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this is bbc news, i'm martine croxall. the headlines at 11pm: a woman has died and three others are injured after a gunman opens fire at a synagogue in california. at this moment it looks like a hate crime. my deepest sympathies to all of those affected, and we'll get to the bottom of it. sri lankan security forces have detained the wife and child of the man believed to be the mastermind behind the wave of bomb attacks on easter sunday. the home office is being investigated after they revoked the visas of 30,000 foreign students over claims they cheated in an english language exam. the labour party is to change its european election manifesto leaflets, saying it may support another referendum on any brexit deal. top flight for the canaries — norwich city secure promotion to the premier league. and at 11.30pm, we'll be
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taking an in—depth look at the papers with our reviewers john stapleton and benedicte paviot. we begin this hour with breaking news from the us where one person has been killed and others injured in a shooting at a synagogue in california. a man has been arrested and is being questioned by police in san diego county. the attack happened during a passover ceremony. it's understood police had issued a warning shortly beforehand — and were investigating reports of a man armed with a gun. president donald trump has just spoken to reporters. let's have a listen to what he had to say.
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my my deepest sympathies go to the people that were affected, their families, their loved ones, by the what it looks like now based on my last conversations, it looks like a hate crime. hard to believe, hard to believe. with respect to the synagogue in california in san diego, we are doing some very heavy research. we'll see what happens, what comes up. at this moment, it looks like a hate crime. my deepest sympathies to all of those affected and will get to the bottom of it. looks like person was apprehended, no more danger, and law enforcement have done and a fantasticjob. no more danger, and law enforcement have done and a fantastic job. let's speak to our correspondent in washington. what more do you know? we've learnt a lot of details in the last half an hour. sheriffs have
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told us exactly what happened inside the synagogue. they believed the man who fired at families who were inside the synagogue celebrating the end of passover using an assault rifle. they had gathered there for this service and were gathered there, part of the community in poway, near san diego. there were reports of a man with a gun. we believe the service had already begun. when police arrived, they said there was a chaotic scene with people fleeing from the area, trying to get away from the synagogue, including children. at some stage, they were concerned there was a number of children missing but they also found some people had been injured. among the injuries were two men and a girl but there was also a woman who was taken to hospital and she has since died of her injuries. clearly police are very concerned about what they have found here and
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they are currently investigating the man who they believe was involved in the shooting. the suspect was apprehended as he was trying to leave the area. we understand a border patrol agent saw him. he was off duty but he fired at him, he did not injure him but he has been taken into custody and he is being questioned. this is a six months since the shooting at a synagogue in pittsburgh. pretty month -- pretty much exactly six months since that shooting in which 11 people were killed. clearly, that is what is on the minds of both the investigators and as you heard the president, with the suggestion that it may have been a hate crime. it is difficult to imagine what else could it have been, given that shooting happened inside a synagogue when people had gathered to celebrate their faith. there is an attempt to find the exact motivation for the attack. we understand that the person in
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custody, police are going through his social media, for example, trying to see if there is information there, or suggestions for a motive. they will be trying to find out if anybody else was involved in planning this attack. but it is worth pointing out again that while they are still looking to find an exact motive, at this time, they are also very aware that it has happened exactly six months since that shooting in pittsburgh. whether that shooting in pittsburgh. whether that was accident or design, it is certainly something that they will have to investigate. what have security levels been like in synagogues in the united states? well, since that attack in pittsburgh in particular there have been a number of attempts by many synagogues to increase their security. you often see security outside synagogues here on a saturday, whenever they are holding their services on the sabbath. and you see very often that they are armed guards outside them. if
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anything, since that attack in pittsburgh, security has been increased, certainly at some synagogues. talking to the people who have been reporting this in poway, they are suggesting that in that city in san diego county, a lot of people were not concerned, necessarily, about an attack. that is not to say there wasn't security but they felt they weren't in a major city, they were not in somewhere where necessarily they would be attacked. and clearly this is going to emphasise once again to all synagogues that they have to ensure there is security in those areas. at the moment, you can only imagine what it is like, a lot of families, a lot of children inside that synagogue who have clearly been affected by what happened. at the moment, a high school is being used asa moment, a high school is being used as a place to try and get them together. the festival, trying to ensure all people are accounted for because there was a point where people had scattered and there were concerns about people being missing
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but they have all been found. secondly, the high school is being used as a place where they can come together and comfort each other after what has happened. the mayor of poway has said that clearly they are going to investigate what this attack was that he, like the president, believes it was a hate crime. he says given what happened in synagogue, certainly whoever carried it out, they could only have been hate in their heart. to add a little more detail that we are getting via reuters news agency, they are quoting a san diego sheriff as saying that the suspect now is in custody and is a 19—year—old white man. the sheriff has said that the individual they have apprehended was carrying an assault weapon, an automatic rifle type of weapon and opened fire on people inside the synagogue. as wejust
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opened fire on people inside the synagogue. as we just heard chris say, a woman has died as a result of the injuries she sustained, and three other people are in hospital. their conditions are said to be stable. so, it happenedjust their conditions are said to be stable. so, it happened just before 1130 local time in poway which is in san diego county, which is in california. a great number of leads already being followed by the authorities dare to try to find out what the motive for the shooting was. president trump already categorising it as a hate crime. church services in sri lanka tomorrow have been cancelled, amid fears of more attacks, one week after the easter sunday bombings. people have been told to worship at home instead. thousands of troops are searching for the islamist militants still at large: at least 15 people were killed in a raid on a safe house, and the wife
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and daughter of the suspected ringleader of last week's attacks were both wounded. from sri lanka our correspondent yogita limaye reports. the search continues for those behind sri lanka's horror. police have been carrying out raids across the country. on friday, they followed a tip—off to this house, in the eastern city of sainthamaruthu. armed men were inside who set off an explosion. a gun battle followed, and the house burned down. more than a dozen died. women and children were caught up in the violence. among them are believed to be the wife and child of this man, zahran hashim — the alleged ringleader, he was one of two suicide bombers at the shangri la hotel. in a separate raid, police found a huge cache of bomb—making material, a discovery that reveals how grave
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the threat of more attacks still is. this banner of the islamic state group, which said it carried out the easter sunday attacks, was also found. several suspects are still at large. these photos were released by the government earlier this week. newly released closed—circuit tv footage shows the bomber at kingsbury hotel in colombo the night before the attack. backpack full of explosives, he checks in at the front desk, then goes to his room. in the morning, he's seen leaving the elevator on his way to the hotel's breakfast restaurant. moments later, he detonates his bomb. people are slowly beginning to piece together what happened at all the attack locations. in this batticaloa church, half of those killed were children — young boys and girls who were attending sunday school. the bbc‘s tamil service spoke to a pastor who recalls
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seeing the bomber. translation: he was wearing a shoulder bag and a camera bag. i wasn't aware of his purpose at that time. many children were drinking water in the entrance of the church after their sunday school class. people and children were entering, that's when the bomb went off. workers have begun to clear the trail of destruction, and most of those who died have been laid to rest, but fear remains. it's the seventh night of curfew here, and tomorrow will be a week since the attacks. it's a sunday, but no church services are being held because of worries they might be targeted again. there's a sense of disbelief here that such a large network of people was active in the country without being discovered by security agencies. but with search operations now becoming more intense, there is also hope that the government will soon get a grip on the situation. yogita limaye, bbc news, colombo.
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as we've been hearing, 15 people including six children were killed in eastern sri lanka yesterday, when suspected islamist militants blew themselves up after troops attempted to raid a house. the bbc‘s anbarasan etirajan has been to the site. this is the house where intense clashes took place between security forces and suspected islamist militants about 2k hours ago in eastern sri lanka in the town of sainthamaruthu. you can see signs of damage here. the steel gate has been damaged, broken windows. the police said after the three militants were killed in the shootout, the remaining people inside detonated their suicide vests, killing the rest of the members who were staying in this house. that also damaged the entire building. we also find another van here and the police believe this van belonged to members of this house. they suspected this could contain explosive devices and they say
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they didn't find any device but this van was also damaged in the fighting. 2a hours after the fighting, most of the neighbours have fled away, fearing for their safety, and that is why there is an eerie silence in the street. except for a few policeman who are guarding this site at the moment, the whole town is deserted and empty. we also see some bloodstains on the floor here, suggesting that some injured person was brought from inside the house to this place. police here say that they rescued two people, a woman and a child, they were rescued, they were both injured in this operation and they believe that they were the wife and daughter of one of the masterminds of this sunday's bombing last week, zahran hashim, and they think that they made a big breakthrough in this case because the militants who were staying in this house, they were planning further attacks and that is why police believe
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that they have made a big breakthrough and they say that operations like this will continue until they find the remaining sympathisers of the radical islamist group. an investigation has begun into whether the home 0ffice acted fairly when it accused more than 30,000 foreign students of cheating in the english language tests, required to obtain their visas. hundreds were detained and more than a thousand were removed from the uk. clear evidence of cheating was uncovered by the bbc‘s panorama programme in 2014 — but there are claims the government went on to wrongly accuse many people. kathryn stanczyszyn reports. an instructor reads out the answers. the students dutifully write them down. in 2014, panorama found clear evidence of this kind of cheating at two centres where foreign students sit english language tests. it's one of the assessments they need to pass in order to obtain a visa to study in the uk.
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the then—home secretary theresa may said it would be urgently looked into. we have done a lot over the last three and a half years. we have rooted out abuse, the number of student visas has gone down and the amount of abuse has gone down, but it's clear people are finding other ways around the system. following panorama's investigation, the home office ordered checks on more than 58,000 oral tests taken between 2011—2014. it concluded that 3a,000 people had cheated and said other results were questionable. the government then cancelled 36,000 student visas and more than 1,000 people were removed from the uk. now the national audit office is investigating whether people like fatima were treated unfairly. she had her student visa revoked but denies doing anything wrong. she says she's not allowed to work and has been left in limbo. oh, my life is actually damaged, it's broken now.
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whatever i'm doing is just staying in the home and counting my time, hoping that one day everything will be sorted, and i will live my life again. at the time, the conservative government had made very public its aim to reduce immigration numbers, something critics claim may have played a part. those students were not even treated like criminals — criminals would have a better chance to defend themselves because you would have to present them with evidence. this is directly linked, we believe, with this effort to attempt to reduce the number of migrants at any cost, and those students were caught in this. the home office insists its investigation revealed systemic and organised fraud and points out that 25 people have since received criminal convictions. the national audit office says it will now review the government's response to fraud in the student visa system. the home office says it's already
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cooperating and continues to welcome genuine international students. kathryn stanczyszyn, bbc news. the labour party is to change its european election ca m pa ig n leaflets to make clear it might support another referendum, under certain circumstances. it came after around 100 mps and meps wrote a letter calling for the party to promise a public vote on any brexit deal. jeremy corbyn has said that labour's ruling national executive will decide the party's position on tuesday. because it is important that the party, which is a democratic party structure, makes those decisions. sadly — or perhaps it's a good thing — i'm not a dictator of the labour party. the headlines on bbc news... one person has died and several others injured after a gunman opened fire at a synagogue in california. sri lankan security forces have detained the wife and child
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of the man believed to be the mastermind behind the wave of bomb attacks on easter sunday. the home office is being investigated after they revoked the visas of thirty thousand foreign students over claims they cheated in an english language exam. after two seasons away, norwich are back in the premier league. they beat blackburn 2—1 to secure promotion — marco stiepermann with their opener. and moments later, they had a second — a stunning strike from mario vrancic. blackburn got one back but norwich hung on seal promotion. they move 3 points clear at the top and will be crowned champions — if they avoid defeat against aston villa next weekend. cardiff's premier league status hangs in the balance — after defeat at fulham and brighton's draw with newcastle. ryan babel with the only
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goal in that game. cardiff only have two games left and with a far inferior goal difference there will be some nervous faces in the welsh nervous faces in the welsh capital tonight. where not out of it yet,. i thought we could have been a bit more intense in the first half. probably a bit nervous but i can't fault the lads effort. it is one of those things. the one guy on the pitch he scores a goal like that is probably the one worth more money, or a premier league player. we've had five or six great chances, really. and we can't finish one them. spurs lost their first game at their new stadium — defeated 1—nil by west ham. wolves — who are 7th — got their revenge on watford, after that fa cup semi—final final defeat. they beat them 2—1, to go four points clear of watford. elsewhere everton were held to a goalless draw by crystal palace at selhurst park.
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celtic are just point a point away from retaining the scottish premiership, their 8th in succession after a one nil win over kilmarnock — on an emotional day at celtic park. in the week of billy mcneill‘s passing, members of the famous lisbon lions team, who won the european cup in 1967 were present for a special tribute to theirformer captain before the game and rather poignantly, it was their current number 5 — jozo simunovic — who scored the winner, with ironically, 67 minutes on the clock. barcelona will head into wednesday's champions league semi final with liverpool in a confident mood. they've won the spanish league title with three games to spare. lionel messi's 46th goal of the season was enough to give them victory against levante and seal a 26th la liga title. mercedes capitalised on more mistakes from ferrari to lock out the front row for sunday's azerbaijan grand prix. charles leclerc was the fastest driver until this crash in qualifying left him in tenth place. valtteri bottas then pipped teammate lewis hamilton to pole position. sebastian vettel, in the other ferrari, will start third.
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the team has zero blame on that. the car felt quite 0k, it is a bit trickier. you are expected as a driver. first lap 0k, second lap i thought all the potential was gone. 0nly myself, my mistake, and nobody else to blame. so, yes, i will learn from it, come back stronger and hopefully tomorrow, especially tomorrow, i will try to recover from my stupid mistake today. rafael nadal‘s hopes of winning the barcelona 0pen for a fourth successive year are over. he's been beaten in the semi finals by the world number five, dominic thiem — with the austrian winning in straight sets. thiem will play daniil medvedev in tomorrow's final. there's been another huge shock at the snooker world championship. defending champion mark williams is out. he lost 13 frames to 9 to david gilbert in the second round. three time champion
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mark selby is also out — beaten 13—10 by gary wilson. ronnie 0'sullivan's conquererjames cahill‘s fairtyale run is over. the amateur lost out to scotland's stephen maguire in a dramatic deciding frame in their second round match. 13—12 the final score. cahill will be a professional next season though after gaining a two year tour card. that's all the sport for now. detectives investigating the abduction and rape of two women in north london have released an image of the car they believe was used by the attacker. the women, both in their 20s, were abducted separately in the early hours of thursday — the first from a street in chingford and the second from edgware. they managed to escape from their attacker following a struggle in 0sborne road in watford on thursday afternoon. this cctv still of a car believed to be a silver or grey
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ford s—max people carrier, with false registration plates has been released. police say they are looking for a muscular white man in his late 20s or early 30s, with a bald head or shaved blond hair. they have urged everyone in the area to remain vigilant. the commissioner for shale gas has announced she is to resign afterjust six months in role, claiming that government policy is preventing fracking from developing. natascha engel said she was excited to take up the role created by the department for business, energy and industrial strategy as part of its renewed push to create a uk shale gas sector but that "the experts have been ignored". ms engel further criticised ‘the government's decision to force the industry to stop fracking every time there is a micro—tremor‘. authorities in cyprus are continuing to search two lakes for victims of a man who's thought to be the country's first serial killer. it follows the confession of a greek cypriot army officer
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to the murder of seven women and girls. vigils have been held in memory of the victims as isabella allen reports. forensic investigators use robotic cameras to search a toxic lake south of nicosia. they are searching for bodies after a man confessed to killing seven women and girls. translation: the robotic camera has identified two objects which we suspect may be those we've been looking for. tomorrow morning, we'll begin the process of retrieving them so that we can inspect and identify them. yesterday, a vigil was held for the victims of what's said to be cyprus's first serial killing. there's widespread shock, but also outrage from demonstrators who accused the police of not taking the cases of the missing women seriously because
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of their foreign dissent. the main suspect, whose name has not yet been made public, has appeared in court and remains in police detention. cypriot authorities have called in additional help from british investigative experts in this unprecedented case. isabella allen, bbc news. now it's time for a look at the weather with ben rich. thank you very much. a couple of fa cts thank you very much. a couple of facts about the weather over the last 2a hours. we had a wind gust of 82 miles an hour, and saw 90 millimetres of rain in places. all thanks to storm hanna. the weather for the second half promises to be calmer. that once deep low is now becoming less deep. things are coming down. through tonight, the wind is slowly but surely are easing. still some showers around, fairamounts of rain easing. still some showers around, fair amounts of rain in southern scotla nd fair amounts of rain in southern scotland down into north—west
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england, wales, midlands. not nearly as windy as it was, still pretty breezy, and as we go through the early hours of sunday, we can see a of the rain fizzles away. one or two showers still, temperatures holding between four and 7 degrees. it may between four and 7 degrees. it may be the parts of northern ireland will get cold enough for a touch of frost. tomorrow starts off on a quieter note than today did and it isa quieter note than today did and it is a big day tomorrow. the marathon is a big day tomorrow. the marathon is taking place tomorrow in london. the cloud producing one or two showers, equally some sunny breaks but crucially for the participants that temperature is only getting up to 13 or 1a or 15 degrees, even by the afternoon, so it should be relatively comfortable. for the rest of uk, showers at times. this band of uk, showers at times. this band of cloud trying to bring rain into northern ireland, the far south—west of england, may be the far south—west of wales. elsewhere,
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drier weather. some spells of sunshine, the wind is considerably lighter than they were so the temperature considerably higher. as we move through sunday night into monday, high pressure becomes dominant in our weather. very light winds by this stage, barely any isobars on the charts so with those light winds into monday morning there could well be mist and fog patches, especially into eastern areas. they should break up quickly and then we are looking at dry weather and spells of sunshine. cloud into the far west, and 18, 19, may be 20 degrees in the north west highlands of scotland. through the coming week, a lot of dry weather, a bit warmer than it has been, and the winds will be lighter. there is a chance of a little bit of rain creeping into was the north and the west. that's all for now.
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hello. this is bbc news with martine croxall. we'll be taking a look at tomorrow mornings papers in a moment with john stapleton and benedict paviot — first the headlines. a woman has died and three others are injured after a gunman opened fire at a synagogue in california. sri lankan security forces have detained the wife and child of the man believed to be the mastermind behind the wave of bomb attacks on easter sunday.
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the home office is being investigated after they revoked the visas of 30,000 foreign students — over claims they cheated in an english language exam. the labour party is to change its european election manifesto leaflets — saying it may support another referendum on any brexit deal. hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are the broadcaster john stapleton and benedict paviot, uk correspondent for france 2a and president of the foreign press association. welcome, both. many of tomorrow's front pages are already in. we have a range of stories to talk
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about. the main image on the sunday times is of the woman who is expected to be appointed poet laureate next month. alongside that comes news that peers may be forced to declare the extent of their russian and chinese business interests in an effort to stem the tide of what the paper calls ‘red money'. some are calling it ‘the new cold war‘. meanwhile, china's amabassador to the uk has spoken out about the huawei affair in the daily telegraph — saying that britain should resist external pressure over decisions on chinese companies and make independent choices. according to the observer, labour will this week force a vote in parliament to declare a national environmental and climate change emergency — as confidential documents show the government has spent only a fraction of its budget to support clean air projects. as the local elections approach, the sunday express claims the conservatives are expected to lose more than 1,000


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