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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  May 23, 2019 1:45am-2:01am BST

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and australia's caleb ewan claims a second win at this year's giro d'ltalia, taking stage 11 in a frenetic finish. hello and welcome to the programme, where we start with the news that plans to expand the 2022 world cup to 48 teams have been abandoned by fifa, after a thorough and comprehensive consultation process. fifa president gianni infantino said last year the expansion from 32 teams could be brought forward from 2026 to the 2022 tournament, but the change would have required qatar to share hosting duties with other countries in the region. the 2026 world cup will still increase to 48 teams, though, as planned. our football correspondent john murray has more. over two years ago, fifa voted
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unanimously to increase the number of teams at the world cup from the current 32 to 48 for the tournament in 2026, which will be hosted by the usa, canada and mexico. last year, fifa president gianni infantino said he hoped it would be possible to bring forward the expansion to the 2022 world cup in qatar. that would, however, have required qatar to share hosting duties with other countries in the region, and fifa have now decided, after what they describe as a thorough and, hence process , describe as a thorough and, hence process, that change could not be made for 2022, and it would not be feasible for qatar to host a 48 team world cup on its own. holders kashima antlers are through to the last 16 of the asian champions league, but it took two second—half goals to see them progress. colm harrison rounds up wednesday's action. better late than never, but the defending champions, kashima antlers, through to the last 16, and they did leave it late to seal their place in the knockout stage. first, they went a goal down, with fellaini
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putting the visitors in front. goal line technology confirming the visitors had crossed the line. midway through the second half it got worse for kashima, when over in south korea their rivals took the lead. at that point, the side were heading to the last 16. perhaps the news then filtered back across the sea of japan, because news then filtered back across the sea ofjapan, because there news then filtered back across the sea of japan, because there was a sudden and renewed sense of urgency in kashima antlers, who hit back almost immediately. sho ito scored twice in as many —— many minutes for the holders, and his intervention turned that match and the qualification picture on its head, kashima, moving just a point to qualify, were now on course to take all three. back in korea, there was all three. back in korea, there was a stoppage time second for nam, but that was no more than a consolation victory for them. it was kashima who squeezed through in the end.
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elsewhere, guanzhou b their contenders, with the only goal in the game scored midway through the second half. so it was the champions of 2013 and 2015 who join the group winners in the last 16. ada hegerberg has been crowned the bbc‘s women's footballer of the year for the second time. the 23—year—old norwegian lifted the women's champions league trophy for the fourth successive occasion with lyon last weekend, and also claimed the inaugural women's ballon d'or trophy last year. but having decided to stand down from playing for her country in 2017, she explained to the bbc why she is continuing to take this stance, meaning she will miss out on the upcoming world cup. football's my biggest passion in life, and i worked hard to come here. i worked really hard to come here, and it's so important for me that i can sit and watch things not
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going in the right direction. and it would be easy for me to do — perform, do my thing, and stay quiet. but i think it is so much bigger than that, and i think winning individual trophies or with the team gives you a voice, as well. and it's not about me. it's never been about me. it's about getting the change that needs to be done for oui’ the change that needs to be done for our sport, and i think that needs to motivate a lot of others too. we are all in this together, and i always try to look on ourselves, what we can do about the sport, and obviously that is to perform, to increase the level. that is our biggestjob. stay out of the comfort zone and give it all in training, to actually increase the level on the pitch. but, i mean... it's not always about money, either. it's all about attitude and respect, when we're talking about young girls. giving them the same
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opportunity as boys, giving them the same opportunity to dream — everything. it's about everything. if you change those attitudes in the beginning of, things will automatically change as well, i think. in the end, you know, they cannot see that. if the attitude is there, they are going to understand one day they are going to understand one day the system and society in modern football. n'golo kante returned to training on wednesday as chelsea prepare for the europa league final against arsenal in baku next week. maurizio sarri is confident the french world cup winner will recover from a hamstring strain to feature in azerbaijan, with his side unbeaten in the competition and hoping to extend their streak to the decisive game next wednesday. but, after speculation about his future, does the 60—year—old italian think whether he stays at the west london club or not hinges on winning this competition?
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no, if the situation is like this, i wa nt to no, if the situation is like this, i want to go immediately. because you cannot... ten months of work, and then i have to play everything in 90 minutes. it's not right. it's not the right weight. you are happy about my work, or you are not happy. now to cycling, where valerio conti remains in the leader's pinkjersey after stage 11 of the giro d'italia, with caleb ewan claiming his second stage victory on wednesday. the australian rider finished ahead of arnaud demare and third—placed pascal ackermann in a hotly contested sprint finish, to add to his victory in stage eight. because i think he's proven that he is one of the quickest here, and to be honest, he was the first sprinter that came past me, with a good train, soi that came past me, with a good train, so i decided tojump on him and my guys got me in a good
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position where i didn't have to fight for the wheel so much, and that just made my fight for the wheel so much, and thatjust made my run a whole lot easier, and he went quite early, so i could really sit there and just timei i could really sit there and just time i spent to perfection. —— time my sprint. the formula one calendar moves to monaco this weekend, with the death of former three—time world champion niki lauda still fresh in the minds of the drivers. he won at this track in 1975 and 1976 prior to his horriffic crash in germany, and the former mercedes non—executive director was a regular in the pit lane on race weekends, something valterri bottas will miss. he was a massive motivation for everyone, for myself as well, for sure, as a driver. everything he's achieved, and with a difficult career he had, and all the comebacks and everything. also as a person, it's been great, and i neverforget many, it's been great, and i neverforget any it's been great, and i neverforget many, many good moments. meanwhile, in rio dejaneiro, a consortium has been chosen to build a new track which could eventually host the brazilian grand prix from 2021. the country's president, jair bolsonaro, has already
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suggested that the track, which would also stage motogp races, should be named after the former world champion ayrton senna. rio hasn't staged an f1 race since 1989, but is hoping to win back the brazilian grand prix when the contract with interlagos, near sao paulo, ends next year. ahead of the cricket world cup, australia beat west indies by seven wickets, with more than 11 overs, to spare as steve smith hit a third consecutive half—century in an unofficial warm—up match. after winning the toss and electing to send west indies into bat in southampton, australia reduced the opposition to 104—6 before carlos brathwaite clubbed 60. in response, australia lost opener usman khawaja in the second over, when he was hit by an andre russell bouncer and forced to retire hurt. smith smashed 76 offjust 82 balls, while shaun marsh guided his side home with an unbeaten half—century. england will have home advantage for the world cup, and all—rounder ben stokes is confident of his side lifting the trophy come the end of it. they face australia in a warm—up match in southampton on saturday,
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and stokes is expecting a fierce contest. they play the game hard, just like we do. and they are a great team to play against. you know, we are both very passionate countries about sport stop and when we play against each other in the ashes, you can definitely see that. i love playing against australia, it's a great battle. india arrived into london on wednesday, with the two—time world cup winners last claiming the title in 2011. virat kohli's side have organised friendlies against new zealand on saturday and bangladesh on tuesday, before their first world cup match against south africa on 5june in southampton. you can follow that across our website or via the bbc sport app. plenty to look forward to. but, from me and the rest of the sport today team, goodbye.
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hello there. the next couple of days are looking fairly dry for most of us, with some warm spells of sunshine, but things are turning more unsettled and gradually cooler as we move through the bank holiday weekend. today, though, was a largely dry one, with some warm spells of sunshine around, particularly across england and wales. and these are the sorts of temperatures we're beginning the day on. now, we've got more cloud and rain across the north—east of scotland. that's because of this area low pressure pushing towards scandinavia. and this front will bring thicker cloud towards the south—west of the country, perhaps bringing the odd spot of rain to the far south—west of england later on. thicker cloud for western parts of wales and for northern ireland. but much of the country having a nice day again. a little bit of fairweather cloud, plenty of sunshine around and highs
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of 23 degrees in the south—east. cooler, wetter and breezy for the north—east of scotland. temperatures here at best around the mid—teens celsius. as we head on into friday, this area of low pressure begins to thin and pull away, so conditions gradually improve here. and we have this feature running into northern ireland first thing on friday. thick cloud, a few showers and that will move across the irish sea into parts of england and wales bringing thicker cloud and a few showers into the afternoon. not quite as breezy in scotland and not quite as much rain. again in central and southern england we should see the low 20s celsius. now, on into the first part of the weekend, the bank holiday weekend, we've got this feature slowly edging into the north—west of the country, but for most of us, we're in between weather systems. it's going to be another largely dry day. variable cloud building up into the afternoon. the best of the sunshine again across the south—east, but then later, thicker cloud for northern ireland and western scotland. again, another warm one
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in the sunshine further south, 21 celsius or so. but generally the mid to upper teens celsius further north. then this feature really gets its act together and pushes in across our shores during sunday, so a very different—feeling day for many of us, although east anglia and the south—east will escape, stay dry, with sunny spells throughout the day, although cloud will build. but further north, a few heavy bursts of rain in there, breezy as well, persistent for western scotland and a little cooler here. but again, the high teens and low 20s in the south—east. so the bank holiday weekend looks mixed. we're starting with quite a bit of dry and sunny weather, but then it turns wetter from sunday onwards, and gradually turns cooler as that front moves and gradually turns cooler as that front moves through. certainly on bank holiday monday that will be noticeable. you can see next week it looks very cooler and more unsettled, with rain or showers at times, but also a bit of sunshine.
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welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to viewers in north america and around the globe. my name is mike embley. our top stories: calls for the british prime minister to resign as the leader of the house of commons quits, saying she no longer believes the government's approach will deliver brexit. president trump walks out of a meeting with democratic leaders in the us congress. he says he can't work with them until they stop investigating him. instead of walking in happily into a meeting, i walk in to look at people who have just said that i was doing a cover—up. i don't do cover—ups. vote counting begins soon in the indian election, and it looks like prime minister narendra modi is on course for a second term. and the groundbreaking us exhibition highlighting how


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