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tv   The Film Review  BBC News  April 21, 2019 11:45pm-12:00am BST

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reveal they will eat it! scientists reveal it harnesses their inner rebelliousness. it's a very good story. if you give them an article which suggests that food companies are manipulating teenagers then they will fight against it. i think it's a brilliant story. i wanted to make sure we clarified that. thank you both very much indeed. that's it for the papers tonight. don't forget you can see the front pages of the papers online on the bbc news website. it's all there for you — 7 days a week at — and if you miss the programme any evening you can watch it later on bbc iplayer. my thanks tojohn rentoul and martin lipton. it's goodnight from us. next on bbc news, it's the film review.
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hello, and welcome to the film review on bbc news. to take us through this week's cinema releases is jason solomons. i'm used to seeing you in a black tie and on the red carpet. if i had known, i would've dressed up. so jason, what do we have this week? we have great films with great actors and actresses of awards standing. the first film is about a lost handbag leading to a nightmare. chloe grace moretz and isabelle huppert star in greta. we are off to italy, the sun—drenched beaches in palo sorrentino's loro. and red joan, judi dench opens the door on her past and a wartime secret that she was accused of treason. she's a national treasure!
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let's start with greta it sounds cartoonish, but critics like it? it's almost not cartoonish enough for me. i really liked it, it's called greta and directed by neiljordan, who's been doing these dark—tinged fairy tales. he did in the company of wolves, the crying games, and in dreams. his stories always come with this little fairy element, like angela carter in the dark underbelly of fairy tales. this one is called greta, like "hansel and gretel". it's a tale of breadcrumbs left in the city that brings chloe grace moritz to isabelle huppert‘s little gingerbread house in new york. you don't see houses like this in new york. chloe grace moritz returns this handbag to isabelle huppert, who plays a batty old french lady who's lost her husband and is a bit sad. they strike up an unlikely
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friendship which leads to a rather stalker—ish bit of behaviour from isabelle huppert. like fatal attraction, she tracks down all through the city, and even turns up at the restaurant where chloe grace moritz is working. may i? hmm... a bit like you — promises a lot, then disappoints. 0k. i deserve better! oh my god, i'm so sorry. you can't do this to me — to us. are you a child? no, you're the child. you need someone to love. you need a mother to hold you. you love someone, and you're afraid to love. don't you dare talk to me about my mother! darling, you must learn, she had to die. she had to die for me! are you out of your mind? you just can't accept it! she's gone, frances! just accept it!
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leave me alone! she's gone, leave me alone! leave me alone! she's so elegant but scary! i know, she's like that in real life. you think she'll go at any moment. she's done brilliant films with michael haneke, like elle with paul verhoeven, which won he ran oscar nomination a few years ago. that is what we are picking up on here. i love how in the clip, all the new york diners decide it's hard to get a reservation, so they aren't moving, even if there is a madwoman going on. as you can see, it's got that delirious nature to it, and i mention fatal attraction or single white female, those psychological thrillers from the ‘80s and ‘90s. that is whatjordan is mining here. they even go shopping for a rescue dog, which brings in the big bad wolf.
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there's a lot of clever stuff here, but it's also just a lot of fun. it's one of those films that's a bit silly and you think, "why didn't she google her"? she would know. that spoils it. exactly, it's old —fashioned. i like the style of it, shot by seamus mcgarvey. it's like a hitchcock film. it's unhinged, which you need. i'm interested. now loro, about silvio berlusconi. lots of colour to be looked at in his life? for those who don't know, silvio berlusconi was the prime minister of italy and engulfed in scandal. but you could never get rid of him, he was coated in teflon. that wasn't a tan, it was feflon. he's played in this film brilliantly by the great italian actor toni servillo, who is the muse of palo sorrentino, the director of the film. we are set in the palaces of sardinia, where everyone is trying to get berlusconi's attention. it is a film that has a lot of women dancing around and bikini, lots of parties, and berlusconi was famous for inviting heads of state to these parties.
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you remember them? i reported on them a few times. it would be fun to be invited, except what this film does is make you realise that it's fun to start with, but after the fifth or sixth one, the excess is way too much. how appealing will this be to the female audience? given that we've gone through this time's up, #metoo moment... it's like those things never happen in this movie. you will be disgusted by much of it, but that's the idea. is it disgusting enough, does it get enough jabs at berlusconi? not really, but there are some brilliant touches of surrealism. red joan with judi dench? no dancing girls in this one. judi dench plays a woman — this is based on the real—life tale of melita norwood, known as the "granny spy." suddenly the police show up at her home and arrest her for wartime behaviour.
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she says she's done nothing wrong, then we flash back to cambridge in the 1930s where she was a young woman who came under the charm of a handsome and charismatic communist played by tom hughes. here's a clip. it was the best of times, it was the worst of times. it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness... it was the epoch of belief. it was the epoch of incredulity. it was the season of light, it was the season of darkness. a tale of two cities, book one, recalled to life. that's communism. that's dickens. i'd have thought far too english for you. so what made you want
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to read physics? the clever answer is that when in 1932, they discovered the neutron, and the whole world changed. and i wanted to be a part of that. but the reality is tadpoles. does it work? the flashing back and forth takes the drama out of both segments, unfortunately. judi dench is always brilliant, but this is not the best role i've seen her do. there's not enough of her, you want to see how this affects this woman who is suddenly confronted by her past. here she is living happily in a suburb, and suddenly, her past catches up with her. her family knows nothing about it — her son is the barrister who ends up defending her, with no clue about what his mum has been up to. then it all gets a bit muddled, flashing backwards and forwards between the two. they don't quite marry the two segments for me. it reminded me of the imitation game, with benedict cumberbatch and keira knightley. that's what we do with british period films, and unfortunately it is a pale imitation of that.
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best out, you've chosen mid90s? it's nostalgic for those who have lived through it? berlusconi is enough mid—90s for anyone, but we are talking about a young kid growing up on the streets of la in the 1990s who falls amongst a group of skateboarders. it is very much a coming—of—age tale, which i love, especially when it is set to mid—90s hip—hop. this is directed byjonah hill, a rather portly actor who's worked with scorsese and in superbad. the wolf of wall street? exactly.
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there's lots of scorsese in this movie. it's summer—y with great beats — "dope beats," i would say. would you really? are we allowed to use language like that? who is this appealing to — is it for people who were around in the ‘90s? it's for anyone who's come of age, which is most of us, mainly boys, but your first experiences with sex and alcohol, your mum telling you off, the embarrassment of your mum finding you when you're trying to be cool. it captures that moment of youth and becoming into experience, and he does it really well. quite well, lots of banter and growing up to be done on screen. and as it's his first film as a director, he's growing up as a film—maker before our very eyes. best streaming, something called guava island? you say that as if you don't know what that means. streaming is notjust for hay fever sufferers, you know? it's where we find a lot of stuff these days. i thought i would pick this little film dropped on amazon prime starring donald glover, who goes by childish gambino for his music, and rihanna, who is also a singer. guava island is set on the caribbean and a story that reminded me me of 1950s palm d'or winner black orpheus, directed by marcel camus. all pretensions aside, it is realistic with great music, about a carnival and workers under the shackles of a dictator on this island.
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but is it more than just a feature—length music video? much more, although it is only 55 minutes, so it finds itself between a rock and a hard place. but you can just release these things on streaming, it doesn't have to get you in cinemas. but i found it colourful and well—acted with very fine set pieces of the dancing. this naive inquisitor thing i do is just an act to make you look really good. i know you know everything. thank you very much, jason. that's it for this week, thank you for watching and goodbye. there are weather changes on the way but they will start after we end the easter weekend and it will be a warm
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day. what a weekend it has been. good friday, 2a, saturday, 25.5 and for easter sunday scotland, northern ireland and wales the warmest easter sunday on record. the england record stands at 25.3. it came close on easter sunday, 24.6 stands at 25.3. it came close on easter sunday, 24. 6 in stands at 25.3. it came close on easter sunday, 24.6 in surrey. we will see a sunny day in north west scotland, western northern ireland compared to recent days. this weather system has moved west. these are the starting temperatures. chilli for central and eastern england. misty in places. temperatures had up quickly in the sunshine —— chilly. a fine day for north—west scotland and northern ireland but high cloud into england and wales turning the son hazy. a late shower in south—west england. hi teens, low 20s —— sun hazy. it would be the warmest easter monday on record. here is how it looks monday night into tuesday. on monday it will be breezy, it will be with us it will be breezy, it will be with us monday night with a high cloud
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and the temperatures would be going down as far. the chance of some showers for the channel islands, south—west england, may be south wales. similar picture on tuesday. low pressure developing to the south—west hasn't got its act together but it will on wednesday. airdrying together but it will on wednesday. air drying from the south with the high cloud, and saharan dust arriving in the atmosphere could turn the sunrise and sunset fiery looking. as we look at tuesday, high cloud and hazy sunshine. the odd shower possible that further west you are. temperatures, still warm out there. not quite as warm. from midweek that changes accelerate. after starting with the warm continental air, low pressure develops. it will be unsettled. the blues had our way. it will be cooler at the end of the week especially into next weekend is low pressure is moving across the uk. the downward
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trend in temperatures, the change from sunshine to more cloud, and the child is a wet weather, not necessarily a bad thing of course on the gardens and the fields out there. turning cooler this week, u nsettled, there. turning cooler this week, unsettled, showers and thunderstorms heading north, getting breezy.
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i'm karishma vaswani in singapore. the headlines: grief and shock across sri lanka as a wave of bomb attacks on churches and hotels leaves more than 200 dead. the islands deadliest violence in a decade. translation: i heard the explosion and then the roof fell on us. we took the children and ran out from the rear door. but when i came to the rear door. but when i came to the hospital i saw my brother—in—law and son on the ground. a government minister tells the bbc police were briefed about the threat ten days ago, but the prime minister wasn't told. the million—dollar question was, this was sent on the 11th


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