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when you are together as a group for so long, and you've been on this journey, you've shared a lot of memories together, making tough decisions for the benefit of the squad, i think, is the way that you look at it. well, england's one—day cricketers are in great form. they've just won four games against pakistan. for the world cup, they've also brought in spin bowler liam dawson, who wasn't even part of the squad for those games against pakistan. that may be tinkering rather than panicking, but the expectation is clear — this year, for the first time, england's men's cricketers should win the world cup. basically, that's whatjofra archer is there to do. joe wilson, bbc news, at lord's. time for a look at the weather, here's mel coles. good afternoon. if you like the weather you have got at the moment,
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the chances are you will hang onto it for the next couple of days. but that doesn't necessarily mean blue sky and warm sunshine. we have more cloud across northern scotland and here we are seeing outbreaks of rain at times. we are in a high—pressure sandwich, low pressure either side of us. it is a weak ridge of low pressure so of us. it is a weak ridge of low pressure so it is not doing enough to prevent weather systems edging in which is what is happening across the northern isles, where there are outbreaks of rain this afternoon. also a few showers through eastern scotla nd also a few showers through eastern scotland and into england, which could be heavy and potentially thundery. the chance of a shower for northern ireland but most places remaining dry. lengthy spells of sunshine. it will be cooler underneath the club are down towards the far south—east of england, highs of 21 celsius. the ray will continue across the northern isles this evening and showers will rumble on for a time across eastern scotland and north—east england. clear skies elsewhere, but there zone of cloud will push into north wales,
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north—west england and the north midlands and back could produce some drizzle. not a desperately cold night but there could be some mist around first thing on wednesday morning. we have got the rain across northern scotland which will graduallyjust edge its way a little bit further south. then we have the zone of cloud stretching from north wales all the way to lincolnshire, which could produce some drizzle. but elsewhere, once again, lengthy spells of warm sunshine and temperatures reaching highs of around 21 celsius in the far south and east. as we head into thursday, and east. as we head into thursday, a bit ofa and east. as we head into thursday, a bit of a pincer movement goes on with the weather fronts that edge their way in. but actually, they will not amount to very much at all. we still have the rain and it will be breezy for northern scotland and we will see some cloud here. but as we will see some cloud here. but as we go through the day more cloud will work its way into northern ireland. it could be drizzly at times and generally more cloud for the southern half of the uk. but in the southern half of the uk. but in the sunshine, it will feel warm with
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highs of around 22 celsius. but, changes on the cards because as we head towards the bank holiday weekend it will turn more unsettled as low pressure systems have a greater influence on our weather. there will be rain at times, particularly up towards the north and the west but there also will be sunshine. not only will it turn progressively unsettled as we head to the bank holiday weekend, we will start to see the temperatures coming down slightly over the weekend as well. but nothing too dramatic. that's all from the bbc news at one. so it's goodbye from me and on bbc one we nowjoin the bbc‘s you're watching bbc news. arsenal forward henrik mikhitaryan won't travel to azerbaijan for next week's europa league final against chelsea because of fears over his safety.
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he is from neighbouring armenia and the two countries have a long history of conflict. our sports correspodnent david ornstein is with me. david, the club had sought assurances from uefa regarding security but these haven't been forthcoming. it's not been the result arsenal wanted. and deeply concerning story that the player can play in the europa league final because of his nationality. he's played in 11 of their europa league games this season, no other one of their players has been on the pitch in the competition for more minutes. at the political tensions between azerbaijan and armenia that you mention, they have a long—standing conflict over a disputed region, means he won't be travelling. he missed out on the trip there with marussia dortmund. — marussia
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dortmund. arsenal say they are very disappointed, that they have thoroughly explored all options. after discussing it with the player and his family, they have collectively agreed he will be going. they have written to uefa saying of their deep concern. the player himself is that he has had to ta ke player himself is that he has had to take this tough decision. it is the kind of game that doesn't come around very often, i must admit it hurts me a lot to miss it, but he will be cheering on his team—mates from home. uefa have been under fire because of the fact that the matches in baku anyway, which will be very difficult for chelsea and arsenal fa ns to difficult for chelsea and arsenal fans to get true. what have they had to say about this? they released a statement in the last 30 minutes and they sought and received assurances regarding the safety of the players from the highest authorities in the country and they had a comprehensive security plan developed and passed it over to arsenal that they respect
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the fact that the personal decision of henrikh mkhitaryan is that he won't be playing. arsenal supporters that have dual azerbaijani citizenship of also struggle to travel over. it hasn't been a great story of the pitch. steve clarke says he only wants players who are 100% committeed to scotland. his predecessor alex mcleish had to contend with several withdrawals and retirements during his time in charge. clarke faced the media for the first time today after being given the job yesterday. the door is open to everybody at this moment in time. if players are retired then they will have to come out of retirement themselves, i won't chase down players that have retired. i will respect their decision. if they want to get back into the food they have to get in touch with myself for the scottish football association and say they will make themselves available. it
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is down to me to have the conversations with the players to fallen out of the squad too easily. england have named their 15—man sqaud for the cricket world cup that starts next week. the fast bowlerjofra archer has been included. he was born in barbados and only qualified to play for england in march, after eligibility rules were amended. he only has three caps but has impressed with his pace in the series victory over pakistan. david willey is the man to miss out but for the national selector archer had to be included. it's clear that he does bring different things to the squad. i think we all saw that in advance and then what's happened when he's had opportunities in the england shirt, i think he hasjust shown what he is capable of. while there was no surprise in how he has played, it has broadened the understanding that he is a special cricketer, he does have pace, athleticism, dynamism, something different,
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someone that can get you a wicket under any circumstances and there was a desire to get him in the squad. that is all the sport for now. you can find the full squad for the cricket world cup on the website. we will be back with more for you in the next hour. british steel — the country's second biggest steel producer — is on the brink of collapse unless the government agrees to give it an emergency loan today. the minister for business and industry, andrew stephenson, told the house of commons that the government would leave no stone unturned in its support for the steel industry. this speculation regarding the future of british steel will create uncertainty for those employed by the company, as shown through the ets agreement, the government has been willing to act. we have been in ongoing discussions with the company
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and i'm sure the house will understand that we cannot comment on details at this stage. we'll however update the house when there is more information available. i can reassure the house that subject to strict legal boundaries, the government will leave no stone unturned in support to the industry. yesterday i signed up to the uk steel charter and we want to support this initiative from industry and the charter is one element of that. we have also been encouraging the uk steel sector to strengthen their with domestic steel inch consumers, maximising the benefit of the market opportunities we have identified. global considerations continue to be challenging for the industry which is why the government is working with the sector, the unions and the devolved administrations to evolve a
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modern uk steel sector. the labour mp gill furniss told mr stephenson that protecting the steel industry should be a priority. it goes without saying that the uk steel industry is critical to our manufacturing base and protecting that industry should be of paramount importance to the government. the industry provides over 30,000 highly skilled well—paid jobs in the uk and british steel alone employs around 4500 in british steel alone employs around a500 in scu nthorpe british steel alone employs around a500 in scunthorpe and a further 20,000 on the supply chain. does the minister agree that the government should be doing everything in its power to prevent richard steele entering into administration? it is reported that british steel had asked the uk government for a £75 million load in emergency support and have subsequently reduced this request a 30 million following negotiations with the department. can the minister outline the stance of british steel throughout this negotiation, have they asked for a
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wider package of measures to support the site in scunthorpe and the steel industry more widely? can he confirm the status of these negotiations and why they are reporting to have stalled in recent days and it is reported that one of the days is that the partner's frustration with the compa ny‘s and that the partner's frustration with the company's and willingness to put money on the table. what impact will the compa ny‘s decision money on the table. what impact will the company's decision to acquire another company last week has had on negotiations? a woman who was raped by a cricketer while asleep has said she was "humiliated" to find out he had taken part in a sexual conquest "game". the former worcestershire player alex hepburn was sentenced to five years in prison last month. the victim has been telling the bbc‘s victoria derbyshire programme about the impact the ordeal has had on her life and on those around her.
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the rate doesn't only affect me, it affects my mum, it affects my dad, my sister, everyone. my grandparents, my aunties, uncles, cousins. everyone that knows and ca res cousins. everyone that knows and cares about me, it hurts them just as much as it hurts me. i am back with my family and i can see the effect that has on my mum and i can't escape. my boyfriend is now travelling. i have to face this. it was then that i realised that i couldn't hide from this and that it was going to affect me whether i liked it or not. i feel i should say... this is obviously really hard for you to talk about this, and you wa nt to for you to talk about this, and you want to tell our audience about this, why do you want to speak about this? because hepburn has no idea, i
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believe, the extent of what his stupid actions that might cost. there are no winners here in terms of his competition, in terms of both of his competition, in terms of both of our futures. of his competition, in terms of both of ourfutures. he has no idea, he just disregarded rate and he joked about it. then he did it. he has no idea of the rippling effect that it has on someone. 0k, he can cry in court because he has lost his good character and his career, but this was his choice. this was his decision. there was no thought for me at all through all of this. i wa nted me at all through all of this. i wanted to come here and let everyone know exactly how it makes people think. i want to educate people. that's why i am here. we are grateful that you choose us to speak about this. you suffered a partial
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paralysis on one side of your face. yeah. you had recurring nightmares. you have been diagnosed with ptsd. yeah. those are some of the other huge things that have happened to you as a result of being rates. yeah. - rates. you have also had to go to court twice, there were two trials. what was the most challenging time for you in court, would you say? in court, i would say the most difficult thing is just being made out a liar. that what you're saying isn't true when you know what is. it is evident in my behaviour, howl know what is. it is evident in my behaviour, how i talk, that's difficult in itself. when i went into court i was given this folder,
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a hefty folder. unbeknownst to me at the time, it was just a stack of evidence that the cps had got and i was told to refer to page whatever, to view the text between due and due. so, yes, i could see the text, fine, 0k. then i was told, turn to page whatever and i did and there was a picture of the mattress that had happens on. and, panic attack, no forewarning. in the court room you had a panic attack? yeah, yeah. thejudge, again, you had a panic attack? yeah, yeah. the judge, again, amazing you had a panic attack? yeah, yeah. thejudge, again, amazing person, can't fault him, cleared the courtroom instantly and give me a break. there was no forewarning for what i was about to see in such a sensitive case, it is shocking. that
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was the woman who was raped by the cricketer alex hepburn, the former worcestershire player, who was sentenced to five years in prison last month talking to victoria derbyshire today. the first woman to read the news on bbc television has died at the age of 93. nancy wigginton, who was better known as nan winton, became the first female tv newsreader at the corporation on the 20th ofjune 1960. she worked on panorama and town and around before joining the television news reading team. research on attitudes towards electric cars suggests the majority of motorists in britain are not ready to buy one. more than half of those taking part in a trial by the transport research laboratory said they wouldn't invest in one within the next five years. 0ur transport correspondent tom burridge reports. dad—of—two john cook
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with his relatively new petrol suv. for now at least, he decided an electric car was not right for long family trips to cornwall and they have no off—street parking. there is definitely an increased cost in buying electric and also just where you go to charge the cars, you know, we live on a street so it would be quite difficult to have a charge on our street. john is typical of uk consumers. new research suggests most of us are simply not ready to buy electric. the non—profit transport research laboratory gave 200 mainstream consumers full use of an electric car for four days. the experiment was repeated for similar petrol and hybrid models. afterwards, more than half said they would probably not buy an electric car as their first vehicle within the next five years. sales of the cars rose by 1a% in britain last year, the smallest increase in any
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european country bar switzerland. the government denies that reducing its subsidy for electric cars has had a detrimental effect. we're getting lots of new electric cars coming onto the market and there's more competition and obviously that's starting to bring prices down as that happens. it becomes better to spread the money over a wider group and to encourage take—up that way, and that's what we've done. tom burridge, bbc news. in a moment we'll have all the business news, but first the headlines on bbc news: jamie oliver says he's "deeply saddened" after his restaurant chain went into administration, putting more than 1,000 jobs at risk. one of the best—known figures in motor—racing, niki lauda, has died at the age of 70. his family said the three—time formula 1 world champion "passed away peacefully". theresa may's cabinet are meeting today to review what she's called her "new, bold" brexit plan, in a final push to get it passed.
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now the business news. british steel is on the verge of going into administration, according to reports. lenders say they could pull the plug if the company doesn't secure more government support to deal with "brexit related issues". it's been looking for £75 million. google has been given permission to continuing trading with the chinese telecoms company huawei, but only for another three months. washington is worried huawei could pose a threat to national security and is moving to stop us firms from doing business with it. tesco bank is getting out of the mortgage business. it won't be doing any new lending and wants to sell its existing mortgage portfolio. existing customers won't be affected. metro bank is holding its annual shareholder meeting today. there's a lot to talk about, not much of it very cheerful. its market value fell by more than £1.5 billion after admitting
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underestimating how risky some of the loans it made actually turned out to be. we're joined now by the banking analyst frances coppola. thanks forjoining us. how did the banquette into this mess? thanks forjoining us. how did the banquette into this mess7m miscalculated how risky quite a few of its looms were. thanks have to have capital to their loans and how much capital they have to have depends on how risky these loans are. the bank underestimated that so therefore ended up with not enough capital so the bank of england told that it had to build up its capital buffers. it's not done that, raising another 375 million from shareholders in the last week. the bank of england says it now does have enough capital to keep going, so the immediate panic is over. work the accounts of customers that are
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at risk here? no, not really. even without enough capital to cover its risky loans, it did still have capital. and accounts are covered by the national insurance scheme up to £85,000. that includes small businesses as well. there wasn't really a ny businesses as well. there wasn't really any need to panic. i'm interested you said that the immediate crisis has passed. is it com pletely immediate crisis has passed. is it completely out of the woods? no, it's not. it has made a serious mistake and there have been quite a few concerns about the strength of the management team. if they don't make changes at the top, the whole thing can happen again, come to? there are questions on whether the chairman will survive, or if the shareholders demand his head at the agm today. some shareholders have said they want him gone. that's
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right, legal and general said today that they would vote against him. some of the advisory firms have been advising shareholders to either vote against him or abstain. does this have anything wider to say about the broader banking sector? not really. maybe it does raise questions about some of our attitudes to challenger banks. challenger banks are finding their feet and what is quite a difficult sector generally. it's got some bad reputations to overcome and some bad reputations to overcome and so forth. i wondered whether we had maybe been a little bit too lenient with them because we want them to find their feet. with them because we want them to find theirfeet. sometimes with them because we want them to find their feet. sometimes they get themselves into difficulties. that's because they have not been watched closely. thank you so much for joining us. a look at some other stories now and celebrity influencers are being used to promote crypto—currency and currency trading schemes which turn out to be scams.
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shares in thomas cook have soared after it reassured customers that its business as usual, despite a profits warning. the company has seen big losses as people delay booking holidays because of uncertainty over brexit. halfords has seen profits fall by almost a fifth, to around £59 million. it's blaming weak consumer confidence and bad weather. ftse‘s been making progress after easing off of rhetoric in the trade war between the us and china. metro bank making progress after securing important new funding. thomas cook also doing well — after the management assured markets its got a plan to turn its fortunes around.
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oil also on the way up — because of political tensions in the middle east. that's all the business news. )nurses are warning there needs to be a greater awareness of the dangers of inhaling nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas. the royal college of nursing's annual congress will hear today from staff who say a change in the law has failed to tackle the number of people using the gas to get high. the home office says "new psychoactive substances have already cost far too many lives". here's our health correspondent, dominic hughes. they are a common sight, the discarded metal canisters that nitrous oxide is supplied in litter many parks and roadsides. but nurses say inhaling the gas to get high is not without risk. what people don't realise, using nitrous oxide, is the amount of physical and psychological damage that it can actually cause. these things can include burns to the throat, burns to the nasal area, blood clots, heart attacks and paralysis, as well as long—term
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psychological damage. the most recent data for england and wales shows that more than one in ten young men aged between 16 and 2a used nitrous oxide, compared to 6.5% of young women. since 201a, use of the gas has been linked to five deaths each year. nitrous oxide does have legal uses. for example, in catering shops to produce whipped cream. but nurses say this has helped to undermine legislation that was meant to make it illegal to supply the gas to those wanting to get high. dominic hughes, bbc news. now it's time for a look at the weather. if you like the weather that you have got at the moment, chances are you will hold onto it for the next couple of days, at least. there are signs of a change on the cards as we head towards the latter stages of the week. there are many places,
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another day of warm sunshine, but not everywhere. we are in a high—pressure sandwich, with two areas of low pressure other side of us, but this high pressure is a weak affair, which is why we are seeing more cloud and outbreaks of rain for northern scotland. that will be on or through the day. we have some showers for eastern scotland and on into north—east england, which could be happy and fun to read. there is a chance of an isolated shower for northern ireland, but elsewhere lengthy spells of sunshine and light winds and temperatures ranging between ten chelsea is in the northern isles, down to 21 celsius in the far south—east of england. into this evening, the showers will continue for a time, gradually easing as they do so across eastern scotla nd easing as they do so across eastern scotland and north—east england. elsewhere, clear skies, scotland and north—east england. elsewhere, clearskies, but we scotland and north—east england. elsewhere, clear skies, but we have the soon applied which will start to work its way into parts of north wales, north—west england and the north midlands. not desperately cold, either, these are all minimum temperatures in the towns and
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cities. we will have some mr rudd first egg in the morning. here is our area of first egg in the morning. here is ourarea of rain. first egg in the morning. here is our area of rain. it will sink further southwards through wednesday into scotland, turning what showery is it does so. a lot of fine, dry weather, some trident results stretching to lincolnshire. most areas fine and dry with lengthy spells of warm sunshine and temperatures more or less similar to today. as we head towards thursday, a pincer movement from these weather fronts, but a they will not amount to much at all. cloud in northern scotla nd to much at all. cloud in northern scotland and rain. more cloud in northern ireland is the day goes on with the chance of an isolated shower. perhaps more cloud for the southern half of the uk, but still feeling warmer we get to see the sunshine with ice down towards the south and east of around 22 celsius. as we head towards the bank holiday weekend that looks as though low pressure will have a greater
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influence on our weather. there will be dry scalp at all to rein in the forecast, particularly up towards the north and west.
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hello, you're watching afternoon live. i'm simon mccoy. today at 2.00pm: tributes to a formula 1 legend — niki lauda dies at the age of 70 after a hugely successful career despite one of the worst crashes in the sport's history. you know, you're really worried and frightened that you're going to die and then that means you start everything possible to keep you going. his former team mclaren said niki will ‘forever be in our hearts and enshrined in our history‘ mercedes team—mate nico rosberg pays tribute to lauda's fighting spirit. i will always remember niki as someone who gave a lot to my life and he was a huge inspiration to all of us out


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