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mid teens celsius in south. low to mid teens celsius in the north. so it looks like it's going to say pretty unsettled as we end the week, and for the showers and sunny spells. preparing for a formal banquet on the first day of his state visit to britain. on a day of high ceremony, he was formally greeted by the queen in the palace gardens. later he and wife melania were given a tour of the royal picture gallery, before heading to westminster abbey to lay a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier. i think he deserves the treatment, he is the president of the united states after all. i think he represents something unifying about what is wrong with the world at the moment. despite being kept well away from the presidential motorcade in central london, protestors say they'll make their voices heard throughout mr trump's visit.
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and there's already been controversy, with the president attacking the mayor of london, calling him a "loser", minutes before landing at stansted airport. we'll have the latest on the president's trip. the other main headlines this evening... five bodies are found by helicopter crews searching for a group of climbers who went missing in the himalayas. 75 years on from the d day landings, we take a look at some of the weird and wonderful tanks that played a vital role in the operation and in the cricket world cup — england chase a record total — as they attempt to beat pakistan. and coming up in sportsday later in the hour on bbc news — england netball head coach tracey neville is to step down afterjuly‘s world cup in liverpool after four years in charge.
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good evening and welcome to the bbc news at six from buckingham palace, where president trump is now preparing for a formal banquet this evening hosted by the queen, on the first day of his state visit to britain. he made the journey here along with his wife melania by helicopter, landing on the palace lawn, to be greeted by the prince of wales and the duchess of cornwall. but minutes before mr trump arrived in the uk at stansted airport this morning, he defied diplomatic covention and resumed a feud with the mayor of london, sadiq khan. the president tweeted that he was "a stone cold loser," after the mayor said yesterday that he didn't believe the red carpet should be rolled out for president. well today, pomp and ceremony dominated proceedings, while tomorrow the president will have talks with theresa may, and then finally on wednesday, mrtrump will take part in commemorations marking the 75th anniversary of the d—day landings.
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here's our north america editor, jon sopel. this report contains some flashing images. ona images. on a perfect english summers day donald trump arrived to a uk beset by political storms. this is a state visit only the third us president in the queens long rain to be given such an honour. but this is an american president who doesn't do much standing on ceremony. i'm sure enough before leaving washington he was again expressing his admiration for borisjohnson. was again expressing his admiration for boris johnson. i may meet with him, he's been a friend of mine, he's been very nice, i have a very good relationship with him. i have a very good relationship with nigel and many people over they are, we will see what happens but i may meet with him. before he flew into london this less affectionate tweet about the city is male. sadiq khan, who by all accounts has done a terrible job as mayor of london has been
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foolishly nasty to the visiting president of the united states, by far the most important ally of the united kingdom. he is a stone cold laser who should focus on crime in london, not me. after that presidential twitter blast the real cannon fire as donald trump was given a cannon fire as donald trump was givena gun cannon fire as donald trump was given a gun salute welcome. as the president flew above the city that sadiq khan presides over its safe to assume the us president will not be rolling out the red carpet anytime soon the white house. but now it was time for the pomp to take over from the politics. the president and first lady were greeted at buckingham palace by prince charles and the duchess of cornwall. two men with very differing views on the environment but today was about making the royal guest feel welcome. in the two and a half years of his presidency we have learnt his views daily on everything, from the queen has been on the throne for more than six decades we know nothing.
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and whatever she thinks of her unconventional visitor, but how it will doubtless remain. one year ago the palace did let it be known that the palace did let it be known that the queen was totally unconcerned when the us president walked ahead of her to inspect the trips. today no such protocol infractions, donald trump keen for the ceremonial to go off without a hitch. these pictures will play very well in the united states where the royal family is still a source of huge fascination. at the moment the queen as having lunch with president trump inside buckingham palace, this is a state visit with nearly all the bells and whistles. there is no gold coach ride because of security concerns, there is nojoint address ride because of security concerns, there is no joint address to parliament because the speaker chose not to invite him. there was a display of gifts and artefacts, the president expressing some interest in what the queen was showing him.
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and then it was time to leave. this trip is a celebration of the closeness between the us and the uk even though there are many issues where it's more fraught relationship than special relationship. on trade, climate change, iran and the chinese technology company huawei there are big differences. but that will be the meat of tomorrow's political discussions. at westminster abbey a moment of solemnity as the president laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown warrior. over the years so many american and british soldiers have been comrades in arms. although there was time for the president and there was time for the president and the dean of the cathedral to share a joke. next stop was tea with prince charles at clarence house, to have been a fly on the wall during that conversation! then back onto the empty streets of london, a president
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seeming to be enjoying day one of his state visit. we will get more withjohn in a few seconds. as we've been hearing, this state visit isn't without its controversies, and a number of contentious issues are likely to come up. one of the biggest is over the chinese tech firm huawei. the us has already blacklisted the company, telling allies it could be used by the beijing government for spying. the uk however, is still to decide whether to allow huawei to build parts of a new 5g network. there are also calls for the prime minister to raise climate change with president trump, after his decision to pull the us out of the 2017 paris agreement, that pledged global emissions cuts. and then there's the issue of a post brexit trade deal between the uk and the us, and what that might entail. i'm joined by our north america editorjon sopel and our political editor laura kuenssberg. the president has never been shy
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about wading into british politics, are they braced for more intervention? downing street has not been surprised by the things we've been surprised by the things we've been hearing coming from donald trump with his views on brexit or how the prime minister should have played the situation. they know very well he gives advice with bombast and with little regard for protocol oi’ and with little regard for protocol or convention. there is going to be something rather curious about the meeting tomorrow notjust because they are such different characters, theresa may and donald trump who are absolutely political chalk and cheese but also the prime minister has got one foot out the door in downing street. so while there will be serious conversations about huawei and iran and climate change as you suggest, i don't think this is going to be some huge meeting of minds which will end up with some big change in policy on any of those issues. remember also big change in policy on any of those issues. rememberalsojust big change in policy on any of those issues. remember also just how much donald trump divides british political opinion. that's notjust the fringes of protest we can hear tonight or what we might hear tomorrow but also in the heart of oui’ tomorrow but also in the heart of
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our political machine as well. jeremy corbyn the labour leader will just not be attending the state dinner, he will even be on a stage speaking at one of the protests tomorrow just as speaking at one of the protests tomorrowjust as donald trump as meeting theresa may. while way, climate change and so on, what are the americans thinking they can get out of the talks later on this week? there are such differing views are a clear on holloway, the americans say it's a matter of national security which could jeopardise the security relationship between the countries. i have heard british officials saying this is america firing the first shot in an economic cold war and it's got nothing to do with national security, it's everything to do with protectionism and defending american jobs. on to do with protectionism and defending americanjobs. on that one i think it's fraught and there will be difficulties. but as laura says, you almost sense donald trump looked at the schedule and thought can i
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get out of doing this are bilateral with theresa may because what is the point? would my time not be better spent meeting jeremy hunt boris johnson or any of the other tory candidates for leadership? because they are going to be the next prime minister. when theresa may invited donald trump to a half years ago said come to the uk, she thought the brexit deal would have been done by how. brexit deal would have been done by now. it's not. it's still in abeyance. good to see you both, thank you forjoining me. well, outside the grounds of buckingham palace, not everyone's happy mr trump is visiting the uk. indeed much of his visit will be conducted away from the general public, because of planned protests. our special correspeondent lucy manning joins us now from. she is not far from she is not farfrom us. she is not far from us. it's been a very low— key start she is not far from us. it's been a very low—key start to the protests, this is the first organised demonstration of the day, a couple of hundred people are here and the numbers have been similar throughout
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the day. president trump is not at buckingham palace this moment to even hear this protest. the number of protesters and supporters of president trump have not been enormous outside buckingham palace, it's mainly been tourists who have been standing about one deep, a few boos, a few collapse to welcome him. tonight there will be the so—called people's banquet taking place with women's groups demonstrating against him happening at the same time as the state banquet. the main day of protest is tomorrow and thousands, tens of thousands are expected on the streets. it's not clear that president trump will get any site of them either, which he will probably prefer but they are hoping he will hear them protest when he is at downing street. it's been a particularly british, calm affair so far today. posters next to the one another saying welcome president trump next to banners saying wish you were not here. are right, thank
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you were not here. are right, thank you lucy manning in central london. more on the state visit later in the programme but for now back to my colleague ben brown in the studio. rescue teams in india searching for a group of missing climbers, some of them british, have spotted five bodies. the group of eight climbers, four of them british, were on nanda devi, the country's second highest mountain when they disappeared after an avalanche. the indian government says it's now assuming all eight are dead. yoegita limaye reports from the foothills of the himalayas. once the heavy rain stopped this morning the helicopter was able to set out. it returned with this photograph of the avalanche on nanda devi and grim news. five bodies had been spotted. eight of these climbers had been missing on the mountain. last contact with them was more than a week ago. four others,
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all british nationals who were on a different part of nanda devi, were rescued on sunday. indian authorities say they knew where to look based on their information. one of those rescued told a police officer they tried making radio contact with the missing team but couldn't. i think it's a big problem for mountaineers who come here, no communication. for example now, it's a big problem. but, ok, probably the avalanche was the end. but if there are survivors, six days, it's too long. they want have survived. the tea m long. they want have survived. the team is being led by martin moran, seen on the left in this video, guiding climbers in scotland. a well—known mountaineer, he'd taken several expeditions to the indian himalayas. for climate rupert whewell the nanda devi trip was an early 50th birthday present to
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himself. it's absolutely terrible, it's just the saddest thing. i cannot think of a nicer friend to have lost, it's just terrible. cannot think of a nicer friend to have lost, it'sjust terrible. i think the inherent dangers of mountaineering, one of them is avalanches and i think they were just unlucky. it looks like a big avalanche has ta ken just unlucky. it looks like a big avalanche has taken them all out. nanda devi is considered one of the toughest mountains in the world to decline. not many have dared to take on its peaks. now the challenge before the authorities is how to lift the body is out of such difficult terrain where helicopters cannot land. and how to continue the search for those who have not yet been located. all of it is being made even harder because of bad weather conditions. and there's also the fear of putting lives at risk to bring the bodies out. our top story this evening.
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president trump is at buckingham palace, preparing for a formal banquet on the first day of his state visit to britain. and coming up, i'm here at trent bridge where it's a nail—biting finish in the cricket world cup as england face pakistan. coming up on sportsday in the next 15 minutes on bbc news... we'll have the latest from roland garros as top seed novak djokovic sets a french open record for the men's draw — a tenth quarterfinal appearance in a row. architecture this week europe marks the 75th anniversary of the d—day landings in 1944. over 100,000 allied troops took part in the assault on the beaches of normandy, a turning point in world war two. well, a key figure in the operation's success was general percy hobart. he pioneered the use of specialised tanks to land the troops
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and overcome the german defences. robert hall reports. churchill: after two years' patient preparation and marvellous devices of amphibious warfare, our own scientists are not surpassed in any nation in the world. my reactions were how very strange it was and how very unlikely. nobody was allowed out, it was dead secret. we always said it was hitler's secret weapon, the idea being that he would drown all the best tank crews before they ever got ashore. they looked home—made and in a way they were, inventions designed to overcome evert obstacle which has sprung every obstacle which has sprung from the imagination of one man, general percy cleghorn hobart. he is a great trainer, he's got ingenuity, he can see
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the potential of these vehicles and he is a forceful personality. nothing gets in his way. hobart‘s converted tanks would clear a path through would clear a path through the d—day minefields and over the atlantic wall's formidable defences. archive footage: it forms an excellent makeshift bridge. the screen is collapsible, it is raised by the air pillars and deflated by hydraulic means which also break the struts. and perhaps the most unlikely of all, a swimming tank. during the inflation, which takes about 15 minutes, the crew fit on their amphibious tank escape apparatus. well, it had a sort of mouthpiece and i suppose an air container. it enabled you to get out of the thing fairly quickly. that did cause a bit of fun during training because one of our chaps couldn't swim and he was obviously rather worried. and during the invasion the tank
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landing craft coming in with the infantry ran over half a dozen of our tanks and sank them. archive: the total weight of the sherman tank is 34 tonnes. it only looked like a rowing boat. when you look out and see us coming in that was the whole element of surprise to it. 33 got into the water and 31 got to the beach. which is hats off to hobart, isn't it, really? oh, yes. his collection of craft funnies were quite extraordinary but they all worked. percy hobart‘s funnies are curiosities today but they did earn their place in the d—day story. robert hall, bbc news at bovington tank museum. sudanese security forces have attacked a pro—democracy protest outside the military headquarters in the capital of khartoum. gunfire can be heard in video
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footage, with medical sources saying at least 13 people were killed and dozens hurt. sudan has been governed by a transitional military council since president omar al—bashir was overthrown in a coup in april. the chief executive of the shrewsbury and telford hospital nhs trust, simon wright, will leave the organisation after almost four years in the role. mr wright said the decision had not been easy. the trust was put in special measures in november because of concerns about maternity and emergency services. it's also being investigated over baby deaths, with the scope of a review widened to include concerns from 250 families. protesters have vowed to challenge a court order preventing them from demonstrating outside a birmingham school over the way it teaches pupils about same sex relationships. the city's council has obtained
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an interim high court order to stop the protests at anderton park primary. but demonstrators have said they'll stage fresh protests on friday, although not outside the school. sima kotecha reports. dennis road, often surrounded by the sounds of children playing at anderton park. but in recent weeks... our children!‘s been drowned out by daily protests, parents and campaigners calling on the school to suspend the teaching of same—sex relationships. but on friday the high court issued an injunction banning them from protesting outside the school. today those protesters said they will not be silenced because they have done nothing wrong. this campaign is not, and has not, been against the head or school. it is about parental and children's rights. the parental campaign has never supported homophobia and this campaign has not been
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against the lgbtq community. parents are not asking for anything special, just their legal rights. the injunction covers the area immediately surrounding the school and bans the staging or encouraging of protests against the teaching of equalities. it also covers abusive or offensive social media comments aimed at staff members involved in teaching equalities. we are told another protest will happen along this road just metres away from the school this friday. but they say it will not breach the injunction because it won't be inside of the exclusion zone. the school says it refutes allegations of behaving irresponsibly. what was happening was just so unpleasant and aggressive and a lot of harm had been caused by the protests outside the school every day, or almost every day, for a long time. and the stress and the harm that that caused to staff
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and to children and to families was just intolerable. next monday the protesters will head to the high court in london where they will challenge the injunction. sima kotecha, bbc news, birmingham. the former mp george galloway has been sacked by talk radio, after he sent an allegedly anti—semitic tweet following the champions league final between liverpool and tottenham hotspur. he praised liverpool's win before adding "no israel flags on the cup". tottenham hotspur has strong links with thejewish community. mr galloway says he'll sue his former employer. cricket now and england have been chasing an impressive pakistan total as they attempt to win their second world cup tie. from trent bridge andy swiss reports.
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sunshine over trent bridge and for england fans prospects seemed equally bright. the world cup favourites against a pakistan team who had been thrashed in their opening game. what could possibly go wrong? well, quite a lot as it turned out. pakistan's batsmen blazed out of the blocks and england's bowlers were clobbered to all corners. the underdogs off to a flying start. england hit back as briefly they proved their catching prowess. chris woakes with a cracker. ul—haq undone by his dazzling dive. but after the sublime came the ridiculous as jason roy became officially the most embarrassed man in nottingham. it summed up england's error strewn display in the field. hafeez slipping through his fingers and it proved painfully costly. as hafeez made the most of his reprieve, guiding pakistan to a hefty 348, england knew they were up against it. in fact, they'd need the highest run
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chase in world cup history and jonny bairstow was soon embracing the challenge. the runs were starting to flow. the only problem was so were the wickets. by the time the ben stokes became the fourth man out england were in deep trouble. but just when they needed it, a recovery. firstjoe root with a timely innings to steady the ship before jos buttler proved why he is regarded as one of cricket's most destructive batsmen, also reaching a half—century. was the fight back on? home hopes were certainly rising. cries of "root" from the crowd as he reached a richly deserved hundred. the first century of this world cup but would it be enough for an england victory? the very latest i can tell you is that england are 294—6. they need 56 i’u ns that england are 294—6. they need 56 ru ns to that england are 294—6. they need 56 runs to win off the last 29 balls. that is going to be a tough task for
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england, but we could still be heading right to the wire. exciting stuff, thank you very much. in a moment we'll be back with clive at buckingham palace, but first time for a look at the weather. here's chris fawkes. today we have seen a number of showers, but also some bright spells. this is worcestershire earlier on today. this evening that showers will tend to fade away and they will become confined to western scotla nd they will become confined to western scotland before thickening cloud works into the south—west and we will see rain getting into cornwall and west and wales by the end of the night. looking at the next few days the jet stream takes this path over western europe and it will develop weather fronts across the near continent. they could swing our way. but they are open to a bit of uncertainty. spells of rain
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certainly in the forecast and the position could change day by day. but there will be some spells of sunshine and the winds are lighter as well. a wet start to the day in wales and western parts of england with rain getting into northern ireland. it is quite cold here and thenit ireland. it is quite cold here and then it moves on northern central scotland. in the far north there will be sunshine and we could see heavy rain getting into east anglia and south east england, but that is still uncertain. some wet weather to come in scotland on wednesday and that looks to be quite certain. but we could see rain coming off the near continent into parts of eastern england. it is open to uncertainty but the rain could be heavy and thundery. we are still in the mid to high teens. an unsettled outlook in the next few days with rain and showers featuring in the forecast and over the next few days things will get a bit cooler as well. we
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will get a bit cooler as well. we will now rejoin clive at buckingham palace. president trump is here in the uk for three days, and his itinerary looks like this. tonight, there'll be a state banquet in his honour at buckingham palace. then tomorrow he'll meet the prime minister theresa may for talks at downing street with a news conference soon afterwards. and finally on wednesday, he'll travel to portsmouth along with the queen to mark the 75th anniversary of the d—day landings. i'm joined by our royal correspondent daniela relph. some are suggesting today is the day the president will enjoy the most. he is meeting the royals, all the p°mp he is meeting the royals, all the pomp and ceremony, tomorrow is all the other stuff. this is a president who is always keen to touch on his scottish heritage, to talk to the royal family, so you know today really mattered, the spectacle and the pomp
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and ceremony and he enjoyed it. nothing gets bigger than the state banquet tonight. we are expecting about 170 guests at buckingham palace, all who have a link to the us economically or culturally. the dress code is white tie or full military dress, but the key aspect will be the two speeches. the first one will be given by the queen where we can expect to welcome president trump, and to talk about the continual links between the us and the uk. then it will be the turn of the uk. then it will be the turn of the president to give a speech. how outspoken will he be or will he rein it in in the presence of the queen, the woman he says he quite clearly admires? we will know in a couple of hours. we will be back at six o'clock, but now it is time to join the new schemes where you are.
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this hello this is bbc news with rebecca jones. this . the headlines. hello this is bbc news with rebecca jones. the headlines. president trump meets the royal family as he begins a three—day state visit to the uk. gun salutes in green park and the tower of london mark the occasion. this afternoon, the president and first lady melania trump laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier in westminster abbey. a busy day — the president then took tea with charles and camilla at clarence house. despite being kept well away from
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