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tv   World News Today  BBC News  April 26, 2019 9:00pm-9:31pm BST

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this is bbc world news today. i'm geeta guru—murthy. our top story. sri lanka's prime minister tells the bbc he didn't receive the warnings, of a terror attack. we had not taken he admits a serious breakdown in government before suicide bombers hit churches on easter sunday — but insists he was "out of the loop". another huge storm bears down on mozambique. just weeks after cyclone idai — now kenneth hits with winds of more than 200 kilometres an hour two years after the manchester arena bombing, libya tells the bbc it's willing to extradite the attacker‘s brother back to the uk. and, students in california are told to stay off campus
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after coming into contact with measles — unless they can prove they've been vaccinated. hello and welcome to world news today. sri lanka's prime minister has told the bbc that he considered resigning in the wake of the easter sunday bomb attacks. ranil wickremesinghe said he simply "wasn't in the loop" for a briefing on warnings of a possible terrorist plot received two weeks before suicide bombers killed more than 250 people. the security operation across sri lanka meanwhile has been continuing, with a large cache of bomb—making equipment found during a raid in the east of the country. clive myrie has this report. in sand where nothing else will grow, wreaths blossom. no names yet, just numbers in this catholic graveyard. christian souls lost to suicide
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bombers on easter sunday. anil fernando was away working in cardiff when his sister died in the attack on the local church. he, like many, accuses the government of not doing enough to protect the public. if the prime minister was here in front of you now, what would you say? i don't want to talk about this. you don't want to talk to him? no, that's it. we were given the chance to speak with the prime minister, who says he is grieving, too. you have pain, but you know you have a job to do and you do thatjob. some people have to be here and handle the situation. on our travels in sri lanka, we've come across so many who say their government has been a disaster, and we wanted to put their concerns to the prime minister. offered condolences by the leader of sri lanka's catholics, fernando lost four relatives in the bombings, and he is angry the government did not act on warnings that there may be attacks. anytime, any moment, this can happen again.
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we cannot believe it. we really condemn them. it was a credible warning, and you were not aware of that. unfortunately, i didn't know of it. what do you do when you're out of the loop? you're talking about not being in the loop. you're the prime minister. you're number two on the national security council. that's the critical issue we are here to find out — who was in the loop, who wasn't, why i wasn't. as we spoke, the security forces raided a bomb—making factory in the east of the country, where they found a giant so—called islamic state flag, huge quantities of gel ignite, ball bearings and explosives. this was the safe house of the easter sunday bombers, a major breakthrough in the investigation. but with a dysfunctional ruling elite, the desperate hope is that this country's leaders can unite to beat the real enemies of the people.
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police in sri lanka say there could still be suspects on the loose. here's our correspondent nick beake in colombo, on the state of security going into the weekend. we've got the state of emergency which has remained at the same level ever since the day of the attacks. once again, there's a curfew overnight and this is huge operation overnight and this huge operation under way to try and find anyone related to these bombings. the whole picture was transformed in away today by the sri lankan in a way today by the sri lankan president who give an update and he said that intelligence reaching him suggests that there were around 140 people in sri lanka who had links to is, the so—called islamic state group, and of them, 70 or so were unaccounted for and so, as well as people directly looking for anyone related to this cell that struck at the weekend, they're trying to pick up anyone else who may harbour sympathies or may be even encouraged or inspired by what happened at the weekend. so troubling times are sri lankan as you say, going into the weekend clearly
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on sunday, will be a week on from the attacks in the catholic church in sri lanka has been saying that they propose to suspend services, they simply do not want to take the risk of christians congregating once again because of course, it was in their holy places on easter sunday, their most holy of days that they were targeted and killed in so many numbers. in northern mozambique, teams are assessing the damage caused by cyclone kenneth amid fears that hundreds of thousands of people are going to need humanitarian aid. it's the biggest storm ever recorded to hit mozambique. since making landfall it has now been downgraded, although there are warnings of flooding and landslides as a result of several days of heavy rain. briony sour—den reports. the current situation... still reeling from cyclone idai, he storm even more idai, a storm even more powerful smash the country. cyclone kenneth arrived in northern mozambique with winds of up to 220 km per hour, causing get more devastation.
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causing yet more devastation. the un says it's unprecedented for the southern african nation to be hit with two cyclones in one season. tropical cyclone kenneth made landfall in northern mozambique near the border of tanzania in an area where no storm since the satellite era has ever been observed, some people in that region have never experienced a tropical cyclone and they certainly never have experienced a tropical cyclone of that intensity. even though winds have eased, it is not over yet. forecasters warned that storms could dump up to 800 mm of rain over the next few days, causing catastrophic flooding and storm surges. the red cross says that can lead to landslides describing a situation as far from normal. aid workers are stretched. we are already responding in the central part of the country that was hit by a cyclone over
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a month ago, we are reaching 1.3 million people were there and we are still working very hard to reach all of them were affected and keep assistance going as needed. cyclone kenneth proved deadly and destructive before arriving in mozambique. three people died when it switched through the island nation of comoros on thursday. hurricane winds flattened 90% of homes in the main town and officials say it's shelters are now at capacity. they've asked for attendance, food and water. they've asked for tents, food and water. officials say they have learned lessons from cyclone idai which last month, killed 900 people across mozambique, malawi and zimbabwe but they have concerns over 680,000 people who are in the path of the storm. some of them living in basic homes that are made from mud. cyclone kenneth is slowly moving north towards tanzania, where people are already moving
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to safe ground. the bbc‘s pumza fihlani gave us this update from mozambique‘s capital maputo. the operation at the moment is still quite scant, they are trying to get as many resources out here to mozambique as possible, we knowjust from an update that has come in from the national disaster management team here that they are working with three helicopters and they've got a few hundred humanitarian agencies trying to set up here in mozambique. we do also know that over 2500 families are currently in displacement camps that been set up across the northern part of mozambique and there, they are receiving food, aid, water and hygiene products to sort of help and avoid the occurrence of disease at this point. where is the worst area to be hit and what is most pressing
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need now, would you say? the number of areas that are currently being looked into, there is an area which has been badly affected as well as pemba, as well as an area called ibu, all of these are further up country and what they are trying to do there, a lot of the homes have been destroyed, some of the homes are very basic, so it's also trying to work out how to get aid to people who may not have had time to evacuate and also trying to get access to health, to medication rather, so they have that on standby for people who may need urgent medical care, we know at this stage, when death has been confirmed one death has been confirmed but as the picture becomes clearer of next few days, that figure could rise. but they're trying to let's take a look at some of the other stories making the news. the british and irish governments have announced a new attempt to restore
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a power—sharing government in northern ireland. they said the decision had been prompted by the reaction to the murder of a journalist, lyra mckee, last week. ireland's foreign minister said two years without a government had enabled "voices which do not believe in democracy" to emerge. a 30 year—old russian woman, maria butina, has been sentenced to 18 months in prison by a court in washington, after pleading guilty to being a foreign agent. a gun rights activist, butina admitted working on behalf of russia to influence u.s. policy, infiltrating organisations such as the powerful national rifle association. she will be deported back to russia once she has completed her sentence. the leaders of the uk's main opposition parties say they will boycott a state dinner for president trump during his state visit in june. labour'sjeremy corbyn said there should be no red—carpet welcome for a president who he says "backs climate change denial, and uses racist and misognyst rhetoric.‘ the leaders of the scottish national party and the liberal democrats have also said they will stay away.
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the bbc has been told exclusively that the authorities in libya agreed to extradite hashem abedi — brother of the manchester bomber salman abedi — to britain to face charges, but this is now on hold because of heavy fighting on the outskirts of the capital tripoli. hashem abedi has been in custody in tripoli since shortly after the bombing, which killed 22 people at a concern at the manchester arena in may 2017. from tripoli, orla guerin reports. gunfire. on the outskirts of tripoli, another round of battle. gunfire. government fighters mounting a chaotic defence of the capital. it's under attack by forces from eastern libya. one unseen casualty of this conflict, the attempt to extradite a suspect in the manchester bombing. this is hashem abedi, brother of the bomber salman abedi. he was detained here in libya a day
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after the attack in may 2017. greater manchester police have a warrant for his arrest on charges relating to the murder of 22 people. in libya's heavily guarded interior ministry, we were told his extradition has been approved, but the minister warned it was bad timing. the court ruling was issued just a week before the latest fighting erupted. they agreed to give hashem abedi to the british because he is a british citizen. and what will happen with that now? i mean, is it possible now to extradite him? they are waiting for the procedure — there is some procedure between our attorney office and your attorney office there in britain, but now the war — everything is stopped. the minister is focused on protecting his city from an offensive by
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general khalifa haftar, the military strongman from the east. he accuses theresa may of abandoning tripoli in its hour of need by withdrawing british special forces and embassy staff. why you go out? why you are afraid? after coming to kill us, not to kill you. but if you go out, you give clear to haftar to kill us. i have to say something to mrs may — we have built very good relations after 2011, up to 2019. now, within one week, this relation is broke, damaged, and we lose that trust and confidence. so you don't trust the british government any more? i cannot trust. i cannot. because of their behaviour, i cannot trust them. the foreign office has confirmed all remaining british staff
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were withdrawn from tripoli due to the worsening violence. it says it maintains full diplomatic relations with libya and is in contact with the government. but the view from here is one of betrayal, and it's clear that security cooperation between britain and libya, vital in the fight against the islamic state group, has been badly damaged. stay with us on bbc world news, still to come: the end of an era, as the marvel cinematic universe reaches its final frontier, with avengers end game
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the extents for government help to build better housing. internationally there have already been protests, seen as there is no warning of the accident and had first denied anything that gone wrong radioactivity levels began to increase outside of russia when they are forced to admit the accident. the mood here is of great celebration, this is the end of our 12 year warfor them celebration, this is the end of our 12 year war for them they have taken the capital that they have been fighting forfor so the capital that they have been fighting for for so long. seven o'clock in the morning, that day of her power began to pass from the minority to the majority. when africa, after 300 years, reclaimed its last white colony. this is bbc world news today. the latest headlines.
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sri lanka's prime minister admits a serious breakdown in government before the bombing attack on easter sunday — but insists he was "out of the loop". another huge storm bears down on mozambique — just weeks after the devastation of cyclone idai two universities in california have been forced to declared a quarantine to try to contain a measles outbreak. students and staff at ucla and california state university have been ordered to stay at home afer coming in contact with a confirmed case of the disease. the us has been struggling with a nationwide outbreak, with nearly 700 cases this year. president trump has urged americans to ensure that they are properly vaccinated. they have to get the shot, the vaccinations are so important. this is really going around now, they have to get their shots. our correspondent in los angeles, sophie long gave us this update earlier
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in two separate cases, two different students, both with measles attended university and they went to the university campus and could have come into contact with up to 500 people, and the student with measles actually went to a library and up to 2000 people go there every day, so i think they wanted to take precautions, they are care taking a carrying the measles at a time but they are contagious, people who may have come into contact with, they then ask them if they've been immunised, and if not they are put into quarantine and asked to stay at home. those were and change all the time and those immunised do not have the risk. it could spread further because there are fewer people have been vaccinated in some communities and when measles comes in, they do
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not want to have it spread any further. one of the biggest cases of measles in the united states now since it was cleared eradicated in 2000. asi farni has all the sport. thank you they're playing already relegated and the three nail up with the first goal inside 15 seconds with them both scoring in the first half, 60 minutes plate now currently 3— nail, at least until sunday when city plays burnley, that fixture has the potential to be an awkward one, given how much the manager relishes the idea inside causing trouble, let's hear from the city boss. the most incredible thing is three days
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before we had the defeat and i we are in the champions league, they show me the personality, the team that we are. they do not have to do anything else. they want to try to win this title because we would not have we have done. montenegrin will play their european championship qualifier behind closed doors after the supporters racially abused english players last month. they we re english players last month. they were targeted by groups of home fans during the 5—1victory during the 2020 qualifier. charles won a ferrari 12 in an instant pack at the grand prix, .9 of a second ahead of team—mate sebastian with hamilton and third, earlier today been a bizarre incident when george williams hit a loose manhole cover causing the session to be abandoned,
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the car was damaged by the drain cover and cost and hydraulic fluid after it had a bridge on the way back to the pit. we are doing the preparations and trying to get the car ready preparing for the week ahead and we had a drain literally afterwards, so is most frustrating day for us. the half marathon world record holder has been suspended from competition after a having a passport violation, the 29—year—old had to do to compete in the marathon the programme compares biological data does sport discrepancies suggesting possible doping. the snooker champion has been taken to hospital with chest pains following the session of the second championship match at the theatre in england. fleshman felt ill after a
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session against david he is trailing 5-3 session against david he is trailing 5—3 against englishman, he has since tweeted the emergency could be here a while, could not stick with the chest pain any more, luckily there we re chest pain any more, luckily there were not any more friends to play. . stephen leading seven frames pulling off of the biggest shocks of the tournament history by putting out five—time world champion ronnie o'sullivan in the first round and the 14th of the frame, he aims to still reach the record of 18 majors. it took him an
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entire career to get 18, so now that i've had another extension to my career, while i did not think i had ita career, while i did not think i had it a couple of years ago. , if i do things correctly and everything falls my way, yes, there is a possibility. i never going to say it's not. that's all the sport for now. and to give you an idea of the excitement among marvel fans — take a look at this. these are hundreds of fans in dhaka hundred million dollars at the box office there, injust the opening weekend. a short time ago i spoke tojustin chang, film critic at the los angeles times. he told me why so many people are so excited. i think that comes from seeing, you know, these characters come to life on the screen, characters like iron man and captain america and the whole and the guardians of the galaxy,
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and captain america and the hulk and the guardians of the galaxy, these are not characters that i had any special love for her grew up with but i find myself, you get sucked into this longform narrative that is played out over extraordinarily 11 years and 22 movies starting with the original iron man, starring robert downeyjunior who has been with the series since then and then there's been a remarkable continuity in between these films and it is a very ambitious thing of course to launch that kind of arc over 22 films in which ventures in which avengers end game is the 22nd. and how much excitement is there over this? it is quite exciting, i consider myself, not a non—fan but may be just a sceptic or or a hole it out or a hold out as far as these movies. i have a professional obligation
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that i see them in a did enjoy some of them and i find myself overcoming some of my own reservation because i think the new movie is pretty satisfying, i think closure is inherently satisfying, of course, closure is a word i use loosely because of course, although this particular chapter of what is known as the marvel cinematic universes has come to an end, they're going to be more movies and the series is definitely going to continue. so this is not the final one? it is the final one of, of the true avengers scholars will detailfor you all of the different phases, i think we are in phase three or so, but this initial arc of the mcu has come to an end of sorts. that's pretty good. how violent are they and who do they actually appealed to? they actually appeal to? who is out there watching it? i think they appeal to everyone, i think that the comic book fans to form the original marvel fan base, the movies have of course,
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are enormously satisfying to them but they extend beyond that audience as well and some went to the detriment of movie—going as well and somewhat to the detriment of movie—going culture, a lot of my young friends, when they think of movies, they will go out to see the new marvel movie in theatres and may be not much else, ifeel that these movies have dominated movie—going to a degree that is understandable and also detrimental, i think. and to give you an idea of the excitement among marvel fans — take a look at this. these are hundreds of fans in dhaka in bangladesh descending on a cinema to try and get tickets for avengers— endgame. so far, its banlked around 60 million dollars in american and canadian box offices during its thursday night debut, definitely my last bulletin for this evening, have a lovely weekend, i am on twitter, see you very soon.
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good evening. this was all about the sunshine and the warmth that we've got to look forward to a cross easter weekend, today we have seen some sunshine and it has been a glorious day across the highlands, scotla nd glorious day across the highlands, scotland as you can see, from loch ness monster but the cloud arriving and it brought some rain with it and it isa and it brought some rain with it and it is a sign of what's to come as we move into the weekend, a cooler more u nsu btle move into the weekend, a cooler more unsubtle theme for many and we start off the weekend on a stormy note with this deep area of low pressure moving in on the southern flank of that though, we are going to see some dales for many severe gales unexposed to make ex post coasts, particularly uproot trees that are 110w particularly uproot trees that are now starting to become, some rain
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across parts of northern wells and northern ireland through the night as well, fair amount of cloud elsewhere, temperatures around six to9 elsewhere, temperatures around six to 9 degrees. the winds will be featured first thing in the morning, dustin we nzel wenzel travel in the eastern parts of england through the area, the wind will northern england and the scottish border although fairly showering across much of northern ireland, south of that wet weather there will be brighter spells but factor in the strength of the winds, the temperature really struggling, particularly when you compare them to just particularly when you compare them tojust a week particularly when you compare them to just a week ago, so just nine to 13 degrees. that low pressure will move into the north, second half of the weekend improving story and that is good news for marathon runners because perfect weather conditions
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are likely on sunday and it will be dry, a lot of cloud around in a bit ofa dry, a lot of cloud around in a bit of a breeze but nowhere near as strong as saturday. so i fair amount of cloud for many of us, the weather from a bring some rain into northern ireland and western fringes of wells in southwest england as he got the day, despite some brightness, temperatures will respond there will bea temperatures will respond there will be a degree or so higher than saturday, so 11 to 15 degrees. and then as we move into next week, it looks like the weather fronts will set out, chance of rain into the west, and of dry weather to these. —— the east.
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this is bbc world news with the headlines. the prime minister us are like us that he did not receive the headlines before. severe flowing seven issued in mozambique after cyclone kenneth. there are fears there are hundreds of thousands who will need him in a and aid. libby agrees to exercise —— estimate the brother of the suicide bomber in manchester back to the uk. the recent fighting around tripoli however has put the on hold. two universities in california have declared a quarantine to try and
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contain a measles


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