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very warm welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to our viewers in north america and around the world. my name is mike embley. our top stories. a baby boy for meghan and harry. it's been the most amazing experience i can ever possibly imagine how any woman does what they do is beyond me. but, we both absolutely thrilled. landmarks turn blue to celebrate the royal birth. now attention turns to his name in the first photo. street protests in istanbul is the electoral commission orders a rerun of the city's mayoral election. a landmark un reports ones
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that humans are rapidly destroying the natural world, halting the process will require a fundamental change in the way we consume. the brightest stars reveal their campus looks out the annual met gala in new york —— canvas. hello. the duke of sussex says he is absolutely thrilled that his wife, the duchess of sussex, has given birth to a son. the baby has not yet in name, was born in the early hours of monday morning. buckingham palace at the queen and the rest of the royal family were delighted with the news. more from oui’ royal family were delighted with the news. more from our royal correspondence stop —— our royal correspondence. on the forecourt of buckingham
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palace, the orthodox way of doing things — a short written statement on a gilt easel announcing a royal birth. but the sussexes have been at pains to do things their way. cue a beaming father, eager to share their news. i'm very excited to announce that meghan and myself had a baby boy early this morning, a very healthy boy. mother and baby are doing incredibly well. it's been the most amazing experience i could ever have possibly imagined. how any woman does what they do is beyond comprehension, but we're both absolutely thrilled. i haven't been at many births. this is definitely my first birth, but it was amazing, absolutely incredible, and i'm so incredibly proud of my wife. and as every father and parent would ever say, your baby is absolutely amazing, but this little thing is absolutely to die for, so i'm just over the moon. it's thought the birth took
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place at their new home, frogmore cottage in windsor, just as meghan had wanted. the birth at 5:26am this morning was a few days overdue. for both of them, it is the fulfilment of their wish to start a family. harry has seen the happiness william and catherine have found in their young children, and he's made little secret of his wish to emulate them. but unlike his brother and sister—in—law, harry and meghan are free of the responsibility of producing a child in direct line to the throne. it has given them much greater latitude, planning a home birth with a medical team of their choice. so no photo call on the hospital steps, instead sharing the news on their instagram account. the manner in which this birth has been handled is a measure of, in particular, harry's determination to control the way in which his family is presented. he and meghan clearly recognise the level of international interest. but it is their determination to manage things, as much as possible, their way. baby sussex will be seventh in line to the throne.
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he won't automatically be styled his royal highness, or designated a prince. but such things will be of little account tonight as his parents, harry and meghan, marvel at the safe delivery of their son. you had it there. it's thought the baby was one of the royal couple's home, frogmore cottage and windsor. crowds gathered in the town to celebrate. it's a boy, and the bubbles are flowing in the streets around windsor castle, a grey afternoon here transformed into a celebration, almost a year after harry and meghan‘s wedding. the newest addition to the royal family may only be seventh in line to the throne, but try telling them that. we've got champagne. carol, where's the champagne? can i borrow your champagne, please?
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we have got champagne, we've had one bottle already. we are very happy. we were here on the day of their wedding, and we came here to celebrate. here we are with the really good news. are you excited? lam. i hope they name him after me, matthew is a good name. the atmosphere in windsor is electric, windsor really is the place to be. if you have a message to give to the couple, what would it be? 0h, lots of love and good luck. and getting up in the middle of the night, not that i have to do that. it is not as busy here today as it was during the royal wedding last year. the news has trickled through the town, and all eyes are fixed on frogmore cottage where the couple live. now the baby isn'tjust british royalty, it's hollywood royalty as well, with huge interest from across the pond and around the world. we continue to follow breaking news from across the pond, and it's good news.
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a fox news alert, it is official, it is a boy. i'm sure some people in america are celebrating. i'm looking forward to it. the global media circus is once again fixated on the british royal family and with the first official photos of the new family due on wednesday, the excitement here in windsor is not likely to calm down anytime soon. helena wilkinson, bbc news, windsor. keep up with all the latest news on oui’ keep up with all the latest news on our website your fine articles, videos, and information about the british line of succession —— you will find articles. the new mayor of istanbul has criticised the decision of turkey's electoral commission to an older result of the vote in march
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that elected him and rerun it —— an old. —— anulled. he's called it a treacherous move. michael owen reports from distant ball. noisy defiance from the streets of istanbul. pots and pans banged in protest after authorities ruled to rerun the mayoral election here, annulling the opposition‘s victory, and giving president erdogan what he wanted, a chance to win it back. he said whoever wins istanbul, wins turkey. speaking to supporters of the weekend, he urged the supreme election board to rerun the vote of the country's economic powerhouse. they couldn't resist the pressure. translation: there has been cheating! there has been corruption, all this is clear and ambiguous. come! let's go before the people and accept what the people's wishes dictate. it's as simple as that.
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the opposition candidate, ekrem mamo lu, won istanbul by a thin margin and was appointed mayor last month. tonight he urged calm, but his supporters are furious is what they see as an attempt to steal the result. —— ekrem imamoglu. translation: go talk to your neighbours, to your friends, family, for the wellbeing of turkey and our people and democracy, go start tonight! the local elections in march dealt a huge blow to president erdogan, losing several cities. it became a referendum on his rule, amidst recession, his supporters deserted him. but he and his supporters cried foul alleging irregularities and demanding a rerun. but ekrem imamoglu is gaining
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popularity fast, he's reached out beyond his base and has settled into the job. so this is a very risky move by mr erdogan, the economic hit could be bad, his rival could widen his lead, and his own party is deeply split. his diehard loyalists are with him, but many others will see this as the final nail in what's left of turkish democracy. mark lowen, bbc news, istanbul. the paths of a russian planner burst into fla m es the paths of a russian planner burst into flames in moscow says it was hit by lightning, forcing him to make an emergency landing. 41 of the 78 passengers and crew were killed. sarah rainsford reports from moscow. the carcass of aeroflot flight 1192 is lying where it crash—landed in moscow, the metal charred and twisted by the ball of fire that tore through this plane after it hit the tarmac here at sheremetyevo airport. some are calling it a miracle that anyone survived. the plane had landed at speed, bouncing along the runway before bursting into flames.
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the pilot reported problems soon after ta keoff. the plane's fuel tanks were still full. as fire spread from the back, passengers fled the flames from the front on inflatable slides. one of the cabin crew talks about thick black smoke and passengers running for the exit as the plane careered to a halt. she says she shoved a door open with her leg and began pushing people to safety, through thick, black smoke. today, officials have been inspecting the scene, searching for clues to what happened here. investigators say they're looking at the pilot's actions, the state of the plane, and the weather. the pilot himself has said that the aircraft was struck by lightning and its electronics failed. all communication with the ground, he says, was cut. the plane was a sukhoi superjet,
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russia's first new passenger plane since the collapse of the ussr. asked today whether that fleet would be grounded for checks, the transport minister said simply there no need. 41 people died here, and the work to find out why has onlyjust begun. sarah rainsford, bbc news. authorities in niger and west africa say 58 people have died after an old tanker overturned and caught fire. it is understood many victims had gathered to siphon off fuel when they were caught in the explosion. carolyn rigby reports. the charge sheu carolyn rigby reports. the charge shell of the tanker, all that remains after it exploded late on sunday nights, killing 58 people, injuring at least 37 others. -- night. translation: it was around five minutes to midnight when the truck turned over in front of the petrol station. there was a lot of fuel,
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people, including children and women we re people, including children and women were there and the police did the maximum to clear them away. after a while, the truck caught fire. the accident happened in the south—west of the country, on a road leading to the airport in the capital niamey, on monday, government officials including the country was not a minister visited the site of the incident —— country's by minister. just let it fell over. it was full of fuel, the fuel spilt out and some people came to help themselves. u nfortu nately, people came to help themselves. unfortunately, one of the motorcyclist didn't switch off their engine and there must‘ve been a spark to cause the last and that is how the fire started. as the cleanup came, some game for a closer look. it's not clear why the truck overturned, but it appears to have done so as the driver was trying to park it. authorities say the majority of victims had been getting fuel from the wreckage. the
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country's president visited some of the injured in hospital, most had suffered severe burns. u nfortu nately, suffered severe burns. unfortunately, incidents like this are not uncommon in this part of the world, particularly across the border indonesia's oil producing neighbour, nigeria —— niger. much more to come, the brighter stars reveal their canvas looks at the annual met gala in new york. we will have all the latest. i, nelson rolihlahla mandela, do hereby swear to be faithful to the republic of south africa. after six years of construction and numerous delays, the channel tunnel has been formally opened by the queen and president mitterand. but the tunnel is still not yet ready for passengers and freight services to begin. for centuries, christianity and islam struggled for supremacy.
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now, the pope's visit symbolises their willingness to coexist. roger bannister became the first man in the world to run a mile in under four minutes. memories of victory as the ve celebrations reach their climax. this night is dedicated to everyone who believes in the future of peace and freedom. buckle back. good to happy with us on bbc news. a baby boy for meghan and harry, a proud prince harry tells that mother and baby are both doing well. a street protest inestimable has ordered a rerun of the city selection. the recently elected mayor has called it a treacherous move. the case of the
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early pace of —— celebrating the royal blood. our correspondence so belong to a british pub where health foods were swapped out for a good old english paint. as such is an anglo—american baby, it is meghan baby. one of the owners of this pub actually went to school with meghan and she is not —— she has recently had a baby herself. i'm joined by the lady who runs the channel. how excited you think people are in the sandals? everyone is excited, so should people that follow the royal family. is excited, so should people that follow the royalfamily. this is is excited, so should people that follow the royal family. this is a
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local girl who's given to a royal baby. it's exciting news. andy think people here are very excited despite the fact that we do have the baby ‘s name, it will be seventh in line to the throne. his very unlikely. it's been a special union. it's the joining of two countries. the us of the uk, this is been a fantastic union and so i think the worlds i is on britain right now the positive reason. it is so exciting, seeing harry give the birth announcement today, his in such a proud father. we love sharing about moment with them. he was best with happiness. we see a beaming father, the mother and baby are doing very well. next thing that people expect to hear about is the name. it might be an unusual name, something that unites both in the united states, have you got me thought? i don't have any thoughts but i wonder if there is something backin but i wonder if there is something back in her history of a family that there is a cherished family name and
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something in harry ‘s side that is meaningfulfor them. something in harry ‘s side that is meaningful for them. maybe charles will be part of the name? what do you think about the way this has been handled. it's less traditional as you would expect from turbo—mac and harry. the latter do things different levels of as it affected the way people here have engaged in this? i absolutely think that people are still interested. i heard she was good to come out with the baby a thought, we felt cheated at then i thought, we felt cheated at then i thought that it makes sense. it's unnecessary, she thought that it makes sense. it's unnecessary, she hasn't given birth to the next king of england and i think in time we're all going to get peace, a little glimpse of their life and to all looking forward to it. you wait and see the face and the name of the new royal baby but here people are quite happy to celebrate for the time being. two very serious things, the united nations report that he must have wrecked havoc on the environment. most, has studied to date once ati
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million animal and plant species are how million animal and plant species are now threatened with extinction. in this we dramatic change happy interact with the natural world. from the oceans to the land, from insects to exotic plants, life on earth is declining at its fastest rate in millions of years. this is the stark conclusion of a major new un report, which warns the planet is facing an ecological crisis. if life on earth is in trouble, we are in trouble. our future is at stake. there's really no human future without the future for the fabric of life that sustains us. the report details the destructive impact that humans are having on the environment. 75% of all the land on earth has been severely altered by humans. 85% of wetlands have disappeared since the 18th century.
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they are now vanishing at a faster rate than forests. and plastic pollution has increased tenfold since the 1980s. the backdrop to this is that human population has doubled in the last 50 years, adding growing pressure to the natural world. and take a look at the bigger picture. everything in nature plays a role, even the smallest creatures, like the narrow—headed ant in devon. the insects keep the soil healthy, they break down organic matter, and they're also food themselves for birds and small mammals, but they are now on the brink of extinction. these tiny ants are the last of their kind. they used to be widespread, but this small patch of heathland is the only site left in england. all around them, their habitat has been destroyed, and it would just take for this last refuge to go, and this species would be lost forever. the un says there are solutions, but we'll need a major rethink of how we use land, especially for agriculture. deforestation will also have to end, so the forests can grow again,
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and the pollution making our oceans uninhabitable cleaned up. but the report says our insatiable use of the planet's resources needs to stop now. we shouldn't waste our food. we should conserve our energy. we should conserve our water. so all of us, from the individual to the government and the private sector, we all have a role to play. it is doable. we're not asking people to drastically change their lifestyles, but be more careful. the window of opportunity for a rescue plan is small. the un says, if we fail to act, many species will be left fighting for survival. you will now need a bit of cheering up. this is a bit of fun. the who's who of the celebrity welder attending the met gala in new york.
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it is fashion ‘s most important party. all in aid of the metropolitan music of —— museum of art. japanese this year ‘s theme of camp, notes on fashion are serena williams, lady gaga and harry styles. lady gaga should of the many interpretations of camp such as theatricality, irony and much more. this coincides with an upcoming exhibition at the met. i spoke to luke, the fashion, dead from your.|j think luke, the fashion, dead from your.” think so far we are getting a normal, met gala them experience was i think it's going really, really well. norman is not a world —— word well. norman is not a world —— word we use associated with the met gala. lady gaga changed four times. she did camp justice. a lady gaga changed four times. she did campjustice. a big thing about they dig our guys look tonight is not that it was a crazy fashion moment but that she took to
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formative —— took the performative aspect and his clothing as a medium to show us that is crazy and over the top and really rebellious and fun. have you seen other adverts that the —— live up to that? the top of my head, i saw cinderella with her own magicalfairy of my head, i saw cinderella with her own magical fairy godmother was blowing dust and all sorts of clouds around her. ithink blowing dust and all sorts of clouds around her. i think really the performative aspects of camp here we are seeing a lot of great looks from. and harry styles, interesting too. he is known for blowing gender boundaries. definitely. harry really took a very subtle aspect of camp tonight. he was mincing a lot of masculine and feminine troops from fashions whether it's the frilled little bibs or a sheer experience. i think we really were getting very gender blurred camp revolting against the establishment thing from harry. we are here that some celebrities were confused by the definition of camp or said they
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were. fine camp for us. give us some history. i think camp really comes around in the 18th century when we had the with the 14th who was the son king and uses whole idea of the court to perform a governmental role, anything fashion and camp really followed from their. this is a lot of camp from the 80s which i think of people in subversive culture. there is such a really paramount history and now we are ushering in our own idea of camp. a lot of younger designers are starting to put on this over the top crazy queer history inspired books as well. so the real political points being made as well? i believe so. points being made as well? i believe so. i think that camp really does tie into the idea of creating
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history and even today at the met gala exhibition preview, they really discussed a lot of how queer history and queer people have helped to contribute to camp at the notion of it. so i think that is really a great moment for a lot of great people to see this represented in a red carpet. tiger woods has been presented with a presidential medal of freedom at the white house. it's the highest american civilian honour for contributions to national security, wealth is all cultural achievement. tiger woods is the fourth golfer to receive it. he won the masters in augusta and a whole, his first edger title and ii augusta and a whole, his first edger title and 11 years. he and president rabbi long time at golfing and business partners. —— president drop. spectacular tumours on the golf course, triumphs over physical adversary and your relentless will to win, win, win. this polities
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embody the american spirit of pushing boundaries, defying limits and always striving for greatness. that's what he does. congratulations again, on your mesenchyme back and your amazing life. to have the support that i've had for all these years, everyone here has seen and been with me for my entire life and some of you for more than half my life. you have seen the good and the bad, the highs and lows. and i would not be in this position without all your help. tiger woods talking about congratulations was not a reminder of the top story, prince harry and his wife, the duchess of sussex several —— salivating the birth of their first several —— salivating the birth of theirfirst child. prince harry several —— salivating the birth of their first child. prince harry told reporters the birth had been an amazing experience and they are still thinking about names was of the child is 17 mine for the throne.
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the first photo is expected to be released on wednesday. that's it for now, thank you for watching. hello, good morning. early bank holiday monday last year, the temperature was a record 29 degrees. this time round, 14 celsius at best. and that was in the south—west of england, where we did see some sunshine. and, whilst we'll see temperatures recovering a little bit across more southern parts of the uk, it is going to be staying on the chilly side. and there's some more rain to come, as well, and most of it is going to be coming from this area of cloud that's going to bring some wetter, windier weather overnight into wednesday. we've got a lot of cloud on the scene for many places at the moment, still some bursts of rain here and there. but skies are a little bit clearer in scotland, and here we've got the colder air, of course, so there may well be a touch of frost. further south, we may see some showers developing through the midlands
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and across east anglia, too. for scotland, it really is a case of sunshine and showers. we're going to find those showers a bit wintry over the tops of the mountains. the air is going to be cold enough for temperatures no better than single figures in most places. some wetter weather for southernmost parts of scotland, northern ireland, northern england, and those showers also affecting north wales, moving further south into the midlands and across east anglia. dry for most of the day down the south and some sunshine mayjust lift those temperatures to 15, maybe 16 degrees. this is where the low pressure and all that cloud is overnight and into wednesday. these weatherfronts pushing rain northwards and eastwards across the uk, so for many places, it's a bit of a wet start, i suspect. this rain is going to pivot and push its way slowly northwards, getting stuck across central, southern scotland, northern ireland and northern england. after the rain, a clearance to sunshine, but some heavy, thundery showers, particularly towards the south—west,
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some blustery winds too. easterly winds for eastern scotland and north—east england. together with the rain will make it feel quite cold. temperatures 6—8 degrees at best. further south, some warmth in the sunshine, but those showers are going to be heavy, accompanied by some gusty winds too. and almost more of the same, really, as we move from wednesday into thursday. low pressure just drifting slowly across the uk, and those weather fronts stuck across the northern areas. so cloud, some patchy, lighter rain perhaps by this stage. further south, some sunshine. again, some heavy and thundery showers. this time they're more likely to be across east anglia and the south—east of england. temperatures on thursday much like those of wednesday, again below average for this time of the year. goodbye.
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our top stories: a baby boy for meghan and harry. smiling broadly, prince harry told the crowd it had been an amazing experience and they are still thinking about names. protests in istanbul where a mayoral election has been ordered to be rerun. the recently elected mayor called the move treacherous. a landmark un report is warning that humans are rapidly destroying the natural world and that halting the process will require a fundamental change in what we consume. the study wants that a million species of plants and animals are risk of extinction. ——at risk of. more on that


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