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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  May 22, 2019 6:30pm-6:46pm BST

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hello, this is bbc news. the headlines: it is time to go, prime minister. theresa may will meet with conservative backbenchers on friday as she comes under increasing pressure from her mps to step down.
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the feeling is there that we have come to the end of the road with this prime minister, we need to change the page as quickly as possible. the time has come for a change of leader, there are only a few months left until the 1st of october deadline, we need a new leader and team to deliver that. british steel goes into receivership, putting 5000 jobs at risk. the company says it needed millions of pounds, of government support. i had ihada i had a friend who is just about to return after maternity leave. her partner works on it still works as well, asking how she will pay her mortgage. —— her partner works on the steelworks. an undercover investigation by the bbc‘s panorama programme finds vulnerable patients being mocked, taunted and intimidated by abusive staff at a specialist hospital in the north east of england. sir philip green's retail empire, which owns topshop, burton and miss selfridge says it wants to close 23 shops and persuade nearly 200 landlords to accept lower rents.
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the prime minister is facing growing c0 res the prime minister is facing growing cores to design amid a backlash from conservative mps. several cabinet ministers have told the bbc that she cannot stay, with one saying it is the end of the line. i would chief political correspondent is in westminster for us,. that is something we have heard all day from —— from conservative mps, it is the end of the line, theresa may cannot stay any longer, the question is, when does that moment come? we have been hearing that for quite some time, so various things have been happening today, cabinet ministers have been trying to go and see theresa may, but she has been refusing to see them tonight. iain duncan smith told me the cipher is up duncan smith told me the cipher is up against the wall. obviously, she cannot put that off forever, but she
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is not listening to them. some are concerned about her move to promise a vote on another brexit referendum, thatis a vote on another brexit referendum, that is what has upset them, they feel she went much further than the agreement carved out in the cabinet yesterday, because she was willing to say that if parliament voted for a second referendum, she would make it government policy. many are not happy about that. another tory mp told me, it is not about the issue, it is about the messenger. even if it is about the messenger. even if it was a fantastic deal, she would not be able to sell it, no one is listening to what she has to say. seve ra lly, listening to what she has to say. severally, there was a meeting of the 1922 committee and executive, the 1922 committee and executive, the group that represents conservative backbenchers, they had the chief whip, julian smith, go into see them, who made it clear that theresa may would not be going tonight. they had to make a decision of whether to change the rules of whether she could be challenged in a leadership contest. they decided not to do that tonight, so after all the talk, yet again, it has not happened. we understand that sir graham brady, he will meet with the
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prime minister on friday, which is after voting in the european elections, although, we do not get the votes until sunday night. a lot of this is about the timing, because we have heard of so many names who may possibly be resigning, stepping down, to prepare for a leadership bid. it is difficult to know when the moment will come, and the conservative mps are looking ahead to those european elections and are very nervous about them. they have written them off, they know they will not do well at all, they are talking about a wipe—out, may be getting a couple of meps. and of course, they are haemorrhaging support to the brexit party, to nigel farage, because they haven't been able to deliver on brexit. he is going round the country and mopping up their votes, as well as labour's votes. it will be a very difficult night for them, and it may well be the case that theresa may stays to take the flak on all of that, but that will be a very difficult moment. there is really no
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one here who thinks that she can survive more than two or three weeks. thank you for that update, vicky will be watching events closely for us and we will update you on that through the night on bbc news. hello and welcome to sportsday. winner of the bbc women's footballer of the year award, the champions league and the ballon d'or but norweigen player ada hegerberg won't be at the world cup. maurizio sarri says it's a shame arsenal's henrik mkitaryan won't be lining up against his chelsea side in the europa league final. mkitaryan has decided not to play because of safety concerns. and we'll hear from former england cricket captain andrew strauss who says this is england's best chance of winning the world cup. also coming up in the programme: our exclusive interview with robin van persie. he tells us who he thinks
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is the best man to lead manchester united. similar ina similar in a different way. 0llie gone and so is, i think it is a perfect match, they are just having a bad spell. —— 0le gunnar solskjaer. hello and welcome to sportsday. lyon player ada hegerberg has won the bbc women's footballer of the yearfor 2019. the four—time champions league winner said her family had helped her through difficult times, including her decision to not play for norway at the world cup next month. 0ur reporter sarah mulkerins travelled to norway to surprise her. here we go. hello! ada hegerberg, you have won
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the bbc women's footballer of the yearfor 2019! it's so nice for you to come here and film the whole family together. i get so emotional when i talk about this! but they have been a part of the journey since day one and they are the most important people in my life. my mum and dad have always been there. they gave me that voice and gave me the courage to always stand up for what i believed in. she's now got a strong voice for the coming girls who really want to play football and that's very good. it's like you have all the glory and then you have days that are tougher. ballon d'or was beyond my world, to be honest. despite the accolades, the biggest star of the women's game will not be at the sport's biggest show, the world cup in france next month. in 2017, ada hegerberg stepped away from the norwegian national team
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over what she perceived as a lack of equality within the game. it's so important for me that i can't sit and watch things not going in the right direction. and it would be easy for me to perform, do my things and just stay quiet. but winning all these individual trophies are with the team, all the success, gives you a voice as well. so getting the change that needs to be done for sport. so she may not be able to showcase her talents on the global stage this summer, but the wider recognition of her impact on the sport in winning this bbc award means a lot. thank you, thank you so much. sara mulkerrins, bbc news, oslo. well, as sarah mentioned in her report hegerberg wil be missing from the women's world cup which starts on 7thjune. the 23—year—old has refused to play for the national side since 2017, taking a stand against — what she describes as — a lack of respect for female players in norway.
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her decision came just months before the norwegian football association and the player's association signed an historic equal pay agreement. earlier i spoke to women's football and women's sport writer for the guardian, suzy wrack. the blessed player in the world choosing not to play in the world cup, when it is the pinnacle of the game. imaginea cup, when it is the pinnacle of the game. imagine a player in the men's game, choosing to not play at the top level, it is unheard—of, you have so many players who would do anything to be able to represent their national teams on the world stage. so for her, it is about a lack of investment in the domestic game and not enough opportunities for young girls. she is choosing to ta ke for young girls. she is choosing to take a stand and use her position, andi take a stand and use her position, and i think that is very admirable. it is admirable, but perhaps she cannot change things on her own. do you feel she is cutting off her nose
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to spite her face? you feel she is cutting off her nose to spite herface? ultimately, it is her career that will be damaged by this. does she feel she can play for a team and be the poster girl of a federation that she has disagreements with? she believes clearly that she can help change things by taking this stand. i think she is very open about the role she feels she can play as a leading figure in the women's game. chelsea manager maurizio sarri will discuss his future with the club after next wednesday's europa league final. the italian has two years remaining on his contract and says he's happy in the premier league and focused on facing arsenal in baku next week. the build up to the match has been dominated by arsenal player henrikh mkhitaryan‘s decision to withdraw from the match. mkhitaryan is armenian and pulled out because of fears for his safety. armenia is in dispute with host nation azerbaijan. sarri says he'd like to see mkhitaryan on the pitch. he's also thinks the location
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of the final is far from ideal. for everybody, it is better to play with 30,000 fans from chelsea and 30,000 fans from arsenal. you do thisjob for these 30,000 fans from arsenal. you do this job for these matches, 30,000 fans from arsenal. you do thisjob for these matches, and 30,000 fans from arsenal. you do this job for these matches, and so, it is better for everybody to have the fans with the team. staying with chelsea, christian pulisic says he wants to reach the same levels of success at the club as eden hazard. pulisic was signed for £50 million from borussia dortmund. the usa international could be chelsea's only signing of this summer transfer window as the club is subject to a transfer ban, however they secured his signature back in immediately loaning him back to the bundesliga club. speaking to our football reporter simon stone, the midfielder says that hasn't affected his approach in the last five months, and now he's ready to develop at chelsea.
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people might think it's weird, but for me, it felt very natural. obviously, i was still in my situation at dortmund and it was a great season, i had a lot of fun and the whole year, i had something to look forward to as well, to come here, and now that it is here, i'm so here, and now that it is here, i'm so excited, it doesn't even feel real. following along, i have been doing that as much as i can from germany. it has been a thrilling season, third place in the league, qualified for champions league, and ina europa qualified for champions league, and in a europa league final, that is not a bad season at all. it has been a really interesting season. have you kept in touch with people at the club? have you spoken to the manager, for instance? yes, i had to discussions and talked about how i will fit in with the team. yeah, i just have to go in from day one, as $0011 just have to go in from day one, as 50011 as just have to go in from day one, as soon as i start, and give it my all and do what i can, because i truly
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wa nt to and do what i can, because i truly want to make an impact as soon as i can. iwant want to make an impact as soon as i can. i want to be a big want to make an impact as soon as i can. iwant to be a big part want to make an impact as soon as i can. i want to be a big part of the team. not in charge of these things, but i guess any player, if they had an option, would want to play with ed in hazzard. any player would be dumb not to want to do that. he is a great guy to look up to, and any player would look up to him, we watch him and i see him and he is incredible, what he can do. definitely someone to look up to, what i would love to become, and it isa what i would love to become, and it is a big team, it is the premier league and all eyes are on you. where i felt was the next step for me, i'm excited for the challenge, andi me, i'm excited for the challenge, and i think it will be perfect for me to develop. raheem sterling has been a strong voice in the fight against racism in football but he's calling for more action to be taken. he says t—shirt campaigns and social media blackouts aren't enough. the manchester city player says if the authorities are serious about combating racism then points
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deductions and expulsion from tournaments should be considered. after the situation that i had at chelsea, they came to me with an idea, but i didn't agree with the idea, but i didn't agree with the idea, it was a social media blackout. i said to them, i simply do not agree with what you want to put out. it will happen for a one day and in two days' time, it is all forgotten about. also, to kick it out, do a lot in england as well. they get us to wear a t—shirt sometimes, but it isn't enough. there needs to be a harder punishment, and i think the harder punishments need to be teams getting deducted, teams getting kicked out, because this is when people start to ta ke because this is when people start to take it seriously. let's take a look at some of the days other sports news stories now... heather watson is through to the second round of qualifying at the french open after beating
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bibiane schoofs. the british number three won in three sets 6—2, 4—6, 6—4. she'll now meet greek player valentini grammatikopoulou. meanwhile, katie swan was impressive in advancing as she beat second seed jil teichmann. the brit won 6—4, 6—2 on her french open debut. she faces xiyu wang tomorrow. caleb ewan won stage 11 of cycling's giro d'italia. the italian valerio conti, riding for uae emirates, kept the overall leader's pink jersey before the race heads for the first day in the alps on thursday. former england captain andrew strauss says england have the best chance to win the world cup this summer. strauss stepped away from his role as director of cricket at the ecb when his wife ruth was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. ruth passed away in december last year and strauss has set up a foundation in her name.
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