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and there is still hope that in the relatively near future there will be an nhs facility on site providing similar treatment to civilians. if you wonder what happened to headley court, it is yours for £25 million or nearest offer. thanks, phil! now, we're all familiar with the phrase "you're going to need a bigger boat" — well, have a look at this. an unsuspecting fisherman was contemplating the afternoon when a humpback whale decided to make a rather big splash. this happened in monterey, just off the california coast, where salmon season coincides with the time when humpbacks are returning to to feed for the summer. this particular fisherman had a "whale" of a time. sorry! time for a look at the weather. here's matt taylor.
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i was going to say is that wales, but it is scotland. better that than taking the hump! this is higher than scotla nd taking the hump! this is higher than scotland yesterday, where the temperature peaked at 2! celsius, 70 fahrenheit. the air is dry, it is gradually warming up. when you lose the sunshine by night, temperatures have taken a tumble. the same spot which hit 2! celsius yesterday began at —1 today, but temperatures rose rapidly once the sun was up, 2! or 22 in some areas, 2! across northern england. not as warm across southern counties of england, particularly close to the coast. that is because there is a bit more of a breeze which is stopping the temperature rise. 0nce which is stopping the temperature rise. once we have lost the daytime sunshine, temperatures take a tumble. it will be a fairly fresh night, temperatures do not drop as much by night but low and a full single figures in many areas and
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some parts of central and southern england might start tomorrow just a few days above freezing. high pressure is close by, nudging away a little through tomorrow, allowing a southerly breeze. maybe not as warm gci’oss allowing a southerly breeze. maybe not as warm across northern ireland as this afternoon, sunshine overhead, a blue sky day for many, the exception is across northern england and southern scotland. the isolated chance of a shower, but it isolated chance of a shower, but it is the warmest day of the week, 2a possible across some parts of central and northern scotland, cooler in the eastern and southern coast of england. as high pressure nurtures into scandinavia, low pressure develops across eastern europe tomorrow, allowing more of an easterly breeze. that means more cloud will develop. we could have a low cloud to northern and eastern coasts of scotla nd northern and eastern coasts of scotland and similar showers across scotla nd scotland and similar showers across scotland and similar showers across scotland and northern ireland through thursday, with sunshine giving way to more cloud to the
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afternoon. temperatures will take a knock, these are the values we normally expect and it will still feel pleasant in the sunshine, as it will do on friday. a lot more cloud for england and wales, showers here and there, most places predominantly dry, temperatures in the low to mid to. that will continue into the weekend. best of the sunshine in the west. pleasant enough in the sunshine but the chance of some showers. that's all from the bbc news at one so it's goodbye from me, and, on bbc one, we nowjoin the bbc‘s news teams where you are. good afternoon. it's 1:30pm and here's your
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latest sports news. manchester city say it's extremely concerning members of uefa's investigatoy panel are pushing for a season long ban from the champions league, if the club are found guilty of breaking financial fair play rules although the ultimate decsion wrests with their chief investigator, details published in the new york times overnight suggest some of its members are pushing for a ban, ahead of a ruling which could come this week. they've been investigating claims made in teh german paper which relates to city investigating an inflated sonsorship deal. city deny the charges, but said in a statement the new york times report citing "people familiar with the case" is extremely concerning. the implications that either manchester city's good faith in the cfcb ic is misplaced or the cfcb ic process is being misrepresented by individuals intent on damaging the club's reputation and its commercial interests, or both. england have had some early
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success in their third one day international against pakistan in bristol. eoin morgan's side won the toss and opted to bowl. it paid dividends immediately as fakhar zaman, who scored a century in the last game, edged tojoe root in the first over off of chris woakes. woakes then bowled the dangerous babar azam for 15. on radio 5 live sports extra. england's beth cobden is out ofjuly‘s netball world cup after suffereing another knee ligament injury. the defender ruptured her acl playing for the adelaide thunderbirds in their suncorp super netball game on saturday. wigan warriors full back zak hardaker says he thought his career might be over, after a string of off—field incidents. he was sacked last year by former club side castleford
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following a positive test for cocaine use before eventuallyjoining wigan. he's since been banned for drink driving and he admits his experiences with castleford made him question his career. through the trouble is i was causing for myself and being a professional sportsman, the spotlight is on you, and all the backlog i was getting off of that, i was thinking, i don't think this is for me, and after the first few weeks, i just thought, i will not play. that will end my troubles. but now i know it doesn't work like that. i have gone away from the game and focused on myself and sorted a lot of things out and that has brought my love for the game back even more and i realise how fortu nate game back even more and i realise how fortunate i am to be in this position so i will not take it for granted again. scottish hammer thrower mark dry has been provisionally suspended by uk anti—doping after being charged with "tampering or attempted tampering with any part of doping control".
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he's understood to have violated the whereabouts system, where athletes must tell anti—doping officials where they train and give a slot each day where they can be tested. uk athletics say dry has "the opportunity to respond to the charge including the right to a full hearing of the case". dry won bronze medals at both the 2014 and 2018 commonwealth games. it's been confirmed the dutch grand prix will return football fans often wonder who a referee supports. well, we've been left in no doubt about premier league official mike dean's allegiance. as tranmere rovers overcame forest green rovers to reach the league two play—off final, thanks to james norwood's crucial goal, who should appear among the fans celebrating the win but mr dean, there in the middle of your shot, standing on a barrier and punching the air in delight. that's all the sport for now. you can find more on all those stories on the bbc sport website.
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0r or you could watch us. yes, but england are doing well at the moment. a woman from essex who suffers from a disorder which saw her take an overdose and spend thousands of pounds online all while she was asleep says her life has been transformed by a revolutionary new treatment. kelly knipes suffers from an extreme form of sleep walking, which she says leaves her fearful for her‘s and her children's safety. nikki fox reports. this is my medicine cabinet. we had to put the lock on after i took my overdose and you have to squeeze it quite hard to open it right now. just one precaution kelly knipes from basildon had to take. the mother of three has a rare sleep disorder called parasomnia —
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it makes her sleepwalk and act out dreams without realising. at her worst, she took an overdose while 20 weeks pregnant. i felt very ill and the pack of medication was all empty and out on the kitchen side and it was where i was standing in my dream, and i did go and seek medical help and i didn't know whether people would believe me. and how scary was it, knowing that you are capable of that in your sleep? really, really scary, because i didn't know what else i could do. if i could do that and not knowingly put my unborn baby at risk, what else could i possibly do? her baby was healthy, but the disorder continue to have other consequences. in her sleep, kelly ordered £3,000 worth of shopping online. really random things. so £100 worth of haribo sweets, tins of paint, a full—size basketball court and net, salt—and—pepper pots,
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unicorn salt and pepper pots. the list is endless. kelly sought help from the sleep clinic at basildon hospital. they found her rare parasomnia worsened after disturbed sleep, caused by a more common condition, sleep apnoea. this is the sleep monitor used on kelly and only a few centres around the uk have it. it works with this watch on your wrist recording information through this lead. this monitor on my finger would measure changes to the blood vessels, while a sensor on a lead which is placed on the chest measures the change in body position. the sleep apnoea caused kelly to stop breathing. the red lines show how often this happened over six hours. she stopped breathing 22 times an hour. she now wears an oxygen mask to keep her airways open. it means she no longer stops breathing and her sleepwalking has stopped. she was suffering both
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financially and it was making her depressed as well. and it is like a spiral that was getting out of control for her. some of these conditions, we don't know why it really happens and it kelly's case, it did work and we are delighted. we didn't even leave the house, because i would just have no energy. it was like i was drugged, as such, i was so tired. and now i feel like i am a normal person, you know, what everyone else experiences, which has been life changing and life saving for all of us. kelly started sleepwalking as a child. only now with the help of her hospital does she finally feel safe at night. ajury in california has awarded more than $2 billion to a couple who say the world's most widely—used weedkiller, roundup, was responsible for their cancer. the german pharmaceutical company bayer bought monsanto, the makers of roundup, last year. it's the third time bayer has been ordered to pay damages over the product.
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the company is appealing the decision. from 0akland in california, our correspondent sophie long sent this update. this is the third case. we havejust come from a press conference where we heard from alva and alberta pilliod, the couple concerned this time around. they were clasping each other‘s hands and walking with walking sticks. we were told by their lawyer that alberta has problems standing. alva clearly has problems standing. alva clearly has problems gathering his thoughts and speaking but they both said they blame monsanto for the cancer. they said it has changed their lives. alberta said, we can't do the things we used to and we are very resentful against monsanto for doing that. she said had roundup been labelled properly, had they known it could cause cancer, they could have chosen not to use it. they are not alone. this was the third case against
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bayer, who bought monsanto last year. there are thousands of cases to be heard. i heard from a lawyer and he said he believes they could 110w and he said he believes they could now be 15,000 cases waiting to be heard. he said they were 1000 new cases last month alone. a good day for alva and alberta pilliod, a very bad day for the company bayer. a lot of disgruntlement against their shareholders. when the firstjury found against bayer, since then the company's ship has dropped by 30%. they have been reports of shareholders being unhappy with the way the company is being run. they have a couple of months to rethink their legal structure. the next case to come to court is in missouri in august this year. the american actress felicity huffman is facing a four—month prison sentence after pleading guilty to her part in the us university admissions scandal. at a court in boston, the desperate housewives star admitted paying $15,000 for her daughter's exam answers
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to be secretly corrected. in addition to the sentence, prosecutors are recommending a $20,000 fine. huffman is among 50 people to be charged in relation to the investigation. in a moment, we'll have all the business news, but first the headlines on bbc news. whatsapp urges users to update the messaging service after hackers remotely install surveillance software on some mobile phones. there's calls for the jeremy kyle show to be axed after more details emerge about a man who is believed to have taken his own life a week after appearing on the programme. a warning that inequalities in pay and opportunity in the uk are becoming so extreme they threaten economic prosperity and democracy. in the business news... unemployment fell to 3.8% in the first three months of the year — that's the lowest its been since the mid 1970s.
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the rate has been falling for five years. cow & gate is recalling a batch of baby food sold in major supermarkets because it may contain pieces of rubber. it's the 250 gram jar of cheesy broccoli bake with the best before date of november 2020. for more on this, head to our website. vodafone has become the first company to announce the date it's switching on its 5g service in the uk. that date is july 3rd. other firms are expected to announce their switch on date shortly. well, as we were just hearing, vodafone is launching its 5g service in the uk onjuly 3rd. other firms will follow suit. 5g promises much faster mobile broadband and download speeds with some people saying it could revolutionise how we communicate and do things online. that's why there's such a scramble to get 5g up and running. joining us now is karen egan.
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thank you forjoining us. is 5g going to be all it's cracked up to be? i think in some ways it has been hyped beyond what we are going to see any time soon, such as using it for driverless cars. that is a remote possibility, extremely long term, if ever. more immediately, it will change the way we perceive mobile networks, partly because it is going to massively improve the capacity, and so when we go to train stations and places that are really congested, we won't struggle to get a signal. will it enable us to do things we can't do now? certainly, their speeds are going to be higher and the latency, the delay is going to be lower, and that lens itself in particular to things like streamed gaming, and that should become
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possible over mobile networks over the next few years. is it going to be used in businesses? what is talked a lot about is machine to machine talking, and 4g is used for that quite extensively. the problem for the mobile operators is, it doesn't actually generate them a lot of money. 5g will be better because their security is enhanced and the speed is enhanced and functionality is better as well. they will be a bit of a stepup what businesses do. does vodafone have an advantage in this now? they are certainly going to be the first to launch and bt announced last week that it will launch its 5g network imminently, andi launch its 5g network imminently, and i suspect they mayjust get in before vodafone launches injuly. i wa nt to before vodafone launches injuly. i want to talk to you about the role
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of vodafone. they are a leading player in the very sophisticated radio access network technology that is required for rolling out 5g. if the uk government had decided not to allow huawei equipment to be used in the radio access network, we would not be seeing these launches. the radio access network, we would not be seeing these launchesm the radio access network, we would not be seeing these launches. is it a bit ofa not be seeing these launches. is it a bit of a gamble though, because politics changes, if the uk government comes under more pressure and decides to say we can't use huawei, that is going to set the whole 5g project back, isn't it? huawei, that is going to set the whole 56 project back, isn't mm would set it back enormously. we think it would set it back by at least 12—24 months. it would also increase the equipment prices because it would be an incredibly less competitive market. they would be delays, higher prices for the operators and ultimately higher prices for consumers. thank you very
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much. simon, back to you. the world's biggest music show kicks off today, the eurovision song contest. it's being held in tel aviv, but all the way over in russia and another maestro is ready to perform. the bbc‘s eurovision star, our moscow correspondent steve rosenberg. he has an enencyclopedic knowledge of the competition and every year performs requests of eurovision songs. in ten minutes he's going to play at the moscow international house of music, broadcasting live on the bbc news facebook page. but steve rosenberg joins us now. what is your hot tip for this year's competition? simon, i can play these songs but i can't predict the winner. i have never predicted a winner. i have never predicted a winner yet. i like the dutch song this year. arcade. i think it has
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got a good chance of winning. i like the uk song, but i don't think we are going to win. the uk has not won for so many years. but it is for taking part that matters and has been for more than 60 years now. give us a quick reminder of the british entry. the british entry this year is something like...
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something like that. it is a nice melody. britain is sending a strong song. we haven't discussed beforehand what you are going to play but you mentioned the dutch entry, what is so good about that? let's hear that one. which one? the dutch. the dutch one? something like this...
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that is a bit of the dutch song, arcade. i like that one. it is a shame people get up and sing the songs because the melody is lovely.
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for anybody british, if i was to say, puppet on a string. 0h, for anybody british, if i was to say, puppet on a string. oh, yes.
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that was way back in 1967. the glory days for the united kingdom, of course. i have got a couple of tweets, one says, you are such a star, you are wasted on the russians. i've got another one that says apparently the swiss entry is going to win. what is the swiss entry? i don't know all the entries this year. i am a more historical eurovision fan. i am sorry to disappoint you. i can play you the swiss entry from 1988. celine dion. she won for switzerland with...
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and switzerland when the very first eurovision song contest back in 1956, before i was born. let's stick with one other british victory, let's hear waterloo. 0h, sweden in 1974.
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a bit of waterloo. steve, you are not just wasted a bit of waterloo. steve, you are notjust wasted on the russians, i think you arejust notjust wasted on the russians, i think you are just wasted. thank you so much for that. i haven't been drinking, simon! well, well. that's one of us! enjoy eurovision. full coverage on the bbc. now time for the weather. yesterday afternoon, one of the warmest spots was in northern scotland. and it isjust warmest spots was in northern scotland. and it is just because of their sheer strength of the sunshine at this time of year. no cloud, light winds, it is not because we have brought our airing from anywhere particularly warm. and that means by night, it is still on the cold side. today, temperatures are shooting up again. 22 celsius across the highlands. quite a few spots
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hitting 21. but because we have got more of a breeze, even though the sunshine is every bit as strong in the south, the temperatures don't rise quite as much. tonight, temperatures will take a tumble away but because we are warming day by day, the knights won't be quite as chilly. though still down into single figures across most parts of the country. on wednesday, another sunny day for the vast majority. the high—pressure system is still in charge. starting to nudge away a little bit. the easterly breeze doesn't stop the temperature rising in the south—east but elsewhere blue skies for the vast majority. later, in the north of england and been to scotland, cloud may bubble up to produce an odd isolated shower, but another blue sky day and it will be the peak of the heat. 23 celsius possible across some parts of
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scotland. the big picture for the end of the week shows high—pressure to the north of us, low pressure down towards eastern europe, and that will be creeping towards us a little bit. things are starting to destabilise and we will see a bit more cloud bubbling up. as the cloud develops elsewhere during the day, they will be a greater chance of one or two showers in parts of scotland, northern ireland. but still some good sunny spells around and while it won't be as warm, it will still feel pleasantly warm. 0n it won't be as warm, it will still feel pleasantly warm. on friday, the breeze picks up even more and more cloud starts to push on across england and wales. a greater chance of showers here. the sunniest weather further north and temperatures what they should be for this time of year if not a little bit higher in scotland. cooler in the south.
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hello, you're watching afternoon live. i'm rebecca jones. today at two: one and a half billion users of whatsapp are told to update their apps urgently — after a major hack into its encrypted service. it comes in through a missed call, so you don't even have to answer the call, and the reports are also that the phone logs can be altered afterwards, so you don't... may not even know on your phone that you've missed that call. growing calls for itv to scrap thejeremy kyle show following the death of a guest shortly after filming. a stark warning over inequality in the uk — that pay and opportunity gaps are so extreme they threaten


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