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tv   The Papers  BBC News  May 8, 2019 10:40pm-11:01pm BST

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hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are daily mirror columnist, susie boniface and brexit editor of the telegraph, asa bennett. they've had a forward view of the papers, let's bring you in. master archie harrison mountbatten—windsor is introduced to the world for the first time — with the metro showing the moment he met his grandparents at windsor castle. that same family picture appears on the front of the mirror as harry and meghan introduce archie to the queen and prince phillip. below that same photograph in the telegraph, the paper reports that us secretary of state mike pompeo launched a scathing attack on british security policy — over its dealings with chinese technology firm
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huawei. that same story appears in the i which report that 56 phones face delay in britain — after washington warns that the special relationship is at risk peril if uk goes ahead with the huawei deal. a climate crisis ‘may force uk towns to be abandoned' says the guardian — it reports that the environment agency say huge numbers are under threat from coastal and river floods. the times launch their ‘clean air for all' campaign with an investigation saying that millions of children attend schools in britain with dangerous levels of air pollution. and the daily mail return to that photo — first publicised on the sussex's instagram account — showing the queen and her newest grandchild archie harrison mountbatten—windsor a reminder of the names, if you have not heard enough of them today, and you will hear them more before this review is out. thank you to both of you, let's begin with the baby. has
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a baby being born? did nobody tell you? whose was it? it is meghan and harry. and it's on the front of your paper, the daily mail. harry. and it's on the front of your paper, the daily mailli harry. and it's on the front of your paper, the daily mail. i don't own it! you like to think of it as yours. you have to take a proprietor oi’ yours. you have to take a proprietor or interest even if you don't own it. a great photo and great coverage. it is beautiful, the picture, little archie, and this lovely fa m ily picture, little archie, and this lovely family that we've got, the generation of grandparents, father, mother, child, harry, a 1000 yard, oh my god, that kind of look on his face! and obviously the rest are enchanted by him. the press call, i felt quite uncomfortable about it. i like the picture and its right to put that out. but two days after you've given birth, you are, your
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uterus is still swollen and you are bloated because of the trauma to your body, which is still healing. by your body, which is still healing. by this point, i was still sitting down on a large number of cushions and not moving anywhere! for some poor woman to be, even though she's not done what kate did, coming out hours afterwards, she is in four inch heels, hair and hours afterwards, she is in four inch heels, hairand make—up, and being asked daft questions like how it feels to be a mum. it feels sore! to me, meghan looked uncomfortable. and we cannot see the baby's face, can you show us? i felt like a circus act. slightly voyeuristic? i didn't think it was fair or reasonable. she is beginning to understand the true british sense of how awkward it is to talk about feelings and emotions and being a new parent. she is also being asked questions by reporters to get the talk in. so, who does it look most
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like? the talk in. so, who does it look most like ? the features, talk in. so, who does it look most like? the features, that question. it looks like both of us at least! you give pat answers, she handled herself smoothly. she was with her two favourite boys, and very much as happy as can be. you can see that in the photo. it is a moment of happiness and she manages it differently to how wills and kate did. they still had to do the performance. that's what i found awkward. she is a professional performer, she has been facing the media for years. and she is not naive about it. but equally, you just felt she was not as comfortable as she looked. it did not seem co mforta ble as she looked. it did not seem comfortable to me, the pr is getting journalists in place, so it is scripted. they know roughly what kind of questions will be asked. and you don't get the curveball
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questions, do you? and on the name, i think archie, i did not really see it in the bookies, they can be quite pleased. meghan and harry are people who have been proud to be defying expectations and breaking the mould. not being conventional. there was stuff about maybe we will get spencer, a diana reference, and also, harrison! that has reduced the son, as harry's son. i had two fictional archie's, educating archie, the slightly seedy archie. the wooden dummy from the radio from all those years ago, and archie leach, who was cary grant. it is
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quite an old—fashioned name. you have great, great uncle archie. everybody knows the inspiration was archie norman. we are trying to share a card somewhere. this is bbc budget saving? i don't know if we give people the right to reply on this, but he can find us if he needs to! everybody agrees it is a great photo. it is lovely to see the royal family, intergenerational and mixed race, happy and welcoming a member of the family who will not be a royal or a title just yet. and the queen in a cardigan. very relaxed!
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and the financial times, a couple of good stories there and in particular, their big front page, with a picture ofjeremy hunt, there is no great space between them, and it feels like it could be telling us something? you wish they had harry and meghan's pr team. and despite this, jeremy hunt would be quite pleased because actually, mike pompeo was supposed to visit berlin and cancelled that, it's meant to be and cancelled that, it's meant to be a snob to germany because they do not like donald trump's foreign policy so posing with the uk, it will warm the cockles of the foreign offices heart. and they can stand side by side against iran and helped lead the debate across europe. jeremy hunt will be pleased. he looked statesman—like as he stands
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tall. there's a lot of him standing around getting his picture taken at the moment! it is a nice nap! this is the iran nuclear deal. now, iran is the iran nuclear deal. now, iran is making noises to say, let's get this sorted out, we will have to pull out as well. if they stayed for another year, they are behaving quite slowly and inconsiderately and conservatively about it. brian hook, the us with a decision to attempt to hold the world hostage. iran has stayed in the terms of the deal and say let's get this sorted. live without clause one, two and three. the article 50 process will have to be triggered, basically. and america react with, oh, frightening! what do you mean you want to leave the deal? problem is because america pulled out the iran deal, all of the other eu countries who want to be part of
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it still try and get that deal going. they've not been able to restart it in the last year so all of the businesses who wanted to invest in iran from britain, france and germany, they face sanctions by the states which was pulled out and as we had in outside source, a massive recession in iran because of that insane decision and it's all about a deal that will iran kill delay iran from getting a weapon in nine months to two years. they made it does make years until they get a nuclear weapon but because they pulled out, we know what could happen. trump feels that if you grind a country into a recession, thatis grind a country into a recession, that is victory. that's the billionaire in him saying that but in this instance, it creates revenge, resentment and the perfect ingredients for conflict. it is not a good idea.
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and the question of businesses. they are standing shoulder to shoulder but there is a different tone. theresa may, months ago, said she would do all we can to ensure british businesses can do business with iran, and the state department said basically, businesses in europe, including us, you should know that getting involved in this special vehicle, which will bypass all of the sanctions, is a very poor business decision. the threats are piling up. yes, of course, and it illustrates the quagmire of politics for people like theresa may, obviously remember the first time theresa may went to meet donald trump and she came out and said, right, president trump has agreed to 100% back nato, and it was wriggling out of these things, throwing his toys out the pram. i tell you what, his administration will be much blunter in their condemnation of iran than the uk is with its diplomatic language. escalating steps rather than keeping the world
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hostage, which is what you get from us officials. but it is fascinating. where does this go? obviously, iran has 60 days now to decide not to follow parts of this deal. still pa rt of follow parts of this deal. still part of the deal officially and it could start enriching uranium and ta ke could start enriching uranium and take serious steps but obviously, to give another example, trump has approached north korea. how do you deter it? he thinks he has dealt with it but the proof western markets not there on the ground. and on the front of the telegraph, this is about james dyson. on the front of the telegraph, this is aboutjames dyson. he wants to get those petrol and diesel cars off the road quicker than we are planning. so he can replace them with vacuum cleaners. he is lobbying the uk prime ministerfor this band —— banned sale. he plans to do it earlier. sooner than 11 years,
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that's quite a short timeframe, banning something with millions of them everywhere. just as he reveals patents for his electric cars. i presume they are yellow! and expensive. i don't know. the ha i rd rye rs expensive. i don't know. the hairdryers are very expensive, it is a safe assumption and stylish! if you like white things. it looks like the whole thing with electric cars are going that way. the government has cut subsidies and grants for people converting to electric vehicles. the problem is the network of charging points and the length of drive you get out of a charge and do not forget there is this massive drive to electric vehicles but batteries are not nice things. they are not environmentally friendly, especially lithium iron. you need a
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charging network and a 300 mile charge. and it could help to revive the breakdown industry in this country! in the telegraph, i say finally, they are an hour's time, plenty more papers then, but the telegraph with a lovely photo, and we we re telegraph with a lovely photo, and we were talking about this, an intriguing headline from your paper, that thatcher would have blocked huawei? yes, particularly when mike pompeo was pointing out the issue with the story was not whether gavin williamson had that deal, not answering if he did! but the question of what was the decision. you get all of these fun and games, about who should be in jail, you get all of these fun and games, about who should be injail, and what investigations should happen, but to then effectively allow
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huawei, major nations have serious grievances and doubts about them. that is what mike pompeo is tapping into. they would not let them work oi'i into. they would not let them work on an into. they would not let them work on an important matter like 56 phones. it's aimed to hit home in downing street. and mrs may has form on challenging. she said to delay that decision with the hinckley power station in somerset, george 0sborne was very keen on that end in the end she said it was ok but it required a review but it did not go down well. the trouble is, whatever jibe mike pompeo makes at theresa may, she won't notice it in the shower ofjibes and finger poking that she gets most days! this has been huge. she thought, up until now, that the huawei thing has gone away, and it was a big fuss about that silly man over there. our prime
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minister overruled security services to give contracts for telling munication is networks to a company thatis munication is networks to a company that is considered an arm of the chinese state and that is the issue. if that comes back to haunt her, it showed. any prime minister at any party should have that problem and if it was not gavin williamson i would have thought that anyone else in that room would have leaked that information at some point. there we re information at some point. there were members of security services in that room and i would have thought most people in the room would have felt disquieted about it. obviously it has been distracted by the gavin williamson soap opera, and it should not have been done. a pleasure as always. stay with us, they will be back just after always. stay with us, they will be backjust after 11:30pm always. stay with us, they will be back just after 11:30pm with always. stay with us, they will be backjust after 11:30pm with another look at the papers. don't forget, you can see the front pages online on the website. bbc doc a dot uk forwards
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and don't forget you can see the front pages of the papers online on the bbc news website. it's all there for you — seven days a week at — and if you miss the programme any evening you can watch it later on bbc iplayer. thank you for the moment — susie boniface and asa bennett. i'm back at 11 o'clock. next it's the weather. hello there. well, it has been a cool and wet day. the rain i am sure welcomed by some gardeners and farmers given how dry the weather has been just recently. the rain bearing system is this low pressure sat to the south west of the uk. weather fronts pushing their away northwards, followed by shower clouds and those showers have been widespread across southern parts of england. they've also produced a number of big thunderstorms with some fairly large sized hail, pea—sized hail there earlier in the day in hampton in greater london. now looking at the weather picture through the rest of the night, we are going to see our rain band stop moving northwards and slowly sink a bit southwards. all and all, the rain doesn't but up across northeast england. so a particularly soggy night here. clearer skies through the north of scotland where we will have some patch of frost but otherwise, it's not
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especially cold through the night. that takes us and thursday and that cloudy start to the day still with some areas of rain first thing in the morning. the rain will tend to transition to showers through the day, though. those showers coming heavy again thundering with a bit of hail mixed in and some of them quite slow—moving. probably the heaviest downpours across parts of wales and southern counties of england where we will have some brighter spells in between. further showers are in the forecast as well for friday. the remnants of an old weather front bringing the focus of moisture for those downpours to really get going. and with the wind falling particularly light, the showers will be very slow moving in nature giving some really heavy downpours and places but other places will have a dry day with some sunny spells. beyond that, for the jet stream, we see some changes. it gets more amplified. with this ridge of high pressure to the west in the uk, we get sinking air and that will help build an area of high pressure. low pressure meanwhile over northern france will encourage low pressure to form and at the moment through the weekend, we think that what was going to stay across into france with the sinking air building this area of high pressure particularly during the second half
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of the weekend. so, saturday, not a bad kind of day. there will still be some showers left over particularly across parts of central and eastern parts of both scotland and england. the weather becoming drier further west with some sunshine and it's starting to feel a little bit warmer in the sunshine. temperatures in cardiff reaching a high of 17 degrees. but as that high pressure continues to build through sunday and into next week as well, we will see the weather turning dry forjust about all of us and it's going to feel a lot warmer as well with temperatures into the low 20s for some.
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this is bbc news. the headlines at 11. baby sussex has a name — archie harrison mountbatten windsor. proud parents meghan and harry chose windsor castle for their newborn son's first photo call. it is magic. it is pretty amazing andi it is magic. it is pretty amazing and i have the two best guys in the world so i'm really happy. we're just so thrilled to have our own little bundle of joy just so thrilled to have our own little bundle ofjoy and we hope to spend some special time with him as he slowly starts to grow up. it's getting tougher to get an appointment with a gp. for the first time in 50 years there's been a sustained fall in the number of family doctors. we tried to recruit a new gp but
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there were zero


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