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tv   BBC News at Five  BBC News  May 20, 2019 5:00pm-6:01pm BST

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this is bbc news. of 16-22. the headlines... google blocks huawei from using some of its mobile services, in a major blow to the chinese telecoms firm. today at five: google blocks some of its the inquest into the london bridge services from huawei — the world's second biggest attacks has been hearing how spanish victim ignacio echeverria tried maker of smartphones. to fight off the attackers it comes after the us government by hitting them with blacklisted the chinese company as a security threat. just his skateboard. the electoral commission says it will visit the brexit party's office tomorrow to review how this is unfortunate for huawei its funds are received. because we are a football in the president trump has warned iran middle of a massive trade war it will be ‘destroyed' between the united states and china. if a conflict breaks out we'll look at what impact between the two countries. google‘s move could have iran has accused mr trump on huawei customers. the other main stories of making "genocidal taunts". # rocket man by eltonjohn #. on bbc news at five: and the stars of rocketman are gathering on the red carpet moments later, he was killed in leicester square for the premiere trying to fight off of the eltonjohn biopic. the london bridge attackers with his skateboard. the electoral commission says it we'll be there live. will visit the brexit party's office tomorrow to review how its funds are received.
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and now the sport with reshman. good evening. einar simon mccoy, live in middlesbrough, what we are concentrating on and lay people and there have been two managerial the stories that matter to them announcements today. firstly, steve clarke has been here. it is part of our coverage, confirmed as scotland's new head coach on a three—year deal. join you later. it comes a day after he guided and playing in mummy‘s garden — kilmarnock to third george, charlotte and louis enjoy in the scottish premiership. the woodland wilderness designed by the duchess of cambridge. our sports reporter kheredine idessanejoins me now — this is the appointment everybody expected but steve clarke certainly faces a big task after scotland's disappointing start to euro 2020 qualifying. he does indeed have a big job on his google is blocking some hands. but he is confident and says of its services from the chinese technology giant huawei. he can get a scotland qualified for it comes after the white house the first to for over 20 years in blacklisted the chinese firm because of fears huawei could be used to spy terms of the scottish national men's on american data networks. team. yes, steve clarke was one of three candidates in the frame at the huawei is the world's second biggest end of last week. it was narrowed manufacturer of smartphones, down to one today. he was the man but insists it is nonott a security threat. the were after and they did align
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google‘s decision comes amid an escalating trade war him today. the news came round about between the united states and china. here's our technology dpm. simultaneous announcement on correspondent, rory cellan—jones. the scotland and kilmarnock website it was the brand few had heard of and fewer could pronounce, confirming the —— the news came now huawei is number two round about cpm. he is on a in global mobile phone sales, three—year contract, as you say. he with its latest p30 handset has passed with the getting scotland getting rave reviews. google‘s move to stop future huawei to the first major championship phones getting access to its apps and to updates of its android since 1998 for the men. it is a euro software could have a major impact, 2020. they made a peer start to the making shoppers think twice, even if they like what qualifying groups and alex mcleish the chinese firm offers. was sacked because of the disastrous the cameras are great on huawei day de—0 defeat in kazakhstan and phones, they absolutely wipe the floor with everything else the average when in a sampan that at the moment on the market. makes san marino. —— san marino. we but it means they won't get all the google services that so many of us rely on for every day. have a women's world cup to look so that is maps, gmail, youtube and all of those things we forward to in advance. it is my wish use so much every day. it was president trump's order stopping business with huawei over security to emulate the women's squad and concerns which forced google to act. lead scotland to euro 2020. there but for the mobile phone industry,
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will be morejust there could be wider consequences. lead scotland to euro 2020. there will be more just after 11 lead scotland to euro 2020. there will be morejust after 11 name tomorrow when steve clarke will be at the moment, phone buyers only officially unveiled as the new have a choice between two scotla nd officially unveiled as the new scotland manager. thank you. excuse mobile operating systems — apple's ios and google‘s android. but if huawei is shut out me. of android, it could lead graham potter has become brighton's a revolution, starting its own new manager on a four year deal. hejoins after a year rival phone software. with swansea city, who he guided to a tenth—place finish huawei is working on its own in the championship last season. today's announcement comes operating system which could provide a week after the seagulls users with an alternative way sacked chris hughton, after finishing 17th in the premier league having won of getting what google offers. just three of their last 23 league games. it may be that paradoxically manchester city are about to begin it is google that ends up more their trophy parade across the city. harmed because huawei is absolutely the treble winners won huge in developing countries the fa cup on saturday, and among young users. to add to their premier league title and carabao cup triumph as well. our sports correspondent andy swiss the united states has been pressing the uk to shut huawei out is there for us now. of the new 56 mobile phone networks. the government is apparently minded to avoid a total ban but today you can see that it is very noisy. the home secretary said no final decision had been made. andy, should be quite an atmosphere? it is something we are looking very closely at. it is being discussed yes, welcome to manchester. as you in government, there's a number can see things are already pretty of departments involved. i share some of the concerns noisy and excitable care. this is where the parade will finish round
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of our allies and at this point, i think it is important to take about 7pm. already you can see there all of that into account are hundreds of manchester city fans to remember, these are some waiting for the players to arrive of the closest intelligence here. the parade is due to start at relationships we have in the world. look at the evidence and then come 6pm. the players will make their way to a final decision. through the middle of the city on huawei has always denied it board a number of open top buses. poses a security risk, but is now at the centre of a trade and of course they will be showing battle between america off at the assortment of trophies that they have won the season. the and china and phone shoppers slogan that you may not be able to are caught in the crossfire. say here the parade is formidable. and roryjoins me now. with the emphasis on the word for. caught in the crossfire you were to emphasise at the four are saying. what does it mean for people trophies that they have one. it who do have huawei phones?” saying. what does it mean for people who do have huawei phones? i think there are two different classes of should be a very exciting evening people, people who already have a here for the manchester city fans. zone, about 3 million people bought huawei zones in the last year. they glorious conditions here in manchester and, as far as they are are being reassured by google that concerned, it will be a glorious they should still get updates, they easement. —— glorious evening. should still be secure for the time being. its potentialfuture we'll have more for you in sportsday at 6:30pm. customers of huawei, which has been
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growing over the last few years, need to stand back and think where they will be. because if things go on thursday, voters here and across the european union on as google plans, then they will will go to the polls in elections not be getting those updates, access to things that they have taken for to the european parliament. granted. things like google maps, originally, the uk wasn't due to take part, but the delay to brexit means youtube. all the benefits of the they will definitely take place. android operating system which is in the run—up to the elections, 90% of the world's smartphones. we're talking to all the main uk android operating system which is 9096 of the world's smartphones. you parties on the bbc news channel, we re 9096 of the world's smartphones. you were talking about how we could end up were talking about how we could end up with two different internet putting your questions to them. services? one for china, one for today it's the turn of the leader of the liberal democrats, america, the rest of the world, sir vince cable. hejoins us from our however going to put it? there have westminster studio. thank you for being with us. the first question is by e—mail. would been rumblings in more generally asian companies like samsung who have worried about the dominance of you please ask if he appreciates android and have tried to set up just how angry people are who voted to leave the eu when he openly state their own operating systems. now huawei has said that it is prepared that he wants to ensure that the for this, it is very much already biggest democratic vote ever held by the british people is betrayed. to looking at creating its own operating system. you could understand how angry people are? effectively create a whole separate
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platform that would be very popular, yes, understand how angry people are on both sides. there are some angry obviously in china, may be much of leavers as you pick them and there are some angry remainers, asia. possibly less popular in particularly young people who feel countries like the uk where we have that their future has been taken away from them on the base of a got used to plug too. but we could very, very away from them on the base of a very, very narrow away from them on the base of a very, very narrow majority. in which, a significant chunk of the electorate did not vote. and many see a sort of fracturing in a global mobile phone preferences. this younger people do not have a chance the electoral commission to vote. there is anger about sex, is to visit the headquarters of the brexit party tomorrow eye fillet acknowledge that but we to examine its funding arrangements. have to resolve it and move on. the the electoral commission said the vist was part of routine compliance work. second question —— there is anger on but earlier today, the former prime minister, gordon brown, both sides and i fully acknowledge raised concerns about the source of its donations. the party's leader, nigel farage, has dismissed the criticism that but we have to resolve it and move on. the second question says as a "disgusting smear". let's get more on this now from our political that you are liberal, but you're reporter, jessica parker. certainly not democrats because you do not respect the vote and the result of the referendum? we what more are we hearing from the believe, and others country believes that we are a parliamentary electoral commission? we have had a democracy. we had a referendum and statement this afternoon from them, people decided by a very small they are set to visit the brexit
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party offers the seed tomorrow, they majority to lead. it has become say it is part of their active abundantly clear sense that —— to oversight or the rules around electro, fundraising, attending officers to conduct a review of the leave. that there is no consensus. systems in place to receive funds. this is after gordon brown, former labour prime minister, made a speech earlier on today when he raised i'm afraid the referendum result nothing and we do have to the back concerns about brexit party funding. to the people and ask if what is now some of the centres and the fact on offer is what they really voted that brexit party has a paypal for. can i remind you what you said account, from which it can receive smaller donation. donations under in... you can remind me, but i can tell you. i can remain devious, but £500, those types of donations don't actually have to be declared to the there will be surprised perhaps that you are calling for another electoral commission. the brexit referendum. —— i will remind the party is not the only party to have some subtle paypal account but viewers. you said, it would be gordon brown, speaking earlier in glasgow, said he was concerned by seriously disrespectful and utterly counter—productive to say, sorry some of the brexit party's guys, counter—productive to say, sorry guys, you got it wrong. well, now thatis guys, you got it wrong. well, now fundraising. that is exactly what you're saying. what i did say and what i meant and the electoral commission what is the right thing to say is and the european parliament should now investigate the finances of nigel farage that we cannot be vandalised and his brexit party. referendum. we are now in a totally democracy is undermined and he says
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different place and we have slightly the election is about democracy. democracy is undermined if we have undeclared, underreported, different place and we have slightly untraceable payment being made different views about what brexit to the brexit party, actually means. —— we cannot really if we have the potential for underhand and under the counter run the last referendum. the last payments being made. was based on a tissue of lies, to be frank. about saving money on the nhs if we have the potential and millions of people coming from for underhand and under the counter turkey who are not about to come. it payments being made. was absolutely right, it years on that we have a much clearer understanding about what brexit means and the different options. it i think one of the concerns gordon is totally about and respectful to brown is pointing to a some go back to the public and to give suggestion that the system of them the opportunity to vote to donating small amounts of money confirm if that is what they want, could open up the brexit party to to leave or to remain. you hit receiving donations from foreign donors which could somehow influence brexit, why not just in the uk election. but nigel fries, to leave or to remain. you hit brexit, why notjust revoke article 50? when it goes through the trouble responding to this while he was out of the second referendum?m on the campaign to today. he was not 50? when it goes through the trouble of the second referendum? it may come to that. if we get to october remotely impressed with gordon brown's comments. and there has been no agreement in parliament or no agreement had a referendum, revocation will be the nuclear option that we will have to absolutely disgusting smear. press the button and do that. i mean, this from the man
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who was part of the labour party despite that put? in 2016? —— bay who, through lord levy, were...shall we say, making a lot of big donors members of the house of lords. how dare he? most of our money has been raised despite that vote? i think it would by people giving £25 to become registered supporters and over 100,000, nearly 110,000, of them now have done that. be much better and more democratic toa be much better and more democratic to a back to the people to get them and frankly, this smacks of, to a back to the people to get them to confirm our debts confirm that i think, jealousy because the other parties simply can't do this. their decision. revocation is an extreme option and we might have to resort to it, but i hope not. —— confirm or this confirm their that was nigel farage on the campaign trail, while he was out option. next question, the so-called there, he was the latest politician confirmatory boat came down in to get hit by a milkshake. you do favour of 51%, a9% in favour of see that there's anything time from remain, when it the british public time on the campaign too. nigel bellowed a third referendum, next farage was in newcastle when he had a milkshake thrown on him. he had year or never? —— and be allowed a just given a short speech, head of third referendum? that would be up the european elections, of course, polling day on thursday. he had in to the people who oppose our this milkshake thrown on him. a membership to make the case. i am making the case for stopping brexit spokesperson from northumberland police said a 32—year—old man has and a sting in the european stop it
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at the end of this we still have been arrested on suspicion of common problems and disgruntlement, people assault and remained in police have to make that case again. we are custody. we have had a comment from a bitterly divided country, the sad downing street today saying that problem is. iam making one politicians should be able to a bitterly divided country, the sad problem is. i am making one side of the argument, others will make the campaign without abuse or other. i hope we win. i hope we will intimidation. two groups of conservative mps win bya other. i hope we win. i hope we will win by a significantly bigger are launching campaign groups aimed margin. iam at shaping the future direction win by a significantly bigger margin. i am not counting chickens. of their party, as the unofficial we cannot predict. another question, contest to replace theresa may continues. given any current polling in the eu former cabinet minister, esther, mcvey has launched blue collar conservatism, elections, with you consider any aiming to target "working people". work and pensions secretary, substantial when ready brexit party in these elections a flavour of where the country is in regards to amber rudd, is among those backing brexit? limit brexit party polling one nation conservative caucus, at around a7% of the vote? we have certainly seen polling figures any mid thirties? which accept that if at the brexit party and nigel farage that is the latest on those various have a thumping win, that is machinations within the conservative effectively the country saying that they still want brexit?” party. the inquests into the london bridge effectively the country saying that they still want brexit? i have seen attacks has been hearing how one nothing remotely like a7%. it is as of the victims tried you say about a third. that does to use his skateboard to fight off the killers.
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represent a third of the british public opinion. who appear to ignacio echeverria believe that they want to brexit, not just to believe that they want to brexit, notjust to brexit, but it very hard a spanish banker working in london, brexit with potentially very died after trying to help others damaging consequences. that is their who had been stabbed. choice. there are several parties on he was posthumously awarded the george medal for bravery. our correspondent, jon donnison, the other side, i do not know how is at the old bailey. ignacio echeverria had this is going to come out. i suspect been out with friends skateboarding on the south bank. the court heard as they were cycling that the combination of votes on home, they rode straight both sides is going to be fairly into the london bridge attack. a statement was read out in court similar. and this is not a from one of mr echeverria's friends, satisfactory referendum. it is not guillermo sanchez—montisi. clear what the question is. it does he said that on seeing a woman being attacked and stabbed near london bridge, ignacio did not even think about it, represent opinion in part, but it is he reacted immediately. he pulled his skateboard not a resolution to the problem. from his bag, dropped his bike and started hitting the assailants they are pulling a lot more than you with his board. but he fell to the ground and, at the moment, the brexit party? —— as he tried to parry the attackers blows with his board, they are polling in not more than you. they are, but we are on their he too was fatally stabbed. heels and we are catching them. the difference between a divorce is that as the attacks continued, ican differ difference between a divorce is that i can differ largely by the labour mr sanchez—montisi told the court party who are setting largely on the that if he had not run, he would have died too.
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events happen, how tight. —— the he said one of the attackers looked like the devil. difference between a deep votes. if he said he would never forget the feeling of impotence, of not being able to help his friend. the numbers come close as they last year, ignacio echeverria's family were at buckingham palace, suggest, will be largely on the heels of the brexit party. another where the 39—year—old, who put the lives of others before his own, was awarded from a will on twitter. why do the the george medal for bravery by the queen. liberal democrats are not from a remain aligns with the other remain parties? it is basically getting of the court also heard today from nigel financially went.|j parties? it is basically getting nigel financially went. i would parties? it is basically getting nigelfinancially went. i would be happy if we had a common position, i doctorjonathan moses, am certain in favour of that. it did of the court also heard today from doctor jonathan moses, he of the court also heard today from doctorjonathan moses, he is a joan mir doctor and has only been qualified for about a year and a not work out for a number of half win at the attacks happened. he reasons. i think the sensible way for vote rs reasons. i think the sensible way for voters to respond to that found himself out for dinner with situation is to vote for the strongest of the remain parties and friends just outside london found himself out for dinner with friendsjust outside london bridge that evening. from the window of the people are getting behind us and we restau ra nt, that evening. from the window of the restaurant, you could look down and are people are getting behind us and we a re clearly people are getting behind us and we are clearly the strongest of the see some of the injured in a listed remain parties. if the momentum is while the attacks happened. he carried through to polling day. , we immediately rushed downstairs, the will do extremely well and will be court was told, by that point, the restau ra nt court was told, by that point, the restaurant had been put under stopping at the heels of the brexit lockdown so the security on the door party. did you approach the green
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would not let him out. who said to party. did you approach the green party and people like them to see if the balance owed on the door, i they wanted a remain alliance? there are conversations, but i am not cannot just watch people the balance owed on the door, i pointing fingers and saying, this cannotjust watch people die, you have to let me out. the doorman side of this and they said that. i relented and he went out onto the street and proceeded to help several wa nt to of the victims. a short time ago, side of this and they said that. i want to work in parliament to try to get to a people's vote and to stop doctor moses gave this statement to brexit. we are friends, we are on reporters. the same side of the argument, but ijust had to... i had to help. i couldn't stay there. the hardest thing is to stay u nfortu nately, we the same side of the argument, but unfortunately, we are competing in where you know you can this election. in the past, you have help and not be able to. said that you did approach the greens, but we were talking to sian so it was just to get out there and help. berru last week said that we were one of those who doctor moses tried not approached by the liberal to help was ignacio echeverria, democrat —— sian berry. sadly, despite giving him cpr for not approached by the liberal democrat -- sian berry. there were cumbersome stations in parliament some a0 minutes or so, he was not and a second pack is not in able to save him but the court was parliament. —— there were told that he treated four or five conversations in parliament. and other victims who managed to they put out a statement saying they survive. at the end of giving we re they put out a statement saying they were opposed to cooperation and did not want to waste time with that. evidence, the chief coroner thanked
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let's go back a little bit further. him for all his work that evening. president trump has issued ask any student paying sky—high a stern warning to iran, saying that if it wants to fight, tuition fees if they can trust the then that would be the "end" of the country. he told the iranian government never to threaten the united states again. in the last few days, there's been growing tension between the two nations, with the us deploying additional #fibdems. resurrecting a policy that warships and planes to the gulf. martin patience we made before does not seem to be a reports from baghdad. sensible way of proceeding. it was a very difficult episode for a party the american aircraft carrier, and we paid a political price for the us abraham lincoln, on exercise in the arabian sea. it. was it a mistake? no, the latest move in a dangerous game and we paid a political price for it. was ita mistake? no, it and we paid a political price for it. was it a mistake? no, it was not of brinkmanship that could tip this region into war. actually. but proposals include four american officials last week blamed to cut tuition fees, universities tehran for the serious attacks and many states are clamouring for on oil tankers in the gulf that it to not to happen because they realise what would happen is that a sent tensions soaring. large amount of money is taken away from universities and it would even so, donald trump insists damage the university sector. the he doesn't want a war. i just don't want them issue here is that we did, in the to have nuclear weapons. 2010 election, make a promise, we and they can't be threatening us.
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we re 2010 election, make a promise, we were not able to keep in the with all of everything financial conditions of the time. that's going on, and i'm people felt let down by that and i not one that believes, understand, we did apologise for i am not somebody that making a promise we cannot keep. the wants to go into war, because war hurts economies, policy itself was entirely sensible. war kills people, most importantly. do you understand then why many but with neither side voters, young voters, do not trust willing to back down, the fear is a miscalculation you? many of the young voters about could spark a conflict. nine or ten at the time, teenagers. and last night, a rocket exploded in baghdad's green zone, a grand universities and colleges close to the us embassy. andi a grand universities and colleges and i think a lot of people in a tweet after the attack, understand a system as it now operates. —— i go around donald trump warned that... universities and colleges. people do understand any clarity and consistency of our position on the us has troops stationed brexit and do get behind it. you are in iraq while iran backs militias in the country. pa rt brexit and do get behind it. you are part of that austerity government, with the conservatives, a lot of people say that that austerity helps create the conditions for the brexit iraq now fears it could be the battleground for a war are in 2016, the group that? not of its own making. iraq has been living create the conditions for the brexit are in 2016, the group that7m create the conditions for the brexit are in 2016, the group that? it does through hell for the last four probably contribute, but wait the decades and certainly, seller to come from? it came from
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iraqis do not want to see this the fact that we had a collapse of country yet again turn into a zone of proxy conflict. the fact that we had a collapse of the banking system. —— where did we are telling everybody, cool it. this is not the place that austerity come from. we to have your battles on. for now, america and iran finished up in a coalition are testing each other‘s limits. government and we had to deliver it. but that carries huge risks we did deliver it and it was painful in such a volatile region. martin patience, bbc news, baghdad. and unpleasant and there have been political consequences. i regret the fa ct political consequences. i regret the fact that a lot of people have been hurt and suffered falling living standards because of the financial the headlines on bbc news: google blocks huawei from using some crisis, but actually now that we look back on that episode, i think of its mobile services — in a major blow to the chinese telecoms firm. that people see the coalition government as a period of strong and sta ble government as a period of strong and stable government, compared with the the inquest into the london bridge utter chaos that they have had since attacks has been hearing how a spanish banker tried to fight off the conservatives have been there on their own. strong and stable, the the attackers by hitting them with just his skateboard. slogan of theresa may in the last the electoral commission says it will visit the brexit party's office tomorrow to review election. i use it ironically for that reason. the only party leader how its funds are received. at the moment, who would you like to replace you? —— you are the party leader at the moment. there are very
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steve clarke has been confirmed as scotland's new head coach in a three high quality people. in an anti—women who are great experts and year deal. he replaces alex mcleish after leaving kilmarnock a day on after leaving kilmarnock a day on highly pencilled people. —— a man after guiding them into third in the scottish premiership. brighton have and a women who are great experts and a women who are great experts and highly principled people. i confirmed they have a new manager after chris hughton was sacked last would be happy to get behind either of them. he said he would step down week. one of tennessee's big stars had been speaking exclusively to the in may after the local elections, so when are you going?|j bbc about how motherhood has in may after the local elections, so when are you going? i can clarify it by saying that there will be a new inherited her career. i'll have more leader in the summer. the precise timetable has to be worked out in on those stories just after half terms of... we have to get over these elections, there is a timetable of competitive hustings past. between the candidates. i am not all this week, the bbc‘s going back on the right. i will be "we are middlesbrough" series is focusing on stories from there, stepping down and i will be getting hearing what matters to people in the town, way to the next generation in an and bringing those issues orderly way in the summer. i'm not to a wider audience. trying to rush you, but when? i'm the stories will be reported not giving an exact date. you said across bbc television and radio and on digital. simon mccoy is in in march that you are going away in
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middlesbrough for us now. may. we have still quite a bit left we have been here all day and has of may, so let's wait and see. so this month? probably. however badly seen a we have been here all day and has seen a very we have been here all day and has seen a very much —— do you think you're going to do in we have been here all day and has seen a very much —— scene very we have been here all day and has seen a very much —— scene very much here. it is one of the community, these elections? well. it is now one that is often misunderstood. it clear that we are the second party has had problems, the steel at the moment. we are overtaking the industry, other big industry switch labour party and the conservatives had disappeared. we are the office, have caused a problem here. strongest of the remain parties and there is now a new generation, it is not just strongest of the remain parties and it is notjust in this election, we did very well in local government looking at ways to resolve those, we have been hearing lots of stories on elections a few weeks ago and we are how they're planning to do that. one rebuilding our party base. we are political issue is overriding all now a major political force again and will be when the general others here, but of course is brexit election comes round. . and this is a brexit town. just down thanks to sir vince cable the road, our chief political for the liberal democrats. we've already spoken to nigel farage correspond it, vicki young, is there from the brexit party, for us. middlesbrough, in a town sian berry from the greens, the snp‘s ian blackford, chuka umunna from change uk and conservative mep ashley fox. that voted 65% in favour of brexit. and at the same time tomorrow, we'll be speaking to ukip winning this week, european leader gerard batten. parliamentary elections, elections
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that politicians were not expecting so if you have a question, to happen this truck, nor many of please contact us. the people here. three years since a referendum, speaking to labour and conservative mps, they are pretty anxious about what may happen later on because they fear that after yea rs of on because they fear that after years of talking about it at west minister, it will be a case of a the headlines on bbc news... google blocks huawei plague on both of your houses. they from using some of its mobile services, in a major blow all expect nigel farage's brexit to the chinese telecoms firm. party to reap some of the rewards of the inquest into the london all of that. i spoke to some people bridge attacks has been hearing how a spanish banker tried to fight off the attackers earlier about the issue of brexit. by hitting them with rebooted to be out, we should be just his skateboard. the electoral commission says it out. who do you blame for us not will visit the brexit party's office tomorrow to review being out? well, the government. they had a say in it, they should how its funds are recieved. have done it, we voted for it. that's the end of it as far as i'm concerned. what would you do with an increasing number of vulnerable children with learning disabilities and autism, another referendum ? are being held in hospitals when they don't need to be there, concerned. what would you do with another referendum? do the same. for according to a new report. me, the liberal democrats. because the children's commissioner for england, anne longfield,
5:20 pm
says children are being restrained, you want to stay in the eu? yes, we sedated and kept long distances from home. she wants a national strategy to tackle what she calls both do. the whole political an "unacceptable situation". here's our social affairs correspondent, alison holt. situation is in turmoil now, conservatives and labour party, god knows. this place was all labour at one stage, and now... everyone is scandals such as the bbc‘s panorama just voting for whoever or not even bothering. one woman is john mcphee programme find out have signed dot to me that politicians at westminster were trying to sweep her that was eight years ago. but use under the carpet and it could be despite promises that the system is that european elections are more about brexit, more about delivering what those people voted for all that changing, there are reports that children are being taken miles from time ago. it actually becomes about home and spending months. the trust and faith in politics think commission says that the number of for many politicians at westminster, children being held in a mental health hospitals has risen from 110 they realise it could be a bit of a wake—up call. we are middlesbrough to 250 this february. there are also
5:21 pm
continue through the week on concerns about restraint, medication television, radio, and on line. as and isolation where children are kept isolated from other patients.|j pa rt television, radio, and on line. as part of the pop—up newsroom here today, there was an opportunity for youngsters to have a go at a news have head of children who are held reading. you and i have plenty of ina single cause to worry you. i know that have head of children who are held in a single room with being fed few hatches. for the most vulnerable already, simon, ididn't cause to worry you. i know that children it is something that is already, simon, i didn't need unthinkable. the government says it telling! is determined to reduce the number of children with learning nearly 170,000 are expected difficulties in hospitals and to attend this year's chelsea flower show, which opens its doors this week. looking to put more high quality many of the gardens on display will focus on the theme support in the community. of health and well—being. one of the exhibits has been co—designed by the duchess of cambridge, and our royal correspondent, daniela relph, a comedian, with no previous has been there. experience of politics, checking over mum's handiwork — has become ukraine's new president. three young royals. george, charlotte and louis testing out the garden volodymyr zelensky, who played the duchess helped design. the role of the president even if louis seemed in a satirical tv series, won a landslide victory a little distracted. over the incumbent petro poroshenko a month ago. earlier in the year, he said achieving a lasting ceasefire with russian—backed rebels the children collected twigs, in the east of the country leaves and moss that are now part of this back—to—nature garden. barefoot and carefree, it's a project that fittingly was his first task.
5:22 pm
promotes the importance of family. the duchess has worked alongside a team of landscape architects for months, heavily involved in every stage of the project. british motorsport driver has told that she has had to claw for her the water will flow pa rt that she has had to claw for her part in the sport. under that bridge? the most senior woman in world last week, she helped install motorsport has told the bbc the garden at chelsea. that there is "real concern" it's inspired by many of her about the numbers of own childhood memories, women entering racing. including jumping over boulders currently women make up just 5 per cent of motorsport participants. in the lake district. the comments by michele mouton, herself a former rally driver, this has been a very personal come in a season that has seen project for the duchess the launch of a women only racing of cambridge, she is rarely interviewed, but on this, series and an all—female team she wanted to speak out. in the united states — led by british driver katherine legge who says she has had to "fight and claw" there is so much that kids for every opportunity. particularly can learn as part of the bbc‘s "change from environments like this. the game" campaign our sport correspondent katie gornall examines how progress in the sport they can learn life skills, of speed still seems to be relatively slow. anything from learning empathy nico does not know the difference. from watching plants grow it does not know if you are male, to physical activities, female, black or white. climbing onto trees, boulders. it does not know if you are male, female, black orwhite. —— it does not know if you are male, female, black or white. —— the car. katherine legge has proved herself time and time again. one of britain's most talented drivers, she is one of only a handful of women making a living behind the wheel. sort of, helps with balance and coordination. is one of only a handful of women making a living behind the wheellj had to take every opportunity that it's really like an open was thrown my way and i have driven my share of bad cards to get where i playground for them,
5:23 pm
am. her latest opportunity comes as it's a natural space, a real exciting place for kids and adults alike leader and a ground breaking team. to share and explore. hopefully, that's what american fans know her well. she was this garden brings. forced to leave —— to the us despite as ever, chelsea is a mix of the new and the more traditional. this garden marks 75 getting her own againstjenson years since d—day. button and lewis hamilton at a we have lots of things within the garden, we have junior level. she has her at sculpture, we have slate, we have planting and we have these stone flints, which is really trying florida's daytona track for a grilling 2a—hour race. behind the to recreate the experience of 75 will of that car gender is years ago and to keep the memory alive. irrelevant, but setting the pace on ——plinths much of the attention here this week the track could have... . the last will be on the duchess's garden. she showed two groups of local schoolchildren around this morning — they seemed impressed. one to start a formula 1 grand prix but perhaps the seal was a3 years ago. —— the last women of approval of her own three children matters most. and they liked this piece of old—fashioned, to start a formula 1 grand prix. outdoor, family adventure. there is no reason why women cannot succeed in formula 1 or motor sport in general. there are more and more after eight seasons, coming. ithink one of the most talked about shows in general. there are more and more coming. i think any future it will balance much more than what we see now. currently, just 5% of people
5:24 pm
working in motorsport are women. the latest push to raise their profile has seen the launch of the w series, a00 students and atlanta had a very a women only series that is sharply pleasa nt a00 students and atlanta had a very divided opinion. it has been done pleasant surprise. they were at without the involvement of the their graduation ceremony, when robert s smith, a billionaire, said spirit‘s of anybody —— without the he was going to pay of all their student loans. this is my class, spirit‘s of anybody —— without the spirit‘s governing body. spirit's of anybody —— without the spirit's governing body. we do not have enough women starting and if you don't have enough starting the 2019. and my family is making a base, it is difficult to have more on the top. we are really concerned grant to eliminate their student and we are working very hard to loa ns. increase the space of the permit. grant to eliminate their student loans. some very surprised and women may be in the minority, but grateful students. that is a p pa re ntly grateful students. that is apparently going to cost several they are chasing the same rewards tens of millions of dollars to pay and taking the same risks. off all those student loans. commentator: huge crash! it is after eight seasons, one of the most talked about shows catherine! she is get crash with in television history has finally come to an end. some game of thrones fans have complained about plotlines in the last series. our los angeles correspondent, just minor bruising and was back on sophie long, has been at a watch party where track. i've always aired on the side the 80—minute finale aired. and don't worry... of not being different, i want to be if you haven't seen it yet,
5:25 pm
taken seriously as a race car there are no spoilers in her report. argh! driver. i have done everything that this goes beyond loyalty. the guys have done to be no there's no question that the cultural phenomenon different. as drivers, all they care that is game of thrones has been thatis different. as drivers, all they care that is the chequered flag, as a ratings hit. women, they know they are waiting for something more than just a win. and resulted in big business for some. as fans prepared for viewing now, with a career spanning nearly parties, this bakery sold around six decades, sir eltonjohn's story and his rise to stardom has finally 30,000 limited—edition cupcakes, breaking its previous record set come to life. by last year's royal wedding. rocket man is the musical biopic celebrating the rise this has been our all—time best—selling limited—edition cupcake in the history of sprinkles. of the music icon and the uk film premiere it's our biggest innovation yet. is already under way. at a viewing party near venice beach — heated debate about how let's cross to the red carpet, where our correspondent it was all going to end. lizo mzimba can tell us more. what about a babyjon snow? that's a possibility, right? there could be, yeah. i mean, if she's pregnant, yes, that says that the uk premiere he's not going to kill her. of the film that has just come from there was an atmosphere of great anticipation. some hoping for relief. a great reception at the cannes film others, an end to a festival. it tells the story of one disappointing season. hour most famous musicians, elton i felt that the writing was kind john and his rise to fame. it of sloppy, and it didn't make any follows his story from childhood, sense with the character arcs right through so many of the huge hits that are so many people
5:26 pm
and all that. rememberfrom the 1970s just a big release, i guess, hits that are so many people remember from the 1970s and the 19805 remember from the 1970s and the 1980s and 1990s and beyond. from the anxiety that we have today. intense. comparisons are going to be inevitable to that other big them, like, so many emotions. just, like, anticipation that's bohemian rhapsody, which one iran in alec and oscar at the academy awards fulfilled and never seeing it again. this year. telling the story of and then it was time. freddie mercury and queen. —— rami a whole pub completely absorbed. the debate over the quality malek. they would say it does not of series eight will continue, but in the united states, shy away from the low points, as the credits have rolled. well as the high points. it shows winter is no longer coming. his drug addiction is, it shows his wow! relationship with alcohol and him sophie long, bbc news, los angeles. are trying to get help and him trying to, well, trying to behave to the people around him anyway that he would not be very proud of the day. time for a look at the weather they say that is the key to telling with nick miller. another story and the fabulous highlights, you have to show the though valleys as well. we are expecting to see all of the stars from the movie here as well on the red carpet as well as the man himself, sir elton john red carpet as well as the man himself, sir eltonjohn who will be here talking to the press. and
5:27 pm
there have been charged today, they posing for photographers. a man who are going to slowly fade into this is no stranger to these kinds of evening. some heavy ones out there. events. it must be seville when it has the feel of your own life story. some longer spells of rain across northern parts of scotland, mist and -- it has the feel of your own life story. —— it must be seville when it is your own life story. thank you. fog patches around. around a—8d as we start the day tomorrow. showers time for a look at the weather. tomorrow, still some around northern scotland, some down the eastern the weather is fair and warm, the side, some popping into north—eastern england. more in the next few days, there have been some way of sunshine as well, still light showers of that in a few days. winds so it's going to feel a little threating cloud in this picture from bit warmer than it has done today, the scottish borders out there. we have seen a there are a few showers especially if you get to see that in scotland, into northern ireland and eastern england. there is any sunshine, temperatures will be more other cloud and eastern areas of into the high teens and a you spot wales have had a few showers. along into the high teens and a you spot 00:27:46,127 --> 2147483051:50:37,831 into the high teens and a you spot 2147483051:50:37,831 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 into the 20s. the south coast of england as well. the subtlest picture picking up where there have been if you heavy pictures. there are going to be slowly bidding as we go into tonight. so we are left with this
5:28 pm
area of cloud and pics in northern scotland. most places will be dry and if you mist and fog patches. four to eight celsius for most of us and were in the larger town centres. into tomorrow, this area of cloud producing showers in northern scotland. one or two developing in north—east england as well. most places across england and wales, into northern ireland and southern scotland, most looking dry and merchant can compare with the day. it does go pleasant in the sunshine because the wind is very light. —— temperatures head up into the low teens and if you in the 20s as well. summer rain moving on to either shetland and some showers in scotland. perhaps north—east england and the odd when it elsewhere. elsewhere it will be very isolated and are still warm of course. where you get to see some sunshine. that cove rs you get to see some sunshine. that covers the first—half of the week. the second half of the week does not
5:29 pm
look too different out there. some cloud, some sunshine, chance of one or two showers. light winds when the sun is at it feels quite warm. there area sun is at it feels quite warm. there are a few changes coming our way going into next weekend, which happens to be a bank holiday weekend. the jet stream, happens to be a bank holiday weekend. thejet stream, which is not pretty dominant in our weather at the moment, takes a more direct track across the atlantic towards us. track across the atlantic towards us. a hint of things becoming more u nsettled. us. a hint of things becoming more unsettled. and more of us get a chance of rain, especially saturday. it could well be dry on sunday with some showers around for the bank holiday sale. it may turn a bit cooler, but margins of the audit degree here and there. pleaser, through the weekend as mentioned earlier, a chance of seeing a bit of wet weather at times, but certainly not a wash—out. there will be some dry spells and some sunshine as well too. the forecast for way you are or where you're going is always available online.
5:30 pm
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tech giants at war — google blocks the world's second biggest smartphone maker, huawei, from some mobile services. it follows washington's decision to blacklist the chinese firm, overfears beijing could spy on foreign data networks. they are citing this as being a security issue, and it absolutely is not a security issue. this is all tied to the china—us trade negotiations. so, what could the google ban mean for millions of smartphone users in the uk? also on the programme... the inquests into the london bridge attacks hears how one man who died tried to protect a woman using his skateboard. the head of a birmingham primary school gets threatening messages,
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