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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  June 9, 2019 7:30pm-7:45pm BST

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hello this is bbc news. the headlines. michael gove acknowledges he committed a crime when he took cocaine while working as a journalist 20 years ago. yes, it was a crime, it was a mistake. i deeply regret it. violence flares at a huge protest in hong kong against a new law that would allow suspected criminals to be extradited to china. 100 firefighters tackle a blaze at a block of flats in east london — no injuries have been reported. so i picked up my sons and my missus, and wejust ran — just ran out. and as we came out the front door, behind us was the most raging fire i've ever — scariest thing i've ever seen. police are investigating after two female actors were targeted in an alleged homophobic attack in southampton. it comes through, and it is number two for england!
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and england hang on to beat scotland 2—1 in the women's world cup. now on bbc news it's time for sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday — i'm gavin ramjaun. england open their world cup campaign with a win against scotland, but a late goal set up a tense finale. and a penalty shoot—out victory for england, as they finish off their nations league campaign with a win over switzerland. and the king of clay reigns supreme! rafa nadal wins a 12th french open final at roland garros. also coming up in the programme... india impress at the cricket world cup... they defeat the holders australia at the oval.
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hello and welcome to sportsday, i'm gavin ramjaun. england have started as they mean to go on at the women's world cup in france. they beat rivals scotland 2—1 today to take an early lead in group d. scotland's goal made for a tense finale to the match, as they chased an equaliser. let's get more now, from katie gornall — who was watching the game in the nice for us. how did the match unfold? i hope you can hear me over the lawn mowers here. they do not hang about here! it was a close game here. england knew that all the pressure was on them coming into this, scotla nd was on them coming into this, scotland said the same. they were not just favourites for this game, but contenders for the tournament. they had to deliver than they did so. they had to deliver than they did so. i think it is a sign of scotland's development that they pushed england as close as they did.
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this contest finished 6—0 to england two years ago last four years ago, scotla nd two years ago last four years ago, scotland did have some injuries though. both sides will take a lot of positives from this game. a rivalry unlike any other. england again scotland is always special at again scotland is always special at a world cup. you could scarcely —— it could scarcely have felt more important. england are one of the best in the world, scotland had never been better. but for a rivalry as old as this, it began in the most modern way. var cold upon to see a scottish handball. that was the evidence, and that was the result. nikita parris, perhaps fittingly, scoring in france. this was
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scotland's first at a world cup, and had it not been for goalkeeper lee alexander, it could have been well beyond your reach. but in a moment the mood changed, claire emslie scored. the first game is always the most difficult game, certain standards, and the players know that we have to keep meeting those standards, we cannot drop below those standards, and if we do we get second—half performances like we had. i wanted us to play like we did in the first half of the full match. we wa nt in the first half of the full match. we want to be here for the next 37 days, and to do that, every single one of us, myself included, have to keep driving standards all the time. england are tipped to wind this tournament so to run them so close especially in the second half, i
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didn't think we played very well in the first—half, but i will give england credit, i think they played with intensity, they put us under pressure in the right areas and they got goals. we came out in the second half and showed what we are capable of. so, a lot of positives. there were lots of positives to take into the next game. they will play japan next, a very tough prospects, japan next, a very tough prospects, japan won in 2011, and runners up in 2015. as for england, they travel north to le havre, where they meet the wea kest north to le havre, where they meet the weakest team, argentina. thank you very much indeed for that. two
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other results in group c. brazil's 34—year—old forward has become the first person to score a hat—trick in a women's amen ‘s world cup. the —— or men. brazil were without marta, the leading scorer in world cup history. amongst those three goals, there was also a brazilian penalty saved by jamaican goalkeeper sydney schneider. it's the first treble by a brazilian woman, at a world cup, in 20 years. and there was an upset in valenciennes. as italy came from behind to beat australia. the matildas took the lead through their captain and star player sam kerr. her penalty was saved
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but she put away the rebound, for her first ever world cup goal. it's italy's first world cup appearance in 20 years. they face jamaica next. england's men have finished third — at the nations league finals. their play—off against switzerland was goaless after extra time. and gareth southgate's side were flawless in the penalty shoot out, with goalkeeper jordan pickford stealing the show! ——jamaica. in the dying moments of the game, england took the lead, with this rebound off the bar to callu m with this rebound off the bar to callum wilson. but then the old friend var again. the game that wouldn't end was heading to penalties. if you needed any more evidence that this had the air of a friendly, jordan pickford stepped up to ta ke friendly, jordan pickford stepped up to take england's kick. then it was
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jordan pickford again who put the game out of its misery. england left having gone one better than russia but still trophy list. it will not be one for the memory banks. it's becoming such a familiar sight, rafael nadal winning the french open at roland garros. well, the spaniard won it for the 12th time today — beating dominic thiem, from austria, in a repeat of last year's final. nadal is nowjust two grand slams behind roger federers record of 20 austin halewood reports. no player has lifted a grand slam trophy than rafael nadal. and today another victory for the king of clay. the austrian was the man to ta ke clay. the austrian was the man to take the first break of the final. but beating nadal in his own backyard might be the toughest task in tennis, and if you off the mark, it won't be enough. nad al took the
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opening set. —— rafael nadal. angering the spaniard after taking a set can be dangerous. rafael nadal quickly took the third set. time and time again, the champion's touch was too good. the fourth was more of the same, a titanic effort from dominic thiem, but he couldn't keep up. rafael nadal comfortable, and champion for a 12th time. incredible achievement. australia and india are two huge rivals in international cricket. and their world cup clash at the oval in london today didn't disappoint. india set australia a record run chase total in a world cup match, which australia failed to make. australia suffer their first defeat of the tournament, as craig templeton reports. a trophy shared seven times between
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them. both teams unbeaten. the biggest game of the world cup so far. india won the toss and decided to bat, and it didn't take long. but rohit sharma played louder, and things looked ominous. fans were made to wait before the century. the best batsman in the world began to make his mark. but it wasn'tjust about virat kohli, who was ably assisted. and what earlier was ominous had become 352 runs, and the highest total australia have conceded at a world cup. india would never make the work easy, and it took australia time to get going. when they did, it looked like the cloud might lead some shelter, but the australian captain needed
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concentration. steve smith tried to pick up the pace of the chase with some success, but when his crucial wicket fell, plenty more followed and hope started to fade. alex carey made a valiant effort with a quickfire half—century, but the total was too much and it is india that remain unbeaten. england's women have taken an unassaible 2—0 series lead against west indies, after a rain affected match in worcester. england batted first and reached 233 for seven from 41 overs. tammi beamont hit 61 and anya shrubsole boosted the total with some big hitting late on. in response, the windies never really threatened, with england winning by 121 runs via the duckworth—lewis method. the win all but guarantees their qualification for the 2021 world cup. the world triathlon series is in leeds this weekend with brownlee brothers in action in their home race. but, it was australia's jake birtwhistle who comfortably won the race ahead of spain's javier gomez. the leading brit was tom bishop,
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with olympic champion alistair brownlee well off the pace. great britain's georgia taylor brown won the women's event with a commanding finish. it's her first world series victory. jess learmonth was third. great britain secured a vital win againt australia in the hockey pro league, after a dramatic penalty shoot out. the game was poised at 1—1 when chris griffiths slotted home from a penalty corner, the aussies then levelled and it the aussies then levelled and it went to a shoot out. daniel beale had the chance to take the match to sudden death but he couldn't convert, meaning great britain won 11—3 to pick up a crucial two points. couple of super league games to tell you about in rugby league, and a real shock with bottom of the table london broncos inflicting a golden—point defeat on leaders st helens. morgan smith's drop—goal proved the difference — the broncos just edging it 23—22. there was another tight finish in today's other match. sam powell's late drop—goal gave wigan a 19—18 win at hull kr. some motor sport to show you before we go.
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quite posisbly the worst pit stop you'll ever see, it's in the indycar series, the former f1 driver takuma sato was leading in texas and came in for some tyres, and then it all went wrong, he overshot his stall knocked over one of the pit crew, that is chris welch who went flying. he was checked over and was fine. they then had to haul sato's car back in the spot where he was supposed to stop in the first place — and even then, they got themselves in all sorts of bother. a shame for sato who is having a really good season and had started on pole. he finished 15th — here's what that crew member thought of his afternoon. i was just i wasjust thinking i was just thinking about still trying to get up and do myjob. i got hit, i got knocked down, i got right back up and went for the car to get it back into the box. that's what you're trying to do, that is pa rt what you're trying to do, that is part of it. it happens, it is not the first time i have had it happen.
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it is the danger of the job, these quys it is the danger of the job, these guys put themselves on the line, so do we. that's why we enjoy it. sebastien vital is leading lewis hamilton in the canadian grand prix. that is all from us —— sebastien vettel. hello and welcome to the film review on bbc news. to take us through this week's cinema releases is mark kermode. mark, lovely to see you. what have you got for us? interesting week. we have late night which is a new film staring emma thompson
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as a chat show host. the new x—men movie, dark phoenix. and gloria bell. a remake of sebastian lelio's gloria. you're a bit gravelly today. i know, it's my tom waits throaty voice. sorry about that. well, i hope it lasts. let's start with late night, shall we? this is a writer that people might know from the us office. yeah, so, mindy kaling, and it stars emma thompson, she's a chat show host, katherine newbury, she's been there for ages, she's a proper host, she's smart, she's intelligent, she interviews proper, smart, intelligent guests, but it turns out her ratings are on the slump and she decides that the problem is that she's got a writer's room that is not doing theirjob, more to the point, they are all white males and she doesn't know any of them. here's a clip. uh, if i may, ijust wanna say, it is such an honour to meet you,


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