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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  April 24, 2019 10:30pm-10:40pm BST

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prospects and getting into the top floor and qualifying for the champions league next season, but it was not to be. the first half was relatively evenly balanced, united posed a threat especially through marcus, who went close a few times but towards the end of that first off, the quality began to show. the first chance at a real chance they enjoyed was raheem who carved out a good opportunity for himself, but added denied that as you see, so i think he has been something of a hero between them and at that point they look like they may be happening again but he changed in the second half where city's extra quality really began to show up, and the deadlock was broken by bernardo after a fine team move, early after the restart. as you can see, he beat him at his near post perhaps manchester united goalkeeper could have done more, but that
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breakthrough goal is a huge moment it was that moment of course they really craved it was a moment of significance which was not lost on the manager of course. celebrated as you'd expect, and thenjust to the manager of course. celebrated as you'd expect, and then just to seal three points, the substitute also beat him and he was left with acres and space, after united were going in search of that equaliser. he took advantage of that space by again finding a way past him, and ricocheted off the goalkeeper and he looked very disappointed, i'm sure he could have done better. sunil had stayed, at 759 per manchester united. in hopes of qualifying for the champions league injeopardy but they were helped by the defeat of arceneaux, for manchester city they now know it's close enough to touch when those remaining three games they can retain the title. after
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what felt like a very significant victory in. certainly does, and live. well where does this leave us all the — let's get some stats and have a look at the table — joe lynskey is here at the touchscreen to take us through it all. that's the arrow that matters in the race for the premier league title. one point clear surely the most relentless battle to win the trophy we've of liverpool, seen in the modern era. this result means city have now won 11 games in a row, and despite liverpool matching them all the way, city now lead the way by a single point with both of those sides having played the same number of games. liverpool remember already have more points than they've ever won before in the premier league. so this is the equation which if you're a fan of these sides you'll know off by heart by now. the three remaining fixtures for these sides in the home straight for the title. city with two away games and 10th place leicester
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to come to the etihad, liverpool with two home games and who finish at home to wolves. with the way these sides are playing you'd expect both of those sides to take maximum points — in that case this is how the table would look on may 12. you can see liverpool in second place would finish on 97 points that would be the third most in premier league history behind city's centurions last season, and city on 98 points potentially this season. onlyjose mourinho's chelsea side has got close to a figure like that and they won the league by 12 points that season. now if we go back to this potential premer league table — you can also see that liverpool would finish second
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but with just one defeat — you might remember where that defeat came, it was at the etihad back in january. when city were 2—1 winners on a dramatic night. now if we get to the end of the season and that's still liverpool's only defeat, then it will potentially cost them the league title, reaching 100 points, and finishing the season as unbeatables. football can be cruel. well the man who scored the winner on that night back in the winter was the same man who was crucial for city tonight, leroy sane. came on as dan said as a second half substitute and scored the second goal. more example of the influece he's had on city's season and it comes in the year after he was dropped by his native germany for their world cup squad last summer. he's been giving his reaction... we know we had a difficult game of course it's that darby, we did quite
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well, first half literally the problems in our read them, but i think at the end, we did a good job. we had patients and try to do our game to play our game the way we wanted, and i think yeah, we are happy. this is what that deity to get above liverpool to outclass the rivals, 157 goals and our competition for them, breaking their own record which they set five seasons ago leaving you with one more, manchester city won seven times in the premier league old trafford that's more than any team in the premier league since 92. that's the crucial daycare for us this evening, primarily table which manchester city now lead by a single point at the top stop it's really interesting the top stop it's really interesting the top stop it's really interesting the top four scenario, they staying
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six. yes, manchester united stay sixth, and arsenal stay fifth — their missed out on moving into the top four tonight — they were outclassed by wolves at molineaux, beaten 3—1 a win would have seen them move ahead of chelsea . but three first half goals from the hosts put paid to their hopes. rueben neves, matt doherty and diogojota all finding the net — sokratis did pull one back for the gunners. wolves move up to 7th on the table. it's been another day of surprises at the world snooker championship in sheffield as world number six mark allen was knocked out in the first round. and another of the top players — judd trump — was lucky to scrape through to round two. our team at the crucible theatre are former world champions stephen hendry, john parrott and our very own hazel irvine. another eventful day, not least because we've had for the final frame at the site or at the opening round, and it featured judgement, he had to come from three frames to go all the way for distant. certainly
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did, very much a work out probably not expecting it but he showed great character to come back in the match, 6-3 character to come back in the match, 6—3 down overnight could have gotten other ways, in for embark on this by him when 75, as usual, and ten final frame decider glad to get the aa is. guide said he was cut into two minds about the tactics why would that be so. about the tactics why would that be so. is probably one of the few in the circuit that plays more aggressively than jagged, so the circuit that plays more aggressively thanjagged, sol the circuit that plays more aggressively thanjagged, so i asked him the question do you feel intimidated playing him because you don't know what to expect and i think you get a little bit, he got dragged into a little bit of a podcast and in the procession suddenly became on top in the end. meanwhile the licensee, that well number six but what if i back from the 20 year on—year—old and a real fighter, i got to 7—9 to follow the final hurdle. he looked banged out,
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we we re final hurdle. he looked banged out, we were sitting here saying he has no chance, as he came back to 9—7 but i have to say the temperament of this player is magnificent not only showing commendable artistry, he's got heart and a very good temperament. fantastic clear thinking ability in the final stages because it would do is really admitting. the whole match and final session i was watching, his pace never changed he kept the same read them around the table, very composed and level— headed, if them around the table, very composed and level—headed, if he can start scoring had beer, who knows how far he can go. andy murray could be back in action on court later this summer, according to his motherjudy. murray said in march he was pain—free after hip surgery but that his chances of playing singles at wimbledon this year were "less than 50%". butjudy murray thinks there are signs that he's improving. he's almost three months past his surgery, so
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he's almost three months past his surgery, so he he's almost three months past his surgery, so he was he's almost three months past his surgery, so he was told not to do any impact work, basically meaning no writing around the core and hitting a ball for three months, that he is not kidding a the cost —— against a wall hitting from a static position, and he's having early days and we should wait to see how he does, but i think he's cautiously optimistic about getting back onto the match court perhaps at some point over the summer. the atp world tour finals are on the move from london to turin. the tournament has been held in the uk for ten years from 2021. the event features the world's best eight singles players and doubles teens of the season and will boast a record prize fund of 11.2 million pounds. that's all from sportsday. thanks for watching. coming up in a moment, the papers.
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good night. hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are former fleet street editor eve pollard, and writer and broadcaster christina patterson. some of tomorrow's front pages including metro — feature the funeral of murdered irishjournalist, lyra mckee who was shot whilst covering rioting in londonderry on the 21st anniversary of the good friday peace agreement. the financial times has the same story and takes more


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