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tv   The Briefing  BBC News  May 23, 2019 5:45am-6:01am BST

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that sounds good to me. when do we begin? and finally on the bbc news website, public health experts are calling for fair provision of public toilets for women, saying the aim should be to have two female loos to every male one. with more urinals than cubicles, men — unlike women — rarely queue, that's according to a royal society for public health report. with me isjonathan charles, who's director of communications for the european bank for reconstruction and development. let's talk about the front page of every single papal except the daily telegraph. —— every single paper. what is happening? everybody more or less has this picture of theresa may looking pensive in the back of her car. many newspapers say that she has tears in her eyes and they say that history is repeating itself. some of them use the picture of margaret thatcher as she left downing street in 1990 after stepping down as prime minister. it
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is interesting. there is no doubt that there is a parallel here. i remember covering the departure of margaret thatcher from the european and. i remember herfamously saying on the nine o'clock news a few weeks before her departure was that the view in brussels was that she would be gone within weeks. and now all the newspapers are saying that friday looks as if it may be the day when theresa may announces her departure and says i am stepping down, triggering a conservative leadership election. the parallels do not and there. made margaret thatcher was broken on the issue of europe. theresa may, another prime minister who had been broken by the issue of europe. and it is not entirely clear if whoever succeeds her will have any luck. and it will ta ke her will have any luck. and it will take a while anyway, 4— six weeks to vote in somebody else. and she will
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probably stay as caretaker during that period. but is this the right time for this all to happen right now? when britain was granted an extension until october 31 on the brexit process, donald task from the european union said that we must use this time wisely. so the more time thatis this time wisely. so the more time that is spent in leadership elections, that is another few weeks that cannot be used to resolve this issue. there is still every issue that we will get to october 31 without any decision on brexit and, indeed, the french are beginning to worry about that again. the french president said only yesterday he was worried about the infection as he put it of brexit continuing to disturb europe and he wants this all done by october 31 because he does not want, as he put it, this illness to infect the next european commission. moving on now to the possible candidates to succeed the prime minister. this opinion piece in the independent, interestingly it
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talks about amber rudd, the work and pensions secretary liking a tweet by borisjohnson pensions secretary liking a tweet by boris johnson and saying pensions secretary liking a tweet by borisjohnson and saying it could be one of the more significant interactions in the history of social media. political analysis by tweet. he is one of the hopes to lead the party. amber rudd is on the other end, a pro— european who believes in staying in the eu, a centrist, one nation conservative, not on the right of the party at all. the suggestion here is that she is reaching out and thinking, as are many other soft brexit conservative mps, thinking that borisjohnson may well end up leader and maybe he won't be so bad after all. and that is quite a change because many on the left of the conservative party have been saying if borisjohnson comes in i am leaving the party. i think they now think that he is a character and someone who may be able to reach out to the country, he may be able to combat nigel farage. we will see. so i put my cards on
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the table here. i have known boris since university and i have known him in brussels when i was a bbc correspondent. what is he like then? interestingly, amber rudd, of course also new boris at that time because her brother was at university at the same time as us as well. they have a relationship that goes back for the best pa rt relationship that goes back for the best part of 35 or so years. it is a very long period of time. they have known each other since they were teenagers. what is boris like? he is not a detail person. we saw that when he was foreign secretary did his charismatic. it is also difficult to pin down his belief. the brexiteers all believe he is the person who can help deliver a hard brexit. i don't think we can be assured of that. is not necessarily the case. boris may be the person who ina the case. boris may be the person who in a pragmatic sense says 0k, we will try various ends in the end he is pragmatic enough to say that if necessary we will to take a
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different tack on brexit and that may disappoint some of the hardliners. in this article at the very end says that he was once pro— immigration. and c 's nature, i would say. from the boris i know he very much a one nation conservative in thei very much a one nation conservative in the i also must say that i do not believe in his heart that he thinks leaving the eu is the best thing for the uk. that would be at odds with the uk. that would be at odds with the boris i knew all those years ago. people do change. yes, but in the end he is a political and politically calculating creature. he will decide what is best for boris johnson, that is his nature, but he will also decide, i think, what is pragmatic what can be delivered. is a pragmatic person at heart. and some may argue that is not the sort of person we want as prime minister. and one who thinks about himself. he will need to prove he is more than that. i don't believe he is an idea logically fixed person. he is
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someone logically fixed person. he is someone who has mentalflexibility. who else do you think could be in the running? i think dominique raab may try also make three. i think the constituency parties will opt for boris. they like him and think he is a character. the others, they do not feel they can come through and stand up feel they can come through and stand up to the threat from the brexit party. the difficulty is if conservatives try to fight the brexit party on their own turf, that is hard brexit turf, they will find it hard not to split that vote because the votes will go to both brexit party and the conservatives and someone else will come to the middle. that is a tough political decision for any political leader. what is the ground on which you will find? and again who knows who will climb the ladder this time? part of
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jeremy corbyn‘s view is that chaos will inevitably be the result of all the this and that is an opportunity for labour. let's talk briefly about the pound. longest losing streak against the euro. chaos may be a ladderfor some but for the against the euro. chaos may be a ladder for some but for the markets and especially for foreign currency traders it is not. 13 days in a row it has fallen against the euro and the dollar as well. a general decline on the pound. it shows how much it has become a political currency. we see that more and more, there have been come spills over the last three years since the brexit vote but it is a political currency andi vote but it is a political currency and i think we can expect it will be difficult for the pound especially going into a leadership race in the conservative party because many traders will feel the outcome could bea traders will feel the outcome could be a hard brexiteer and that is what they think is bad for the pound. it is the worst performance against the dollarfor is the worst performance against the dollar for some considerable time and it has fallen four sense against the dollar since the start of the month. 13 days so far, this is not the end of it. domestic inflation in
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the end of it. domestic inflation in the uk will push up inflation here and that will be painful for people in the united kingdom. to stave off that pain let's talk about cutting oui’ that pain let's talk about cutting our hours. what do you feel about nine hours a week? i'm going to do 15 hours today so i would love nine. this report on the climate crisis, a study by tank says that all europeans need to work for shorter hours each week, nine hours in the uk, in orderto hours each week, nine hours in the uk, in order to cut a mission by to reach the paris agreement. honestly, that will never happen. no. sweden needs 12, germany just six, that will never happen. no. sweden needs 12, germanyjust six, this is not practical. i think the issue is we can look at radical thing for this but how do you keep economies going if you take a radical action? how would you provide the money that economies required to tackle climate change? i think we need to look at different solutions. this is a radical one but... let's be practical. another point made in this piece is that labour is still
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being urged by momentum in the labor party to adopt a four day working week. —— labour party. party to adopt a four day working week. -- labour party. to female toilets for every male wanted it you a lwa ys toilets for every male wanted it you always find a toilet whenever you need one? outside britain it is easier. inside written posterity has meant councils have cut a lot of public toilets. but it is true. whenever i am with a lady it is a lwa ys whenever i am with a lady it is always more difficult for a woman to find a toilet than a man because the queues are always there.” find a toilet than a man because the queues are always there. ijust a lwa ys queues are always there. ijust alwaysjump queues are always there. ijust always jump into the queues are always there. ijust alwaysjump into the men's queues are always there. ijust always jump into the men's toilets. i will look out for that. thank you very much, jonathan. stay with us here on bbc news, plenty more to come.
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the next couple of days are looking fairly dry for most of us, with some warm spells of sunshine, but things are turning more unsettled and gradually cooler as we move through the bank holiday weekend. today, though, was a largely dry one, with some warm spells of sunshine around, particularly across england and wales, and these are the sorts of temperatures we're beginning the day on. now, we've got more cloud and rain across the north—east of scotland. that's because of this area of low pressure which is slowly pushing towards scandinavia. and this front‘s going to bring some thicker cloud towards the south—west of the country, perhaps bringing the odd spot of rain to the far south—west of england later on. thicker cloud for western parts of wales and for northern ireland, but much of the country having a nice day again. a little bit of fair weather cloud, plenty of sunshine around, and highs of 23 degrees in the south—east. but cooler, wetter and breezier for the north—east of scotland, so temperatures here at best around the mid—teens celsius. as we head on into friday, this area of low pressure begins to fill and pull away, so conditions gradually improve here, but we've got this feature running into northern ireland first thing on friday. it'll bring thick cloud, a few showers, and then it'll move across the irish sea into parts
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of england and wales to bring thicker cloud and a few showers into the afternoon, maybe the odd heavy one mixed in. slightly better day for the north—east of scotland — not quite as breezy and not as much rain. in the sunshine, it shouldn't feel too bad, but again in central, southern england, we should see the low 20s celsius. now, on into the first part of the weekend, the bank holiday weekend, we've got this feature slowly edging into the north—west of the country, but for most of us, we're in between weather systems. it's going to be another largely dry day, with light winds. variable cloud building up into the afternoon. the best of the sunshine again across the south—east, but then later in the day, we'll start to see thicker cloud for northern ireland and western scotland, with rain arriving here. again, another warm one in the sunshine further south, 21 celsius or so, but generally the mid to upper teens celsius further north. then this feature really gets its act together. it pushes in across our shores during sunday, so a very different—feeling day for many of us, although east anglia and the south—east will escape, stay dry, with some sunny spells throughout the day, although cloud will tend to build up. but further north, you can see central and northern areas much wetter, a few heavy bursts of rain in there, breezier too,
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persistent rain for western scotland. going to feel a little bit cooler here. but again, the high teens and low 20s in the south—east. so the bank holiday weekend is looking mixed. we're starting with quite a bit of dry and sunny weather, but then it turns wetter from sunday onwards, and gradually turning cooler as that front moves through. certainly on bank holiday monday all that'll be noticeable. but you can see next week is looking much cooler, more unsettled, with rain or showers at times, but also a bit of sunshine.
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good morning. welcome to breakfast, withjon kay and naga munchetty. 0ur headlines today: the prime minister's leadership under increasing pressure as a senior cabinet minister resigns, saying she cannot support her revised brexit deal. we'll be live in downing street for more on where it leaves theresa may. mocked, taunted and intimidated — the bbc‘s panorama uncovers shocking abuse at a hospital caring for vulnerable adults. good morning. it is one of the most expensive and controversial building projects in the country,


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