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hello, you're watching afternoon live. i'm simon mccoy. today at 2: knife crime across england and wales rises to record levels, as latest figures also reveal the highest numbers of murder and manslaughter since 2008. we know what works and what works is a combination of tough law—enforcement and really effective long—term work in communities to engage with young people. a public health time bomb, that's the warning from the boss of nhs england, amid a big rise in the number of measles cases. calls for a leak inquiry, after details from a meeting of the government's national security council about the chinese telecoms firm huawei appeared in a newspaper. coming up on afternoon live, all the sport. amid all the talk of the title race,
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this season's team of the year has thrown up a surprise. thanks, john, and darren has the weather. we are also going to have a look at the latest severe cyclone that is going to make landfall again in mozambique later today. going to make landfall again in mozambique later today. thanks, darren. also coming up, there's no name for it yet, but details of the 25th james bond have been announced in jamaica. daniel craig is back as 007, of course, and there's a new name in the cast list, oscar winner rami malek will play the bond baddy. hello, everyone. this is afternoon live: the level of knife crime in england and wales has risen to a record high, according to the office for national statistics. the figures have been published
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after a series of high profile stabbings caused heightened public concern. there was also a large number of murders and killings last year. our home affairs correspondent, peter cooke. from patrols to protests, stabbings to sex crime, the police say they have never been under so much pressure. today's figures show then —— there were nearly 41,000 offences involving knives or sharp instruments in 2018, up 6% and the highest level since 2011. there were 732 murder and manslaughter cases, an increase of 12%. his loss has been an absolute devastation. those affected by violent crime, like this woman, whose nephew was stabbed to death in 2017, is a greater diversity could make a difference. if the police were to get more ethnic minorities in there, these
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are young children, could see police that reflect society, they would be more willing to approach them when there is a problem because if somebody has been groomed to carry a knife or a gun or anything like that, they could go to some body, whether it is a social worker, a teacher. similar cases continue in the capital. this was all stunning north west london yesterday. this is yet another example of violent crime on our streets. the 21—year—old stabbed here is thought to have been attacked by a group of men. he later died in hospital, some 25 people have been stabbed to death in london so have been stabbed to death in london so far this year. the figure across the uk is more than 70. it is an issue... theresa may held a youth violence in it earlier this month in which he said violent crime cannot be solved solely by increasing please numbers new proposals outlined how teachers and nhs
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workers could be held accountable for failing workers could be held accountable forfailing to spot workers could be held accountable for failing to spot violent crime among young people. this was the government message today. we have been here before and we know what works and what works is a combination of tough law—enforcement and really effective long—term work in communities to engage with young people at an early age and steer them away from bad choices that have devastating consequences and that is at the heart of our strategy. the number of overall crimes being solved has fallen to a new low, with more victims failing to support further action. the demand and pressure is on further action. the demand and pressure is on our further action. the demand and pressure is on our police forces is likely to remain high for the immediate future. more than half a million children in the uk are not protected against measles because they've not been vaccinated against the highly infectious viral disease that can be fatal. the nhs boss simon stevens has called it a growing public health time bomb. the number of measles cases in england almost quadrupled last year. and it's notjust here, there are similar problems around the world as our global health correspondent richard galpin reports. 0ne—year—old alba moss is lucky to be alive.
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the rash, a key symptom of measles. it took doctors in a london hospital more than a week to stabilise her. she's now recovered and back home. too young to have been vaccinated herself, she must have caught it from someone else who had not been inoculated. i had no idea how serious measles could be. one of the reason that we wanted to share photos of alba is to say, this is what can happen to vulnerable children, and babies who either are not old enough to have the vaccine, or aren't able to have it for health reasons. according to unicef, cases of the dangerous disease are on the rise around the world. and it is linking it to the numbers of people not being vaccinated. unicef says globally, 169 million children missed out on the measles vaccine between 2010 and 2017. and now measles cases are up by almost 300%, compared with last year. in 2017, it says, 110,000 people died from the disease, most of them children.
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all round the world, there's different reasons and it's really coming down to a mixture of a lack of information and trust of information, no access to it, so the main thing has got to be education. this is new york. an outbreak in the city and the state is thought to be linked to people who returned from trips abroad. the ultraorthodoxjewish community has been particularly hard—hit. in europe, ukraine has the most cases of measles. the number of people inoculated is low, partly due to scepticism about the vaccine, reportedly fuelled by anti—vaccination campaigners operating online. it takes just a very quick search on social media to find many posts by anti—vaccination groups. health officials in this country are extremely worried about this, saying that the information given by these groups is misinformation, it's not true, and in fact,
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vaccines are safe. and we understand that the government is very soon going to meet up with the major social media companies to discuss this problem of misinformation. i'm seeing them on monday to require that they do more to take down wrong, well, lies essentially, that are promoted on social media about the impact of vaccination. vaccination is safe and very, very important for the public health, for everybody‘s health. while alba survived measles, tens of thousands of people around the world are dying from it. tackling misinformation online could have a major impact in preventing more deaths. richard galpin, bbc news. several government ministers are calling for a full and proper investigation into highly unusual leaks from a meeting of the national security council.
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ministers and security officials on the committee met earlier this week and are said to have approved the use of equipment built by the chinese firm huawei in the uk's new 56 data network, despite warnings of a security risk. we can speak to our assistant politial editor, norman smith. someone somewhere someone somewhere is a bit nervous, are they? there is a lot of anger. they have been calls this morning for a full enquiry to establish who lea ked for a full enquiry to establish who leaked this information amid widespread suspicion it is unlikely to have been unofficial and much more likely to have been a minister. the ministers sitting on the national security council are amongst the most senior in government. the only surprising thing so far is we have had no official confirmation yet from number ten that they are actually going to launch an enquiry. joining me as the former conservative defensive —— defence secretary, michael fallon. this is completely
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shocking. i can't remember any leak from the national security council, which as you say comprises of the most senior ministers and considers top—secret information from the intelligence services, top—secret advice from our allies. any leak from the national security council can only help our adversaries, whether they are territories or rogue states and is a threat to our security. what should happen? there should be a proper full enquiry. i think the police should be called and it should be properly investigated who the likely leaker was and make sure he is dismissed. when you say call in the police, what would that entail? that would involve a proper scotland yard investigation of all those who attended the meetings, all those who have mobile phones, whether they have mobile phones, whether they have contacted journalists at the meeting, all those involved should be investigated now to find out who it is because if they leak once, they can do it again and that is a greater threat. it would presumably
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open up the potential for a prosecution and maybe prison sentence for a cabinet minister. ministers are subject to the secrets act, just like anybody else and it is an offence to divulge secret information from the most secret of all government bodies, which is the national security council. it has got to be stopped and the only way to stop it is to investigated thoroughly and that is why i think the police should be called in now. that suggests you have limited confidence in the ability of the government or the cabinet secretary to carry out this sort of investigation. i have known in my years as a minister many leak enquiries across whitehall where civil servants do their best to try and find out who leaked a piece of government information but they never seem to get anywhere. this is too serious a matter now for that. it does require i think scotland ya rd it does require i think scotland yard to be called in and for the police to be involved and i hope downing street will wake up to that.
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doesn't it also raised questions about this cabinet and theresa may's grip, authority, over a question mark it is extraordinary to think that a minister can leak details of the national security council and then think they can get away with it. that is why an enquiry, a police enquiry, is so important. thank you so much for your time. away from leak enquiries, and interesting observation this afternoon from david lidington, when he was asked about whether he was backing the prime minister in the wa ke backing the prime minister in the wake of last night's outcome of the 1922 committee, the suggestion she should set out a schedule for her departure, this is what she —— what he said. i am fully behind the primary step. when i sit with her in the morning meetings at number ten, i sometimes think to myself, how on earth do you motivate yourself and face this every morning? but actually, you have to understand theresa may, she is motivated by a
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deeply old—fashioned, absolutely true sort of british and scottish science, ethical public service. true sort of british and scottish science, ethical public servicelj rather science, ethical public service.” rather think david lidington felt himself disappearing down a dark plughole after saying he could not see how the primaries that came in, but then he corrected himself and said he had —— she had his support —— the prime minister. thank you very much. just before you 90, thank you very much. just before you go, this is the first time i have spoken to you for a long time and you have not mentioned brexit. yes, i know. the sunday shining and we we re yes, i know. the sunday shining and we were not talking about brexit. it isa we were not talking about brexit. it is a rare away from the brexit saga andi is a rare away from the brexit saga and i think we are all smiling about it. -- a and i think we are all smiling about it. —— a rare awayday. let's return our top story — that knife crime across england
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and wales rose to record levels last year. the latest figures from the office for national statistics show that nearly 41,000 offences were recorded by police in 2018. let's take a look at this graph — where you can see the rapid increase in knife crime from 2016 onwards — after the levels dropped to their lowest in recent years in 2013. and this chart demonstrates how homicides rates dropped from 890 in 2004 — to a recent low in 2014 — and since then — rates have increased every year. to discuss the involvement of gangs in the rise of knife crime and what can be done we are nowjoined by cherie johnson, a former gang member who is now running a charity helping girls out of gangs and is advising the police on gang subculture and the various roles young women can play in organised crime. just looking at those figures, what do you read out of those?” just looking at those figures, what do you read out of those? i see a mixture of responses. the more we have awareness of knife crime and we draw people vs attention and encourage them to report, eat we
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will have an increase in statistics going up. people who are knife crime victims tend to end up in hospital, they don't just victims tend to end up in hospital, they don'tjust go back home. of course. we also have better mechanisms of different organisations working together. for example, many years ago, you would have a young person stabbed, approaching the hospital and kind of just outwith on medical side, you have organisations who actually deal with the traumatic experience of being a knife crime victim, as well as looking the underpinning causes which could possibly be the reason you are here, such as gang involvement or gang crime. this is a competition. and not one we can sort out ina competition. and not one we can sort out in a few minutes. but gangs that operate —— complex issue. gangs that operate —— complex issue. gangs that operate mostly on fear, what is it that gets young girls in trouble in the first place and involved in those gangs? it is a mixture of two things will stop you have some women
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who come from local authority care comedy care system, statistics have shown... you use the word women. they can be girls. 0ne shown... you use the word women. they can be girls. one of my youngest clients was as young as 12. they are starting younger and that isa they are starting younger and that is a mixture of social media awareness. we are just in different time and different space. music is not the cause of it, but it helps to fuel the situation. and i have spoken to numerous girls who have been influenced by music they listen to. they feel it is glamorising and it is almost a way to be seen by these particular mail so they want to get the attention from. it is not a one answer i to get the attention from. it is not a one answer i can to get the attention from. it is not a one answer i can give to get the attention from. it is not a one answer i can give you, to get the attention from. it is not a one answer i can give you, it is a combination of things. parenting, mediation. what do you mean by mediation? we don't seem to have numerous amount of services that help with mediation with conflict within people. we see in people
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using violence to resolve conflict, where we should be encouraging them to do mediation. we should be encouraging them to look at alternative approaches. we should be looking at young people around entrepreneurship because a lot of gang activity is driven... you are saying, get them to do something positive that they take pride in. but also something that is lucrative because we are not able to ignore the fact that gang involvement is stand with drugs and money. these are young people who need yummy —— need money and they are very creative. gang members are very good at maths. they are good at leadership skills. they are very good at arranging people. delegating tasks. they are just using them in the wrong place. i have shared my background on the bbc. i was always worried about my finances and family and stuff like that. if somebody was
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able to take my skills and package it up and actually tell me what entrepreneurship is about and show me different avenues, i would have been able to use those skills a lot earlier in the right place. everybody looks at government and local authorities and says you are not doing enough. there are projects out there, projects aimed specifically at youngsters like this, is it that central government says things and then does not deliver or is it local government saying we just do not have the money? i definitely leave there is a disconnect between central government and local government. you will have local government... central covenant speaking about releasing a certain amount of money to address the issues —— central government. somewhere between central government and local, the money is stuck and does not trickle down fairly or into the right areas. how would that manifest itself question mark what would you like to see on the high street or wherever
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and say, the money is naturally doing something? what needs to be spent on question mark i would love to see out space parenting classes. you don't have to go through social care, you don't feel labelled to get that out. i would love to see proper places and facilities for people to explore entrepreneurship. i would also have organisations to be able to address self—esteem a lot more and self—worth. and actually, talking about how we can transfer our creative skills into something more positive and with a more forward direction, music is one of them, but it should not be the paramount one that all young people are going into. i really stand for nvq, alternative education approach, thatis nvq, alternative education approach, that is what saved my life and was the start of myjourney. it removes the start of myjourney. it removes the barrier of any young person who feels they cannot engage in education. it allows young people to evidence their learning in several
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different ways. they are definitely powerful in the way forward. we are out of time, when you come back and talk? 10096. out of time, when you come back and talk? 100%. thank you out of time, when you come back and talk? 10096. thank you so much. you're watching afternoon live, these are our headlines: knife crime across england and wales rises to record levels — as latest figures also reveal the highest numbers of murder and manslaughter since 2008. ‘a public health time bomb' — that's the warning from the boss of nhs england — amid a big rise in the number of measles cases. calls for a leak inquiry — after details from a meeting of the government's national security council about the chinese telecoms firm huawei appeared in a newspaper. and in sport — surprise as paul pogba's named in the pfa team of the year after an indifferent season — the only player not from liverpool or manchester city to make the line—up. andy murray is cautiously optimistic over a summer return to tennis — he'd previously said he was pain free after a hip operation but that his chances of playing at wimbledon were less than 50%. in the second round at the world snooker championship, former champion shaun murphy is trailing 2—0
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against neil robertson. i'll be back with more on those stories later. sri lanka has admitted a "major intelligence la pse" before the easter sunday suicide bombings which killed at least 359 people. a warning from india about the planned attacks was not properly shared by the authorities. in the last few minutes it's been confirmed that the sri lankan defence secretary hemasiri fernando has resigned over the attacks in colombo which killed nearly 400 people. he'd been ordered to step down. sri lankan security forces have expanded their hunt for suspects with search operations taking place across the country. nick beake has been giving us the latest from the capital colombo.
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sri lanka remains on high alert, we are told more than 7,000 soldiers are part of the operation to try and track down any remaining members of the sale, which of course have already wrought so much carnage in this country. there was another explosion this morning to the east of this city, colombo, but it's worth stressing no—one is believed to have been injured in that. it took place, we think, in some vacant land next to a magistrates‘ court and investigators will be going there to try to gather any useful forensic evidence. we have also heard today that three more people have been arrested, they had in their possession hand grenades and also six swords, so, again, concern. we are also hearing that in the middle of this island, some 200 non—electric detonators have been found. meanwhile, back in colombo, the capital, the line of inquiry, a key line of inquiry focuses on one particularfamily, the ibrahim family. the father is a very prominent spice trader, a very wealthy man but it is believed that two of his sons were suicide bombers at the weekend and that a female member of the family blew herself up and possibly some of her children when the police moved in to make arrests. so, lots for the police to go on and of course a state of emergency remains
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in this country. details of the 25th bond film have just been unveiled at the goldeneye estate injamaica where ian fleming wrote the 007 novels. 0scar winning actor rami malek hinted that he is to play a villain and flea bag creator phoebe waller bridge is among the scriptwriters. 0ur entertainment correspondent lizo mzimba is there. well, one key bit of news that fans wanted hasn't been revealed. and that is the title of the 25th officialjames bond movie. they are still keeping it under wraps and they keep calling it bond 25. so, many fans are probably going to be a little bit disappointed that that hasn't actually been revealed today. we have had new casting, new members joining the crew, and a little bit of synopsis, what is going to be going on.
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apparently bond is living in semi retirement here in jamaica and he is drawn back into his old world. the goldeneye estate, where ian fleming, the creator of bond, lived, is we are the launch is taking place. behind me is where he wrote the novels and short stories. it will be interesting to see how the character that ian fleming created fits into the modern world. bond has changed over the years but people will be interested to see how his relationships with women fit into the 21st—century. interesting, lea seydoux is returning, who played his partner in the last film. it is unusual to have a key female character involved with bond who is not discarded by the plot or other means, continuing into the next and possibly part of the help with that aspect of the film is one of the announced writers, phoebe waller—bridge, of fleabag and killing eve fame. they are going to be filming around the world, pinewood studios in buckingham but also here injamaica, italy, norway and the film
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is due for release next april, 2020. fans will be eagerly awaiting a title and also to see how one of their favourite characters can change and entertain them after all these years. well, with me now is mark 0'connell, author of catching bullets, memoirs of a bond fan. it is fairto it is fair to say you are a super fan. yes, i have a field goal card i think. first of all, rami malek is the big news today. is he the right man to play a bond villain? absolutely. he is the third bond villain ina absolutely. he is the third bond villain in a row to have knocked lancome off winning a best —— best actor. -- not long come off winning actor. -- not long come off winning a best actor. barbara broccoli has
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a lwa ys a best actor. barbara broccoli has always been a keen advocate of female storytelling on stage and she has actually been co—producing the flea bag broadly version that phoebe waller—bridge has been doing. there isa waller—bridge has been doing. there is a sense of punch and that is good for bringing into bonds. it has become part of the british cultural tapestry. i think it goes back to family traditions, sitting on the sofa with dads and fleapit movie houses and now it has evolved into a netflix era and platform streaming. it has not got a name at the moment. that is going to disappoint the
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fans. i can feelthe that is going to disappoint the fans. i can feel the flames of some online fans now because everybody was expecting a title. but fair play for them not doing it. it is a selection box. you don't have to open all the sweets just yet. not having a title just yet might disappoint a feel but it is more important that the film is on its way into production. some of us remember the early days, the change in the character, sean connery and roger moore, slightly different take onjames roger moore, slightly different take on james bond and roger moore, slightly different take onjames bond and this will be daniel craig's last one. yes, sean connery and roger moore had quite a sale last films in them. but he has sort of announced it is good to be his last. it will be difficult to let him go. recently you have out
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other films that have gone along that line. yes, this frenetic fast—paced extravaganzas but that is what it was in the 1960s. sometimes they overtake them and sometimes they overtake them and sometimes they don't. what would you bet on they don't. what would you bet on the new name? i have a pet name that i always call it. but i honestly don't know. i think they might go with something fresh. but watch this space. one of the tricks is the a6 impasse. —— the existing cast. and that is part of the magic. yes, very much so. naomie harris as well. there is a sense of family and there always was in the
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different eras. it is not a bad place to be at the moment. in terms of being a james bond fanatic, the question everybody asks you i'm sure every time, who is the bestjames bond? roger moore. no, the best one should a lwa ys roger moore. no, the best one should always be who we have got now and i think daniel craig is doing a sterling job, bringing the character out there. i would take daniel craig right now. good to see you and the excitement lives on. the british antarctic survey is warning that — what was the world's second largest emeperor penguin colony has all but disappeared. researchers put the collapse in numbers down to changes in the sea—ice. the scientists say the emperors might lose more than fifty per cent of their global population by the end of the century, if the sea—ice is greatly reduced. dr michelle larue, who's a lecturer in antarctic marine science at the universities of canterbury in new zealand and minnesota in the us explained what might have happened. (read 0n)
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in the us explained what might have happened. what seems to have happened is a lot of the birds moved and what happened to the rest of them, we are not exactly sure but what we do know is that in a couple of years, dcis was very poor around the bay and they cannot live without the fast ice thatis cannot live without the fast ice that is connected to the continent. they need that as a platform to breed. when that did not show up after a couple of years, they decided to leave or completely failed in their breeding. we do know that some of these colonies in other places around the planet will move but for me, what was so big about this is this was the second largest colony in the world, as of estimates from 2009, and to see such a drastic change in what was such a big colony like that was something i properly was not exactly expecting. i personally don't want to live in a world without penguins, so i think it effects us in the knowledge that they may not be doing well, as the
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cic changes around antarctica and furthermore, they are unimportant pa rt furthermore, they are unimportant part of the... they are both praise for animals like leopard seals but also they pay themselves on krill and fresh pieces. they played put in on the fish system for the idea in the models suggest that over the next hundred years or so ever penguins are likely to decline substantially and that's largely because of the flood durations in the decreases in the sea ice at that they need in order to breed. and so that's what we know and of course doing now is trying to figure out more specifically how close they are tied to some of these fluctuations in the cic and also other environmental parameters, deceitful reconfigured regrettable does visibly what was going on we are doing on adult observational work and research right now. time for a look at the weather. that is a cyclone and that is
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cyclone kenneth, this could be in the news bulletin? this is a big one, it was only a month ago that we had tadhg, these early comoros islands, already hit by this area cloud and that marks the position of the cyclone. the eye is really powerful there and that means it will produce damage and destruction. it will make landfall in north—eastern mozambique within the next few hours. 0nce north—eastern mozambique within the next few hours. once the rain arrives, it sits for a day upon day, before heading northwards to tanzania. when you have rain sitting around for so long, that will bring widespread flooding, up to one metre of rain falling in the next few days. add to that, because of the wind and where it is driving in
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from, a storm surge. 3—5 metres, that's above normal tide levels, that's above normal tide levels, that will bring coastal inundation. a short time ago, winds were gusting to 175 mph, equivalent to a category four hurricane. it will weaken and is weakening at the moment that that is weakening at the moment that that is the picture in, a silent earlier. but with this sort of weather, it's going to be much worse. how will that compare with previous weather? 185 miles further north than the last large cyclone. i suspect we will talk about this for the coming days. closer to home, it was horrible today in the south. that was just
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walking to the office! yesterday, 23 in norfolk and they have a picture, this is norwich today, looks very different, temperature is a lot lower. this is one of the warmest parts of the country but this just shows you what's to come over the next five days or so, much cooler, noticeably on saturday, a chilly day, rain at times too. i have another picture, this is taken in worcestershire, threatening cloud here, storms developing, pushing up from the south, somewhat drier in the south—east, of course, but the storms are moving through the midlands, heading into northern england and we will fine heavy showers pushing into scotland and northern ireland. some high temperatures across the south—east of england in the north—west of scotla nd of england in the north—west of scotland where it should be drier. but those storms will continue this evening and the wet weather is
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moving up from the south, heading northwards. skies will clear across central and eastern parts of the uk. turning chillier despite the southerly breeze, temperatures in rural areas could get down to three degrees. early sunshine but thickening cloud bringing showery outbreaks. thundery showers for the highlands and into the south—east of england. some warmth before there is arrive, 16 or 17. cooler in the west but brightening up in northern ireland, wales and the south—west but briefly. because this area of low pressure is storm hanna, named by the irish met service, where we will probably see the greatest impact. we will fine gales in many areas around exposed coasts of wales and south—west england. together with those strong winds, outbreaks
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of rain, a poor day for the most part. improving for northern ireland and northern scotland and easing off the south—west of england but look at those temperatures. it was 25 last saturday, ten or 11 this saturday. that area of low pressure, storm hanna weakens and heads into the new continent, head of the next low coming in from the atlantic. sunday should be quieter, winds lighter, most places dry. some sunshine around at times, a fair bit of cloud. drizzly rain across the irish sea but temperatures a little higher. very different from last weekend.
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0ur our latest headlines, knife crime has risen, cases of measles have quadrupled a 0.1 is a half million children the uk may not have the jack. ministers are calling for an inquiry after confidential government discussions about britain possible use of the chinese technology film huawei and its five g network were leaked. former us vice presidentjoe biden has confirmed he will seek the democratic nomination to run against donald trump for the white house next year. russia's president vladimir putin has held his first meeting with kim jong—un.
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vladimir putin has held his first meeting with kimjong—un. sport now, we go to the bbc sport centre. the pfa, this is the footballers themselves, have just named their ultimate team, liverpool, man city, pretty much everywhere except for one position? '5, this is the pfa, a tea m one position? '5, this is the pfa, a team of the year, voted for by the players and paul pogba is the surprise name in that line after what has been an indifferent season. the surprise inclusion, the rest of the players on that list making up from the top two sides. parker has faced criticism and has failed to show the type of form that secured that big—money move from juventus —— paul pogba. they clearly feel his inclusion is warranted. this is the team, man city, liverpool
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dominating, in light of that battle in the title race, it's going to go right down to the wire. no place for a livable's mo salah. a blue and red covering on that list of players. for those included, a nice accolade. indeed. iam for those included, a nice accolade. indeed. i am feeling sorry for andy murray because 2.5 months after the operation and already people saying, he might be fit for wimbledon. three months after having major hip surgery we have an update on the fitness of andy murray. he's "cautiously optimistic" about returning to action at some point this summer — that's according to his mum judy. last month murray said he was pain free after hip surgery, but still rated his chances of playing wimbledon this year as less than 50%.
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he has been back hitting the ball against a wall, he has been hitting from a static position, so it is still early days and we have to wait and see how he does but i think he is cautiously optimistic about getting back onto court perhaps at some point over the summer. i feel little bit sorry duty there because you can see are cautiously optimistic will do for us. the latest move in addressing issues around betting and sport has come from one of the uk's biggest betting companies who say they will no longer sponsor team shirts or advertise on pitchside hoardings in the uk. gvc — who own ladbrokes and coral — believe it's down to the industry to protect its customers at most at risk. next year's new rules on tv advertising during sports broadcasts. our sports news correspondent richard conway has more. a lot of foreign companies are involved in shared sponsorship with
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british teams and getting them on board will be nigh on impossible. the agreement last year between major british companies to ban tv advertising took time to negotiate and agree, so getting a shirt z and and agree, so getting a shirt and perimeter
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