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this is bbc news. the headlines: liverpool win the greatest prize in european football, the champions league, beating tottenham 2—0 in an all—english final in madrid. jubilation from liverpool fans, as their team take their sixth european cup triumph, and their first since 2005. president trump defies protocol, ahead of his state visit to britain, as he praises borisjohnson and his bid to become prime minister. other was like tim, i don't know if he's going to be chosen but i think he's going to be chosen but i think he isa he's going to be chosen but i think he is a very good guy, a very talented person. a call to expel peter willsman from the labour party,
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from formerjustice secretary and labour peer lord falconer. a bomb left under a serving police officer's car in belfast was "intended to kill," say detectives, who believe ‘violent dissident republicans‘ were behind it. and in rugby union, saracens do the double — beating exeter in a thrilling premiership final. and at half past eleven we'll be taking an in—depth look at the papers with our reviewers nigel nelson and jo phillips — stay with us for that. liverpool have beaten tottenham hotspur 2—0 to win the champion's league final in madrid. it's only the second time two english teams have been pitted against each other for the ultimate
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prize in club football. liverpool were looking to win the title for a sixth time — while for spurs, victory would have meant the first champions league trophy in their history. our sports editor dan roan was watching the game. no sign of a siesta in the spanish capital. it may have cost thousands to be here but for these fans, following their team to the grandest stage was priceless. madrid — a mass of red and white, with an estimated 100,000 supporters descending on the city for english football's moment in the sun. it feels like we are destined to win it. i think it's our year this year. i literally will sit on the floor and cry if we win. i don't have a ticket. ijust came to be with all the beautiful red fans and sing my heart out, and watch the game in the bars later. this time, i think we're going to do it. come on, liverpool! with both teams here after barely believable semifinal comebacks, each will have felt destined for glory.
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but in this — just the second all—premier league final and possibly the biggest game english club football has seen — only one could prevail. a fast start had been expected, but not quite this fast. commentator: the referee's given a penalty! just 22 seconds before moussa sissoko was penalised for handball. perhaps he was unlucky, but the penalty stood. mo salah giving liverpool the dream start. commentator: and he scores! and it's mo salah in madrid for liverpool. spurs have never played on such a stage and were struggling to impose themselves in the heat. their opponents in this, their second successive final, threatening to extend their lead in a first half that failed to live up to the billing. spurs — as well as the match — needing a lift, lucas moura, the hero whose semnfinal hat—trick had propelled them to madrid, was summoned from the bench. but it was another substitute, james milner, who came close to an immediate impression.
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time and time again in this european campaign, spurs have found a way. but when it mattered more than ever, they couldn't find the answer, alisson producing a string of critcial saves to deny them the equaliser they craved. but having defended well, it was liverpool's attack who proved decisive, sub divock origi taking his first chance to seal a famous victory. commentator: and surely that wins it for liverpool! the club's remarkable heritage enriched with a sixth triumph in this competition, the progress made under manager jurgen klopp finally rewarded. heartbreakfor spurs. their long wait for a european title continues. liverpool finally with the silverware an unforgettable season deserved. gavin lee is with liverpool fans in central madrid. it must be party time. yes, this is
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that it looks like and sounds like when you win the champions league final. the biggest and best in europe. get in there, they say. tran have a walk around for a minute. i will give you a sense of what's going on. very happy people, very drunk people, and this is the main pa rt drunk people, and this is the main part of madrid. in the main square, and look around at the moment. there's going to be a lot of beer going around tonight, lots of fruity words as well, 2—0 and a very different final because a lot of the fa ns different final because a lot of the fans watch the game in the bars, in the pubs as well because 20,000 didn't have tickets, they were told they couldn't watch it on the big screen here, the police were worried about travel, they're worried about about travel, they're worried about a reputation of the english fans but it's a fiesta atmosphere. the english fans are so lovely. there are so english fans are so lovely. there are so lovely and they're
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enthusiastic. when you come from? i come from france and i have loved liveable all my life. what is this atmosphere like to you? it's absolutely amazing, and thankful for being here, everybody is so peaceful and there is no hooligans anymore. they are all super cool. have a great night. let me bring you in as well. you are a liveable fan, when you come from? liveable. of course i fly involved a what the atmosphere like? this is six times. this is the best, in madrid. the atmosphere between the fans? no problems at all the stops both fans are great, liveable fans of the best in the world. 4700 fans here tonight,
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sorry, 4700 aleese here. i'm trying to speak of the celebrating, the biggest police operation that has beenin biggest police operation that has been in sport. they are, if you look this way, you might be able to catch the blue lights of the police, they are watching standing by, they are —— they have drones in the sky. they are —— they have drones in the sky. they a re pretty —— they have drones in the sky. they are pretty contained and all of these fans have sore heads in the morning. champions of europe, for the sixth time. i'm going to attempt to one more question. if we are unable to hear you, fair enough. you have given us a great overview. obviously this is an international fan base. what other spanish making of all of this? -- what other spanish? a lot of tourists and a lot of tourists from all over that come to dread. this is available spanish fan club. it is getting crazy now. they are in brilliant spirits here. they are in brilliant spirits here. the cleanup is going to be massive
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in the morning as well. there's a lot of walking around, a bit befuddled about all this. the other thing to say, all this around us, this is going to bring in roughly an estimated 60 million euros, around £55 million to the local authorities. the bars are full, the hotels are full, the campsites are full and they're all going home after the parade. others might want to sleep in and fly back on monday. that is fantastic, thank you very much. if you manage to pick it up, any fruity language, we apologise was not very happy fans celebrating in central madrid. our correspondent, stuart flinders, was at an event in the heart of liverpool that was being held in association with bt sport. he gave us the reaction from the liverpool fans most of these fans arrived
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here full of confidence. they were convinced that this was going to be liverpool's year. but even they couldn't have imagined liverpool getting off to the start, a penalty in the opening couple of minutes. mo salah placed the ball on the spot, and this place fell clearly silent. it was like a church in here. once the ball hit the back of the nets, the place went up and the noise could have been heard halfway to madrid. the rest of the game seemed pretty quiet. certainly the fans here fell quiet as they took in what happened. they watched the clock tick away and then finally, near the end of the match, that second goal sealed it for them. the crowd went wild again and they knew... they thought before they came here this was going to be liverpool's year, and they knew for certain it is. simon jones had been following the match in north london with spurs fans, he gave us a summary of how the fans there reacted to their teams defeat.
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we are here in north london, some pretty dumb faces, hundreds of fans have packed into the pub to watch the game on big screens. thousands more went to watch the game at the nearby stadium, the brand—new totte n ha m nearby stadium, the brand—new tottenham stadium. it wasn't the result they wanted. things got off toa result they wanted. things got off to a really bad start, spurs going behind and under two minutes, giving away a penalty. then a second half goal. despite that the fans have beenin goal. despite that the fans have been in good voice during the evening, they have been cheering on their team, even though it didn't go their team, even though it didn't go the way people wanted. but people here have been very proud of the way the spurs have played in the champions league, the season. they never expected them to get to the final but they admitted that they we re final but they admitted that they were the underdogs but against perhaps the better hope and judgement, they thought that maybe they could pull off a victory. it hasn't proved to be that way but if
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you take another look down there, fa ns you take another look down there, fans still charging for their team. they know this has been a successful season, they know this has been a successful season, even they know this has been a successful season, even if the result wasn't the one they wanted. you're watching bbc news. a man described as a disgruntled employee has shot dead twelve people at a local government building in the us state of virginia. all but one of the victims were colleagues of his. police described the scene of the shooting at the complex in virginia beach as "a war zone." chris buckler reports. the police had no choice but to run in the line of fire but little could have prepared them for the carnage they discovered inside this local government building. the office workers were finishing up for the weekend when one of their colleagues walked in and started firing shot after shot, indiscriminately killing a dozen people. they said to stay and wait until the cops got there and let us come out.
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there was probably about 20 of us in an office, crammed in. we barricaded the door. for those that managed to escape the relief was obvious, as others were airlifted to hospital. so far the only explanation that has been offered for all of these deaths and injuries is that the gunman was a disgruntled employee. the suspect, and this will be the only time we announce his name, is dewayne craddock. at a news conference, the authorities were determined to focus on the victims, not their killer. one had worked for the city of virginia beach for more than four decades, another for just 11 weeks. this was a long—term lack of any other term, running gun battle with this individual. vigils after shootings like this in america have become almost a custom, but nothing can prepare people for an attack on their community. my mom works down there and she was there, just trying to call everyone and make
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sure everyone was ok. it still doesn't even seem real. this was the 150th mass shooting in the us this year. but in the aftermath of these murders many people here did not want to talk about tighter gun controls. a large number of americans still believe in the constitutional right to bear arms, despite the obvious evidence about what easy access to guns allows. chris buckler, bbc news, virginia beach. president trump has broken diplomatic convention by publicly commenting on the conservative leadership race. ahead of next week's state visit, he told the sun newspaper that boris johnson would make an "excellent" prime minister. he also commended the foreign secretary jeremy hunt, who's also running for leader, but was critical of another candidate, michael gove. here's our political correspondent iain watson. politics, like comedy, can be all about timing. donald trump's three—day state visit will comejust ahead of the conservative leadership
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contest, and perhaps unsurprisingly, he's been signalling support for a blonde—haired, occasionally gaffe prone big beast, telling a uk newspaper that boris johnson would be excellent. i've always liked him. i don't know that he's going to be chosen, but i think he is a very good guy, a very talented person. he's been very positive about me and our country. and the president claimed that other candidates had asked for his support. other people have asked me for an endorsement, i have been asked for endorsements. state visits are supposed to be diplomatic, not political occasions, but diplomacy and etiquette aren't really donald trump's strong points, and he's not alone in this, because four years ago, as london mayor, borisjohnson accused donald trump of "stupefying ignorance" and suggested he wasn't fit to hold the office of us president. ah, how things change. this conservative leadership
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contender said in any case, an endorsement from donald trump could be seen in a more negative light. i think you have to ask boris whether that helps or hinders boris's campaign, but what i would say is that i am very proud as foreign secretary that we have the best relationship with the united states. the white house insists that donald trump hasn't formally endorsed a leadership candidate, but in another newspaper interview, he expresses views on the issue that divides them — whether to walk away from the eu without a deal. this is their decision. you're just asking my opinion. if you don't get the deal you want, if you don't get a fair deal, then you walk away. by the end of next month, the uk will have a new prime minister. over the next few days, some of the aspiring occupants of number 10 will be bracing themselves, unsure if they'll be praised or buried by the outspoken visitorfrom america. iain watson, bbc news. mr trump has also responded
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to comments made by the duchess of sussex, who has been critical in the past of the us president. ahead of the 2016 us presidential election, the la—born duchess backed mr trump's rival hillary clinton and suggested she would leave the us if he won. when asked by the sun about the comments, mr trump said he had not been aware of them, adding: "what can i say? i didn't know that she was nasty." but mr trump said meghan would make "a very good" american princess, adding he thought it was "nice" she had joined the royal family. eight climbers, including four britons, are missing on india's second—highest mountain. the group, which also includes two americans, an australian and an indian, began their ascent of nanda devi almost three weeks ago. rescuers were sent to find them when the group failed to return to base camp. the headlines on bbc news:
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jubilation from liverpool fans as their team win the greatest prize in european football — the champions league — beating tottenham 2—0 in an all—english final in madrid. it's their sixth european cup triumph. president trump defies protocol ahead of his state visit to the uk, by praising borisjohnson and his bid to become prime minister. peter willsman should be expelled from the labour party according to former justice secretary, and labour peer lord falconer. mr willsman, who's accused of saying the israeli embassy was "almost certainly" behind complaints of anti—semitism, was suspended yesterday. sport and a full round up from the bbc sport centre.
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there has been magic in madrid. liverpool lift the champions league trophy for a sixth time. but tears for tottenham as they lose 2—0 on the night. there was one big talking point of the match and it was the penalty awarded afterjust 23 seconds. mo salah converted from the spot. watching the drama unfold was hugh woozencroft, hejoins us now. hugh, a deserved victory for liverpool? it is difficult to tell who really deserved to win the match on the balance of play because tottenham hotspur had the lion share of possession without creating many chances at all. whereas liverpool took their chances in front of goal. very few but i guess that is what matters. the first came very early on in the match. a player wasjudged to have handled and mo salah stepped up to have handled and mo salah stepped up to convert the penalty. after that there was no quality in the
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match until the 87th minute. the hero of the semi—final comeback against barcelona came off the bench and sealed the victory with a second goal and only a few minutes to spare. the liverpool fans were jubilant afterwards. the manager there ending a run of six straight defeats in final. a defeat year was the last of them but that has now been overturned as liverpool secure and sixth european cup final putting them third on the all—time list. i guess it underlines the period that you can club has been in charge and reaffirms them as one of europe's top elite clubs behind real madrid and a seamy line. —— ac malan. —— milan. how much has it meant to the
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fans? it has meant a huge amount indeed. the stadium is resplendent in red and the fans are still spilling out. they will have watched the players parade the trophy around the players parade the trophy around the stadium and back in liverpool there will be a parade tomorrow where fans can see them back at home showing the trophy once again. fans and the fan park here were going absolutely crazy. it has been a long day and they have enjoyed themselves but they are still going back at home and here and i guess it is a huge relief for them. since 2005 it was there last european title. quite important for them to get over the line this time around and stop the doubters who said that this team, as good as they were, were not up to it when it came to getting over the line. a fantastic evening for liverpool players, the manager and all of the jubilant fans. saracens have sealed a europeans cup
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double with the premiership for the second time. they were i! double with the premiership for the second time. they were 11 points behind exeter in the second half but they pulled off a rate comeback in they pulled off a rate comeback in the premiership final to win their fourth title in five years. one minute! one minute i didn't doubt that the quys one minute i didn't doubt that the guys had the willingness and drive to go out there and give it a crack to go out there and give it a crack to they scored a trial not i knew that from that moment, sometimes these moments question you as a person and we like to do deep and today we showed that in spades. to the cricket world cup now and australia have beaten afghanistan by seven wickets as they begin the defence of their title. aghanistan lost both of their opening batsmen for ducks after choosing to bat first before eventually being bowled out for 207. in australia's reply, david warner finished unbeaten on 89. to tennis now and serena williams is out of the french open. the three—time champion was stunned in the french open third round by unseeded american sofia kenin. williams lost in straight sets to her 20—year—old compatriot. the defeat means williams' ambition
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to equal margaret court's record of 24 grand slam singles titles continues. i think she played really well. i feel like in the first set in particular she pretty much was inches from the line and i have not played anyone like that in a long time. so it was, like... shejust played, she actually played really well. also out is world number one and top seed, naomi osaka. the reigning us and australian open champion was beaten in straight sets by katerina siniakova, ending her run of 16 consecutive slam match wins, and dashing her hopes of a third straight grand slam title. the win for siniakova puts her in the fourth round of a grand slam for the first time in singles. england's women have suffered a surprise defeat in their final warm up match ahead of the world cup. they lost 1—0 to new zeland at brighton's amex stadium. but england manager phil neville says a bad result won't change how they're thinking, or preparations,
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ahead of the world cup. the lionesses begin their tournament against scotland next sunday. anthony van dyck has won the epsom derby, giving trainer aidan o'brien a record—equalling seventh winner in the race. jockey seamie heffernan rode the 13—2 chance to victory on his 12th attempt. madhmoon finished in second, withjapan in third in the mile and a half long race. o'brien trained seven of the 13 runners. it's a big night for anthony joshua, who's fighting in the united states for the first time in his his professional career. joshua will defend his world heavyweight titles against andy ruinr at new york's madison square garden at around 3.30 tomorrow morning. the mexican weighed in more than 20 pounds heavier than joshua, although few people are giving him a chance against the man who's still unbeaten. the former arsenal player jose antonio reyes has died in a car accident in spain. he was 35.
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reyes joined arsenal in 2004 and was part of the ‘invincibles' side which went unbeaten during that season. a minute's silence was observed at the champions league final as a mark of respect to reyes. that's all the sport for now. northern ireland's chief constable says there was an attempt to murder one of his officers in belfast this afternoon. a bomb was found under a car at a golf club in the east of the city. the officer had been playing at the club and was preparing to leave. the club was evacuated and other vehicles in the car park checked. the uk border force intercepted 74 migrants today after eight small boats crossed the english channel. the home office said the men, women and children have had medical examinations. a criminal investigation's been launched. our correspondent,
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richard galpin, is with me. u nfortu nately we unfortunately we will get back to that when we have it. a small problem. in the meantime more than 30 people have been arrested as thousands of hells angels bikers take part in a three—day event to mark the club's 50th anniversary in the uk. the arrests were made on suspicion of drugs offences and possession of offensive weapons. the hells angels euro run, in sussex and surrey, marks the creation of the first branch of the california—based motorcycle club in the uk. from today, private tenants in england will no longer have to pay letting agents fees when they sign up to rent a property. the new rules, announced in 2016 by the chancellor, have been described as the biggest change to the renting industry in decades. but there are warnings rents are already being pushed up as rental businesses try to claw back income. our business correspondent,
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katy austin, reports. today's changes affect letting agents, landlords and millions of private renters like perske and coventry. this is what she had to pay on top of her first months rent. application fee was 300, deposit was 895, i think, application fee was 300, deposit was 895, ithink, so application fee was 300, deposit was 895, i think, so £120 to renew the contract 895, i think, so £120 to renew the co ntra ct to 895, i think, so £120 to renew the contract to stay for another 12 months here. the fees charged with fairly typical but for years they have been complaints that some agents have been charging far more and that some of what renters have had to pay simply has not been justified. there is already a ban on fees charged to scotland's intendant and now in england. charges including application and referencing fees abandon and deposit are capped at five weeks rent. some things can still be charged for including replacing lost keys but only a reasonable cost. campaigners
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worry that letting agents will make money in other ways. some are looking to use things like deposit alternative products which they get permission from the can end up being very expensive for renters. agents say they are already charging landlords higher fees to say they are already charging landlords higherfees to boost income and they will raise rent. for businesses who cannot make up the difference will fold. will have a massive effect. it will close offices and we have seen that. it will be the smaller ones, the independents who will suffer more. landlords agree rents will rise and more will self manage to avoid the cost of agents. don't have the training all the experience. and if they don't they will probably go out of market. especially with the tax changes coming in the next year. te na nts changes coming in the next year. tenants like perske are just happy their next move will involve lower upfront cost. —— tenants like
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perske. a p pa re ntly apparently the weather was scorching out there today? yes. but we were stuck in the wrong place. good evening to you. not everyone had a warm day parts of the north—west of uk stayed cool with some rain at times. seems like this were repeated across many southern and eastern areas and temperatures with a feed of warm airfrom iberia to areas and temperatures with a feed of warm air from iberia to the west of warm air from iberia to the west of london got close to 28 degrees. asi of london got close to 28 degrees. as i mentioned, not everywhere was as warm as that. parts of northern england were pegged back 15 or 16 degrees because as you can see there was more in the way of cloud and we had outbreaks of rain at time as well. a little disappointing if you we re well. a little disappointing if you were headed to the north yorkshire coast today, this is how it looked with cloud and outbreaks of rain. as we continue deep into the evening and tonight we continue to see outbreaks of heavy rain pushing across northern ireland and into
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scotland. whereas today it was not warm everywhere, tonight it will be warm everywhere, tonight it will be warm and muggy pretty much everywhere. these are the minimum temperatures. 11— 17 degrees. the finals of scotland escaping with something a little cooler and fresher. the weather tomorrow dominated by low pressure and that will bring about the change for all of us because behind the cold front there is cool air and that will work eastwards as we had through sunday. the cold air will be ushered in by this cold front, a band of cloud and showers drifting eastwards through the day to some could be heavy and as you can see, the band of showers squashes the warm air ever further eastwards. parts of east yorkshire and lincolnshire, anglia and the south—east could see temperatures into the middle 20s. further west, 16 implements, maybe 20 and birmingham. you can see cloud and showers continuing to drift eastwards. west wales a bit brighter later, bright skies for much of the day northern ireland although heavy showers will return here later on.
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and in scotland, a band of cloud and showers continues to work eastwards as well. from sunday into monday low pressure m oves as well. from sunday into monday low pressure moves across the north of the uk bringing windy weather, blustery wind across the northern half of the country. outbreaks of showery rain on monday as well. further south your showers, more dry weather and some spells of sunshine to be had but for all of us by this stage, temperatures 15— 20 degrees. no more mid to high 20s or 28th on the chart. and that sums things up for the week ahead. rather cool. but there will still be some spells of sunshine. whichever way you slice it, a humid nightahead sunshine. whichever way you slice it, a humid night ahead for all of us. hello. this is bbc news with lukwesa burak. we'll be taking a look at tomorrow mornings papers in a moment — first the headlines.


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