when i spoke to his trainer, iasked him if he about it and when i spoke to his trainer, i asked him if he thinks he should retire and he said he needs to ta ke should retire and he said he needs to take some time away and whatever he decides to do he will fully support him. can he really compete with the best at the moment and he has always been a contender in the risk going on for too long and becoming the ten day challenge or. he man and a big if ego but a big decision to make going forward. that's all from sportsday. we'll have more throughout the evening. thank you forjoining us.
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coming up on this week's programme... car—free in madrid. this is like being a kid again! woohoo! and it's downhill all the way in the mountains of latvia. we start this week in the spanish capital, madrid, where change is coming fast. the way people get around the city is being transformed, city officials are clearing the cars from the congested streets and opening them up to new possibilities — rentable electric scooters. they have become increasingly popular in many european cities of late. for lots of people, it's a transport revolution they've been waiting for.


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