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this is bbc news. the headlines... history is about to be witnessed by tens of thousands of football fans in madrid as the champions league final between liverpool and tottenham kicks off. president trump defies protocol ahead of his state visit to britain as he praises borisjohnson and his bid to become prime minister. i've always liked him. i don't know whether he's going to be chosen, but i think he's a very good guy, a very talented person. a bomb left under a serving police officer's car in belfast was ‘intended to kill‘, say detectives, who believe ‘violent dissident republicans‘ were behind it. nine incidents of small boats carrying migrants off the kent coast are being dealt with by the coastguard. a call to expel peter willsman from the labour party from formerjustice secretary
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and labour peer lord falconer. and in rugby union, saracens do the double — beating exeter in a thrilling premiership final. the champions league final has just kicked off in madrid. spurs take on liverpool. it‘s only the second ever champions league final to feature two english clubs. if tottenham win, they‘ll lift their first european cup. liverpool will be hoping they can win their sixth. our vorrespondent, stuart flinders, is at an event in the heart of liverpool that is being held in association with bt sport.
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the match is about to get under way and everybody here is ready for it. 7000 people have been packed into this venue with another 4000 and neighbouring venues. listen to that! it is almost like being in madrid andi it is almost like being in madrid and i have not met anybody who was not confident liverpool will wind after that shattering defeat last year. after that shattering defeat last yea r. let after that shattering defeat last year. let us see how they get on... stuart flinders, thank you very much in liverpool. we can‘t cross to north london where the tottenham fans have been gathering. simonjones the tottenham fans have been gathering. simon jones is. the tottenham fans have been gathering. simon jones is. -- we can ci’oss. gathering. simon jones is. -- we can cross. the waiting is over and for the fans it is a nervous 90 minutes. if you look there are... they have been enjoying the sun so far this afternoon. they have been enjoying
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the build—up and now this is the moment of truth. many spurs fans i have been speaking to did not expect to get to the final of the champions league. it was a difficult group stage for them and they thought they would be knocked out at the last moment against manchester city. they went down three mil to ajax so many people here felt they believed this was the year for people here felt they believed this was the yearfor spurs. people here felt they believed this was the year for spurs. to defy the odds and win this vital game. many people watching on eight big screens in the pub and lots of fans have gone to the brand—new stadium just down the road from me to watch the game. thousands of fans and already... they are pretty nervous. . . already... they are pretty nervous... there was already... they are pretty nervous. . . there was a already... they are pretty nervous... there was a problem with the connection from north london. we understand liverpool have a penalty. let us go straight to stuart
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flinders in liverpool. well, a dramatic start. liverpool have a penalty in the opening one minute of the game! what a start for these fans. if that goes in and it is mo salah, well, this place will raise the roof. he is lining up. he cannot believe it. he is looking at the goalkeeper and they all had their cameras ready to record the moment if this goes on. it has gone quiet, bit of tension, he steps up... oh!
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i think those pictures speak for themselves. coming to us from liverpool, we were outside. that is on one of the pubs, look at that, celebrating. why? in the first minute, liverpool were awarded a penalty, taken by mo salah. and straight into the back of the net. we are watching things closely but we are very happy, the liverpool fans, so far. an historic game taking place in madrid and we have correspondence in liverpool, north london and also central madrid. we can go back to liverpool and here from stuart flinders... well... what a start! i don‘t know
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if you can hear me. i will carry on talking. listen to that! what a start. they are very happy and they we re start. they are very happy and they were confident and they will feel their confidence has been vindicated. i—o their confidence has been vindicated. 1—0 from a penalty after a foul within the first minute. 7000 people inside this venue watching the match live in an event organised by bt sport. the rights holders. what an atmosphere, they are all enjoying it, that is for sure! drama already in the first minute. but you can see the pictures from liverpool. liverpool i—o can see the pictures from liverpool. liverpool 1—0 up. we will get more than this is that match progresses. do stay with us on bbc news. other news... president trump has broken diplomatic convention by publicly commenting on the conservative leadership race. ahead of next week‘s state visit, he told the sun newspaper that
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boris johnson would make an "excellent" prime minister. he also commended the foreign secretary, jeremy hunt, who‘s also running for leader, but was critical of another candidate, michael gove. here‘s our political correspondent, iain watson. politics, like comedy, can be all about timing. donald trump‘s three—day state visit will comejust ahead of the conservative leadership contest, and perhaps unsurprisingly, he‘s been signalling support for a blonde haired and occasionally gaffe prone big beast, telling a uk newspaper that boris johnson would be excellent. i‘ve always liked him. i don‘t know that he‘s going to be chosen, but i think he is a very good guy, a very talented person. he‘s been very positive about me and our country. and the president claimed that other candidates have asked for his support. other people have asked me for an endorsement, i haven‘t been asked for endorsements. state visits are supposed to be diplomatic, not political occasions, but diplomacy and etiquette aren‘t
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really donald trump‘s strong points, and he‘s not alone in this, because four years ago as london mayor, borisjohnson accused donald trump of stupefying ignorance, and suggested he wasn‘t fit to hold the office of us president. how things change. this conservative leadership contender said in any case an endorsement from donald trump could be seen in a more negative light. i think you have to ask boris whether that helps or hinders boris's campaign, but what i would say is that i am very proud as foreign secretary that we have the best relationship with the united states. and another runner in the conservative leadership race didn‘t get the thumbs up from the president. he was annoyed by michael gove‘s suggestion that he had been sabre rattling over iran‘s nuclear programme. the white house insists that donald trump hasn‘t formally endorsed a leadership candidate, but some aspiring s of number ——
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occupants of number 10 won‘t be sure whether they want to be buried praised by the outspoken us president. iain watson, bbc news, westminster. earlier i spoke to david dunn — head of the department of political science and international studies at the university of birmingham and asked him whether trump‘s comments would be received as a help or a hindrance to the tory leadership candidates. that is the big question — of course most of this is will the trump endorsement actually help your candidacy or perhaps even hinder it? or, more likely, just make no difference at all. trump flatters himself. saying his endorsement can make a 40 or 50 point difference. that might work in west virginia or alabama but doesn‘t work in the uk. i think his endorsement will be minimal in terms of the impact it has on the conservative party race. but it may actually be about his reliability and collectibility as a partner in politics.
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obviously, next week we have the visit, he will be spending time in the united kingdom, what big issues is he likely to put on the agenda? state visits are meant to be symbolic and they are meant to be about reaffirming the deep political relationships between the states. trump has proved to be incapable of actually raising controversial issues. —— not actually. there are major differences in this administration‘s approach, very much an america first agenda, so for example, his pushing for a harder line against iran, he didn‘t like the fact that michael gove describes him as sabre rattling over the iran relationship. differences over climate policy, differences over trade policies with regard to china. he is saying go front challenging the five either intelligence sharing arrangement that britain has had with the united states
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since the 1940s, saying if you go with huawei in anotherform, you risk losing access to american intelligence. also pushing for... an american president who has very different agendas and one that is very much focused on getting what is good for america rather than thinking about systemic international relations and global government issues more broadly. bearing that it mind, of the front runners currently, which individual, taking their characteristics into consideration, would be best suited to work with donald trump? he is very erratic and unpredictable. as far as trump is concerned, he is slighted by the fact johnson has said nice things about him.
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and supporting him because trump would rather work with europe fragmented. america individual power relationship has a better chance of getting a good deal. as far as trump is concerned, he likes to be disrupted and likes to be disruptive. he likes to shake things up, things about the he certainly has done that to the international system. whether those qualities are best mirrored by a british prime minister is a different thing. a more steady hand and a more constant force, a more stable and predictable prime minister, may be a more constant response to somebody who is erratic. mr trump has also responded to comments made by the duchess of sussex, who has been critical in the past of the us president. ahead of the 2016 us presidential election, la—born meghan backed mr trump‘s rival, hillary clinton, and suggested she would leave the us if he won. when asked by the sun about the comments, mr trump said
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he had not been aware of them, adding, "what can i say? i didn‘t know that she was nasty". but mr trump said meghan would make "a very good" american princess, adding he thought it was "nice" she had joined the royal family. the formerjustice secretary, the labour peer lord falconer, says the party should expel a prominent party member who was suspended yesterday. peter willsman is accused of saying the israeli embassy was "almost certainly" behind complaints of anti—semitism. lord falconer is leading labour‘s inquiry into the claims. earlier today he spoke to the bbc about the current position of the claims and the process. well, first of all, my task is now effectively being done by the equalities commission, that are launching a full—blown investigation into allegations of anti—semitism in the labour party. the issue of peter willsman is an acid test for the labour party. peter willsman has, in this recording that was published by a radio station yesterday, said that the allegations of anti—semitism in the labour party
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are, in effect, orchestrated by the israeli embassy. that is a conspiracy theory which has absolutely no foundation whatsoever. if you were a member of the jewish community, it would give you little hope that the labour party would deal fairly with allegations of anti—semitism, if somebody on its main ruling body — the national executive committee — had those views. it‘s right that he‘s been suspended, but the next step for the labour party is to deal with the disciplinary case against him as quickly as possible because, otherwise, people will have little confidence in our setting ourface strongly against anti—semitism. lord falconer. northern ireland‘s chief constable says there was an attempt to murder one of his officers in belfast this afternoon. a bomb was found under a car at a golf club in the east of the city. the officer had been playing at the club and was preparing to leave.
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the club has been evacuated and other vehicles in the car park have been checked. joining me now from belfast is our northern ireland correspondent, john campbell. tell us more about this, please? this happened at shandon park golf clu b this happened at shandon park golf club in the east of the city, not farfrom club in the east of the city, not far from police club in the east of the city, not farfrom police headquarters. the police officer was playing a round of golf and as he was preparing to leave he noticed that something was not right, there was a strange object lying under his car. he took no chances and immediately went back to the clubhouse and raise the alarm on this huge security operation swung into force involving bomb experts and a police helicopter. this evening, those army experts have confirmed it was a viable device which was fined under his car and the police constable was clear
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this was an attempt to murder that officer, the police chief constable george hamilton described this as a reckless attack. the security operation is still ongoing and tomorrow afternoon we expect to get further details from the officers leading this enquiry about exactly what has happened. for example, where was the bomb planted? at the golf club or on the car earlier? there should be further clarity on what the police know about this attempted attack when we speak to them tomorrow afternoon. the finger was pointed quickly to dissident republicans. what more can you tell us republicans. what more can you tell us about their activity and how serious is the security threat regarded? the police were clear this evening that they believe dissident republicans are responsible for this. they have used these under car bombs on previous occasions, for example, in 201! they killed a young officer in omagh and county tyrone with one of these devices on the
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year before they seriously injured another officer and a couple of months ago a man was sentenced to 25 yea rs months ago a man was sentenced to 25 years in prison, convicted for attempting to plant one of these bombs under an officer pulls my car in derry. what will concern the police most is that one of these devices hasn‘t been used in a long time. it is maybe three years or more since police have seen one of these being deployed by dissident republicans. it would imply they do have access to somebody who knows how to make these devices and that just adds to the level of threat that we see from dissident republicans. john campbell, thank you. the headlines on bbc news... rosella puts liverpool one goal up after a penalty in the first minute against tottenham in the champions league final in madrid. —— mo salah. peter willsman, who‘s accused of saying the israeli embassy was "almost certainly" behind complaints of anti—semitism, should be expelled
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from the labour party, according to labour peer lord falconer. president trump defies diplomatic norms ahead of his state visit to the uk, praising borisjohnson and his bid to become prime minister. a bomb left under a police officer post my car in belfast was intended to kill, say detectives, who believe violent dissident republicans were behind it. sport now and a full round—up from the bbc sport centre... jane dougall is there. what a start! it has been a shock start to the champions league final. liverpool awarded a penalty after 23 seconds. totte n ha m awarded a penalty after 23 seconds. tottenham player sissoko was deemed to have handled the ball in the box so to have handled the ball in the box so mo salah stepped up for club and scored, but in liverpool i—o so mo salah stepped up for club and scored, but in liverpool 1—0 up. delighting the fans inside the stadium in madrid but what about the fa ns stadium in madrid but what about the fans back in liverpool? well, stuart flinders is at the big screen in liverpool, hoping the club can do one better than last year, when they we re one better than last year, when they were beaten by real madrid in the final. what was the reaction?
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everybody was taken by surprise, i think. that handful in the penalty area then it went quiet as mo salah stepped up to take the penalty and when it went in, it was such an noise. quite a few gallons of beer we re noise. quite a few gallons of beer were spilled because quite a lot of it is being drunk. scarves and shirts, they have come down because spurs are getting back into the game a little and it is tense but surely with that one goal start, that has given them confidence and they were confident enough before any ball was kicked. these fans feel this is their year and they are enjoying it. i hope you weren‘t soaked! thank you! serena williams is out of the french open, the three—time champion was stunned in the third round by unseeded america sofia cannon. she lost in straight sets to a 20 oh compatriot, the defeat means her ambition to match the record of
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margaret court continues. saracens have sealed a premiership and european champions cup double for the second time, having been i! points behind in the second half the defending champions pulled off a great comeback against exeter in the premiership final at twickenham. he went on to win their fourth title in five years. adam wild was watching. these are the premiership is my top two tea ms these are the premiership is my top two teams but in truth, they have long been in a league of their own. for the big finish for the season this is quite a start, exeter chiefs forcing their way through, just 27 seconds gone. saracens would not ta ke seconds gone. saracens would not take that lying down, having already conquered europe, the push was on to prove they will rule england. such is the rivalry, exeter summoned the extra effort, back in front, the first half breathless. the second half relentless with the chiefs charging, finally spending —— finding space, skinnerfinding henry
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slade and an i! point lead but exeter, brought to earth within moments, saracens taking the aerial route, liam williams brilliant. in a was gone altogether, sean maitland unstoppable and saracens are unbeatable. an extraordinary end to an extraordinary season for saracens, they champions again. adam wild, bbc news. in the cricket world cup, a you have beaten afghanistan by seven wickets as they begin the defence of their title. afghanistan lost both opening batsmen for ducks that are choosing to bat first before eventually being bowled out for 207. david a first radio was finished unbeaten on 89. england‘s women have suffered a surprise defeat in the final warm up match ahead of the world cup. they lost one nil to new zealand at the amex stadium in brighton but phil neville says a bad result won‘t change how they are thinking or their preparations ahead of the world cup. the lionesses begin the tournament
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against scotland next sunday. racing and anthony van dijk has won the epsom derby, giving aiden o‘brien the trainer a record—breaking seventh winner in the race. seamus heffernan rode the 13— seventh winner in the race. seamus heffernan rode the i3— to chance to victory on his 13th attempt. japan in third. in the 1.5 mile race, o‘brien beat 13 other runners. keep watching for updates on the champions league final. we certainly will. a man described as a disgruntled employee has shot dead 12 people at a local government building in the us state of virginia. all but one of the victims were colleagues of his. police described the scene of the shooting at the complex in virginia beach as "a war zone". chris buckler reports. the police had no choice but to run to the line of fire. but little could have prepared them for the carnage they discovered inside this local government building. the office workers were finishing up
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for the weekend when one of their colleagues walked in and started firing shot after shot, indiscriminately killing a dozen people. they said to stay in there until the cops got there to let us come out. there was probably about 20 of us in an office, we barricaded the door. for those who managed to escape, the relief was obvious as others were airlifted to hospital, and so far the only explanation that has been offered for all of these deaths and injuries is that the gunman was a disgruntled employee. the suspect, and this will be the only time that we will announce his name, is dewayne craddock. authorities are determined to focus on the victims and not the killer. one of them had worked there forfour decades, another just 11 weeks. this was a long—term, for lack of any other term, running
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gun battle with this individual. vigils after shootings like this in america have become almost a custom, but nothing can prepare people for an attack on their community. my mum works down there. she was there, just trying to call everyone and make sure that everyone is ok. itjust doesn‘t seem real. this is the 150th mass shooting in the us this year, but in the aftermath of these murders, many people here didn‘t want to talk about tighter gun controls. a large number of americans still believe in the constitutional right to bear arms, despite the obvious evidence about what easy access to guns allows. chris buckler, bbc news, virginia beach. the uk border force says it‘s dealing with a number of incidents following reports of boats carrying migrants off the coast of kent. seven boats were intercepted in the channel and one further vessel was recovered near east sussex. the home
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secretary said the number of people crossing the channel is deeply concerning. last month a record 140 migrants crossed the english channel. a team of eight mountaineers, including three britons, has gone missing on its way to the nanda devi peak in the himalayas. the expedition — led by experienced british climber martain moran — failed to return to base camp yesterday after attempting to reach the 7,000 metre peak. a rescue team searching for the group have struggled to find them due to bad weather. more than 30 people have been arrested as thousands of hell‘s angels bikers take part in a three—day event to mark the club‘s 50th anniversary in the uk. the arrests were made on suspicion of drugs offences and possession of offensive weapons. the hell‘s angels euro run in sussex and surrey marks the creation of the first branch of the california—based motorcycle club in the uk. the former former arsenal
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player, jose antonio reyes, has died in a car accident in spain at the age of 35. reyes spent three seasons at arsenal and was part of the famous "invincibles" side which won the 2004 premier league title without a single defeat. he also had spells with atletico madrid, real madrid and sevilla. one of iceland‘s most beautiful natural attractions has been left in ruins after years of uncontrolled tourism. the leidarendi cave near reykjavik has seen many of its stalactites and stalagmites destroyed — and much of the walls have been covered in graffiti. conservationists say local tourist companies are to blame. tim allman reports. an age old dilemma when nature and commerce meet head—on. this cave was only unearthed in 1990, but it is estimated that since then hundreds of thousands of tourists have tried to visit.
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a delicate coating of fungus that covers the walls has been damaged by people writing graffiti. stalactites and stalagmites have been broken off. translation: i have come to the conclusion that a natural wonder of this magnitude and importance should have some sort of natural rights, like human rights, so it would be illegal to use it without limitations. the cave has been proven to be highly lucrative, with claims some tourist companies charge $130 a trip. with thousands of people visiting each year you are talking about a lot of money. the local authorities say they‘re working on an action plan to try and put things right. translation: we will start inside the cave and try to repair the damage. regrettably some people don‘t show respect for their surroundings. we need to know how many people visit because that gives us an indication of the plans we need to make. if tourist numbers are not
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controlled the damage to the cave is likely to continue, and potentially get worse. but the clue might have been in the name. leidarendi means "end of the road." now it‘s time for a look at the weather with ben rich. good evening. the 1st ofjune brought a burst of sunshine and heat for some of us at least. hastings got in on the act, this beautiful weather watcher shot showing blue skies overhead and high temperatures. temperatures across iberia into the 30s and the heat right northwards into the south—east, particularly. temperatures getting above 27 in south—east england but notice it was not as warm further north and west, particularly across scotland and northern england because of extra cloud and some outbreaks of rain at times. split fortunes during today and as we go through tonight, we continue to see outbreaks of rain
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and some heavy rain moving across northern ireland and scotland, some showery rain getting into parts of wales and the western side of england, increasingly breezy through the night and dry for the south—east but for all of us, humid and muggy. minimum temperatures for southern scotla nd minimum temperatures for southern scotland into england, wales and northern ireland between 12 and 16 degrees but low pressure is dominant as we go through tomorrow, various fronts spiralling around the low pressure so fronts spiralling around the low pressure so there will be outbreaks of rain and heavy rain initially across scotland and then this band of cloud and showery rain pushing eastwards out of northern ireland into south—east scotland, northern england and wales and the south—east could mean the odd rumble of thunder and is it bad of cloud and showery rain pushes eastwards it squashes the east, increasingly into the south—eastern corner and eastern parts of england again during tomorrow will see temperatures up to 2627 degrees but further north —— west temperatures are best for birmingham and cardiff 18 or 19, cloud and showery rain pushing eastwards and quite breezy as well
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and it will brighten up in northern ireland although further showers will arrive year by the evening that it will turn very windy here later in the day across scotland a fair amount of cloud and some are of showery rain continuing to push eastwards but as we move south day and night into monday this tea party of low pressure pushes close to the north of the uk, bringing very strong winds across parts of northern ireland and scotland and wind gusts of 40 to 45 mph and quite a blustery day here on monday with quite a few showers and further south not as many showers and poor dry weather in spells of sunshine but for all of us are cooler feel, 15 to 20 degrees at best and we keep that relatively cool feel as we head through the week ahead and we will see rain at times but equally some spells of sunshine. that‘s all from me for now.


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