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tv   BBC News  BBC News  May 19, 2019 2:00am-2:31am BST

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a lot of people were watching australia because of what was happening with climate change. there was this argument that as australia experienced some of the effects of extreme weather patterns, that that would be such this is bbc news. a feature in the election. i'm reged ahmad. our top stories: but that hasn't played out. why is that? yes, it's difficult to say at this stage but i know a lot could it even be an outright win? of environmentalists and people australia's centre—right are closing who were campaigning for action in on a surprise election victory. on climate change are in shock of this result, a snap election is called they are reeling. in austria, after the far—right they see it as a real setback because yes, leader allegedly made secret deals labor was promising stronger with a russian investor. action on climate change, and the netherlands wins emissions reduction target the eurovision song contest of 45%, compared to the for the first time in over a0 years. coalition's promise of 26%. now people have endorsed, seemingly, the coalition's vision for that. crosstalk. is it also, what we're seeing hello, and welcome to bbc news. in australia play out, the governing centre—right coalition in australia is closing is very much a desire to maintain
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in on a surprise outright victory in the general election. the coal industry in order the prime minister scott morrison called the result a miracle, to preserve the prosperity as the party had been trailing in polls. of the economy, that people have with a handful of seats yet chosen that over anything else? to declare, his liberal national party are just 2 seats short of the 76 needed to control parliament. the opposition labour leader well, clearly one of the coalition's bill shorten has resigned. hywel griffith's report contains key points on climate change action was that they will do something some flash photography. about it, they will meet the paris agreement but they are not willing to do anything that would harm the economy and that has he wasn't expected to last seemingly resonated with people, a year as prime minister, certainly in certain sections of the country. but scomo, as his party calls him, this is one of the other points, has secured an unlikely victory. scott morrison's known in australia the views on this issue and many as the man who brought a lump others are really divergent of coal into parliament. a fan of fossil fuels, in different parts of the country. the country, it seems, in queensland, which was, you know, has embraced him and rural queensland was the birthplace what he stands for. of the labor party but now it has i'm standing with the three biggest swung heavily behind the coalition miracles if my life here tonight. cheering and applause. and that partly would come down to discussions around the economy versus the environment. and tonight we've been
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delivered another one! although some people have rejected there's that dichotomy. cheering and applause. chanting. this election had been billed but the coalition's message around as a generational shift. the economy being all important, young people put climate change at the centre of the debate, demanding no new coal mines be jobs being all important, opened but the tide turned mining jobs being all important, towards the liberals. despite two years trailing that trumped the message behind labor in the polls, it's on course to form a government. about climate change action. and just briefly, the counting is still going on, are we going to see an outright majority in the lower house for the conservatives or might they have a bit of a hung parliament i think scomo has come above and he's brought the people on their hands? with him so here we are. yeah, we still can't it was an amazing victory for the silent majority. make that call, i guess. against the odds, against all the opinion polls, i think they'll either have a very, scott morrison has delivered for his party and he has done very slender majority it largely alone. many of his cabinet members or they will be relying were seen as simply too toxic on crossbench mps to prop them up to campaign alongside him. in parliament and that actually could be a really interesting factor in this climate change debate this victory is all about scomo. and it's one that means australia's because a few of those crossbench habit of chopping and changing prime ministers should end, mps are moderate conservative voices who believe in very strong action on climate change and see it as one of their core missions in parliament
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for now at least. and they have promised to hold the coalition to account on that and demand they do more. hywel griffith, bbc news, sydney. the former argentine president, cristina fernandez de kirchner, says she'll run as a vice—presidential candidate we've all the latest analysis on what australia's election result austria is heading for another election. the chancellor sebastian kurz made means for the world on our website. the announcement hours after the resignation of his coalition partner from climate and vice chancellor, heinz—christian strache. change to immigration mr strache, the leader and foreign policy — of the freedom party, it's all there. resigned over an undercover video is the address. which appears to show him discussing take a look. government contracts with a russian investor in return for campaign support. bethany bell reports. leaders of nationalist and far—right parties from across europe have promised to reshape the continent this is the video that brought down a government. after the eu parliamentary the man in the grey t—shirt election later this month. addressing is heinz—christian strache, a major rally in the italian who's just resigned as austria's vice chancellor. city of milan, led by in this footage from 2017, the italian deputy prime he's seen talking to a woman minister matteo salvini, who was posing as the niece they praised the anti—immigration of a russian oligarch. he seems to suggest she could be policies promoted by the italian leader. marine le pen, of the french awarded public construction contracts in return for political far—right national rally, said that immigration was endangering the values of european civilisation. and financial support. the dutch politician geert wilders said there should be no more ships now, mr strache has stepped down,
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saying his behaviour was stupid, of illegal immigrants. irresponsible and a mistake. he's called for an end to what he called, "the islamisation of europe". at the end of the rally, translation: it was a typical the bbc‘s ros atkins alcohol—fuelled macho behaviour in which yes, i also wanted caught up with matteo salvini. to impress the attractive female host and i behaved like a bragging did you enjoy today's events? teenager and embarrassingly overrea cted. i'm late, i'm terribly late. what were your emotions today? speaks italian. mr strache denies any criminal wrongdoing for his coalition partner, chancellor sebastian kurz, the video was the last straw. he's called for new elections. what did you say about mr farage? i'm waiting for him. are you? would you like him in your coalition? uh, yeah. the new european parliament. translation: i have nonetheless but he wants to leave the european union. stayed, not ending the coalition do you think he should? over the first misconduct, for the moment, he's in. but after yesterday's video, do you hope he stays? i must say, honestly, we can work together, we can work together, i hope. enough is enough. on which issues, immigration, on economy? uh, both. austria's president alexander van der bellen, condemned the video. yeah. translation: these are shameful pictures and nobody should be thanks for speaking to us. ashamed of austria. i want to say it very clear,
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we are not like that, this is not austria. the partner of murdered journalist lyra mckee has made a public plea for same—sex marriage in northern ireland. several thousand people gathered sara canning told the crowds outside the chancellery in vienna gathered outside city hall to protest against the freedom party for the rainbow rally that which up till now has been one a law change would be of europe's most successful anti—immigrant movements. a win for everyone. but now, just a few days ms mckee, a 29—year—old before the eu elections, journalist and author, its future is in question. was shot dead by dissident republicans as she observed rioting in londonderry last month. the differences made, and the rights not extended to same—sex couples is not acceptable. the netherlands has it is not fair, it is not triumphed in this year's right and it's an affront to us as individuals, eurovision song contest in israel. as couples, as families. duncan laurence performed to our love, to our loved ones the winning piano ballad called arcade, which came through to and to our children, the top of the leaderboard we pay our taxes, after a dramatic public vote. there were none of the feared we are governed by the same law, protests inside the arena, but after calls for the show to be we love deeply and we love dearly. boycotted, small groups should we not be afforded of demonstrators did clash with authorities on the city's streets. the same rights in marriage? this report from david sillito in tel aviv does contain some flashing images. manchester city have won the fa cup. from tel aviv, israel,
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this is the grand final alongside their premier league of the eurovision and carabow cup wins, they've won an unprecedented domestic treble this season. song contest, 2019! in a one—sided match at wembley they beat watford 6—0. david ornstein reports. it was from the beginning trademark eurovision — manchester city have won inside the auditorium. the lot this season! chanting: taking part in eurovision the completion of an means you join a racist mission. unprecedented mission. but in amongst the throngs of fans, manchester city going where none there were also protests and argument that because of of their rivals have gone before. israel's actions in the occupied territories, it should not be they came in tens of thousands to witness something unique, hosting the eurovision song contest. a city clean sweep or watford's first major trophy. i think the world should not allow it's a huge day. it has been 35 years. israel to host events like this because having events like the eurovision here is masking several winners. away the reality of the occupation. the pre—match much fervour and the heavy security a reminder of the israel that wasn't on show. felt entirely fitting. and in jerusalem there # abide with me... were chaotic scenes. a police charge against religious protesters. they were objecting to eurovision the music, the colour, and the blazing lights, stage set for a meeting taking place on thejewish sabbath. of such magnitude. watford knew they needed but inside the event, to quickly find a rhythm, where there had been fears of protest, it all and they did. passed off peacefully. though even quicker and with some considerable spectacle. this swaying performance was city's keeper. super save by ederson! the hornets haunted, how painful would approve? from australia. well, very.
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city's brilliance shows no bounds. # when you call my name, david silva with the chance. here they were doing something not even the great manchester united team of 1990 managed, it's like a little prayer... nor the arsenal invincibles of 2004, even when pushed all the way by liverpool in the premier league. in a season when there's an all english lineup in the finals, the interval act, madonna, city's achievement is had faced some criticism for playing israel. but there were some simply extraordinary. doubts about whether this was a douze pas performance. three trophies going the thing that brings all these people here tonight is music. into the manchester city cabinet. so let's never underestimate the wealth gap between the power of music to bring people together. these sides is enormous. city could yet face severe sanctions for allegedly breaking financial meanwhile, the uk's michael rice performed with gusto, but once again it wasn't rules and over the signing of young players. to be the uk's night. instead, the winner, here the footballing gulf was brutally exposed. the gloss supplied the netherlands. by raheem sterling. city have six! # loving you is a losing game. never has an fa cup final seen # all i know, all i know... a bigger margin of victory. there were claims that there it's the best team were going to be protests during the contest. in the world for me. but in the end nothing transpired, at least nothing visible to set such a high standard for such
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to the tv cameras. a long period of time. i am talking two years running. the icelandic band hatari had qualms what a team, what a privilege. about playing in tel aviv and when the camera cut to them an incredible year for us. there was a brief glimpse incredible. of a palestinian flag scarf. for the organisation, all the people, a big congratulations. especially for the players, of course, they are the reason we have one. but when it comes to protest, that is all we had. their feet finished however, when it comes to the music, with one last climb — a good night for the bookies. the netherlands was always up to the royal box the odds—on favourite to win tonight. to seal a regal triumph. vincent kompany lifting the prize and his club to a dizzying height. and it proved to be. for the uk — well, once again, well, manchester cityjust another disappointing night at the eurovision song contest. get better and better. they're collecting silverware at a rate english football has rarely seen. this was the day they made history. david sillito at the and by the looks of it they're hungry for even more. eurovision song contest. david 0rnstein, bbc news, wembley. stay with us here on bbc news. still to come, an unprecedented domestic treble for manchester city, elsewhere in football, bayern munich won germany's winning the fa cup after their premier league bundesliga for a record and caribao cup victories. 7th time in a row. and the women's champions
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league winners are lyon, who beat barcelona. a marathon is over 26 miles, it's nowhere, of course, is european politics more turbulent than in the uk. the british prime minister theresa tough enough on a flat surface but may has said she will be making imagine having to run on top of the "a bold new offer" when great wall of china. every year for the government puts her brexit plan 20 years now they have been doing before the house of commons for a final time next month. exactly that. but the opposition brexit spokesman, sir keir starmer has called on mrs may to offer mps the option of another referendum. here's our political there are marathons and then there are marathons. this is about as correspondent ben wright. galling as it gets. but hey, the a forlorn campaign launch on friday scenery galling as it gets. but hey, the scenery is not bad. nearly 700 for european elections theresa may didn't want to happen. competitors from dozens of different next thursday, we will be countries took part in this years for marathon. the plenty of ups and holding european elections. downs, and there were steps. lots but soldiering on, mrs may now says she will ask mps to vote and lots of steps. it's the most on a new and improved brexit plan.
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on tuesday, the cabinet will discuss changes to the brexit bill she hopes stupid idea i've ever had in my will win over labour mps life. this is now growing. quite. despite the collapse of cross party talks yesterday, and theresa may will make a speech on her strategy later in the week. but they were officials along the way offering moral support. these but power is draining from the prime minister and tory critics say any changes to the bill may be the single most dispiriting would be meaningless. words in the english luggage. you can watch the movie titanic a hundred times but i'm afraid halfway. depending on where you are the ship sinks every time. so if you're going to bring back going. eventually, after mile and this deal and it still has the backstop in it, then the dup mile of pain and exhaustion, tears aren't going to support it and now and sweat, the finishing line came an increasing number of conservative mps, even those who voted for it the second and third time, into sight. everything i hoped it would be full stop brutal, the wall are saying, enough is enough. was fun, lots of climbing and it's this man, campaigning in essex today, giving resistance, the toughest race i've conservatives nightmares. polls suggest the brexit party ever done, once you get that it's is set to do very well in the european elections on thursday. amazing. i had to call on my hands applause. oi'i amazing. i had to call on my hands on my knees, i thought i was going to throw up their saw the girl who got second, i saw her behind me and jeremy corbyn was also out and about. yesterday he said labour i thought, i got second, i saw her behind me and ithought, i better got second, i saw her behind me and would carefully consider any i thought, i better pick up the pace so i thought, i better pick up the pace new proposals brought so that she doesn't catch me. the forward by the government, but his party is deeply split too great wall of china may not have
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with its brexit spokesman insisting been able to hold back the mongol number 10 must offer another hordes but it still pretty tough. referendum to win labour's backing for the bill. the queen and prince philip were among the guests at the wedding we do need to break the impasse and one way to do of lady gabriella windsor that is for the government to put and thomas kingston on saturday. lady gabriella is the daughter public vote option on the face of the queen's cousin, of the withdrawal agreement bill prince michael of kent. it was the third royal that it proposes to bring back in just a few weeks' time. wedding to be held at windsor castle's st george's chapel in less than a year. the duke of sussex attended without his wife meghan, duchess of sussex, or their son archie who was born earlier this month. and with the unofficial contest to replace theresa may already revving up, the prime minister's promise of a bold next move to break the deadlock seems optimistic and very late in the day. ben wright, bbc news. a man has died after a fight hundreds of enthusiasts were showing in a street in rochdale on friday night. he's believed to be off herfacial hair. hundreds of enthusiasts were showing off her facial hair. very in his early twenties. impressive. there were a number of greater manchester police say a woman, who's 25, categories including freestyle, has been arrested in connection imperial moustache and natural full beard. 0f imperial moustache and natural full beard. of more than 30 centimetres. with the murder investigation. am sure you will agree, they are
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probably all winners was not the a woman's been arrested after a fire championship has been going on every broke out on ilkley moor two years since 1990 five. —— 1995. in west yorkshire on saturday morning. some roads were closed and at its height, around 50 firefighters tackled the blaze. the 48—year—old was arrested a lot of work comes into those after members of the public reported a woman acting suspiciously beards. near the fire. it comes a month after a huge blaze and you can get in touch with me called significant damage and most of the team in the area. on twitter — i'm @regedahmadbbc. hello there. many of us had a pretty cloudy day yesterday weather wise. it was in scotland and northern ireland where the weather wasn't this is bbc news, the headlines: just cloudy, it turned out to be quite wet and cool. the skies looked like this. further south, the cloud did breakup. the australian centre—right has been we got a little bit of sunshine. voted back into office in what prime minister scott morrison has called but that just sent these big shower a miracle election result. the chancellor of austria has clouds towering up through the skies called a snap election. around in the greater london area. it follows the resignation the radar picture still shows of the leader of his far—right coalition allies over we have patches of rain around across parts of scotland, northern ireland as well. but the showers we had corruption allegations. across england and wales have largely cleared out of the way. that said, you can still see some passing showers working more on the elections in australia. fergus hunter from the sydney into the coastline of sussex morning herald considered and kent over the next few hours. whether the election was won further north, that's on economic issues or who ran where the cloudiest weather will be. the best campaign. there will also be mist and fog patches around in the next few hours
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across eastern scotland into northern part of northern ireland, particularly into the hills. well, i guess it's hard to diagnose and perhaps across parts of the east that definitively right now midlands and east anglia turning but clearly a lot of people quite murky as well. are praising the campaign that scott morrison ran, this very personality—focused effort that was all about him all in all, for sunday morning, it's a cloudy, grey start to the day one way or the other. the cloud will slowly break to give and his appeal. some bright or sunny spells. but as the weather tries to brighten up, and it will be a slow process across scotland and northern he portrayed himself as an ordinary ireland, we will start to see some showers breakup. guy, an ordinary dad and the message he was delivering was a heavily economy—focused one the showers mostly really about keeping the economy get going as we head growing and stable and, going negative, he said through sunday afternoon. they will come along in batches. that the labor party was a threat to that with their tax reform agenda. across eastern scotland showers so, look, both of those factors are quite widespread. were in there in that he is now, a few over the mountains elsewhere as well. as a personality, propelled inbetween those downpours, into hero status with his party and he's basically untouchable for them, a bit more brightness, given they were expecting a loss. and yes, there will also now be it won't feel quite as cool discussion about how people with temperatures up approach, well, how voter will approach economic reform 00:13:49,436 --> 2147483051:43:39,433 because labor had set out a fairly 2147483051:43:39,433 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 courageous reform agenda. to 16 in glasgow. a few showers popping up in northern ireland as well. for wales and western areas of england, i fancy it will be a largely dry day. but there will be a line of heavy showers working in across the midlands, central and southern england, and parts of southern
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england as well. those showers heavy, thundery, and slow—moving in nature. beyond that, for the week ahead, we will continue to see showers through monday and tuesday as well. some sunshine between. but later in the week low pressure will bring some slightly stronger winds and the threat of some rain. monday starts off in a similar kind of vein weather wise. a lot of cloud around and we will see some showers building, particularly through the afternoon, some of those heavy and thundery. it could occur almost anywhere. some heavy ones for northern ireland as we go through the afternoon. in between, the wind is very light. in any sunshine temperatures coming up. showery over the next few days. highs of 17 in edinburgh and 19 for cardiff, and into the low 20s around the greater london area. but then towards the end of the week probably thickening cloud threatening rain for some of us and the winds picking up as well. that's your latest weather. goodbye for now.
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this is bbc news, the headlines: australia's governing centre—right coalition could just manage to win a surprise majority in the general election. with a few seats yet to declare, scott morrison's liberal national party are just two short of the 76 needed to control parliament. the leader of the opposition labour party, bill shorten, has admitted defeat. manchester city have become the first men's team in english football to secure the domestic treble, after thrashing watford 6—0 in the fa cup final. they'd already won the premier league and the carabao cup. in germany, bayern munich won the bundesliga for a record seventh
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