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tv   BBC News  BBC News  April 23, 2019 1:30pm-2:01pm BST

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321 people, eight britons among them, are known to have been killed in the suicide bomb attacks in sri lanka on easter sunday. sharanjit leyl is in colombo for us. what is the latest? ben, this is an official day of mourning, and we saw lots of mass funerals taking place today. there are so many funerals to conduct of the dead here that they have been taking place in batches. we know some 30 covens were buried this morning, there were more this afternoon and many more over the days ahead. —— we know some 30 coffins were buried. the dev patel has risen to 321. the security is so tight around st sebastian in negombo, a target of the attack on sunday, vehicles may not drive
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within one kilometre of the church. there is more emerging about the horrific nature of the attacks, they we re horrific nature of the attacks, they were conducted by suicide bombers and indiscriminately affected women, men and children. the native nations, unicef, says that 45 children were among those who were killed. —— the united nations, unicef. and many more are likely to die because so many are fighting for their lives and the 500 injured. thank you, sharanjit leyl. time for a look at the weather. here's ben rich. good afternoon. we are looking at something much cooler this week. the easter weekend felt like summer, but it is not yet summer and the weather will remind us of that. by next weekend, 13 could be your top temperature with some outbreaks of rain. the change has already begun, it is very subtle at the moment,
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high cloud streaming from the south. high in the atmosphere we had some dust from the sahara, which helps to gibson impressive sunrises this morning. that is how it looked in hastings. those areas of high cloud with saharan dust made the sunshine quite hazy this afternoon. the vast majority will be dry with may be the odds shower in the far south—west, chilly for north sea coast in eastern scotland and north—east england. but away from these areas open into the 20s, maybe 2a in the south, the last day we will see temperatures like that.. most temperatures like that.. m ost pla ces temperatures like that.. most places will be dry with clear spells this evening and overnight, developing across eastern scotland and north—east england and cheri rain approaching the south—west. maybe the odd thunderstorm, that is a sign of things to come tomorrow. low pressure firmly in charge. the frontal system works north eastwards, bringing outbreaks of rain, especially across the south—west of england first thing.
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ahead of that we are likely to see some heavy, thundery showers breaking out, all the while the northern half of the uk is likely to stay predominantly dry but also quite cloudy. tomorrow afternoon, showers and thunderstorms break out gci’oss showers and thunderstorms break out across the midlands, into wales and northern england. they could contain some hail, frequent lighting, gusty winds. that could make for some travelling conditions. quite windy gci’oss travelling conditions. quite windy across parts of scotland, temperatures might be up to 20 in eastern england but many other spots will not get to 20. as temperatures continue their downward trend is that week was on, we push the last of the theresa may away to the north—east, we bring in more cool atlantic air. for thursday, showers drifting northwards, the best of the dry weather across northern scotland and temperatures at best are between 13 and 15 degrees.
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that's all from the bbc news at one, so it's goodbye from me, and on bbc one we nowjoin the bbc‘s news teams where you are. good afternoon. it's 1.30pm and here's your latest sports news... 5—times winner ronnie 0'sullivan has been knocked out in the first round at the world snooker championship, in what is one of the biggest shocks in the tournament's history. amateurjames cahill led 5—4 coming into this morning's session and some uncharacteristic errors from 0'sullivan allowed him an 8—5 lead. a rather drained and lacklustre 0'sullivan did rally to make it 8—8 but cahill — the first amateur to qualify for the crucible — held his nerve to secure a 10 frames to 8 win.
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you have to come here physically, mentally feeling good and i was feeling i had had a good season. i didn't expect to do well here, but you can and just try to do your best. if you're physically not 100%, thenit best. if you're physically not 100%, then it is going to make it even harder. ijust tried to hang in there, tragedy as much as they could, and get through this match and then have a you dissolve to try and then have a you dissolve to try and feel a little bit you know?” and feel a little bit you know?|j thought and feel a little bit you know?” thought i would be nervous when i we nt thought i would be nervous when i went out there. and it surprised me to be honest. i wasn't. went out there. and it surprised me to be honest. iwasn't. i went out there. and it surprised me to be honest. i wasn't. i was upset about tents at parts, but apart from that if i can hopefully now kick on, i know my schooling in my games so i do not think i have shown it that much there, —— my scoring in my games. i think i can offer a lot more than that as well. billy mcneill, the first british player to lift the european cup, has
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died at the age of 79. mcneill captained celtic when they beat inter milan in the 1967 final in lisbon — he also led the club to nine successive titles, seven scottish cups and six league cups. he had two spells as celtic manager and also had spells in charge of manchester city and aston villa. mcneill had been suffering from dementia, celtic say he "passed away surrounded by his family and loved ones". well, the tributes are sure to pour in over the day. celtic broke the news a little earlier with simply a picture saying rest in peace and ‘you'll never walk alone'. current celtic captain scott brown has tweeted: ‘captain leader legend. rest in peace'. mcneill‘s former club manchester city, who he managed for three years in the 1980s, were quick to pay tribute to their former boss. and this from the scotland national team who mcneill represented 29 times, they describe him as a true icon of scottish football. manchester united manager 0le gunnar solskjaer says
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he is the right man to turn around fortunes at old trafford after his side slumped to a 6th defeat in 8 games at the weekend. united lost 4—0 at everton on sunday and are now three points off top four in the premier league with four games to go. united play neighbours city on wednesday night. i am confident in my team and myself and that i will be ready to take this challenge on. i know it's a big challenge, and that is why i came in when i came in as well. i come in here, i'm going to say i will enjoy this, every single second. i don't like losing, but it is a great challenge and a challenge that all managers at this club have had. when you go through bad results, you still have to be confident enough to say, this is the way we are going to do it, and we are planning ahead. west ham's request for the kick—off time of their home match against southampton to be brought forward to 12:30pm on saturday the 11th of may has been rejected.
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the club wanted it changed so fans could watch west ham's ladies' team against manchester city in the women's fa cup final on the same day. the southampton game kicks off at 3pm, with the cup final getting under way at 5:30pm at wembley. that's all the sport for now. you can find more on all those stories on the bbc sport website. that's thank you very much. and going back to sri lanka now, prime minister is holding a press conference as we speak. he has said that investigators are making good progress identifying the culprits. we will be able to find
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out. they have been out there, so they may have one to one destination and then to where we are enquiring. you can meet people in any part, it does not have to be in the middle east. it can be also in london. this isa east. it can be also in london. this is a small breakaway group and all theissues is a small breakaway group and all the issues have been raised, but we cannot tell you immediately, definitely with who they have had links. inaudible question
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0ne one in government of they have given it to the police. the relevant authorities. did you know if he was one of the suicide bombers? he is suspected to be one of the suicide bombers. they had to confirm it. have you identified all of the suicide bombers? many of them, some more have to be identified. many have been identified, but not all. how many are there? are six or seven? let's have a? 0ver that. are there? are six or seven? let's have a? over that. do you believe that other suspects are on the run? they are still looking at who else was involved. inquiries lead to other names.
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inaudible question that is one issue that is over. we have another issue here. you have the terrorism going on. these are the terrorism going on. these are the best times are from their point of view, easter services are in the morning, easter services basically morning, easter services basically morning service that everyone attends. and then they must... between the branches, because i don't know, this is only speculation that people have, but there seems to be the timing, looking at the maximum participation.”
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be the timing, looking at the maximum participation. i would like to ask why... inaudible i don't think it is... look at when these explosions took place. all the religious leaders came out and said, look, let there be calm. they're issuing the statement, certainly the the senior muslim leaders. 0n issuing the statement, certainly the the senior muslim leaders. on sunday night and on monday night and day at the funerals, calm as they wait...
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that shows the type of responsibility... the government will continue its policy of having unity in the country and of having religious groups getting together. why are you cracking down on the —— we will crack down on a global terrorism. they do not have any faith. there has certainly been a big improvement in the country's relationship in the countries at different religions. leg once it comes down, we will decide what we can do, sub will from the post. they are concerned that university... will be to
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intimidate minorities.” that university... will be to intimidate minorities. i met all the main party leaders in parliament, including former president, there was a question marks. everyone wants this wiped out. if anyone has any issues, they will raise it. we have members in the cabinet by. why is it that whenever anyone tries to face terrorism they accuse of persecuting the minorities. there is a good relationship as shown in the last few days. it is unfair. we are trying to prevent any attacks.
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police are working around the clock and saw armed forces. the information... inaudible question iam only i am only telling you the things that they do not want me to disclose. —— i am only not telling you the things they do not want me to discuss. decided to bring the emergencies in for and emergency purposes. we had a meeting. we had a difference of opinion, but that has been thrashed out and look, we have to get to the country out of this problem. i don't think we can start to put personal issues in front. as prime minister, you are your
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cabinet... this issue was raised a nyway cabinet... this issue was raised anyway by some other christians and others. by the minister of question players involved. i just others. by the minister of question players involved. ijust dealt with that. i said we have to look at the breakdown of security. at the committee. we also said that includes the minister, also includes me not being a prime. i said that oui’ me not being a prime. i said that our priority is to apprehend offenders and ensure that that script is caused —— that this group is caught. inaudible question killed there. some have returned and
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the intelligence had been following them. some have been out there. not all. all those who are returned are not in that list. can you explain why the government blocked... ? we will consider that tomorrow. in the first day or so. to ensure that there was community harmony. we went through that exercise are low. we did not want to take another chance. can you see a direct link between... love with, certainly at the security apparatus are of the view the evidence points to some links. we will be following up on this claim. there was suspicion that
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there was links with is. the sri lankan government... there always has been the sharing of intelligence between our two countries in regards to terrorism. that is also being investigated. there are some investigations under way. let the question stand as it is 110w. inaudible question i lost my voice. maybe afterwards. inaudible question
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that is being looked into. it is not a large group. it is not a i said. they are the ones at the heart corp. have you accepted that assistance from britain? britain has said it will give assistance because there are british citizens who were killed so are british citizens who were killed so they must come down here. is the international system that you are looking at... —— international assistance. they give us some very specific intelligence. president trump has also offered help them here. that is some of the teams are coming down here. why was there not more security at churches ahead of these attacks? this is what we are
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requiring in total is up in some areas there were. in some areas the security was there and the police we re security was there and the police were active. deadly president you a reason for did the president give you —— did -- did the —— did the president give you a reason. . . of of their and it parliament is debating tomorrow who was responsible. we are still... inaudible question there are few people on the run. some are on the run. with the
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explosives. i don't know. inaudible question there has been tension, but there has not been any violence. we have 110w has not been any violence. we have now got to ensure that the situation comes in. and if any... now got to ensure that the situation comes in. and ifany... if now got to ensure that the situation comes in. and if any... if we take all the action, i think that should calm down. —— calm down. it will ta ke calm down. —— calm down. it will take a bit of time as we are making progress, that is all i can tell you. also on the group, the first victim was one of our ministers who was shot at. investigating the whole issue... of a was shot at. investigating the whole issue... 0fa buddha was shot at. investigating the whole issue... of a buddha statue that broken, and then attacks made on a
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church in another area. i must say that the vast majority of muslims condemn this and i as angry as everyone. . . inaudible question that is the information we had. which hotel? ... that is the information we had. which hotel? padding? they are taking the precautions, but let us
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finish the let us finish the investigation. there may be some outflows. that you haven't seen... have you felt angry, or shock? i was shocked when i heard about it first. inaudible question he was supposed to have went into the —— led the group who went into one of the hotels. they told me. para things been done differently from the time... ? now everyone is moving. they will have to be certain
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restructurings. first, let's get them all living. without disrupting what is happening to stop. inaudible question the idiot was conveyed, there was no question of them going at —— there it was conveyed. there was no question of them going out. it was conveyed. there was no question of them going outm it was conveyed. there was no question of them going out. if your police and security, given what happened, do you have confidence in them to be able to prevent further attacks? what has happened is a
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breakdown of communication. these groups were in charge of... they would have acted much faster. that was a breakdown of communication. there. would you like to say... in the spring ten of communication? would you like people to resign? there will have to be some changes made. we'll have to make some changes. we will the news conference there with the sri lankan prime minister just updating journalists on the latest in the investigation onto the easter sunday bombings that killed the people, that is the latest death toll. the government there does believe there may be some links with islamic state, so—called islamic state have claimed responsibility for the attacks. he
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also said there was a specific intelligence from india about the attacks. saying that some of the bombers, it seems, had travelled abroad and then return home. but, so far, the only people had been arrested in connection with the attacks have been sri lankan citizens. also saying that it is possible, and another government minister has been seen as, that the easter bombings in sri lanka where a retaliation against the massacre in christchurch new zealand of muslim web shippers —— muslim worshippers in mosques. more on that throughout the afternoon.
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we fast forward to next weekend at our temperatures will top out at 13 or 1a does stop a much cooler deal with wind and rain at sometimes. we are now seeing some cloud screen its up are now seeing some cloud screen its up from the south. it is mostly quite wispy and high cloud. turning the sand and a little bit hazy. there will still be some good sorts of sunshine through this afternoon to stop small chances of sharon through the south—west of england and quite chilly where your sun exposed to this course the coasts. away from these areas again. for some of us are for the last day of temperatures in the 20s. we will generally see more low cloud pushing on across north—east england and the eastern side of scotland. the event sta rts eastern side of scotland. the event starts to show its hand across any pa rt starts to show its hand across any part south—west of england, perhaps into northern ireland as well. there
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could be some heavy, possibly thundery downpours as this moves westwards tomorrow. low pressure in charge of the sea by the stage. as a ghostly day, the northern half of the uk there will be a lot of dry weather. this band of rain approaches from the south—west and ahead of that, we are likely to see some pretty heavy thundery downpours breaking it. eventually up into parts of north—west england, northern ireland and possibly southern scotland to stop a scattering of heavy, thundery downpours could make for some vapour travelling conditions. temperatures may be up to 20 degrees in norwich, plenty of is a little bit more than that. it will quite windy. that wind is blowing all the warm air to the north—east. for the rest of the week, we bring in increasingly cool atla ntic week, we bring in increasingly cool atlantic air. some longer spells of
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rain, drifting northwards on thursday. some of these could be thundery. quite a busy, if not windy day. temperatures at this stage of about 13 to 15 degrees and stop that rain continues through friday and into the weekend. those temperatures are significantly lower with some wind and rain at times.
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hello, you're watching afternoon live, i'm simon mccoy. today at 2.00pm. mass funerals for victims of the bomb attacks in sri lanka, as the death toll rises to 320. the country marks the atrocity with a day of national mourning. as cctv pictures are released of a suspected suicide bomber entering a church, the sri lankan prime minister says the police investigation is making good progress. all that we knew earlier there was further links and this would not have been done just locally. further links and this would not have been donejust locally. there has been a coordination we have not seen. a full state visit for president trump in june. he'll meet the queen at buckingham palace and mark the 75th anniversary of d—day landings in france. the new ira says it killed journalist lyra mckee in a shooting on thursday night as a 57—year—old woman is arrested


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