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tv   The Papers  BBC News  May 31, 2019 11:30pm-12:01am BST

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this is bbc news. i'm duncan golestani. but the our top stories: emit ii‘ul‘ei er a few patches of rain. but the cloud breaking again across southern and eastern wales and across a good part president trump announces of england, and where that sunshine new taxes on all goods coming comes out it will feel very warm, at least 11 people have been killed temperatures up to 28 celsius ina at least 11 people have been killed in a shooting in a council building in the us state of virginia. president trump announces new taxes on all goods coming towards london and south—east from mexico, demanding that illegal england. through saturday night we immigration into the us will see further changes as weather fronts begin to move in off the is dealt with. british retail tycoon sir philip green says he strenuously atlantic, bringing heavy rain across denies four counts of assault northern ireland, pushing to scotland, parts of north—west england and wales as we had through in the us, relating to allegations of inappropriate touching. saturday night. it will be a mild and muggy night in the south and east of england, and a cold front will slowly push its way eastwards. but it is a slow—moving system, and excitement in madrid as liverpool and tottenham get ready to face off for east anglia and south—east england for much of the day we should stay in the warm air with temperatures here still potentially in the champions league final. in the mid— 20s in the warmest spots, whereas towards the north and west of the uk, pressure and will be moving in as the westerly winds begin to pick up. on into monday's forecast, those brisk westerly winds will continue to flow across the country near a pressure “—
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will continue to flow across the country near a pressure —— centre of low pressure, here we will see some cloud, outbreaks of rain and it will stay quite cool for these western areas. elsewhere it is a day of bright spells with showers tending to push eastwards. a cool and fresh filter that weather, the cooler out reaching east anglia and south—east england as well, generally we are looking at temperatures into the mid— high teens, but call them at across parts of western scotland. for tuesday as that initial area of low pressure for tuesday as that initial area of low pressure moves for tuesday as that initial area of low pressure moves northwards, another area of low pressure looks set to develop somewhere near the uk, and on tuesday that will bring showers tending to merge together, potentially to give some lengthier spells of rain across wales and south—west england, but elsewhere after a dry start showers could develop. temperatures, a little disappointing for this time of year across north—western areas, not too farfrom normalfor across north—western areas, not too far from normal for south—eastern england with highs of 20. we continue the unsettled theme as we head towards the middle part of the week as this weather front pushes
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eastwards, again it will encourage showers or lengthy spells of rain, but this time perhaps more focus across north—eastern parts of the uk with some brighter weather in between those showers. the showers could become more slow—moving in nature given winds will be lighter. similar temperatures, 15 degrees in edinburgh, 19 or20 similar temperatures, 15 degrees in edinburgh, 19 or 20 in the warmest spots across eastern areas of england. the change in the weather to more unsettled conditions brought about by this trough in a weather pattern, which will last well into the week, you will see some shortwave troughs into the end of the weekend which will bring further showers and lengthier spells of rain. next week the weather doesn't like it is going to stay generally on the unsettled side with spells of showers, not sure exactly where the heaviest rain will be, often quite cloudy but they will be spells of sunshine. temperatures normal in the south—east but cooler in the north—west.
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hello. this is bbc news with chris rogers. just a moment we'll be taking a look at tomorrow mornings' a moment papers first the headlines. ahead of the state visit next week president trump gives an interview to the sun newspaper, criticising theresa may's handling of the brexit negotiations and praising conservative leadership contender borisjohnson. labour suspends a member of its ruling national executive committee, peter willsman, after he's recorded suggesting that the israeli embassy was behind the party's anti—semitism row. british retailer sir philip green is charged in the us with four counts of assault relating to allegations
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of inappropriate touching. hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are political correspondent at the telegraph, anna mikhailova and business journalist, john crowley. many of tomorrow's front pages are already in. the times reports that senior white house officials are laying the ground for president trump to meet boris johnson, the conservative leadership favourite, on his visit to the uk next week. the sun declares — in what it says is an exclusive — that mr trump has voiced his support for the former foreign secretary to become prime minister. the daily express say the brexit party leader nigel farage has told the paper that number 10 has blocked any meeting between him
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and the american leader during his visit here. the ft leads on business concerns that trump has opened a new trade war with mexico after he threatened the country with tariffs if it failed to halt the flow over migrants crossing into the united states. the mirror reports that the businessman sir philip green has been charged in the us with four counts of assault relating to inappropriate touching. the guardian says that the most senior female islamic state group captive has played a central role in the hunt for the leader abu bakr al—baghdadi. the weekend i newspaper says that climate change activists have vowed to blockage heathrow airport injune and then again injuly. i have not had time to read the interview with mr trump and the sun but i have had a flick through. the headline seem to be concerned with meghan markle and her thoughts. the
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main highlight is this very punchy front page, donald trump saying that i support boris. what a way to kick offa i support boris. what a way to kick off a crucial week for the tory leadership contest. is that a surprise? it is a breach of protocol. it is that but there is no surprise he supports boris. they are very much alike. they are populist and they are come from the same ilk. they have a colourful history, you know, that euphemism, but the headline about boris does not tally up headline about boris does not tally up with the copy. he says i think he would do a very good job, he says. i think he is talented. he is not quite saying i boris above all other candidates. he was asked a question and let'sjust
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candidates. he was asked a question and let's just say a candidates. he was asked a question and let'sjust say a great candidates. he was asked a question and let's just say a great exclusive there. he has been asked a good question. is mr trump meeting all the other leadership contenders? this is the thing. he has been asked what he thinks of boris but at the end of the day does he know who matt hancock is? the fact that this is the president of the us praising borisjohnson... let's have a look at the inside pages now. son have milked it as much as they can. here is their man in the oval office and more on boris johnson. is their man in the oval office and more on borisjohnson. remember, there is an extra power to this headline and this much coverage for borisjohnson who, despite this, has not had to say much himself and yet he he is getting front pages just
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because he has the president mentioning him whereas all the other leadership candidates need to do a lot of legwork. boris has a head start which is why he may be ahead in the polls. do you think president trump supporting you was a good thing? president trump probably thinks it is and he says that. thing? president trump probably thinks it is and he says thatm thing? president trump probably thinks it is and he says that. it is up thinks it is and he says that. it is upfor thinks it is and he says that. it is up for debate and i don't think there are many examples where it would not be. but the issue is not whether or not it is a good or bad thing or whether we see donald trump asa thing or whether we see donald trump as a good or bad president. it is the fact that the tory party right now has to select a leader who is not only going to deliver brexit but also fend off nigel farage and the brexit party. one of the reasons that boris johnson brexit party. one of the reasons that borisjohnson has become more favoured than he was six months ago had a friend of the brexit party and
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they feel they need someone who can fend it off. it is also saying to the mps that i can do business with usjohnson. boris has done nothing, everyone else has had to try to say some. they say here is somebody i can do business with after brexit. but just because can do business with after brexit. butjust because you get the support of president trump to a degree in this contest it does not mean we will get trade deals with america. that is right. it doesn't guarantee anything, especially with donald trump. you never know. and he is not the only person who will be deciding that in america and there are many people who absolutely have the opposite view. but there is an optics thing as well. let's stay with the inside pages of the son. officially meghan markle is staying
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away from the banquet because she is on maternity leave. she has not been backwards when it comes to expressing her views about donald trump and he has pretty much retaliated. she has accused him in the past of being misogynistic and divisive and pledged to vote for his rival, hillary clinton and another good question from the journalist who asked trump if he was aware of the barbs and president trump said he did not know that. he said he didn't know she was nasty. and that is the headline they have used i think he rode back later in the comments saying that i'm sure she would do excellently as a role model and will be a very good princess but donald trump cannot help himself with that nasty line falling out of his mouth and harry will be meeting donald trump with his father prince charles and that will be a major
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awkward. i am looking at the photos there of the oval office and there is definitely a recorder, two recorders recording the interview because last time he denied some of the quotes. again, the same journalist had a good exclusive interview when donald trump came to see theresa may and had a big front—page headline giving theresa may advice over brexit and the next day donald trump came onto the stage and said oh, no, i didn't say anything. but then they had a handy little recording. maybe he may deny it again next week. having read this there is not much that he would want to deny. he says i am loved by you breachs and the fears over the protests are overblown. well... much more trump news is the week progresses, i am more trump news is the week progresses, i am sure. more trump news is the week progresses, i am sure. the times newspaper, senior white house
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officials are preparing the ground for president trump borisjohnson. i mean... obviously they have picked up mean... obviously they have picked up on some of the stuff said by the sun as well. i wonder how interested people in america are in this?|j think people in america are in this?” think they are more interested in the queen. the queen and princess meghan. and that is why donald trump has brought his family over. not to meet leadership hopefuls, they are there to meet the queen. and he has spoken of his love and respect for the queen so that will be quite big for donald trump when he has the pomp and ceremony. i would love to bea pomp and ceremony. i would love to be a fly on the wall with prince charles and harry. but going back to the times. it has been said that the numberio is the times. it has been said that the number 10 is supposed to be relaxed about any meeting that might take place during mr trump's free time.
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this is... executive time.” place during mr trump's free time. this is... executive time. ionce read a long interview, a profile piece where they said that executive time the codeword they have for his nap and fox news watching time every day. yes. a little toddler lie down. will he meet nigel for raj, however? he has been saying that number 10 is trying to block him from meeting with donald trump? —— nigel farage raj. there i say that nigel is playing politics. the small petty mindedness of number 10 not allowing me an audience with him, why would numberio go out me an audience with him, why would number 10 go out of their way to help nigel for raj?
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—— nigel farage? -- nigel farage? do you think it is just a bit of headline grabbing? yes. a good exclusive for the paper. the financial times. it really looks at the global, notjust the financial times. it really looks at the global, not just the the financial times. it really looks at the global, notjust the mexican or american impacts of tariffs on mexico. this is a thing happening in a faraway place, you would think, but trump has imposed 5% tariffs on all trade goods between mexico and the united states but this has an impact on our pensions, because there is obviously a trade war already in place between the us and china, £200 billion worth of goods, and it is tragedy for mexico that this happens, 80% of it back support
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—— exports go to its northern neighbour, and he is using a sledgehammer to crack a nut. it is using a trade policy to deal with a social issue, migrants on the border. but it is more strong arm tactics from donald trump, and it does seem to work, it grabs people's attention. we said here earlier on about entering a leadership contest, thatis about entering a leadership contest, that is a breach of protocol, donald trump does not do things the conventional way. we are hearing from people on the bbc, who it is going to hit, people in america this is going to hit, because they will not be able to sell cars as cheaply. and what hits america hits the world. this is what we struggle to understand sometimes at the moment over here. i think on a wider point as well, whatever happens next week with john's visit and the as well, whatever happens next week withjohn's visit and the warm words in the ceremony —— trump's visit, it
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will happen after brexit and the prospect of trade deals are donald trump takes a tough line on economic policy. you can't guarantee anything can you, and he takes a tough line on ins —— immigration as well. you can never guarantee anything. boris may have his backing but does he have his business? that is a good headline, you can have that one. let's move on to the independent, the independent focusing on labour, and what brexit could do... its lack of position it seems on brexit. and how much damage it could do to the party. kenjeremy corbyn made it —— jeremy corbyn made it quite clear on his position... he is sitting on the fence... he is saying it is clearly coming a referendum now. he did and he didn't. with jeremy coming a referendum now. he did and he didn't. withjeremy corbyn you a lwa ys he didn't. withjeremy corbyn you always have to look at the small print, and when he said that and eve ryo ne print, and when he said that and everyone picked up and as he was
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suffering —— softening, i spoke to labourmps, suffering —— softening, i spoke to labour mps, who suffering —— softening, i spoke to labourmps, who are suffering —— softening, i spoke to labour mps, who are pro— second referendum, the people championing it, and he is absolutely not having ellipsis he thinks he has not gone far enough. today we have alistair campbell, who is obviously very partisan when it comes to a people ‘s vote, but on the other hand, you had lynn mccluskey who is the general —— general secretary of unite who says general —— general secretary of unite who sasteremy corbyn should move away from a second referendum, and all of this goes back to the utter confusion on labour's policy, both within labour and outside, is remarkable last week after, this week after the eu elections, when in the list of brexit parties and remain, brexit votes and remain
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votes, labour was not counted as a brexit backing party, when you look at the actual manufacture —— ma nifesto, at the actual manufacture —— manifesto, it is remarkable. struggle is for labour to find a position and stick to it. as anna said they have been pulled in separate directions. we know that jeremy corbyn is not a fan of the eu, it is a supranational institution, they want to spend money, if labour comes into power, and the eu will say you can't have state aid for certain things. but this headline, brexit fudge will ruin labour, you could have written this for the past 12 months. membership has gone down, hasn't it. it is very bizarre, really showing that they vote with their feet, they are showing what happens with the ambiguity. he has taken dancing on the head of a pin with an art form, he is an awkward position for many reasons, but ijust don't think, he doesn't like the eu, he doesn't want to do that, but there are a lot of labour moderate in his party who do.
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so you know, we will be doing this headline again in a few weeks. but also, the damage has been done to the conservative party as well in a huge way, and it does damage to itself when it comes to europe. and the lib dems have changed the dynamic, surging through in the eu elections, this has concentrated people's mind even more. do you think the general election when it comes could be very different because of brexit, because of the damage it has done to the two main parties? will the lib dems when? has it changed that much, or it is more ofa it changed that much, or it is more of a protest vote? that old cliche, too early to tell, it is a big moment for the tory party electing their new leader, they have to get it right and i think the tory party feel they have to deliver brexit in some form. if they have a general election before brexit, i think the tories could get wiped out. they need to get brexit done as quickly as possible to give it time to repair itself and get its act
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together. one last story, we have time for, on the front page of the eye, is not just time for, on the front page of the eye, is notjust brexit the next trimester has to be thinking about, it is climate change. —— the i. the momentum continues to build globally when it comes to the feeling among people that governments are not doing enough and taking climate change seriously enough, and there isa change seriously enough, and there is a huge movement that they feel is capable of stocking —— stopping planes taking off from heathrow. extinction rebellion has upped its game, saying drones may be used to stop flights taking off in the summer. a lot of summer holidays may be cancelled. they are stopping us going to holiday destinations, they are going to stop us going from —— going to the algarve, extension rebellion ran a very successful
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campaign, no—one had heard of them at the start of the year, now everyone is talking about them and i think as you said, will it change our habits? our habits towards being more green, to live in a more sustainable life ? more green, to live in a more sustainable life? the argument that they would say is no and this is why they would say is no and this is why they are arguing for more direct action. it will annoy people for sure. there were protests last week amongst children, they are continuing as well. that's it for the papers tonight. thank you anna and john. don't forget, you can see the front pages of the papers online on the bbc news website. it's all there for you — seven days a week at — and if you miss the programme any evening you can watch it later on bbc iplayer. goodbye. good evening, here's
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your latest sports news. a match liverpool and tottenham have spent three weeks preparing for is now less than a day away. it was liverpool who got the first look at the venue for tomorrow's champions league final, the metropolitano stadium in madrid. while they have the benefit of recent experience of this very occasion, last year's defeat at the hands of real madrid is one of six successive finals manager jurgen klopp has lost. ifi if i would see myself as a loser or whatever, then we all would have a problem, but i don't see that like this. i see all the other things, the rest is only for the outside world, that you think whether i am a winner, but that is not interesting to me to be honest, that is why we are here, we want to win with all we have. it would be daft of us to completely forget what happened last season and try and start fresh, i think we have used things throughout
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the season we have learned in kiev from madrid, the way they won the game, they went —— way they went about things and the way they beat us, we have matured as a team, we have shown how we can win games, how we can hold on to 1—0 leads and finish it a lot better, and throughout the course of the season we have proven why we are such a good side. like liverpool, tottenham have overcome adversity and the brink of elemination to reach the champions league final. harry kane and his spurs team—mates also familiarised themselves with atletico madrid's still new home. their route to the final has been remarkable. it very nearly ended in the group stage, and both the quarterfinal and semifinal were won in dramatic fashion. it was unbelievable, how we went together, i think it was great, and
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of course the focus, the concentration, i think it was a pleasure to manage both the players, andi pleasure to manage both the players, and i feel so proud pleasure to manage both the players, and ifeel so proud because they we re and ifeel so proud because they were unbelievable open to work, and to a cce pt were unbelievable open to work, and to accept everything i propose, and i think, like we say, we are so ready, we are prepared. the occasion is massive, not only for everybody involved for the club and the fans, it showsjust how far tottenham has come as a club, and i have managed to see it since it was, many years ago to where it was today, and it is going to be a real special night for everybody involved and quite an emotional night for everybody. world heavyweight champion anthonyjoshua weighed in more than 20 pounds lighter than challenger andy ruinr. ahead of his professional us debut
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at madison square garden. joshua, the wba, ibf and wbo heavyweight champion, tipped the scales at a fraction under 17 stone ahead of sunday's fight against ruiz. ——17 stone 10. he agreed to step in a facejoshua after his intented opponent jarrell miller failed a drugs test and weighed in at 19 stone 2. johanna konta has become the first british woman since 1983 to reach the last 16 of the french open. the british number one dismantling slovakia's viktoria kuzmova in straight sets to ease into the econd week. ——second week. konta hadn't even won a match at the tournament until this year, but she raced out of the blocks against kuzmova, breaking her serve five times in under an hour. she won 6—2, 6—1 to continue her impressive form on the clay. next konta will face
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24th seed donna vekic. that's all the sport for now. the weather for many of us this weekend is looking promising. that is at least one of the days, saturday is the best they do expect some warm sunshine. it will turn briefly hot across southern areas of the uk, you may have heard that by now. warmth is spreading across the confident from portugal, spain, france, germany into eastern parts of europe as well. we are on the edge of this spell a very warm weather, quite close to low pressure as well, these low pressures will bring some rain over the weekend. but not in the short—term, right now it is fairly quiet, is a lot of clear whether as well. some clouds across western areas, and bridges early on saturday morning will be hovering anywhere between 9— 12 degrees for the most part. high—pressure close by on saturday but there is a sneaky weather front
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that will squeeze through, that means we are anticipating a little bit more cloud and maybe a few spots of rain across some north—western areas, but honestly the majority of the country is in for an absolute fine day. i don't think we are talking about gin clear skies, there will be some fairweather cloud here and there, and may be 1— two spots of rain across the north—west. but the best temperatures, if you like heat that is, in the south— south—east, may be 28 degrees, in the west and north—west of the country or be close at two 17. if you have planned saturday night it is looking dry and fine across most of the uk before this lump of weather here, this hope —— low pressure swings into sunday. out of the two days on saturday is a fine day, sunday things go downhill, and if you want some rain this may boil be good news for you. there will be rain sweeping into scotland and many western parts of the uk, i don't think it will be particularly prolonged, it will come and go in the form of showers, there will be sunshine around as well. quite risk
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south—westerly winds, that means the heat will be pushed away to the east with the south—westerly is, in fact it looks as though in lincolnshire, east anglia and the south—east it will be warm on sunday, but for most of us we are talking around 18— 20 degrees, and that sets the scene next week, low pressure is going to be close by, also means weather fronts and that in turn means some rainfall as well. not an awful lot i don't think, but they will be aware relatively unsettled week next week, with temperatures dipping down to 20 00:29:33,720 --> 2147483051:51:32,466 degrees. ok, that's it from me then, 2147483051:51:32,466 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 goodbye.
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