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this is bbc news i'm martine croxall. the headlines at 10pm: sri lankan security forces have detained the wife and child of the man believed to be the mastermind behind the wave of bomb attacks on easter sunday. the home office is being investigated after they revoked the visas of 30,000 foreign students over claims they cheated in an english language exam. the labour party is to change its european election manifesto leaflets, saying it may support another referendum on any brexit deal. northern ireland politicians are being urged to deliver on power—sharing by the priest who received a standing ovation at lyra mckee‘s funeral. top flight for the canaries — norwich city secure promotion to the premier league. and at 10:30 and again at 11:30, we'll be taking an in—depth look at the papers with our reviewers john stapleton and benedicte paviot. stay with us for that.
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in a couple of minutes, ben brown will be here with a full bulletin of the day's news as we're joined by viewers on bbc one. our top story tonight is the afttermath of the easter suicide bomber attacks in sri lanka. 15 people including six children were killed in eastern sri lanka when suspected islamist militants blew themselves up after troops attempted to raid a house. the bbc‘s anbarasan etirajan has been to the site. this is the house where intense clashes took place 2a hours ago in the town of sainthamaruthu. the steel gate has been damaged, broken windows. the police said after the three
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militants were killed in the shootout the remaining people inside detonated bombs and killed the rest of the members in this house. that damaged the entire building. we find another van here and the police believe this van belonged to members of this house. they suspected this could contain explosive devices and they said they didn't find any device but this van was also damaged in the fighting. 2a hours after the fighting, most of the neighbours have fled away, fearing for their safety, and that is why there is an eerie silence in the street. except for a few policeman guarding the site at the moment, the whole town is deserted and empty. we also see some bloodstains on the floor here, suggesting that some injured person was brought from inside the house to this place. police here say that they rescued two people, a woman and a child,
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they were rescued, they were both injured in this operation and they believe that they were the wife and daughter of one of the masterminds of this sunday's bombing last week, zahran hashim, and they think that they made a big breakthrough in this case because the militants who were staying in this house, they were planning further attacks and that is why police believe that they have made a big breakthrough and they say that operations like this will continue until they find the remaining sympathisers of the radical islamist group. the catholic priest father martin magill who criticised northern ireland's political leaders at the funeral of the journalist lyra mckee has told the bbc that people want results from new talks, next month to restore power—sharing at stormont. the coalition government collapsed more than two years ago. 0ur ireland correspondent, emma vardy reports. at lyra mckee‘s funeral,
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the words of father martin magill received a standing ovation when he shamed politicians for failing to reconcile their differences to restore devolution. why, in god's name, does it take the death of a 29—year—old woman with her whole life in front of her... applause in his first interview since the address, he urged politicians to listen to the people. i get the sense that people want our politicians to move and they want them to move now, and by that i mean in terms of entering into those talks and in a way that will actually bring a positive result at the end of them. political adversaries in northern ireland have been brought together by the death of the journalist who was shot during rioting in londonderry. more than two years since power—sharing collapsed in northern ireland, yesterday, the british and irish governments announced that in the wake of lyra's death, there would be fresh discussions to try to reach a new power—sharing agreement,
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beginning after the local elections next week. and we will work with all the parties to help them do that. but repeated rounds of talks have previously failed, and big sticking points between the parties remain. emma vardy, bbc news.
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church services in sri lanka tomorrow are cancelled
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amid fears of further attacks — one week after the easter sunday bombings. security forces raid militant bases — the wife and daughter of the suspected ringleader are wounded. new pictures emerge of one of the suicide bombers in a hotel just moments before his attack. we'll have the latest from our correspondent in colombo. also tonight... an investigation into whether the government acted fairly when it accused thousands of foreign students of cheating in english language tests. spain prepares to go to the polls — with the far right resurgent. and top flight for the canaries — norwich city promoted tonight to the premier league.
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good evening. church services in sri lanka tomorrow have been cancelled, amid fears of more attacks, one week after the easter sunday bombings. people have been told to worship at home instead. thousands of troops are searching for the islamist militants still at large: at least 15 people were killed in a raid on a safe house, and the wife and daughter of the suspected ringleader of last week's attacks were both wounded. from sri lanka our correspondent yogita limaye reports. the search continues for those behind sri lanka's horror. police have been carrying out raids across the country. on friday, they followed a tip—off to this house, in the eastern city of sainthamaruthu. armed men were inside who set off an explosion. a gun battle followed, and the house burned down. more than a dozen died.
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women and children were caught up in the violence. among them are believed to be the wife and child of this man, zahran hashim — the alleged ringleader, he was one of two suicide bombers at the shangri la hotel. in a separate raid, police found a huge cache of bomb—making material, a discovery that reveals how grave the threat of more attacks still is. this banner of the islamic state group, which said it carried out the easter sunday attacks, was also found. several suspects are still at large. these photos were released by the government earlier this week. newly released closed—circuit tv footage shows the bomber at kingsbury hotel in colombo the night before the attack. backpack full of explosives, he checks in at the front desk,
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then goes to his room. in the morning, he's seen leaving the elevator on his way to the hotel's breakfast restaurant. moments later, he detonates his bomb. people are slowly beginning to piece together what happened at all the attack locations. in this batticaloa church, half of those killed were children — young boys and girls who were attending sunday school. the bbc‘s tamil service spoke to a pastor who recalls seeing the bomber. translation: he was wearing a shoulder bag and a camera bag. i wasn't aware of his purpose at that time. many children were drinking water in the entrance of the church after their sunday school class. people and children were entering, that's when the bomb went off. workers have begun to clear the trail of destruction, and most of those who died have been laid to rest, but fear remains. it's the seventh night
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of curfew here, and tomorrow will be a week since the attacks. it's a sunday, but no church services are being held because of worries they might be targeted again. there's a sense of disbelief here that such a large network of people was active in the country without being discovered by security agencies. but with search operations now becoming more intense, there is also hope that the government will soon get a grip on the situation. yogita limaye, bbc news, colombo. some newsjust coming in. one person has been killed and others injured in a shooting at a synagogue in california. the attack happened during a celebration for passover. our correspondent chris buckler is in washington. what is the latest? the police have issued a warning that there is a man with a gun in the area, and when they arrived here they found a
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chaotic situation, and they also found a number of people injured. it is believed at this stage that one person has died, others have been taken to hospital, and that is according to the mayor. this is a city just north of according to the mayor. this is a cityjust north of san diego and the police have taken one person into custody for questioning and while the motive is not known for the attack, a number of synagogues have been increasing their security since the attack in pittsburgh exactly six months ago. in which 11 people were killed. chris buckley in washington, thank you. an investigation has begun into whether the home 0ffice acted fairly — when it accused more than 30 thousand foreign students of cheating in the english language tests, required to obtain their visas. hundreds were detained and more than a thousand were removed from the uk. clear evidence of cheating was uncovered by the bbc‘s panorama programme in 2014 — but there are claims
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the government went on to wrongly accuse many people. kathryn stanczyszyn reports. an instructor reads out the answers. the students dutifully write them down. in 2014, panorama found clear evidence of this kind of cheating at two centres where foreign students sit english language tests. it's one of the assessments they need to pass in order to obtain a visa to study in the uk. at the time the then—home secretary theresa may said it would be urgently looked into. we have done a lot over the last three and a half years. we have rooted out abuse, the number of student visas has gone down and the amount of abuse has gone down, but it's clear people are finding other ways around the system. following panorama's investigation, the home office ordered checks on more than 58,000 oral tests taken between 2011—2014. it concluded that 311,000 people had cheated and said other results were questionable.
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the government then cancelled 36,000 student visas and more than 1,000 people were removed from the uk. now, the national audit office is investigating whether people like fatima were treated unfairly. she had her student visa revoked but denies doing anything wrong. she says she's not allowed to work and has been left in limbo. oh, my life is actually damaged, it's broken now. whatever i'm doing is just staying in the home and counting my time, hoping that one day everything will be sorted, and i will live my life again. at the time, the conservative government had made very public its aim to reduce immigration numbers, something critics claim may have played a part. those students were not even treated like criminals — criminals would have a better chance to defend themselves because you would have to present them with evidence. this is directly linked, we believe,
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with this effort to attempt to reduce the number of migrants at any cost, and those students were caught in this. the home office insists its investigation revealed systemic and organised fraud and points out that 25 people have since received criminal convictions. the national audit office says it will now review the government's response to fraud in the student visa system. the home office says it's already cooperating and continues to welcome genuine international students. kathryn stanczyszyn, bbc news. the labour party is to change its european election ca m pa ig n leaflets — to make clear it might support another referendum, under certain circumstances. it came after around 100 mps and meps wrote a letter calling for the party to promise a public vote on any brexit deal. jeremy corbyn has said that labour's ruling national executive will decide the party's position on tuesday.
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it's important that the party, which is a democratic party structure, makes those decisions. sadly, or perhaps it's a good thing, i'm not a dictator of the labour party. 0ur political correspondent iain watson is here. iain, why has labour changed its election leaflets at short notice? asi as i understand it, the leaflets we re as i understand it, the leaflets were about to be posted out and had to be recalled because they made no mention of a referendum at all. this outraged some of the party's most senior mps so the leaflets are now being changed to say they would back the option of a referendum in order to avoid what they see as a bad tory brexit deal. this does not go near far enough for the mps who have signed a letter who say they want to have a confirmatory ballot, yes, referendum, on any deal, even one negotiated byjeremy corbyn. this has to be hammered out by the ruling nec on tuesday for labour, when they
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are drawing up the manifesto, and if i was are drawing up the manifesto, and if iwasa are drawing up the manifesto, and if i was a labour official i would not yet press the print button on any new literature. thanks forjoining us. voters in spain go to the polls tomorrow in a fiecely contested general election — the third in four years. among the contenders, the ultra nationalist vox party, whose leaders attack multiculturalism and feminism — the first real resurgence of the far right since the death of the dictator, general franco, in 1975. from madrid, james reynolds reports. a new far right party is rising in spain. it's called vox. at the party's final rally in madrid its leader santiago abascal attacked multiculturalism and what he called feminist supremacy. i asked his supporters if they wanted to go back in time to the years of spain's 20th—century
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fascist leader general franco. the people of the left side wants to revive franco again. not you? you don't want to? no. not me, franco died too many years ago. do you want to go back to the past? no, never, never, and this is not going to the past, for sure. well, i like that vox confirms the spanish identity and also our history. populism and the rise of the far right have shaken up this country. the old two—party system has been shattered into pieces, making this election extremely hard to predict. earlier this week, four of the main party leaders, excluding vox, faced off on tv. the debate was chaired by ana pastor, the only woman on stage in a country long dominated
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by older men. translation: the women's vote which has been growing as a block may benefit the left. and i then think, surprisingly, young people, especially first—time voters, will vote en masse for vox. opponents of vox rally around this man, the socialist prime minister pedro sanchez. he portrays himself as a blockade against the advance of the hard right. the fractured parties will now fight for their pieces of this country. each sees a different spain in the same flag. james reynolds, bbc news, madrid. a powerful cyclone has struck mozambique, flattening thousands of homes and flooding low—lying areas. cyclone kenneth brought winds of 140mph barely a month after a previous cyclone killed hundreds
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and devastated large areas. the authorities have advised people to move to higher ground. there's concern that many may be trapped by flooding. with all the sport now, here's holly hamilton at the bbc sport centre. celebrations in norwich this evening? yes, good evening. norwich city have formally secured promotion to the premier league with a 2—1win over blackburn rovers. all they needed was a point to guarantee a top two finish and their return to the top flight next season. joe lynskey reports. the championship is one of football's unpredictable divisions and this is the feeling to depart it for the top but even in this league few expected norwich city to go up, they finished 14th last season, then sold their best players, but this time they have swept teams away. norwich have surged to the top through the ethos of their
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to co hic-htemo to co hih tem-o and the canaries to go high tempo and ta ke the canaries to go high tempo and take aim. talent from across europe has been key to their recipe for success , has been key to their recipe for success, i only needed a point against blackburn to guarantee promotion and although the away side pulled a goal back this was never a night of tension. a 201victory means the canaries take flight again after three years away and the premier league's riches await the side no one fancied. —— a 2—1 victory. look away now if you don't want to know today's premier league results as match of the day follows shortly on bbc one. tottenham hotspur have suffered their first defeat at their new stadium after they were beaten 1—0 by west ham. michail antonio's second half goal was enough to give the hammers only their third away win of the season and puts a dent in spurs' bid to finish in the top four. elsewhere, cardiff's1—0 defeat at fulham leaves them in real danger of relegation. they're four points from safety after brighton drew 1—1
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with newcastle. southampton secured their top—flight future with a 3—3 draw against bournemouth. celtic are just a point away from retaining the scottish premiership after a 1—0 win over kilmarnock at celtic park. in the week of billy mcneill‘s passing, rather poignantly, it was their current no 5 who scored the winner. no 5 being the jersey worn by the former manager who died on monday. and jockey bryony frost has won herfirst race back after breaking her collarbone. her return at sandown saw her ride the favourite, black corton, to victory in the oaksey chase for trainer paul nicholls. her 50th win of the season, she was also crowned champion conditional jockey. there's more on the bbc sport website, including the results from qualifying ahead of the azerbaijan grand prix which takes place in baku tomorrow.
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holly, many thanks. you can see more on all of today's stories on the bbc news channel. that's all from me. goodnight. good evening. the second half of the weekend promises to be rather less turbulent
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thanks forjoining me. it is time to look at the weather. so far, the weekend has not been right, it has been very blustery. as far as the
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week ahead is concerned there are signs that the weather will warm up a little bit before it cools off again. this is the storm we had in the last 2a hours, it is barely a storm, to be honest, pretty rough across south—western islands but the low pressure through saturday and into sunday will move out into the north sea and there is hardly anything left of it. to the south, high pressure is building. what we will find in the wake of the storm isa will find in the wake of the storm is a little bit of cool air coming out of the north—west before warm airwinds and out of the north—west before warm air winds and comes out of the south—west. so sunday is looking much better across the uk. the winds are lighter, there is no sunshine around, not clear blue skies but it will feel a lot better. temperatures on sunday will be 5 degrees higher for most of us. you can see 15 degrees in the south. there is a 16
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there in the lows of scotland, compare it to around seven to 10 degrees that we had during the course of saturday. if you're out on sunday, it should be fine with clear skies. monday, there is a weak weather front approaching the uk, not an awful lot of cloud and certainly not an awful lot of rain in it, just a few splits and spots affecting south—west england, maybe wales and northern ireland but the vast majority of the country should be waking up to a fine day in the afternoon is looking fine. the weather will be warming up a bit, temperatures in central scotland could get up to 18 degrees on monday. here is a look at tuesday. spot the difference. still a week weather front across western areas in the uk, may be bringing rain to parts of northern ireland, though this is uncertain. look at the temperatures, mid to high teens by tuesday. there is a subtle difference as we head into wednesday. a week weather front and
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week breezes of the atlantic will bring cooler conditions to some north—western parts of the uk. increasing amounts of cloud mid week and you can see spots of rain here too so not a dry day on wednesday but most of us will have dry weather. temperatures about 12 to 1a in the north—west of the country, just around 18 or so in the far south—west. on thursday, notice that high pressure is trying to build from the south—west, there is low pressure here in scandinavia so it means the winds are blowing out of the north—west. not a desperately warm direction, it does also mean the weather fronts will be pushing into the uk so cloud and spots of rain, may be 13 or 1a degrees but with the high pressure nudge into southern areas of the uk it shouldn't be too bad across the south. temperatures will be about 16,17 degrees. south. temperatures will be about 16, 17 degrees. friday and into the weekend, we should see the high pressure winning as it starts to build across the uk and keeping the
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weather fronts out at bay on the atlantic. that means next weekend and into next weekend, with high pressure building, there should be a fairamount of pressure building, there should be a fair amount of sunshine and it looks like things will be warming up. so, on the whole, the outlook is not looking bad at all. goodbye.
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hello. this is bbc news with martine croxall. we'll be taking a look at tomorrow morning's papers in a moment withjohn stapleton and benedict paviot, first the headlines: sri lankan security forces have detained the wife and child of the man believed to be the mastermind behind the wave of bomb attacks on easter sunday. the home office is being investigated after they revoked the visas of thirty thousand foreign students over claims they cheated in an english language exam. the labour party is to change its european election manifesto leaflets — saying it may support another referendum on any brexit deal.


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