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tv   Asia Business Report  BBC News  June 12, 2019 1:30am-1:46am BST

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i'm kasia madera with bbc news. our top story: hong kong's preparing for another day of protests as crowds begin building near parliament. it comes ahead of the second reading of a controversial extradition bill, which would allow people to be sent to mainland china for trial. hundreds of businesses have said they will go on strike on wednesday. reports in the us say that the murdered half—brother of kim jong—un was an informant for the us spy agency, the cia. kim jong—nam was poisoned in malaysia two years ago. and this story is doing well on an ethiopian woman gave birth and just half an hour later sat important exams. almaz derese had hoped to sit the tests before her baby was born, but they were were postponed because of ramadan. congratulations to her. that's all. stay with bbc world news.
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lots more on all our stories on our website. now on bbc news live to singapore for asia business report. hong kong protests that by business leaders havejoined hong kong protests that by business leaders have joined the outcry over the territory's propose extradition law. can the japanese prime minister isa law. can the japanese prime minister is a growing tensions between tehran and washington? good morning asia, hello world. it isa good morning asia, hello world. it is a wednesday. glad you could join us is a wednesday. glad you could join us for another exciting mid—week edition of asia business report. we start off with hong kong and the territory. it is gearing up with more protests against the proposed
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extradition law. a second round of debate will be read by members of the city ‘s government. carrie lam says she will support the bill despite strong opposition at home. opposition have voiced concern saying the extradition law would undermine investment confidence. what message does this bill sent to investors 7 what message does this bill sent to investors? the business community and in particular the foreign business community have been a very vocalin business community have been a very vocal in their opposition to the bill. suddenly in contrast to the previous position on political controversies. i think the reason for that is that they see this bill is eroding some of the safety for their businesses and their executives that hong kong autonomy gives them. the business community just does not trust the chinese legal system and the chinese
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government to implement it fairly and they do not trust the protection of the hong kong government says it is putting in place to make sure their executives do not get sent to china as part of business disputes, for example. how different is that the sentiment this time around with this extradition bell compared to the umbrella movement five years ago. -- bill. during the umbrella movement, a lot of business communities in support of the government. this time you have some of the big fall consultancies and accountancy companies, the banks and so accountancy companies, the banks and so on, making it that workers available for protest on the ground for safety but the end result seems to be the same and that may be because they have not been subject to the same pressures that they were in 2014 which in many ways was slower and more evolving story but it doesn't stand as a big contrast.
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this particular opposition to the extradition bill has a broad spectre of support and undermine business in hong kong? absolutely. in the short—term we are already seeing people getting very nervous but the bigger problems is the long—term future and the direction. as hong kong becomes more like china, the things that made it a great place forforeign business things that made it a great place for foreign business and things that made it a great place forforeign business and local ones to do business here are being gradually eroded so that sense of the foundations of hong kong's prosperity gradually fading is definitely palpable at the moment. that was from the economist unit in hong kong. shinzo abe starts a free day visit to iran today as he aims to ease tensions between iran and the us. the relationship has soured
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since president trump pulled out of an iran nuclear deal. in return for the lifting of sanctions. it seems like it is a huge task and why prime minister shinzo abe? he is the first visit by a japanese prime minister in over five visit by a japanese prime minister in overfive decades visit by a japanese prime minister in over five decades but he is visit by a japanese prime minister in overfive decades but he is in a unique position. japan is a us ally but has also maintained close ties with the run for 70 years. japan are really needs to rely on the middle east for oil and it wants to see stability in the region. until about 2012, iran was one of the major supplies to japan, providing 10— 15% of crude. last month japan had to
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stop importing iranians oil altogether to avoid us sanctions. it wa nts to altogether to avoid us sanctions. it wants to however keep the option of iranians oil open to protect itself from possible disruptions in saudi arabia or eua supplies. it is opening to help. they really need a way out of the confrontation and president trump welcomed shinzo abe's help and russia has also endorsed japan's efforts to ease tensions. maybe shinzo abe could involve the reigning president to the 620 involve the reigning president to the g20 summit. from his point of view, he does not have a lot to lose because even if he is unable to achieve a breakthrough, it would be seen as achieve a breakthrough, it would be seen as a achieve a breakthrough, it would be seen as a statesman seeking peace and if it is successful it would
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make him look good ahead of the upper house elections this summer. a huge task but not a lot to lose. thank you for the update. moving now to other business news making headlines. shares in telecommunication companies have fallen overnight after ten states led by new york and california filed a lawsuit to stop t mobile is $26 million purchase of sprint. concern over prices jumping due million purchase of sprint. concern over pricesjumping due to reduced competition. seem to defy gravity dash beyond meat is now being brought down to earth with a 25% plunge in new york. jpmorgan cut it
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ratings over its $10 billion evaluation. this is one expensive veggie burger. in pakistan, the government hopes to dramatically increase tax collection as part of a new budget is the country has towards a $6 billion bailout problem from the international monetary fund. the prime minister says pakistan is facing an unprecedented economic crisis and want of the need for austerity measures. one of the main challenges for the pakistani economy is at the rate of tax collection has always been extremely low. announcing this year ‘s budget, the finance minister said it would aim to change that by bringing more people into the tax net, increasing the amount they pay and increasing duties on things such as sugar, cigarettes and cooking oil. imran khan became prime minister after being elected on a platform
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promising to transform pakistan into a welfare state but it is a goal made more difficult by the poor financial situation. pakistan is said to receive a $6 billion bailout from the imf. this is budget however has seen an increase in overall spending although one assumes that will be dependent on the government being able to receive this extra tax revenue they say they will be able to. in order to mitigate against public anger and rising costs from consumers, the government also encrusted increase to the minimum wage but in going forward the economy is going to be one of the main challenges for the prime minister with the repeat falling in value of the dollar after being kept artificially high and economic rate slowing down. the report from islamabad on the pakistan ballot package from the imf. in the auto
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set, a failed plan will serve as the backdrop for a shareholders meeting later today. last year, backdrop for a shareholders meeting latertoday. last year, renault backdrop for a shareholders meeting later today. last year, renault sold 3.88 million cars globally, making it the world ‘s 11th biggest car manufacturer. the fiat chrysler managing sorry catapulted. that would mean overcoming resistance from the french government which owns a 50% state in the firm. this in is crucially an alliance partner. —— nissan but since the architect was arrested in november with financial misconduct charges. there
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will be a vote on whether or not he should get last year is a bonus so watch out for the developments on renault. looking at the markets... investors turn their focus to us— china trade tensions. and the us— mexican deal. thank you so much for investing your time with us. sport today coming up next with all the results of the women's world cup. this is bbc news. the top stories this hour. protesters are gathering in hong kong ahead of a second reading of a controversial extradition bill. at least 19 people have been killed and thousands more left stranded after record rainfall hits southern china
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she's the longest serving cast member in the world's longest—running radio drama and this week the actress june spencer, who plays peggy woolley in the archers, turns 100. she was presented with a cake by her fellow actors at the studios in birmingham where the series is recorded. satnam rana has been to meet her. the archers theme. she is radio royalty, the matriarchs of the bbc radio four drama, the archers, and she's the voice of peggy woolley. i know what's going on, brian. of course you do, peggy. i'm sure you think it's easy to fool me, that i'd hardly notice you trying to pull the wool over my eyes. i wouldn't dream of it. well, now i know. and today, a special recording of a mock scene at the bbc birmingham studios, celebrating her long career. she was a great success in in schools radio, children's hour and radio drama,
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working regularly on the home service and then radio 4. radio 4, how posh! and then serving up a sweet surprise, current and past cast members. happy birthday, june. 0h, bless your heart. oh, what a lovely surprise. june spencer was in the first episode of the archers in 1951. she's the only original cast member still working on the show. what's the secret to turning 100, then? well, i suppose it's inheriting good genes, for a start. a cheerful outlook, i think, an optimistic outlook on life, and i've always enjoyed life pretty well, and i still do now, more than ever, i think. and still working at 100! i think that's what keeps me going and i love it, you see, i love all the cast. well, she's warm, she is generous, she is good fun.
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she helps the other actors and i'll tell you the thing about june, she never, ever fluffed her lines. all: happy birthday to you! although it's a milestone week, june spencer will be recording episodes of the archers. off air, though, it's party time. satnam rana, bbc news, birmingham. i can't wait to hear the next episode, i am a big fan. wages across economy grew by 3.4% beating economist expectations. figures from the office for national statistics show unemployment remains at an all—time high in the uk stop for women it hit a fresh record. 3.8%, the lowest since the mid— 1970s. women it hit a fresh record. 3.8%, the lowest since the mid—1970s. as
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always, we always have lots on our website. i am on social media. mike is here at the top of the hour but now it is time for hello, i'm tulsen tollett and this is sport today, live from the bbc sport centre. coming up on this programme: a new world cup record and five for alex morgan as defending champions usa beat thailand 13—0 in their opening game france get back on track as they win in andorra to move top of their group in euro 2020 qualifying. and the weather strikes for the second successive day as bangladesh and sri lanka this time see their cricket world cup match abandoned. hello and welcome to the programme where we start with the footballing news that defending champions usa set


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