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put it a little later so we can wait for the outcome of the season? we do try and leave it as late as possible, we do discuss this and try and push it as light as possible. we have got to look at this season, it's particularly tough because we have the premier league and then the champions league final on the 1st of june. then there is the nation's lee, of course, england and the netherlands featuring on the 6th of june. you must understand where clu bs june. you must understand where clubs need to pledge to be committed but raheem sterling coming into an fa cup final, right at the end of the season when we typically have it. it's all about finding the time when the players will still be with their clubs, but on international duty, not being told to get away and get recuperation in the small window that they have. we will look at how
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the season plays out and help the journalists react to it. back at the rio 2016 olympics, pita taufatofua became a social media sensation after walking out at the opening ceremony topless, oiled up and wearing a traditional tongan warrior outfit. he competed in taekwondo at those games before taking on cross country skiing at last year's winter olympics — and he's now targeting a third different sport for tokyo 2020 . bbc olympic reporter nick hope has been to meet him in his homeland(tx the moment that pita taufatofua announced himself and his country at the rio olympics. the plan was to represent our national heritage. they say to me, you're trending everywhere in the world! i said, i
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don't know what training means but it sounds good. within days, over 230 million had google searched where is tonga? and he would become an overnight celebrity. but thoughts of his home and kept him humble. this is where my house used to be. a cyclone took this house away, global warming and all that stuff. it came and lifted his house a few years after we were here. we could have beenin after we were here. we could have been in it and now pita out of the olympics. what was life for you then? it was tough. as a kid, there was only one thing i knew, to be an olympian one day. the dream was to qualify. all of this fight... is for my family, for the country. i've
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made two olympics already, summer and winter, life is good. this is to show people that they can come from difficult circumstances but they can fight for it. pita taufatofua is practically worshipped here, there is so much genuine pride amongst the tongan people about what he has achieved. but his mission to inspire isn't complete yet. after two different spots at the last two olympics, he is now targeting a third different spot in tokyo 2020. i going to do sprint kayaker. it's close to my heart, something that my people go for thousands of years as they colonised the polynesian islands. the biggest challenge is to get support and funding to get there. at the moment, our equipment will get us to the game is to get support and funding to get there. at the moment, our equipment will get us the moment, our equipment will get us to the games but we about becoming an olympian. and now, i
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wa nt to becoming an olympian. and now, i want to row my way to an olympic gold, carrying the spirit of my people in that kayak. it's his toughest challenge to date but if anyone can achieve the near impossible, it's surely this modern day tongan warrior. next, to some more than thick hopefuls who are attempting qualification to tokyo while also studying for their a—levels. izzy thorpe and kate shortman are team gb's synchronised swimming hopefuls. and they're hoping their new routine — which features martial arts moves — will get them through the qualifying rounds. tracey miller reports from bristol. izzy and kate have their sights on tea m izzy and kate have their sights on team gb at the olympics. it's like running a 200 metres sprint and who think your breath all the time. and trying to look elegant. yes you have
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to look elegant so makes it even harder. they have been competing since they were aged nine. our main goal is everything we have deemed. it is only one year away so the excitement and pleasure is reaching a fever pitch. we have just come back from france where they have competed very well, achieve the best result they could. a new high score they have ever received so we are on a good track. they are one of the youngest players out there on in the international circuit so the future is looking really bright for us right now. there are routine features martial arts as a nodded to the host country, japan. blackbelt teachers have helped them protect out. there are finer details that others probably won't notice but we will and hopefully the judges will really appreciate that as well. this won't be the first time they have been seen on the world stage. the two recently featured on a science
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fair permission which saw them swimming ina fair permission which saw them swimming in a pool of plastic. the video went viral. every time try to do any underwater, you get caught any bag or something so it was definitely very hard. but next april will be the time to keep your eye out for izzy and kate whitley will compete for the qualifiers injapan. we are going to continue the theme even third. it isn't yet an olympic sport but it does involve athletes underwater. an unofficial underwater hockey championship got under way last week at one of moscow's oldest diving clubs. the sticks are similar and the particularly heavy puck is designed so that it won't float away. but numerous substitutions are allowed due to limitations of air supply. that's all from sportsday.
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thanks forjoining us. goodbye. good evening. some of the best and today has been found across scotland, seen temperatures well into the high teens. those temperatures will dip awake this week as we see an arctic blast by the end of thursday which means that time frost is possible so gardeners beware. we have had that sunshine in eastern areas under the influence of high pressure. the west has seeing the thickest cloud, parts of south—west england and wales, we have had some drizzle. for northern ireland, that rain will pep up, it will turn out to be quite a wet night and relatively mad. under starry skies elsewhere, it should be chilly again. we will see the return of fog and pockets of fog will
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develop in line. they will be around for the morning rush, for the first hour to least. watch out for those if you are travelling. it is hill fog and rain, lots of spraying and standing water across northern ireland. at the end of that morning, thatis ireland. at the end of that morning, that is crossing into the south—west of scotland, very different complexion weather for western scotla nd complexion weather for western scotland while eastern areas will continue to see a good deal of dry and quite sunny weather, not as high temperatures as the last couple of days but still pretty warm in the sunshine. further west, wells, the south—west into north—west england, it starts to deteriorate with the well is coming in. but for northern ireland, that rain may clear up later in the day. there was still be some pulses around on our weather front which becomes a very slow moving feature is free tuesday night. still with us on wednesday. the best of the sunshine starts in eastern areas and miss that there throughout the day. gradually, our weather fronts will push his way eastwards with sum shall be rain
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falling on the behind. it will be cool where we have the rain but the sunshine is pretty strong, i6 cool where we have the rain but the sunshine is pretty strong, 16 or 17 for the ist of may. it will feel pleasa nt for the ist of may. it will feel pleasant with light wind. but then it changes come thursday. that is this weather front coming down from the north, the arctic air is coming behind that, bringing down the risk of some snow showers to the hills, also the possibility of my time frost and a real wind temperatures dipping back into single figures, it will feel even colder.
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you're watching beyond 100 days. the left fights back — spain's socialists win an election. but there was a search for the vox party in the far right entered parliament for the first time since the death of franco. prime minister pedro sanchez fell short of a majority, but he celebrated and said he will lead a minority government. a video images appearing to show the leader of the so—called islamic state group. if authentic, it is the first time abu bakr al—baghdadi has been seen in five years. also on the programme, boeing faces litigation and a sharp drop in the company's litigation and a sharp drop in the compa ny‘s value after litigation and a sharp drop in the company's value after its litigation and a sharp drop in the compa ny‘s value after its newest plane was grounded over safety concerns. we know every person who stepped aboard one of our air planes places their trust in us. we will do


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