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showers and stray perhaps some snow showers and stray showers developing in the south. it will still fill chilly. 15 in the south and we are still four or five degrees short of the market this time of year. thursday into friday things will start to become drier and quieter as it heads to the north sea keen wind and heavy showers breaking out across northern ireland, northern england and southern scotland. again, temperatures barely in double figures across the northern half of the uk. friday into saturday we start to see things changing. the low continues to pull away across scandinavia the chance of the rain getting close to the south, friday night into saturday. we pick up a northerly wind behind the low at the start of the weekend. this bomb here we are watching closely as we get into the weekend because that is a high—pressure trying to build. saturday was a lot of fine weather
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and a few showers in the east although there will be a cold northerly wind affecting the eastern side of the uk but there should still be plenty of sunshine and our temperatures are just very slowly showing some signs of recovery perhaps towards the west on saturday. the biggest change will come from sunday onwards. the high sta rts come from sunday onwards. the high starts to establish itself at the second part of the weekend and as it does so it also sees a move in the jetstrea m does so it also sees a move in the jetstream and where we were at the start, to the north, we start to move to the south and we pull in mild airfrom the move to the south and we pull in mild air from the atlantic and our temperature will begin to respond accordingly. by the time we reach the early part of next week we should see average values and hopefully by the time we reach tuesday and wednesday we may once again be talking about warm weather. it looks at once the high pressure builds it will be fairly keen to establish itself throughout the following week so there will be the return of a lot of dry and settled weather but the key change will be
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that things start to feel significantly warmer as we go through the course of the next week.
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hello. this is bbc news with rebecca jones. we'll be taking a look at tomorrow mornings papers in a moment — first the headlines. families of the eight victims from all over the world who were killed in the london bridge attacks two years ago pay tribute to their loved ones as the inquest into their deaths opens. as brexit talks resume with labour — the government concedes the uk will now have to take part in the elections for the european parliament in two weeks time. reunited with their families — two reuters journalists jailed in myanmar 18 months ago after reporting on a massacre of rohingya muslims are released.
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and he has spotted it! an extraordinary comeback for liverpool as they beat barcelona in a four goal thriller to reach the champions league final. prince william welcomes his brother to the world of parenthood and says he looks forward to meeting his new nephew. hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are kevin schofield — editor, politics home and rowena mason — deputy political editor, the guardian. welcome to you both. many of tomorrow's front pages are already in. "defiant may will stay until autumn" is the headline in the times.
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the paper says the prime minister is determined to stay on, to see brexit through. the ft also goes with that lead, saying theresa may's cross—party brexit deal appears to be fading, as downing street apparently set a new exit date of august the first. the i newspaper carries a warning from the tory‘s grassroots that the party is in meltdown, and that there will be an unprecedented no—confidence vote in the prime minister injune. the telegraph reports that the watchdog, set up in the wake of the mps expenses scandal a decade ago, has been accused of trying to prevent greater openness. the lead in the daily mirror is the opening of the inquest into the deaths of 8 people, who were murdered by terrorists at london bridge injune 2017. but it also has a picture of liverpool's remarkable comeback in the champions league semi—final — in which they beat barcelona 4—0 on the night to go
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through to the final. the guardian's top story is that police are investigating comments by a ukip candidate — in the european elections — that he would consider raping the labour mp jess phillips. it's the same lead in the metro. it says that west midlands police received a report of "malicious communication". and finally, the daily mail asks if the new royal baby will receive an american passport? because, of course, his mother, meghan, was born in the united states. soa mix so a mix of front pages for us to peruse. hard brexit on most of them. so why not start there? rowena, let us so why not start there? rowena, let us start with the times. defiant may will stay until autumn. this is after a meeting with graham brady, the chair of the 1922 committee, which represents conservative backbenchers. can she? will she?
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which represents conservative backbenchers. can she? will sham says defiant may will stay until autumn. perhaps some wishful thinking. that seems to be her preferred timetable, not necessarily what will happen. what number 10 is doing is it is kind of kicking the brexit date, the deadline for brexit, further and further down the line. it's now more likely it will not be until august and the consequence of that is that theresa may would stay on until after the summer may would stay on until after the summer holidays, into the autumn. it just seems that theresa may keeps digging in, every time people suggested she should go and let somebody else take over and have another go at breaking the brexit impasse and going for an alternative to these talks with labour, it just seems she wants to stay. she is not giving any ground to the conservative backbenchers, who are becoming increasingly irate about a deal with labour, of giving ground oi'i deal with labour, of giving ground ona deal with labour, of giving ground
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on a customs union, and are pressuring her to set out a timetable that is much faster than the autumn. kavon, to pick up on what rowena was saying, and is reflected in the times, new brexit talks, prezza delays, departure, we are being told we will leave on august one —— brexit delays. are being told we will leave on august one -- brexit delays. that is a consequence of the inability of the government to get a deal through parliament. if theresa may saw a choice we would leave much sooner than august one. we are no closer to getting a deal with labour and the government. and then getting the deal through parliament. so they have pushed back the deadline. we go to the european elections on the 23rd of may, which theresa may previously said would not happen. then they hoped that we would be out byjune 30, which would mean that meps would not have to take their
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seats because the european parliament does not sit again until the second ofjuly. david lidington announced today that we are hoping for something by the summer recess, which pushes it back until may be the third week injuly. if you leave the third week injuly. if you leave the eu, you can't officially leave until the first of the following month, so that is the first of august. 0h, month, so that is the first of august. oh, i see. that is where downing street, expectation management, could be as late the first of august. it might not even happen by then. they have got until the 31st of october. that was the extent in the eu granted a couple of months ago. who is to say that we won't still be up against a hard deadline come the 31st of october. they may even try to extended further. either there was an interesting line in the story the times that says that the tory mps in
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the 1922 committee meeting tomorrow, effectively, to determine whether to change the party rules and an attempt to oust mrs may —— i thought there was. under the rules at the moment she cannot officially be challenged until december. in december last year she won a vote among conservative mps that means she was not ousted as leader. there isa12 she was not ousted as leader. there is a 12 month time limit, she cannot be jealous for another year. so what the rebels, the brexiteer rebels are trying to do at the moment is change the rules of the 1922 committee to get rid of that time limit and say let us have another vote of conservative mps. they argue that the context has changed, there is an increasing number of tory mps that are unhappy with the leadership, especially after the uk didn't leave the eu on march 29, that was a broken promise, and then we had disastrous local election results for the conservatives. and we're going into the european elections which theresa may promised would not happen. and, of course, they have been forced to announce today that
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they would be going ahead because she hasn't managed to do a brexit do with labour. kevin, we can carry on without thought, but turning to the daily telegraph while we do, a slightly different spin, the same story. theresa may has until tonight, that is tomorrow night, obviously, to chart resignation roadmaps. it is basically saying that the 1922 executive committee will meet tomorrow afternoon, around about apm, and what is hope, graham brady has message to theresa may that you have to give us a timetable for when you are going to leave and we will give you until tomorrow, at apm, to come back with a timetable before we meet to then consider where we are and what to do next. now that has been officially confirmed by number 10 and not graham brady does make has not been
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officially confirmed. they first said this, asked this question a couple of weeks ago, the 1922 committee said you have got to give us committee said you have got to give usa roadmap, committee said you have got to give us a roadmap, a timetable. and what if she doesn't? if she doesn't then thatis if she doesn't? if she doesn't then that is when they may look to finally change these rules. it would mean that she could be challenged in june. they have almost put a gun to her head and said this is the situation, you have to tell us when you are going, of your own choosing, we will make the decision for you. some of the remaining mps on the 1922 committee think it would be better to keep in place until brexit is done and then you change leader after that and allow the candidates to map the future relationship. some of the brexiteers are so incensed by an the idea of a deal with labour
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that they want to be out now stop by the tory grassroots are up in arms as reflected on the front page of the i. the party is in meltdown. the national conservative party will have an unprecedented no—confidence vote for the prime minister injune. tell us more about that. i am wrote that that does not have any constitutional significance. that that does not have any constitutional significancem that that does not have any constitutional significance. it is non—binding. but it would be unprecedented. 1015 is the date. if they were to that, again, it is pressure on the premise that —— june 15th is the date. it is up to the european elections when we fully expect the conservatives to have an absolutely miserable night. as it saysin absolutely miserable night. as it says in the i, nigel farage's new party separate huge victory. it is history repeating itself if you remember the last european
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elections, it was the rise of ukip and that is what led to... the referendum in the first place. so we have gone full circle. we're at the conservatives again tearing themselves apart over europe. and we are looking at another tory leader who is probably going to see her political career, her political demise defined by the fact that she could not unite the party for europe. even if this vote, no—confidence vote, rowena, is non—binding, it will send a pretty clear message, won't it? it will be ha rd to clear message, won't it? it will be hard to ignore. absolutely. most everything we know about theresa may so everything we know about theresa may so far is that whatever obstacles, humiliation, embarrassments are throw—in at her, even by her own party, she tends to stick to her position and plough on. i would not put it past her tojust ignore it and say that she still wants to get brexit done and keep on making attempts to get it through, her
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brexit deal, through parliament or a series of votes to determine what parliament want to do. just keep on. what is certain is we will be keeping on talking about it. laughter. let us talk about what the daily mirror calls the miracle of adam field. iam mirror calls the miracle of adam field. i am going to turn to you first on this one, kevin. i think i rowena's own admission you know more about football than she does. but for anybody watching, it was an extraordinary amounts, liverpool 3—0 down, they win 4—0 on the night and they are through to the champions league final. yeah. by now wish they had looked at the odds. league final. yeah. by now wish they had looked at the oddslj league final. yeah. by now wish they had looked at the odds. i wonder what they were. very few people were giving them good odds. they lost a new last week, 3—0. it looked like they would not go through. they got an early goal tonight which helped. put on some pressure. in the second
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half these got another three goals. but i was watching a thing, arsene wenger, he was talking about and fields, saying what makes a difference with things like this, the crowd is on top of the pitch and it can spur given the greatest players in the world ‘s, and there area players in the world ‘s, and there are a few of those in the team. lionel messi was quite tonight. he looked like a guarantee display semi—final. but tonight he was pretty subdued. the liverpool keeper had a couple of decent saves from him. by and large he was quiet. louise suarez, a former liverpool player, he did not have much of a game either. so a remarkable and phil knight. it is the second year ina phil knight. it is the second year in a row. they can with their feet up in a row. they can with their feet up tomorrow night and watch the other semi—final between spurs and ajax. it will be quite an occasion.
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can spurs pull off the same kind of miracle? they lost the first leg as well. they are up against ajax, a very good team. but who knows? anything is possible in this game.|j have to see, one of my otherjobs is the bbc arts correspond in and you watch a game like that and you think there is no drama more exciting than sport sometimes. i wish to give you an opportunity, rowena, to contribute. i am afraid that politics is my expertise, not foot ball that politics is my expertise, not football but it did look like a fantastic fight back from liverpool. and like you said earlier, there we re and like you said earlier, there were people watching in the newsroom here and sharing. whether they support liveable or cheering. returning to the times, can i ask you about this story. eating nuts in
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pregnancy boosts a child's intelligence. i presume this is some sort of research but how do they know? a study that has tracked 2000 spanish children for eight years. it looks comprehensive and they say the average four of three portions of nuts,, that's a handful of nuts, walnuts, arms and hazelnuts will boost your child's intelligence by up boost your child's intelligence by up to three iq points. the impact across the whole population is quite significant. just another thing to remember, isn't it? i'm trying to remember, isn't it? i'm trying to remember if i was eating them while i was pregnant. you focus on oily fish and folic acid but not much else. it is complicated. it is
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interesting because so often we read about allergies but here people are being encouraged to eat not. there have been studies out that avoiding nuts could lead to allergies. have been studies out that avoiding nuts could lead to allergieslj think nuts could lead to allergies.” think the advice is changing about whether or not to feed small children nuts. so the advice does seem children nuts. so the advice does seem to change all the time and i expect there will be a fair few pregnant women who are out there eating nuts tomorrow. how much does it boost your child's intelligence? an average of three iq points. and the number of those considered gifted, that's 130 the number of those considered gifted, that's130 iq or more, could increase by 30%. staying with the child theme. the new baby sussex is
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on the front page of many. prince william. welcome to the no sleep club. 0k, yes, you have a baby and you don't get much sleep at the beginning but you do wonder if some newspapers have two clutch at straws because they do not have many fact to deal with. that is the problem. we don't have a picture, we don't have his name, much of the papers have his name, much of the papers have had to focus on these comments from prince william. welcoming harry and meghan to the sleep deprivation club. although i don't think they experience the same degree of sleep deprivation that the rest of us do. perhaps you tried it for one night just to see what it was like and then decided against it. maybe they have experienced the full horrors.
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with all that money you would try to get as much help as possible, wouldn't you ? get as much help as possible, wouldn't you? more broadly, what do you make of the way that they seem to have controlled the drip of information on this birth? it is very different to previous royal births. very different. it has now been confirmed that the baby was born ina been confirmed that the baby was born in a private hospital and in the run—up to the birth we will lead to believe it would be a home birth. it has been handled differently and clearly harry and meghan want this to bea clearly harry and meghan want this to be a break with tradition, a different type of oil baby. i guess we will find out more tomorrow but he did say, didn't he, that tomorrow is the day. it will be interesting to see how they play it. kate and
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william has been much more traditional, the way they have gone about it. so i think there is suspicion that harry and meghan want to do things their way and less formal than has been in the past. she didn't want to pose on these steps, no—one would want to pose on the steps five minutes after giving birth. and perhaps they are taking time on deciding on the name they want. all will be revealed, maybe, tomorrow. we must leave it there and thatisit tomorrow. we must leave it there and that is it for the papers tonight. don't forget you can see the front pages online seven days a week. it's all there for you — 7 days a week at and if you miss the programme any evening you can watch it later on bbc iplayer. thank you, rowena and kevin. that's it from me tonight. good night.
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hello. i'm gavin ramjaun — with the latest from the bbc sports centre. it's been an incredible night for liverpool — who've made their second successive champions league final, after the most sensational of comebacks. they were trailing by 3 goals to barcelona, the spanish champions, in their semi—final first leg. but against the odds, jurgen klopp's side won 4—0 at anfield — sending the fans home delirious — as liverpool knocked out the competition favourites in the most unlikely of circumstances. our sports editor, dan roan, was at the match. if ever liverpool needed enfield to roll to the rescue it was now. 3—0 down from the first leg, they knew to have any hope they had to score early but with two of the top three strikers, where would the goals come from? and filled erupting with a
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surge of belief. in a breathless first half, barcelona always threatened with what would always be a decisive away goal. messy a danger. an inspired introduction, the midfielder soon doubling his side's lead. and then just two minutes later as barcelona began to panic, adding another. three all on aggregate. liverpool rampant and enfield witnessing the sort of comeback it had dreamt of. in a season comeback it had dreamt of. in a season of remarkable resilience the hosts would now dig deeper than ever. quick thinking outsmarting one of the world ‘s best teams to propel liverpool to the final. for the second successive year, this club will play on european football's renders stage. but never in their history have they ever reached it like this. spurs travel to amsterdam tomorrow —
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for the second leg of their semi—final — against ajax. mauricio pochettino's side lost 1—0 to their opponents at their new stadium last week. but the manager, claimed he would consider walking away from the club — if they went on to win europe's elite competition. to win the champion lead with totte n ha m to win the champion lead with tottenham in this circumstance this season, maybe i need to think a little bit. maybe to do something different in the future. for sure. you've got to repeat this miracle. you've got to repeat this miracle. you know? england coach trevor bayliss feels batsman alex hales can come back to the team ‘stronger and better than ever.‘ hales was dropped from the world cup squad... was dropped from the world cup squad after a reported second failed test for recreational drugs — but bayliss feels hales can still have a future with the side. it has been related to him that it is not the end of the road. he has been an important part of the one they set up for a number of years
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and there is no reason why he cannot be going forward. leeds rhinos have sacked head coach david furner after just 1a league games. furner took over during the winter but leeds furner took over during the winter but leeds have struggled since his arrival. they are third —from—bottom of super league afterjust four league wins this season . richard agar will act as interim head coach until a permanent replacement is found. james haskell has announced that he's to retire from rugby union at the end of the season, after a fantastic 17 year career. haskell was capped 77 times by england — winning 3 six nations titles — but has been plagued by injuries since joining northampton saints last year. the 34—year—old flanker spent most of his career with wasps, where he helped win the rugby champions cup in 2007. that's all the sport for now. you can find more on all those stories on the bbc sport website. hello there. there was some warmth in the sunshine as we saw yesterday
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but generally through the rest of this week it will stay on the chilly side and we have rain and showers. look at this school of cloud. an area of low pressure pushing the cloud up from the south—west bringing outbreaks of rain. we still have rain further north, a little snow over the tops of the mountains and that wet weather will be joined by this heavy rain pushing up on the south—west heading towards scotland and northern ireland and continuing to rain in northern england. following that there is sunshine and showers which could be heavy and sundry. wind changes to a south—westerly afterwards but ahead ofan south—westerly afterwards but ahead of an easterly wind. so an easterly wind in eastern scotland and the rain is there it will be cold. temperature six, eight degrees. not so temperature six, eight degrees. not so bad for western scotland were all it will not be so wet and double figures in northern ireland but rain is not far away. a cold day for northern england with heavy rain over the pennines. these are heavy showers, potentially sundry, heading up showers, potentially sundry, heading up towards the home counties and east anglia. low pressure is in
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charge of the weather. that was the curve of cloud we saw in the centre of the low was drifting eastwards across the uk. the weather front in the north is still there, that is the north is still there, that is the main focus for the rain and that should move away from scotland allowing sunshine from the north but the damp weather continues to feed into northern england and north wales showers for northern ireland and further south across england and wales heavy showers especially in the south—east of england. underneath the cloud it will be another chilly day. temperatures below average for this time of year. low pressure tends to pull away and ta kes low pressure tends to pull away and takes away the rain on the weather front as well. low pressure there, low pressure here, high pressure there and there. without sort of weather pattern you get showers. difficult to say where they will be. this is our best forecast at the moment. some showers could be heavy and possibly sundry again but large parts of the uk will be dry with some sunshine. again, temperatures below average. as we head into the
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weekend it starts off chilly but temperatures are set to rise over the weekend, turning warmer and into next week. drier with more sunshine on the way.
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hello, everyone, and welcome. this is newsday on the bbc. i'm rico hizon in singapore. the headlines: further drops in markets worldwide after donald trump threatens to impose more dour of on chinese imports. talks resume this week. can a trade will be avoided? free at last. at 18 months in prison two reuters journalists in myanmar reunited with their families. i'm kasia madera in london. also in the programme: south africa's president will clean our corruption. will vote is in wednesdays lecture believe


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