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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  April 24, 2019 6:30pm-6:50pm BST

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the headlines. the funeral of lyra mckee has taken place in belfast as hundreds gather to celebrate her life. theresa may along with political leaders from northern ireland and the irish republic heard calls for her lasting list of the —— her lasting legacy. i dare to hope that lyra's murder on holy thursday evening can be the doorway to a new beginning andi evening can be the doorway to a new beginning and i detect a deep desire for this. the death toll rises again in sri lanka. 359 people died in the oestrous sunday attacks. one of the bombers who study in the uk has been identified. huawei, the chinese telecoms giant, welcomes reports from the government that it will
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help build britain's five g network. nicola sturgeon said she wants to hold a second referendum on scottish independence by 2021 in the uk leaves the eu. ina in a moment it will be time for sports day but in first, a look at what is coming up on bbc news. at eight p:m., what is coming up on bbc news. at eight p: m. , more what is coming up on bbc news. at eight p:m., more details on one of the attackers on the easter sunday attackers. one is believed to have studied in the south—east of england bed and did not complete a full degree. at 815, government ministers call for an investigation of high—level discussions about the uk using huawei technology when leaked. the government has approved the supply of equipment the chinese telecoms firm for the uk's 5g network despite warnings of security risks. after 8:30 p:m., the world
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health organisations say babies and toddlers should not be left to passively watch tv or other screens it is the first time a who has made the recommendation. that is all head on bbc news, now it is time for sports day. the headlines. we could get a clear image of who the title winners will be this evening. manchester united or manchester city be left kicking themselves? no longer in the frame — mark allen's quest for the world snooker championship falters at the first hurdle. and out of the picture — london is replaced as the host of the atp world tour finals by turin.
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the pride of manchester — for a quarter of a century under sir alex ferguson there was no debate... the city was red, but ever since the blue half of manchester has been the dominant force. tonight in the premier league a lot could be decided — the title for guardiola's city, a place in the top four for solskjaer‘s united but for some fans, the pride that comes with winning the derby may mean so much more. let's ta ke let's take a look at the top of the table going into this one. manchester city going into this one, they can win, this is their game in hand. manchester united have a game in handover chelsea but they are behind the londoners on goal difference. a big game for both
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clu bs. andy swiss looks ahead. manchester city, premier league champions. so, could this be the night that defines the season? 12 months after lifting the premier league title, manchester city are eyeing a repeat. the champions have won their last ten league games, and victory tonight would take them top with just three matches left. against any team it would be some game, but against manchester united, it could be very special. four games left, so we have to win all four games to retain the title. it's not an easy place to go, but at the same time, a nice place to go. so we know exactly what we have to do. they fight to finish in the top four, and we for the title, and we are going to go there to do a good game. well, here at old trafford, they've seen some dramatic derbies over the years, but few as potentially pivotal as this one. city know victory will put them
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on course for the title, but united, they also have plenty to play for. ole gunnar solskjaer‘s side have slumped in recent weeks, with champions league qualification now hanging in the balance. the manchester derby has always been a fiery fixture, but solskjaer has sparked more controversy by questioning city's tactics. we've got to be ready for their aggression, because they will snap at your ankles and heels and kick you. they're not going to allow us easy counterattacking. there will be fouls, absolutely no doubt about it. who, then, can keep their cool? city have done that pretty well this season. league cup champions through to the fa cup final, they could yet win an unprecedented treble of trophies, but they know tonight's hurdlejust might be their toughest. andy swiss, bbc news, old trafford. well as andy makes clear it's tough
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hurdle for city to get over despite united's form. our sports editor dan roan is outside old trafford. we're going to talk about if things go the way these two sides don't wa nt go the way these two sides don't want this evening. they have long—term plans, pep guardiola was put into guaranteed european success but if he doesn't win the premier league weather will be questions. but if he doesn't win the premier league weather will be questionsm course their wealth. it is important to bear in mind while this could be a defining moment in one of the closest title races in the premier league for years, it won't be the end of the story. if city lose or draw here tonight, it will have livable having a crucial advantage but liverpool still have to beat the likes of huddersfield, newcastle and wolves who are the last three games. you may say it is a slightly easier run-in you may say it is a slightly easier run—in then city, and would give them a huge advantage but it wouldn't be the end of the story.
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there is no doubt that if city do go on to lose the premier league title race, just a few weeks ago of course, there was talk of an unprecedented quadruple, there is no doubt this season will be seen as a big disappointment regardless of the carabao cup big disappointment regardless of the ca ra bao cup success big disappointment regardless of the carabao cup success and whether or not they win the fa cup final. as you said, pep guardiola's poetry and the owners was the champions league, given how much they dominated the premier league last year —— priority. to be able to do neither, i think that will be a huge anticlimax given where they were up until recently, spurs and knocking them out of the champions league last week, and that remarkable result. if liverpool can get one over them in the title race and win their first championship for 29 yea rs, their first championship for 29 years, city will see the season as a disappointment. things very different at manchester united. ole gunnar solskjaerfresh different at manchester united. ole gunnar solskjaer fresh into the different at manchester united. ole gunnar solskjaerfresh into the role but if you doesn't make it into the
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champions league, there will be questions over some of his players multi—macro futures. questions over some of his players multi-macro futures. especially after the appalling 4—0 loss at the weekend which they have apologised for. that left them three points adrift of the top four which is what they need to finish and if they are to qualify for the riches of the champions league, that is essential for manchester united. victory this evening, for that reason alone, is crucial. when you have lost six of the last eight matches, when the reset pressure on the players whose character and spirit and courage have been called into question in recent weeks, along with judgment of united and doing ole gunnar solskjaer the permanent managerial job here, a successor tojose mourinho before the end of the season, that has been called into question. they desperately need a result. even though many united fans will hate the idea of in anyway
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doing liverpool and favour by getting a result against city, they have to forget about the title race and focus on their own needs and what they desperately need now is getting a result against a city team who have won ten league games on the bounce, have said they no longer fear old trafford, they used to have a dismal record but it's been good in recent seasons. the reason for optimism for united fans is this, at home they have been difficult to beat, few teams have beaten them in the last few months, only psg, barcelona and juventus since august. so manchester united can look at that home record and the quality of their players, the motivation and need to respond after recent performances, and perhaps they can win and do liverpool what could be a crucial and huge favour at a defining moment in this title race. thanks forjoining us. man utd v manchester city is an 8pm kick off.
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there's full commentary on five live sport. united aren't the only team fighting for a place in the top four — arsenal travel to wolves tonight with a game in hand over fourth placed chelsea. conor mcnamara will be at the match for radio 5live tonight. this race for the third and fourth places in the premier league and the champions league riches that come with them have been gripping in recent weeks. arsenal were surprisingly beaten by crystal palace last weekend, they are hoping to bounce back tonight. they have been put under pressure by tottenham's win against brighton and foot renate emery, he has tojuggle commitments with the europa league semifinal, so it is exciting end to the season for arsenal fans, they hope to have lots to sing about by the end. what a season for walls macro, particularfor a newly promoted club. they are going to finish company mid—table, and got to
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fa cup semifinal but they've gone off the boil recently. wolves look for the first win in three games in the premier league and if arsenal wa nt the premier league and if arsenal wantan the premier league and if arsenal want an omen in their favour, the premier league and if arsenal want an omen in theirfavour, they haven't lost to wolves since 1979. well that's a big evening in footy dealt with. still to come on sportsday... a real thorn in the side — we hear from another of the nominees for the bbc women's footballer of the year award — lindsey horan. sometimes, i would sometimes, iwould miss sometimes, i would miss class so i can watch the champions league. i can't miss this game. you find something you love and you'll do anything for it. it's been another day of surprises at the world snooker championship in sheffield as world number six mark allen was put out in the first round. while another of the world's best — judd trump — was lucky to scrape through into round two. our team at the crucible theatre in sheffield to take us through the action are former world champions ken doherty, john parrott and our very
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own hazel irvine. it's been a love that eventful day. not least because we have our fourth finalframe decider of not least because we have our fourth final frame decider of the opening round. it featured judd trump, he had to come from 3—6 down and it went all the way, when the full distance. certainly, and it was a work—out he wasn't expecting that he showed great character to come back in that match. 6—3 down overnight. it could have gone either way, he hang in the —— hung in there and a tense decider, you'll be glad to get the win. judd trump said he was in two minds whether he would talk about the tactics, why would that be so? he is one of the few in the circuit he would play more aggressively thanjudd circuit he would play more aggressively than judd trump. circuit he would play more aggressively than judd trumplj asked did you feel intimidated because you don't know what to expect, and he did a little bit. he
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came out on top in the end. we have lost a seed though, mark allen, the world number six but what if fightback. a real fight world number six but what if fightback. a realfight of it, he got to 7—9 only two full at the final hurdle. he looked out of it, we we re final hurdle. he looked out of it, we were saying he had no chance, nearly had egg over our faces because it came back to 9—7. but he's been magnificent, you shown commendable artistry but his got heart and an excellent temperament. fantastic clear thinking ability in the final stages, really evident. the whole final segment, i watched as mark came back, his patients never change, he kept the same rhythm, very composed and headed. who knows how far it can go? thank you. our who knows how far it can go? thank you. oui’ coverage who knows how far it can go? thank you. our coverage continues at seven p:m., you. our coverage continues at seven p: m. , coverage you. our coverage continues at seven p:m., coverage online. after the
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evening matches, all 32 players will have had a hand on the maps table. thanks to hazel and the team. let's look at more of today's stories. chelsea boss maurizio sarri has been charged with misconduct after he was sent to the stands towards the end of their premier league draw with burnley on monday. he has until friday evening to respond to the fa charge. luis ortiz‘s promoter has said he won't be the replacement to take on anthonyjoshua in new york next month. joshua's opponent for his us debut is still to be confirmed afterjarrell miller was denied a liscence for failing a drugs test. michelle wie has announced she's taking a breakfrom golf for an ‘indefinate period' due to a wrist injury. the former us open champion has been battling the problem throughout the season and missed march's women's world championships. the atp world tour finals are to move from london to turin. the tournament's been held in the uk
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for ten years but will move to italy for four years from 2021. which isn't great news for british fans... i got a little more on why this has happened from our tennis correspondent russell fuller. two reasons, first is the fact that it had been in one place, in london, and phenomenally successful for 12 years with only madison square garden, which hosted it for 13 years, has been host for longer and historically it has moved around. it needs to move around. novak djokovic, world number one and atp player council president has been saying for a while that we need to look elsewhere. the other, inevitably, is money. the wta tour struck a ten—year deal to host the wta finals in shenzhen in china from this year and the prize fund is $14 million. this year at the o2 arena prize money will only be $9 million, only! but that has not gone unnoticed by members of the atp tour and they will be playing for $14.5 million when it gets under way in turin in a couple of years.
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it will come as a big blow to london where it's been successful? they've done a brilliantjob and presented it with style and panache. there have consistently been over a quarter of a million people watching tennis over the course of a week. this is in november, when it first came to london people said it will never work my people won't be interested in watching tennis in november but they have proven them wrong. and it's a great opportunity to showcase the sport, driving participation numbers, the window outside of the traditional grass court season and that will disappear. on sunday over 42,000 runners will take part in the london marathon but when it comes to the men's race the focus of british hopes will once again fall onto just one person. sir mo farah managed third place last year but since then, there's been talk of a return to the track and a new world,
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set by kenya's eliud kipchoge. is farah‘s focus now elsewhere? our sports correspondent joe wilson has more. on the right, your‘s fastest runner, the left, the man who recently smashed the record. eliud kipchoge is the master, both our at 36 sylvie apprentice. this could be the closest that farah gets. is it fair for people in britain to expect you to win this weekend? yeah, why not. if that is what they are used to, why not? i don't line up and say i will finish third or fourth, why not? i don't line up and say i will finish third orfourth, even though and learning, i will go out there and give it my best, and sometimes you end up coming first and it's a great result. here alongside the thames, it may remind you that the big issue from last london marathon was water, specifically drinking supplies which ran out at certain parts of because in extreme heat. this year, the
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races concentrating water supplies and certain feeding stations and cutting plastic bottles. to help the race go green, some runners will carry their own water from most hopeful cool weather and farah and eliud kipchoge shoulder to shoulder come 26 miles. now once again we are going to hear from one of the five nominees for this year's bbc women's footballer of the year award. voting's now open and to help you decide we're hearing from all the nominees this week. today it's the turn of usa and portland thorns' midfielder lindsey horan. who was named the nwsl‘s most valuable player after guiding portland to the league's championship match. # it takes a lot of to be triumphant # believe in yourself and trust your judgement. i wasn't very interested in school. sometimes they would miss class
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so it could go was champions league. you find something that you absolutely love and you will do anything for it. i'm lindsey horan, i play midfield for the portland thorns and the us women's national team. right—footed, curls across to the top of the box. horan spins, shoots, and scores. brilliant goal from horan. qualifying for the world cup was probably the most important thing. last season was very difficult because we lost. but i had to look at it as a whole and know that i won that mvp award. i was very proud of that. it was almost like a weird highlight. lionel messi, it sounds like a cliche, my coach back told me to review him when he played for barcelona.
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he is like an alien, from a different planet. 0h! it is the best handshake ever. it just flows. we do it before every single game. i love it. the time i met ozil, it was the same shoot. they brought me also. they knew he would be there. i was very excited. i did not think they would be doing stuff with them. they are like, hey, you and ozil are going to head back and forth. and they say that so nonchalant, like it's not a big deal to head back and forth with ozil, it is like my dream come true. i was like sweating, i had so much make up on an i was like i can't mess up! it was awesome. a really cool experience! i wasn't very interested in school. the football was everything to me. sometimes i would miss classes so i could was champions league. have my mum call in for me. you find something you absolutely love and you will do anything for it. i'm not saying it was good that i missed class,


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