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tv   The Papers  BBC News  May 8, 2019 11:30pm-12:01am BST

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low is going to stay fall. that low is going to stay gci’oss fall. that low is going to stay across the other side of the channel. as high pressure builds, hello. this is bbc news. thanks to the sinking air. sunday is we'll be taking a look at tomorrow mornings' papers in a moment first the headlines. a dry day. a sunny start to the baby sussex has a name — morning. particularly to the archie harrison mountbatten—windsor. proud parents meghan and harry chose windsor castle for their newborn north—west. otherwise, a bit more son's first photo call. meghan‘s mother was there too as archie sunshine. it will make a difference was introduced to the queen and prince phillip — to how the deed feels. 15 in he's their eighth great—grandchild. edinburgh, not bad at all. it's getting tougher to get i'm sharanjit leyl in an appointment with a gp. for the first time in fifty years there's been a sustained fall temperatures should rise further into next week. our area of high in the number of family doctors. singapore — the headlines: the pioneering treatment that saved isabelle's life. antibiotics didn't work so doctors held in contempt — pressure remains slow—moving. a lot used a virus cocktail to attack us democrats vote to officially of dry weather to come next week. the infection. condemn the attorney general exactly where the high—pressure ends for refusing to release the full up exactly where the high—pressure ends up being will influence where the mueller report. wind is going on if it comes in from a new proposal to protect people the sea, that will bring slight cool with food allergies — we talked for a long time about all ingredients in ready made air but many of us, it's a lovely looking weak on the cards. plenty of dry weather around, decent sunshine, products would have to be listed. approaching a constitutional crisis. we are now in it. we are now in a climbing to the high teens with is a constitutional crisis.
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no outright winner in thailand's election — bit average for this time of year. so negotations begin over who will form the new government. further south for england and wales, i'm kasia madera in london. plenty of sunshine on offer, also in the programme: after imposing millions temperatures high teens to low 20s. of dollars of tariffs hello and welcome to our look ahead on one another — the us and china a big contrast compared to the cool to what the papers will be are due to resume trade talks. bringing us tomorrow. weather we've seen over recent days. with me are daily mirror columnist, susie boniface after the world's first glimpse, temperatures edging above normal 00:01:17,083 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 next week. that is your weather. and brexit editor of the telegraph, now a name for britain's new royal asa bennett. many of tomorrow's front baby — archie harrison pages are already in. we have a few more than we did an hour ago. master archie harrison mountbatten—windsor is introduced to the world for the first time — with the metro showing the moment he met his great—grandparents at windsor castle. that same family picture appears on the front of the mirror, as harry and meghan introduce archie to the queen and prince phillip along side his grandmother doria ragland. below that same photograph in the telegraph, the paper reports that us secretary of state mike pompeo launched a scathing attack on british security policy — over its dealings with chinese technology firm huawei.
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saying that margaret thatcher would never have allowed huawei to be involved in britain's five g network. that same story appears in the i which report that 56 phones face delay in uk — after washington warns that the special relationship is at risk peril if uk goes ahead with the huawei deal. a climate crisis ‘may force uk towns to be abandoned' says the guardian — it reports that the environment agency say huge numbers of towns are under threat from coastal and river floods. the times launch their ‘clean airforall‘ campaign with an investigation saying that millions of children attend schools in britain with dangerous levels of air pollution. and the daily mail return to that photo — first publicised on the sussex's instagram account — showing the queen and her newest great—grandchild archie harrison mountbatten—windsor. it is all on social media so you don't even need to rely on the newspapers. fortunately we have our
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guests who will keep the candle burning for papers here on the bbc. let's look at the papers before we burn them. the daily mirror front page. that picture. what do you think of it? very much a striking picture in which we see the baby archie with his grandmother, his great—grandmother, his great—grandfather and mother and father. it is lovely to see, quite heartwarming. we can celebrate and share the delight in the same way that everything else seems to be up in the air. at least we know they are generally happy. it has very much been harry and meghan‘s show and fascinating to see how they have deployed themselves in this brand. thank you to william and kate we
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have been used to camping outside the hospital and lifting the baby to the hospital and lifting the baby to the camera like the opening of the line king. but instead it is very much more staged managed and on their turf. and that is even coming through with their name choice which was not predicted by anyone. i can't even imagine what the odds were for archie let alone harrison. you wonder whether these pictures are not preferable to the old camera photograph that they felt obliged to stage. these beautiful pictures. i am most gripped by harry 's stage. these beautiful pictures. i am most gripped by harry '5 face which seems am most gripped by harry 's face which seems to have 1000 yard stare, oh, my god what have i done. that is how i felt when i saw my child for the first time. and doria, i think she was with meghan during the birth
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as my mother was but i don't remember it. my mother had a terrible time. she probably needed the knockout drugs herself. you are literally being separated into two and to see your own grandchild at the end of it is a room emotional rolle rcoa ste r. the end of it is a room emotional rollercoaster. but the video interview... all of this is staged. this is not the first time the queen met the baby. it is done for constitutional reasons rather than anybody actually enjoying themselves. but that awkward intimacy, it is only two days. meghan has to do her hair and make up meghan has to do her hair and make up and force her self into 11—inch heels when all she wants to do is sitting on a comfortable cushion and working out how to deal with nappies. it is an revolution of oil coverage where it is possible to have a photo of someone sitting
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ina dressing in a dressing gown on a rubber ring. people do it on social media all the time. whenever i people do it on social media all the time. wheneverl saw people do it on social media all the time. whenever i saw kate coming out of the hospital i felt incredibly sorry for her that she had to go through that. i don't know if it was her choice or not but it felt like torture to watch her pop out a few hours after birth no matter how healthy she was. i respected meghan for not wanting to do that and i think this is almost a halfway house. not quite what it should be. personally i would prefer that they put out a picture of the child at some point but keep these... do you bet money on this not happening for the second baby? i hope not. if there are any other children i hope that meghan can lead the royal family into photos of me and my sweatpants on a comfortable chair and being very happy. i am a normal
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human female and i am swollen and sore and quite bemused by things. that is how it should be. moving the times. it is not the biggest story on the front page but it is quite an interesting one because it is an international diplomat, he is a diplomat, the chief diplomat of the us government, weighing into domestic politics. that is not normally done. he has popped up in so many different stories today because of all the questions people ask when he is in town. in this one, the times is focusing on the fact thatjeremy corbyn is sympathetic about venezuela and thinks it is a model for the west to follow. venezuela is a basket case at the moment with the maduro regime. and people are suffering, needless to say in short chronic food shortages
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and all sorts of problems in poverty. to the extent that the zoos have been broken into so people can steal the animals to eat. and although the coverage ofjuan guaido is officially recognised as the real leader he is not. maduro is still in power. they are pointing out that in his words no country of western demo credit values should stand behind maduro. however, given the anti—american —ism ofjeremy corbyn this is almost like being condemned by darth vader. he will embrace this criticism. and also, some of the criticism. and also, some of the criticism from jeremy corbyn, he has said that the us is interfering in a foreign state stop and the us does that. it probably is doing that in venezuela. it has a lot of form.
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venezuela. it has a lot of form. venezuela is on its doorstep and they are worried about migrants making their way through south and central america. any democrat elsewhere in the western world should be saying hang on, mr superpower, you do not get to ordain what happens in other states. if you are going to intercede you do it via nato and the un. the point. as in many other countries have gone along with it and say that we recognise juan guaido as well. in a sense we have danced to the us‘s tune on this and we have to take the consequences. recognising or not recognising opposition government has got a long history of not really working, see china and taiwan for details. maduro was still there despite the political pressure. and now the question for the us is where to go next? military? i think he had
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troops stationed at the border? written on his notepad, john bolton. moving onto eye. consumer news. bad news if you are looking forward to a sg news if you are looking forward to a 56 signal. i love the angle they have taken on this. they have been need deep in huawei implications and they have gone for the knock—on effect of allowing huawei, a corporation that so many five eye nations are suspicious of, that being our allies with whom we share intelligence. australia, us et cetera. i'm just trying to fill in our readers. —— viewers. cetera. i'm just trying to fill in our readers. -- viewers. it is not just what are you doing getting rid of gavin williamson, it is what are you doing giving while way a chance
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to be involved. —— while way a chance to be involved. —— huawei. having overruled her own security services to give antenna contract to a company regarded as part of the chinese state and the prime is now saying she has to reverse this somehow. it is an admission that she got it wrong. one of the reasons they did decide to give huawei involved is because the treasury argued it would cheaper. they could do it for better value. in the lesson is, really, you cannot do national security that way, on the cheap. the special relationship in peril if the us goes ahead. i did not hear him say that the people have presumably picked up the signals? other countries have said
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that they will not share their intelligence if china is listening. so they are some of our allies and we need to have their intelligence. the china thing has been begin politics in new zealand and australia recently with suggestions that local politicians have been suborned by china and a doing the work of china. there has been quite a backlash against that. it will be interesting to see if something similar builds up in the uk. under david cameron there was a big desired to open up to china and it was seen as a hugely important market. they were kowtowing. an theresa may tried to make a symbolic move to review the hinckley point involvement. but she did waive it through in the end. i think she just delayed it unnecessarily. just to think about it. chasing economy all
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the time when some things you just need to pay for and, inevitably, getting more cost as a result of that. looking at the telegraph. hopefully we can tick to boxes already. photo, check. huawei, check. let's move on to the favourite story of the night. you held it here first. the drama of these little things, they start this way richard iii was found under a leicester car park. archaeologists announced they have stumbled across england's tutankhamen between a pub and in aldi. they think this is the earliest christian royal tomb at whittle well which was found in the 2003, from the sixth century. the first christian king in the uk was
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ethelbert, the internet has informed me. i'm not sure this is supposed to be the grave of ethelbert, he converted to christianity. dare i say, i wonder whether they are gilding the lily saying this is england's tutankhamen. it is quite impressive enough. tutankhamen was several thousand years ago. impressive enough. tutankhamen was several thousand years agom impressive enough. tutankhamen was several thousand years ago. it is very significant. think of them locations. any car park it could be a treasure trove. get your spades. even outside here. a lot of the ntps
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we know around london, they were bomb sites that were cleared by the luftwaffe, and you wonder when they we re luftwaffe, and you wonder when they were laid out as car parks what was buried underneath stop i don't think you can do it on a skeleton. if this really is england's tutankhamen, and it is an underground palace with boats, sarcophagus and everything else, various bits of body stored in jars, i wouldn't be surprised. we have very ancient tombs around stonehenge. very old areas which we christian. it's moved forward considerably. 601, 11100 years ago. it's a lovely thought, though. it's a very exciting thought. i am sure
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archaeologists are licking their lips, and theologians. the thing about finding these things is when they can reconstruct the face of a skeleton they farmed. they discount the facial hair they imagine all the eye colour but to see the form of someone's face is great you know that as soon is a reconstruct that base, it will be constructed back to archie. i don't wish to worry the archaeologists but the front of the guardian has some potentially rolling news for the people of south bend or the east coast of england. it seems you may not have any car parks because the towns may be gradually sinking into the sea so by the 20 80s, after 1.5 million properties... i will be pushing up daisies then. i don't intend to be.
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there is a guy who says the coastline has never stayed in the same place but climate change is increasing and accelerating these threats. there are parts of britain which have been eroding. and there are bits that are coming up. this is speeding up. part of the issue is, if you're talking about bloods in land, further up with the villas, they are saying, having houses with concrete floors so they aren't damaged. that increases the problem locally. how do you deal with this? maybe tutankhamen can tell us. how do you make people worried enough about it quickly enough to do something? with front pages like
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this. we have the other week out in london, extinction rebellion, hoping people would take notice but the fundamental dynamic is something we would notice. the constant battle we have. our prime minister is a trained geographer. she needs to stop thinking about coastal moraine and start thinking about what you too. —— what you do. the thames barrier, for example, is a temporary measure. you need to know how to live with the flood situation, that's not how it works. live with the flood situation, that's not how it workslj live with the flood situation, that's not how it works. i wasjust thinking of king canute, holding back the water. he was trying to prove that people could not hold back water. he was a clever king, not silly. i don't know if he was
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ethelbert, but he was the first christian king. king canute, ethelbert, quite a few historical references. complaints, send them into the usual place. that's it for the papers tonight. don't forget you can see the front pages of the papers online on the bbc news website. it's all there for you — seven days a week at — and if you miss the programme any evening you can watch it later on bbc iplayer. thank you, susie and asa. that's all from us tonight. goodbye. good evening — here's your latest sports news. one place to start. tottenham are into the champions league final for the first time in their history on yet another incredible night in the semi—finals, coming from two down in amsterdam against ajax, needing three to win the tie, in the second half. our sports correspodent natalie pirks was watching. # champions league. ..#. with hope and a smile,
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they came in their thousands — liverpool's stunning comeback had given them belief spurs would be facing them in the final. well, look at liverpool last night — done it, didn't they? can we do it, boys? easy, easy! if we was to get to the final, it would be the icing on the cake, and it is only one game, you know? we'll get through, we'll be there. madrid here we come! that was more than a tad optimistic. a frenzy of ajax flags quickly turned into a flurry of attacks. it is in towards him. ajax's19—year—old captain matthijs de ligt losing kieran trippier and leaping into club immortality. and unfortunately for them, the ajax express kept coming, their second goal quite something. hakim ziyech!
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what a great goal. poetry in motion, jubilation in the stands. spurs needed three goals in 45 minutes to save their season. caution to the wind came courtesy of lucas moura. there is the goal back. they couldn't, could they? penalty box pinball was about to provide a serious test of ajax's result. they've got another one! now they believed. now they were worried. with the game flipped on its head, just one goal would send spurs through. step forward a hat—trick hero. lucas moura, oh, they've done it! a maelstrom of madness, ajax simply distraught on the floor. the final whistles finally came. with it, raw emotions. football the winner. it is the turn of arsenal and chelsea in the europa league semi finals tomorrow night. arsenal are in spain, they're 3—1 up, in their tie against valencia. while chelsea are at home to eintracht frankfurt — it's one all after the first leg.
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but chelsea's transfer ban remains in place, meaning they won't be able to sign any new players for the next year. they were found to have breached rules on signing foreign players under the age of 18 — so were prevented from signing players for two transfer windows. chelsea say they will appeal again, this time to the court of arbitration for sport. the squad for the england women's world cup has been announced today, in a rather unusual way. the fa asked celebrities to announce each name, in a series of videos on twitter. and started with one of the most recognisable names, the president of the fa — prince william. )fittingly, he announced the captain steph houghton — no surprise at her inclusion there. and in fact not that many surprises in the squad seletion. we wa nted we wanted to make sure we had quality in every position in the players who peter performed and i think we are 100% certain that we picked the right squad and notes about delivering. we've spoke long
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and hard about our ambitions and what to expect and what we want. now it's time to go out there and deliver and i think that's the most exciting bit, ithink. rain has meant england and pakistan's first one day international this summer has been abandoned. there was limited action, england won the toss, elected to field withjofra archer picking up a wicket in his second over. liam plunkett and jos buttler combined to reduce pakistan further. not long after the rain and hail arrived and after some stops and starts the game was called off. that's all the sport for now. it's been a wet, windy and cold day across eastern areas. the south and east has had a dry early part of the month. this is the area of low pressure which has been responsible for that wind and rain, very strong into western france but with continued with the weather front which will bring more rain across eastern scotland overnight, showery
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bursts of rain for northern ireland and across southern england. even heavier into the south—east but with all the cloud and rain, it should be all the cloud and rain, it should be a fairly all the cloud and rain, it should be afairly mild all the cloud and rain, it should be a fairly mild night the northern half of scotland will be cold and clear skies with a touch of frost but here, the best of the sunshine through the day. the rain will tend to peter out and become more showery as we head on through the afternoon. a mix of sunshine and showers. perhaps bunbury again. temperatures here could reach 1a or 15 degrees but still cold across north sea coasts but that these will continue to ease down, that wind will turn lighter. not many isobars. the weather front will plague central areas of the country, enhancing shower activity and some of these could be quite heavy through the afternoon. it could be the southwest might stay dry. eyes and the sunshine of 15 or 16 degrees. it
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should be a little less cold for most of us. i pressure begins to build in for the weekend. is high—pressure building into the west the uk. it does mean it's going to start to settle things down. dry from sunday onwards and temperatures rising as well. that's beyond sunday. we've got northerly winds about that area of high pressure so about that area of high pressure so a chilly start with some sunshine, could see showers developing, some of them could be quite heavy, the best of the sunshine further west and could make 17 degrees in the south—west. the weekend, you consider blue colour still with us on saturday. certain into the third half of next week, that warner from the south. again, we start of cool, sunshine on sunday. a bit of cloud developing here now but for most of us, it should stay dry. the best of the sunshine further west. into next
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week, it looks like the first half of next week will warm up considering, temperatures in 20 00:26:08,800 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 celsius for some of us. good night.
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