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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  June 6, 2019 1:45am-2:01am BST

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coming up on this programme: rohit sharma leads india to a comfortable six—wicket win oversouth africa in their opening match of the cricket world cup. cristiano ronaldo‘s 53rd career hat—trick helped portugal beat switzerland 3—1 and move through to the uefa nations league final. and game three of the nba finals heads out in california later, as the golden state warriors host the toronto raptors level at 1—1 hello and welcome to the programme where we start with the cricketing news that india have got their world cup campaign off to a winning start after a six—wicket win over south africa. rohit sharma was the star of the show in southampton with an unbeaten century and patrick gearey was watching. like all true stars, india turned up fashionably late. the world's most watched team finally rocked up, almost a week into the tournament. but their opponent, south africa, hadn't got started either.
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they played two games and lost them both. soon, jasprit bumrah was luring them into trouble again. for a time the proteas completely lost their bearing, hypnotized into doing silly things by yuzvendra chahal. as a boy, india's latest spinner represented them at chess — he turned south africa's middle order into hapless pawns. check. at 150—7, south africa had a few available moves left. chris morris did his best to hoist them to 227. a modest score in the face of this indian batting lineup, which features the two best one—day batsmen in the world. rohit sharma, in second. virat kohli is by some way the best. butwhat if, just for a moment, south africa could be better? quinton de kock produced it. a man of genius succumbing to an act of genius. what followed was steadier but for india essentially, as sharma plotted his path to a reassuringly slow century.
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by the time he'd done it, he'd nearly won it. alongside him, almost to the end, was ms dhoni. but chris morris had worked hard for a wicked and he was not going to let anything get in his way, not even the stumps. they all count but they don't all matter. hardik pandya got india over the line. just as their world cup‘s starting, south africa's could be coming to an end. patrick geary, bbc news. isaid in i said in the post match i think it was a very professional effort from us. was a very professional effort from us. it was a very low scoring game. not the highest of totals you would see in one way cricket but that is the way the pitch was throughout the course of the game and from that point of view we were very professional with the new ball, picking up five wickets, the spinners between them. we finished well. i think overall we are happy with how we played. in the day's other match the the oval in london, new zealand struggled to a two wicket win over bangladesh. chasing 216 to win, the black caps
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were cruising as ross taylor eased his way to 82 runs with some sublime play before losing his wicket with 58 runs still required. colin de grandhomme was among those dismissed as new zealand lost 5 wickets for 59 runs to ensure a nervy finish. they needed the tailenders to get over the line and it was mitchell santner who hit the winning runs as the blacks caps made it two wins out of two. now to football where a cristiano ronaldo hat—trick helped portugal to a 3—1 win over switzerland and handed them a place in sunday's uefa nations league final against either england or the netherlands. the match was level at 1—1 until the captain handed his side the victory. the bbc‘s ian dennis was watching in porto. cristiano ronaldo and he brilliant best with a hat—trick of quality goals to take portugal into sunday's final. ronaldo scott two goals in two minutes. his first was a dipping
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long—range freekick but switzerland had chances. a clipped crossbar in the first half. and then portugal we re the first half. and then portugal were awarded a penalty but va are we re were awarded a penalty but va are were awarded a penalty but va are were awarded a penalty which was scored by ricardo rodriguez. the confederation of african footall have ordered the 2nd leg of the champions league final between esperance of tunis and wydad casablanca to be replayed at a neutral venue in south africa, and with a non—african referee. the match was abandoned on saturday with esperance leading i—o on the night and 2—1 on aggregate. but the game was held up for an hour after casablanca refused to play on when the var system broke down, and was unable to judge a disallowed equaliser. the referee awarded the match to esperance, but they'll now have to return the trophy and their winners‘ medals. this is a highly controversial decision. i will give you the facts.
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the replay will take place in south africa, as far away from north africa, as far away from north africa as possible. a non— african referee and highly unlikely the final will be played over two legs over again. i have spoken to one of the executive committee members in the executive committee members in the meeting and they said those who perpetrated these organisational failures will also be punished. it was a unanimous decision that something had to be done. it is a dangerous precedent, and absolute mass. the second continental cup final to result in such a way. with the women's world cup due to start on friday the issue of gender pay and equality still hangs over the head of defending champions usa. they filed a gender discrimination lawsuit against their own federation earlier this year as they seek equality on payments with the men's side, and megan rapinoe believes
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that fifa can do more. they have been against, of course. i don't think you can say there has been nothing but i don't feel that has been that big paradyne shift into making incremental games. when is it gonna be that moment where all the cards are framed. i do not think that fifa has done that at all. —— the cards are thrown. to tennis and wednesday at the french open was a complete washout as persistent rain forced the remaining quarter—finals at roland garros to be moved to thursday, affecting both women's champion simona halep and men's world number i novak djokovic. there is the potential for the tournament to go through to monday depending on the weather over the next 2a hours. you may know that the man on your left is indian cricketer umesh yadav but the person standing next to him is a chicago white sox baseballer by the name of karan patel. he was a part of history this week when selected in the 7th round of the draft, the 200th pick overall, and the first american of indian origin to be drafted
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by a major league team. it could have been a different story for patel, who's already played cricket for the usa and had to choose which sport he wanted to play. seth bennett has been to houston to find out more. meet the chicago white sox's newest recruit, picture ka ran meet the chicago white sox's newest recruit, picture karan patel‘s journey is not a passable traveller. he has a ready played international cricket for the usa and now he's looking to make history. it would be a big thing to be the first indian to go pro for america. they have been two guys picked up from india but just been two guys picked up from india butjust me been two guys picked up from india but just me growing been two guys picked up from india butjust me growing up here, going into a great school here in america and then going to play in division i and then going to play in division i and trying to achieve the dream is something that i would like to do. karan patel go up playing for the
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houston indians and that has helped him become a better baseball player. i heard from baseball scouts from just the way you bowl, the action over your ear and just the way you bowl, the action overyourearand in just the way you bowl, the action over your ear and in baseball you're coming from a side angle, it has helped me manoeuvre the ball downhill. in baseball you throw over a slope. everyone else has not played the sport before. he hopes that if you can make it as a baseball player he will inspire the next generation of american indian kids to play spot. i feel i have given a lot to the indian can that such community and just to see one person do it, the next person could be behind them and chase that dream. getting selected by the chicago white sox is a huge achievement but now it is a long climb to the top if
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he is to become a major league of player. queensland have taken a 1—0 lead over insterstate rivals nsw in australian rugby league's state of origin series. the maroons were 18—14 winners in brisbane to take the upper hand in the best of three game series. the blues held an 8—0 advantage at the half time interval but two dane gagai tries in the second half turned the tide in queensland's favour handing them the win, with game 2 to be played in the western australian capital of perth on sunday the 23rd ofjune. in over 15 minutes the nba final will be played in california. golden state warriors have the advantage of for the first time. toronto raptors one of the opening game. karen durant misses out with a calf strain. and the head coach says the
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pre— match conference came injust over an hour ago. we will be updating that throughout the next couple of hours. everything else go to the website. but from me tulsen tollett and the rest of the sport today team, goodbye. hello there. it's been a really wet period for northern ireland. the best part of a month's rainfall has fallen in a day, that's nearly 50 millimetres of rain. fortunately, it doesn't look as wet through the day ahead but there will be showers around, notjust in northern ireland, but elsewhere. at the moment, we're sandwiched between these two areas of low pressure. this one has taken precedent. and through the night that's brought some intense storms across the low countries which have been making their way northwards through the night across the southern north sea, just flirting with english coastlines. so don't be surprised if you see some lightening here and even catch some rain.
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but elsewhere, a little bit of dawn fog and a cool start with temperatures in single figures. given it'sjune, i think it will feel quite fresh this morning. but otherwise, some sunshine. before this rain makes its way into scotland, still potentially intense and heavy and for the northern isles, a wet day. but for northern ireland, near the area of low pressure, not as wet as it was yesterday, but with some slow—moving and heavy showers it's just persistent, heavy rain for the northern isles. we could see 15—20 millimetres of rain falling here through the day. heavy showers following on behind. now elsewhere across england and wales, i wouldn't like to rule them out anywhere. there could be a rumble of thunder but it doesn't look as wet or as cloudy in southern and eastern areas as it was yesterday evening. so some stronger sunshine around. but almost the calm before the storm after the thunderstorms, we've got this more dominant area of low pressure bringing, we think, some disruption to iberia and the low countries, france in particular. it has been named as storm miguel. it's expected — so we're keeping a watch and brief —
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but it's expected to bring some very wet and windy weather towards out shores on friday. towards our shores on friday. so it's heavy, driving rain, only slowly moving northwards, as it brightens there will be heavy thunderstorms following, so even though it's relatively warm air coming from the south, it won't feel that way with driving wind and rain. it does, however, look drier for northern scotland and quite warm in the north—west highlands, we could see 20 degrees. but by saturday, that low pressure's bringing the wind and the rain to the north. further south, by the time we get to sunday it's a day of sunny spells and showers. now saturday, let's put some more detail on that. you can it's thoroughly wet for some parts of england and scotland. northern ireland, heavy, slow—moving showers. still a few showers in the south and breezy, so it won't feel the 18 or 19 that we might see but it will be gradually drying up. sunday looks as if the winds ease, the rains pulling away, but there'll still be plenty of showers around. so, not ideal but it does look like at the moment look like the drier, slightly warmer day of the weekend. as ever, there's more on the website.
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welcome to bbc news. i'm mike embley. our top stories: commemorations mark the 75th anniversary of d—day, which helped liberate europe from the nazis. 75 years ago, hundreds of thousands of young soldiers sailors and airmen, left these shores in the cause of freedom. more than 300 veterans were there, most in their 90s, to remember one of the biggest military operations in history. i was terrified. i think everyone was. you don't show it but it's there. i'm honoured to be stood here
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