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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  April 30, 2019 1:45am-2:00am BST

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does championship byjudd trump. championship gloryi totte n ha m does championship glory await? tottenham have their semi—final later on tuesday. sport today's eye on india series continues as we talk to badminton star pv sindhu. hello and welcome to the programme where we start with the news thatjudd trump has knocked china's ding junhui out of the world snooker championship. the englishman rocketed to victory rattling off six successive frames to take a 13—9 win and progress to the quarterfinals, and jamie broughton was watching at the crucible theatre. please welcome, the national hero in china, into the dragon, ding junhui. ding junhui it is one of the biggest sports star in asia. going to the final session of this second round
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match againstjudd trump he had led 9-7 match againstjudd trump he had led 9—7 having played well. he had a few chances early on that he could not ta ke chances early on that he could not take stock —— part. judd trump can score quickly when he gets the chance and he was quickly back on level terms. he turned on the style and showed why he is one of the favourites to win the tournament. ding junhui could only sit and watch as of the frames continue to slip away from him. in frame 22 ding junhui finally had a chance but broke down and judd trump punished him to secure the victory. so chinese snooker fans will have to wait another year for ding junhui to challenge for the title again. nothing to show my performance
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tonight. he played great. i only got a few chances and in the first two frames i got a chance to make some points but i did not make any so i did not put him under pressure and thatis did not put him under pressure and that is why he came back so strong and played so well. i went out there with the mentality of not being prepared to lose. i battle for every single point. obviously it meant i didn't really miss anything tonight. he was under a lot of pressure getting in because he knew i would clear up. four time winnerjohn higgins was the last of the players to qualify for the final eight after he accounted for 2015 champion stuart bingham by 13 frames to ii. the 43—year—old scot will now play australia's 2010 winner neil robertson who hasn't played since qualifying for the quarter—finals on friday. ali carter is also through to the quarter—finals after beating china's zhou yuelong13—9.
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the two—time finalist was trailing 9—7 before winning six frames in a row and he's through to the last 8 for the 6th time in his career and will play fellow englishman gary wilson on tuesday. there'll be two wilson's in the quarter—finals after kyren also came from behind to beat barry hawkins 13—11. the pair shared 9 centuries — a new record for a best—of—25 match at the world championship and he'll play david gilbert starting on tuesday. in serie a, atalanta continue their bid to claim the final champions league place in italy. they were 2—0 winners at home to udinese with both goals coming in the last 10 minutes of the match. the side from bergamo move back ahead of roma into the final champions league spot days after booking their ticket to the coppa italia final against lazio, while sassuolo climb three places to 10th following their victory at fiorentina.
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while in spain a late goal from real betis‘s moroccan international zouhair feddal salvaged a 1—1 draw at home to espanyol leaving both sides level on points mid table. tottenham manager mauricio pochettino says he's living the dream and has even invoked buzz lightyear ahead of the first leg of their champions league semi final against ajax on tuesday. it's the club's biggest european night for more than half a century and will take place in their new stadium but they'll be without both harry kane, who's still injured, and son hyeung—min who's suspended and whose goals against manchester city helped get them this far. you need to settle your dreams on infinity and beyond, no? because if you put your dream here and in the moment you know if you do not get this dream, you get this and maybe it's a bottle without water, you know, it is not too difficult to accept. i think when you are ambitious and you want to achieve
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big things, you need to set your dreams, and i always was a dreamer. the czech international strikerjosef sural has been killed after a bus crash involving several players from the turkish club aytemiz alan—yaspor. the 28—year—old was travelling with six of his team—mates back from an away game. the club's chairman claimed the driver of their bus had fallen asleep at the wheel. the former cardiff and qpr defender steven caulker was also on board and although he is unharmed physically, he's said to be emotionally distraught. on sport today this week we're catching up with the stars of indian sport, and in the latest in our eye on india series, azi farni has been to meet pv sindhu, who in 2016 became the first indian woman to win an olympic silver medal. the badminton star will be aiming to go one better in tokyo next year.
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iam pv i am pv sindhu, india iam pv sindhu, india badminton player and olympic silver—medallist, 2016. ifi if i could take you back to the olympics, what did it mean to you to make history for india? how do you remember that night and how has your life changed sense? definitely my life changed sense? definitely my life has changed a lot and i think it was basically i had not expected to meddle. i came to the final and i just had to play. i got a medal i never expected in my life and i was away happy and everybody was coming to me and it was unbelievable for me. when i came back to india, from
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the airport, until my house, there we re the airport, until my house, there were small children touching my banners, holding my pictures, waiting with hands giving me flowers andi waiting with hands giving me flowers and i cannot forget that. it has almost been an overnight success despite having worked so hard. are you surprised to see your name on the forbes ridge list? very happy and definitely a surprise. i am very happy about it. when i started playing, looked up to the superstars, being in the limelight, you think you want to be in the limelight and once you are there, you have to enjoy it, which i am right now. a lot of people take me as an inspiration, especially in india, it is good that now — before it was only studies, parents only
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wa nted it was only studies, parents only wanted their children to become a doctor or an engineer — but now it is sports as well and i think it is really good that everybody should play sport. it should start at school level for kids to play any sport, outdoor or indoor. your career seems to be on this upward trajectory and take it is just a little bit more than a year away. is itfairto little bit more than a year away. is it fair to say you have the expectations and hopes of 1.3 billion people on your shoulder? the expectation is always there, it has been there for three years since getting the olympic medal. you just need to be focused and play your game and do your best and automatically you will get success. but i do want a gold in tokyo 2020 andi but i do want a gold in tokyo 2020 and i hope that i will get it but definitely it is not going to be easy and i need to work more harder and from next month we will start the olympic qualifications so i hope
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iam fit the olympic qualifications so i hope i am fit physically and mentally and i hope i do my best. now to cricket where alex hales has been removed from england's provisional world cup squad, all but ending his chances of playing at the tournament starting in a months time. last week a spokesman for the batsmen confirmed he'd been suspended following an ‘off field' incident. the ecb said his withdrawal is in the best interests of the team, to ensure they're free from any distractions. it's not the first suspension hales has faced, last year the ecb handed down a punishment following a fight outside a nightclub in the south west english city of bristol. the nhl, the philadelphia 76ers are leading 411—26 at toronto in the second quarter. it is level at one — one. until next time, i buy. ——by by.
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hello there. over the next few days the warmest weather is likely to be across more eastern parts of the uk, where we see the best of the sunshine. there was more cloud around yesterday across the south—east of england and east anglia. it was fairly thin. that has certainly broken up and we've got some clearer skies right now. further west we're goin to find this weather front sneaking in, it's going to bring some patchy rain and drizzle, but it is moving very slowly eastwards, into that area of high pressure. so for many parts it is still dry by the morning. temperatures in the clearer skies dipping away to 3—5. we have some sunshine or northern scotland. patchy rain coming into the father west of scotland. for england and wales, we are yet to see any rain crossing the sea, some mist and fog patches crossing eastern england, we should see decent spells of sunshine. you can see how slowly this rain pushes over the irish sea into some
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western coasts, into scotland, perhaps, but ahead of it, some sunshine. 18 or 19 in the midlands. as we move into the evening and overnight, again this patchy rain is pushing its way further into wales, to the south—west of england, to the north—west of england and further into scotland as well. more cloud putting into more of the country means it should be quite as chilly, temperatures 7—9. this zone of cloud elsewhere, though, producing showers at this stage and they could be rather hit and miss. but with more cloud in general, even for eastern areas, it won't be quite as warm as tuesday. looking at thursday, we've still got this fairly cloudy picture. there will be some showers developing, potentially thundery.
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more significant, though, that weather front could provide some patchy rain moving southwards. it's what's happening to the north that is more crucial because if you follow the wind arrows, our wind from the arctic. otherwise the winds will not be too strong. but they will turn colder everywhere by the end of the week before temperatures recoverjust a little bit as we head into the weekend.
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welcome to bbc news — broadcasting to viewers in north america and around the globe. my name is mike embley. our top stories: so called islamic state releases a new video. if authentic, it'll be the first time its leader, abu bakr al—baghdadi, has been seen in years. the deputy attorney general who appointed robert mueller to investigate links between russia and donald trump's presidential campaign — resigns. emperor akihito is to formally give up his throne — the first japanese emperor to step down in more than 200 years. and — underwater, and maybe undercover? is this beluga whale found off the coast of norway —


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