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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  June 1, 2019 6:30pm-7:01pm BST

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rain. a quick look for the week ahead. it remains rather cool, some rain at times but some sunshine as well. hello, this is bbc news with geeta guru—murthy. the headlines: president trump defies protocol ahead of his state visit to the uk by praising boris johnson and his bid to become prime minister. i've always liked him. i don't know that he's going to be chosen, but i think he's a very good guy, a very talented person. peter willsman should be expelled from the labour party, according to formerjustice secretary and labour peer lord falconer. mr willsman, who's accused of saying the israeli embassy was "almost certainly" behind complaints of anti—semitism, was suspended yesterday. nine incidents of small boats carrying migrants off the kent coast are being dealt with by the coastguard. four british climbers are amongst a team that has gone missing in northern india during an attempt on the country's second—highest mountain nanda devi.
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rescuers are due to reach the base camp today to begin the search. now on bbc news, it's time for sportsday. hello, and welcome to sportsday. i'm hugh woozencroft. a special one this saturday evening as we count down to the champions league final here in madrid. less than 90 minutes to kick off in the all—english champions league final. liverpool are going for a sixth title, but a first trophy underjurgen klopp. tottenham have never won anything under mauricio pochettino, and it would be a first champions league for them.
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and i'm jane dougall with all the day's other sports news from the bbc sports centre. not the send—off they wanted. the lionesses lose against new zealand in their last friendly before they leave for the world cup. and find out how saracens pulled off a great comeback to win their fourth title in five years at twickenham. welcome to sports day. the nurse beginning to jangle in madrid. fans on the outskirts of madrid beginning to spill their way into the stadium less tha n to spill their way into the stadium less than 90 minutes to go until the most important 90 minutes of this long football season. plenty of
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things to discuss over the next half an hourorso but things to discuss over the next half an hour or so but today we have seen the build up really get to melting point. especially hot here and lots of singing and through bases and lots of suntanned because it is 30 degrees and very hot for the players and when the match does kick—off, the fans have been enjoying themselves in the middle of madrid today. many of them calling this the biggest match involving two british sides ever. it is very important for both the fans of liverpool and (speaking spanish). as we reprogram for a six european cup after defeat in the final last year and tottenham hostpur go to write new history become the first new name on the trophy since chelsea back in 2012. we could talk about that match itself because the build—up has been so itself because the build—up has been so long. three weeks since the last emily game of the season but we are finally here and can talk about the two eleve ns it finally here and can talk about the two elevens it will line—up against one another, a couple of question marks for both sides and they involved their central structures as
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well. the biggest of them concerns harry kane, the england captain, the totte n ha m harry kane, the england captain, the tottenham talisman, 2a goals scored in all competitions but sidelined for six weeks in the winter with an ankle injury and was also sidelined again at the end of the season and in fact has not played since april the 9th because of another ankle problem. the question is will he start or come off the bench for totte n ha m 7 start or come off the bench for tottenham 7 for start or come off the bench for tottenham? for liverpool, a? 0ver roberto firmino who has got a muscle problem. the question is will he join that was mohamed salama and it's audio manet, the striking front three that they have got. we can hearfor three that they have got. we can hear for the two managers on what their selections will be, both keeping their cards quite close to their chest. if poch tells me the exact line—up, then i will call you and tell you our line—up as well. but if not, i would keep at least a few question marks open, like this, but he is fit, and you see he is here
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and if nothing happens from the moment when he left to play until now because i didn't see him since then, he should be fine. this is not going to be easy to take a decision tomorrow. it was difficult the last game that we played, the semi—finals, the quarter—finals, the last 16. in every single game, you need to take a decision but tomorrow is going to be another decision, a decision that is for sure that we have all the information, that we know every single detail and we are going to take the decision to try to win. like always in football, it is so painful when this type of game arrives and you can only you use from the beginning only 11 players. that is the most painful situation. we could finally take a look ahead at those two managers a little later. many of the fans we have
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spoken to over the last two days from both clubs are putting the credit down to those two men. we will start with liverpool. a big day for them and their fans. will start with liverpool. a big day for them and theirfans. even will start with liverpool. a big day for them and their fans. even though they have won five european cup titles, they have not one to one since 2005. the defeat in 2007 two ac milan, including some great players, lost last year of course to rearm madrid, who won their fourth in itfour rearm madrid, who won their fourth in it four seasons with the likes of cristiano ronaldo putting it to them on that occasion. the manager back in 2005. the last time liverpool won the champions league was in istanbul against ac milan in 2005. their manager was the current manager of newcastle, rafa benitez, and he spoke to natalie pirks about the emotionsjurgen klopp might experience if they win. if they can win a champions league, irememberl if they can win a champions league, i remember i have the pictures of 150,000 people in the city and we could not go with the coach around
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because it was impossible to move. so he will feel the passion and he is already feeling the passion of the fans but he will feel the passion for years. we have the tottenham manager is extremely passionate as well, in tea rs extremely passionate as well, in tears after the comeback against ajax in the semifinals, three goals down. eight lucas moura had to put them here and give them what many are calling a date with destiny. an inspirational figure for his players but a different situation for the clu b but a different situation for the club because they had never won a european title. this in fact is their first appearance in a champions league final. their last european triumph came in the us a cup, way back in 1984. —— ufo cup. former tottenham player ledley king has travelled to madrid to watch the match. he was full of praise for pochettino and how far he's taken spurs. at each stage, he's managed to take the pressure off the players. i think that has really helped. we've seen the performances of the players and the never—say—die
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attitude that we've managed to provide in, of course, the last two games and that's helped us through, and that could be an important role in the final. and the final will beat we hope a fantastic event. it is the hottest ticket in town and in fact there is a liverpool season—ticket holder who sold his ticket for today's game for £10,000 apiece if will take the family to florida but i am not sure many of them will have given anything to sell a ticket for that stadium a little later on. we are about five miles in the centre of madrid so the fans making their way slowly here ahead of you couple we canjoin some slowly here ahead of you couple we can join some of those in the city centre and our reporter gavin lee. this is what it is like on the ground at the moment. most of the fans here at the centre of madrid, this is philip the second square, the fans on for liverpool fans on one side of madrid and the other
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side of madrid, for spurs fans. many of the fans here still singing, going on in a big clean—up operation of all the many times our beer cans consumed. it means ultimately they are not dispersing. 70,000 fans get in the stadium and 20,000 fans who arrived here without tickets are now looking for bars for the match to start. you have the fireworks and the fiesta still going here. the trouble is what is happening here and at the spurs fans on because of the reputation of english fans have decided to close early. so a lot of frustration amongst fans and they cannot go to many of the bars. they do not want to take the risk. just come this way a second, the police very discreet in the background here. they want to make sure this is a simple operation, the biggest operation for spanish authorities. 4700 officers, drones in the skies as well and no threats and concerns the moment but they hope this biggest event and most coveted prize in european league football stays
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that way and this atmosphere tonight. 0k, thank you very much for that update from the centre of madrid. there will be of course a celebration in the stadium tonight but we had to bring you some very sad news indeed. it concerns a player who is one of the europa league on five separate occasions, more than anyone else. the former arsenal forward hosea more than anyone else. the former arsenalforward hosea antonio reyes, who has died at the age of 35 after a car accident. hejoined arsenal from a savea halfway through their invincible season back in 2004. a minutes silence will be held before tonight's champions league final here a little bit later on but incredibly sad news today. jose antonio reyes losing his life after a car accident at the tender age of just 35. we will be back here to build up to the game a little bit later on, hopefully we will have
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some team news for you ahead of kick—off, and 8pm kick—off but until then let's and back to the studio for the rest of the stories. withjust over 20,000 watching on a sunny saturday at brighton's amex stadium, it could have been the perfect way to send england off to the world cup. however, the lionesses couldn't deliver a win against 19th—ranked new zealand. a goal for the visitors just after half time saw england lose 1—0 in their last warm—up match before the world cup in france. gemma collis—mccann reports. afinalwarm—up game for the lionesses, a rest for some, bit for others a chance to stake their claim in the starting line—up for their opening world cup match in a week's time. the lionesses‘ early chances came from new zealand mistakes. jodie taylor looking for her first international goal in 13 months, but denied by the keeper erin nayler. a penalty shout, taylor thought so, but the referee said not.
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new zealand's struggles continued at the back, but they repeatedly relied on nayler to keep them in the match. frustration growing for england with each missed opportunity. chance after chance not quite taken. england's first test came just before half—time. this just denied, a warning of what was to come. after the break, the deadlock broken, giving new zealand a 1—0 win. the lionesses looking for a good send—off, but instead it was new zealand who secured a shock victory, their first against england. the disappointing thing is we had an unbelievable crowd here today and didn't get them a win to give a send—off the crowd who have backed us for the last few games deserves.
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it is continuous in our development and improvement and the real thing starts next week. england face scotland in their opening group game. they will need to improve if they are to realise their world cup dream. gemma collis—mccann, bbc news. saracens have sealed a premiership and european champions cup double for the second time. having been 11 points behind in the second half, the defending champions pulled off a great comeback against exeter in the premiership final at twickenham, to win their fourth title in five years. adam wild was watching. these are the premiership‘s top two teams, but in truth, these two have long been in a league of their own. for the season's big finish, this was quite a start. exeter chiefs forcing their way through with just 27 seconds gone. saracens would not take that lying down. having already conquered eruope, it was time to prove they rule england as well. an extraordinary extra
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effort required, this exeter back in front. the first half, breathless. the second, relentless. the chiefs charging and finally finding the space, sam skinner somehow finding henry slade and an11—point lead. but exeter brought back down to earth within moments. saracens taking the aerial route, the brilliant liam williams doing the rest. in a flash, the lead gone altogether, sean maitland unstoppable and an extraordinary end to an extraordinary season. saracens champions again. adam wild, bbc news. switching codes to rugby league, and st helens thrashed wakefield trinity 48—10 to make it through to the challenge cup semi—finals. saints scored eight tries with eight different scorers, including this final try of the game from winger kevin naiqama. they'lljoin hull fc and warrington in the semi—finals. saints haven't reached a challenge cup final since 2008. to tennis now, and top seed naomi 0saka is out of the third round of the french open after losing to katerina siniakova. but serena williams is in action
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against sofia kenin. 0ur tennis correspondent russell fuller is watching. russell, 0saka had injury trouble in the italian 0pen. it is a repeat of that? i think you had more to do with the fa ct i think you had more to do with the fact that she was feeling the pressure of coming to rolon got us having won the us open title and then the australian open title as world number one, clearly pressure from external sources. she has to live up to that ranking but she spoke afterwards in the wake of her straight sets defeat to the world number 42 who played magnificently that she had been having some headaches over the course of this week which you suggested were stress—induced. she also suggested that polly that was self—inflicted and has like the idea of winning all grand slams in one year and that had been on her mind coming here. he had just not been a very happy week at also unable to recover from losing the first set as she had done in the
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previous round. it is possible we will lose her and serena williams on the same day. williams totally outplayed by the american sofia kenin, who isjust outside outplayed by the american sofia kenin, who is just outside the seedings here in the first set. she w011 seedings here in the first set. she won six two and half the break in the second leading 3—2 and playing a brilliant match and williams not playing well, not moving well and has come back from this position many times before in her life as she has her work cut out in the sunshine on the court right now. in the men's draw, novak djokovic, fabio fognini through to the next round, but a new name in the fourth round — greek player stefanos tsitsipas. a name we are getting very used to because again to the semifinals in the australian open and beat roger federer in route. a couple of titles one on the atp title since then. the match held overfrom the match held over from yesterday and he has played a lot of tennis this year and is very young. whether he has ascended to get to the second week remains to be seen but he is such an exciting prospect and novak
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djokovic wanting a straight sets again against italian qualifier and be out from the knee always a danger on clay and alex is very of of germany struggling again at the 50 but getting through in five sets and he is still fighting going into week two. —— alexander sarah. tonight, british heavyweight champion anthonyjoshua will fight andy ruinr at madison square garden. but the fightjoshua really wants may be getting further and further out of reach. wbc world heavyweight champion deontay wilder says he has signed an agreement to face tyson fury in a rematch after he has fought luis 0rtiz. it meansjoshua is unlikely to fight either fury or wilder in the near future. 0ur reporter ade adedoyne is in new york for us. what's been the reaction from joshua's camp to this announcement, ade? a lot of disappointment and you could argue that the timing of
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wilder's announcement this week was done to overshadow what is anthony joshua's first bow in the us as a professional. her member on tuesday he told me in the worldwide media he wa nted he told me in the worldwide media he wanted to meet with wilder face—to—face to try and arrange a unification bout. hours later, wilder said he was fighting luis 0rtiz wilder said he was fighting luis ortiz and on the eve of the bout, wilder they confirm that he is facing tyson fury. the financial said this was all done strategically by wilder in his camp, no love lost between them and anthonyjoshua of course and importantly it freezes out anthonyjoshua as far as unification bout or concerts will we are talking perhaps late next year before he gets the chance to fight either wilder or tyson fury some in the bout against wilder would really make the world stand still and that is what you want to say. but he has to ta ke is what you want to say. but he has to take care of business as he can see here at madison square garden against release.
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let's turn to tonight's fight, then. ruiz isn't thought to be the quality opponent thatjoshua might want? no, a lot of cruisers and four ruiz. when they stood for the head has shot yesterday, joshua towered over him. he will have high and reach advantage over the american and the flip side is ruiz has amateur pedigree and he is also quite tough. i saw pedigree and he is also quite tough. isaw him pedigree and he is also quite tough. i saw him in the public work—out earlier this week and he has passed handscomb his best bet is to try to get close, parameter pressure and the challenges can he do that without being caught with a big shot on the way in. it is a challenge ahead of the incident for him is when this and he makes is but becoming the first mexican—american to win the heavyweight title. joshua knows he cannot afford any slip—ups of it, youth —— unified champion. any mistake could prove very costly for him. an exciting night at madison square garden. some big matches there. some huge matches on the undercard, including katie taylor, who could make history tonight. she has the chance to do tonight
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what anthonyjoshua she has the chance to do tonight what anthony joshua wants she has the chance to do tonight what anthonyjoshua wants to do witches hold all the certificate belts in her division, the lightweight division. she is a decorated amateur and illiterate champion in five—time world champion and six—time european champion and faces a belgian who is a wbc he was held at bell since 2014 and has not lost in ten years. getty tenants are merely the suite this is the biggest fight of her career and she is a fascinating... —— katie taylor. he would not imagine she is about her when she gets in the rain, a fierce competitor and another five to look forward to the wba super middleweight champion and he cannot afford to make mistakes as he has designs on facing saul alvarez, considered to be one of the best pound for pound and unification bout. like joshua pound for pound and unification bout. likejoshua kimmich and also not afford to slip up tonight. thank you so much. to the cricket world cup now, and australia bowled afghanistan out for 207 afterjust 38 overs. aghanistan lost both of their opening batsmen for ducks after choosing to bat first.
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australia are chasing a target of 207. they are 164—2. new zealand put down a marker with a crushing ten—wicket win over sri lanka. after winning the toss, they bowled sri lanka out for 136 before martin guptill and colin munro eased the black caps past the total inside 17 overs. anthony van dyck has won the epsom derby, giving trainer aidan 0'brien a record—equalling seventh winner in the race. jockey seamie heffernan rode the 13—2 chance to victory on his 12th attempt. madhmoon finished in second, withjapan in third in the mile and a half—long race. 0'brien trained seven of the 13 runners. let's take a look at some of the other sports news stories
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now, for more on the champions league, let's go back to hugh in madrid, and have we got any team news? yes. questions have been answered. totte n ha m yes. questions have been answered. tottenham has named harry kane in the starting line—up. he is not places april the 9th. harry winks come into central midfield after hip surgery come into central midfield after hip surgery two months ago. he returned to training well by all accounts a couple of weeks ago so to england internationals go straight into the starting line—up. the hero of the semi final lucas moura with the hat—trick named on the bench for totte n ha m hat—trick named on the bench for tottenham and as for liverpool, no major surprises was that roberto fermina does make their starting line—up, joining up with mohamed salama and its audio monday at the front. james milner on the bench as well as one of the heroes of their semifinal win. fans with tickets going in the stadium behind me and what are the ones who have not made it here? let speak to simonjones down in tottenham. a really good atmosphere here but as kick—off
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approaches, i think nerves are getting to set in. look at the crowd down there, they had been in fibroids and no doubt boosted by that news that harry kane is going to be playing and that he is going to be playing and that he is going to start. let's get reaction from one of the fans who has flown in from the us to watch the game in a pub in north london. let me ask you, harry kane starting. great news for me, that means he is for. he is the talisman commitment him commitment him to score goals. very happy he is fit to start. lucas moura on the bench. disappointed for him. i thought maybe they could squeeze both end. but he is a great weapon in the last 30 minutes if we need a goal, if we are down ago and is even, he has to speed to come in a cost liverpool all kinds of trouble. i think he will be ready and has a big heart and i think you will be
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ready. you flew in from san francisco, arrived this morning it because you wanted to see a spurs game in this atmosphere. absolutely. there are some great spurs bars in the us, a lot of great spurs fans but these people have lived and died with this club their entire lives and there is nothing like being here i think. no regrets coming here, evenif i think. no regrets coming here, even if things don't go our way, no regrets. fingers crossed for you, you have have a long way to see this and fans eagerly anticipating kick—off and over an hour's time. simon, thank you, and to liverpool and exterior is in the northwest for us. and exterior is in the northwest for us. hello. very loud here as you can tell, i don't know if you can hear me. getting warmed up here now and harry kane just on the tv screen and big boots, liverpool team announced ina loud big boots, liverpool team announced in a loud cheer. you can expect that here. many more liverpool fans and
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spurs fans have gone out to madrid but there are plenty left behind watching on big screens like this. there are three big screens on the waterfront of which this is one and there will be 11,000 people tonight watching the match just there will be 11,000 people tonight watching the matchjust in these venues in an event organised by bt sport the event organiser. let's chat with a couple of liverpool fans. the chair is getting government now. where have you to come from? from leads. what he will come from? from leads. what he will come from? from leads. what he will come from leads? wanted to soak up the atmosphere and see how we got on today. are you nervous, excited or confident? all of them. do not know what to expect but i think for the company as well. looking for a 2—1 win. i notice harry kane is starting for spurs? are you frightened of him? not to worry about him to be honest. not played too much football
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andi honest. not played too much football and i think will be all right. what do you think? 2-0. there is confidence there. look at possibly go wrong? they are really getting the mood now. are we all? you can listen to full commentary of the match and all the build—up right now on it radio five live, bbc radio five live. and the team as we look forward to what will be we hope when incredible all english chap usually final between spurs and liverpool and it will be a fantastic end to what has been a great campaign so farfor what has been a great campaign so far for both clubs. music
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so unexciting night of football lies ahead and we have had a bit of excitement and the weather today as well. temperatures across southeast england and wanted to places above 27 degrees but it was not like that everywhere. that was cumbria earlier
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on, a lot of cloud and outbreaks of rain and rain features more heavily in the forecaster this evening into night, heavy rain moving across northern ireland and scotland and shallot rain into the west of england and wales. further east, estates drive for all of us, very humid and muggy and temperatures between 12 and 16 degrees in quite a few places. tomorrow morning will start with a lot of rain across scotla nd start with a lot of rain across scotland and soggy here. this band of cloud and shallot rain drifts eastwards into northern ireland and england and southie scotland and ahead of that still some wants and that warmth squashed into these eastern parts of england. 26 degrees again and further west cooler and fresher. turns quite shabby and very windy in northern ireland later in the day. look ahead to the coming week, it looks rather cool and some rain at times but also some spells of sunshine.
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this is bbc news. i'm lukwesa burak. the headlines at seven. tens of thousands of football fans in madrid havejust one hour to wait for the kick off of the champion's league final between liverpool and tottenham. the wait is almost over, the metropolitano stadium is feeling good up, history of waits for either totte n ha m good up, history of waits for either tottenham or liverpool. president trump defies protocol, ahead of his state visit to britain, as he praises borisjohnson and his bid to become prime minister. i've always liked him. i don't know whether he's going to be chosen, but i think he's a very good guy, a very talented person. a call to expel peter willsman from the labour party, from formerjustice secretary and labour peer lord falconer. nine incidents of small boats carrying migrants off the kent


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