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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  June 19, 2019 1:45am-2:01am BST

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by investigators over the awarding of the 2022 world cup to qatar. and records tumble as england captain eoin morgan leads his side to victory over afghanistan at the cricket world cup. hello and welcome to the programme, where we start with the footballing news that sam kerr scored all four goals as australia progressed to the last 16 of the women's world cup in france. the matilda's finished second in group c after beating jamaica 4—1 while marta created her own slice of history as she scored in brazil's 1—0 win over italy. watching was paul frostick. australia and jamaica lined up
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against each other with the aussies needing a draw to cement their place in the next round. the matildas staged an impressive comeback but this time it was them who got the mood first thanks to sam kerr. they we re mood first thanks to sam kerr. they were playing in confident fashion and trying their luck from all over the pitch. their perseverance paid off when before halftime, sam kerr scored another header, a 2—0 lead taken to the break. they dominated early second—half position to but the lapse in concentration at the back saw them caught out. havana sulon putting a goal back the jamaicans. australia was rattled but when sam found herself with the ball at her feet, the stage was set for a hat—trick, four out of the side's seven goals of the tournament and it would become five out of eight with the help of a goalkeeping paolo. nicole mcclure with a mistake and
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sam kerr with an easy finish, helping them through to the knockout stages. in the groups other match, marta scored a 17th world cup goal to help was ill when, becoming the all—time leading scorer at any of brazil's men's or women's world cups. on wednesday england face their toughest match of the tournament to date when they playjapan in nice. there is an argument that finishing second in group d ensures an easier route to the final — but england's manager insists that isn't something they're considering. we wa nt we want to finish top of the group and we want to win the game. what we saw out of the first two games, a massive surge in momentum from winning the two games, the confidence, the players are bouncing around, they are happy, the attention on us is positive. we want to keep that. the players are under
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no illusions about my expectations about needing to win the game tomorrow night because there are two routes you can take and there are pitfalls in both routes but we just wa nt to pitfalls in both routes but we just want to make sure that we keep winning every single game and if we do that, we will be successful. the former head of european football's governing body uefa, michel platini, has been questioned by police over the way the 2022 world cup was awarded to qatar. the former france midfielder and three—time ballon d'or winner has always denied any wrongdoing after qatar beat bids from the usa, australia, south korea and japan in 2010. platini who played for france as well as managing them — was banned from all football related activity for a breach of ethics back in 2015. he's been detained in france by anti corruption officials at the interior ministry in the capital paris. jane dougall has been there for us. he was reported to have been brought into the building behind me. the anti—corruption
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into the building behind me. the anti—corru ption office of into the building behind me. the anti—corruption office of the judicial police is based on this building and they have been questioning him all today. lawyer left a little earlier. he was surrounded by a throng of journalists but he didn't answer any questions at the time and no sign of platini himself that his spokesperson has issued a statement. he was in no way under arrest. he is answering all questions that he has nothing to reproach himself over. absolutely confident. there has been no reaction today or from fifa. absolutely confident. there has been no reaction today orfrom fifa. they say they are not in a position to comment further but french police can detain michel platini for up to 48 hours in this building. defending champions kashima antlers beat sanfrecee hiroshima 1—0 in the home leg of their asian champions league last 16 clash on tuesday. the only goal of the game came midway through the first half, brazilian midfielder serginho nodding in from close range with the second leg taking place next tuesday in hiroshima.
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ub an all chinese clash guangzhou evergrande beat shandong luneng 2—1 at home but it all came down to this own goal in the 80th minute. having an away goal on the score sheet will at least offer some consolation to shandong for their home leg next week. peru beat bolivia 3—1 on tuesday to improve the team's chances of advancing to the knockout stage of copa america. jefferson farfan and edinson flores second half goals in rio dejaneiro taking them top of the group for the time being — 25,000 fans were at the maracana stadium so it was only about one—third filled. that victory takes peru top of group a for the time being with hosts brazil currently playing venezuela in salvador. eoin morgan set a new tournament record for 6's at the cricket world cup on tuesday. england beat afghanistan by 150 runs
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at old trafford and watching was our sports correspondent andy swiss. he'd only just recovered from a bad back. fair to say, you'd hardly have guessed it. as eoin morgan took the art of smashing cricket balls to new dizzying heights. for england, it was the stuff of dreams, for afghanistan, more a nightmare. wherever they bowled it, he just whacked it. talk about a captain's innings! but reaching his century was just the start. the crowd almost losing count, as morgan clobbered his way into sporting history. that his 17th six, a record in one—day internationals and although he eventually fell for 148, his team—mates carried on. england's total of 25 sixes another record in a display of dazzling destruction. 398 was afg hanistan‘s gargantuan target. and although they tried to match morgan's heroics, they fell way short, as england wrapped
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up an emphatic win. a victory, then, which takes england to the top of the world cup table and if they can bat like their captain did here, well, they'll take some beating. andy swiss, bbc news, old trafford. it was a day of so many records for england led by the skipper who picked up two of them individually — although he wasn't exactly expecting what happened in manchester. never ever have i ever thought i could play a knock like that. i'm delighted that i have. coming in the time where there was a 50—50 share, it probably helped that. after i faced a few balls, i had no choice. ido faced a few balls, i had no choice. i do start taking risks because of him coming in next and after i got
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dropped, it was a matter of keep going. olympic and world 800 metres champion caster semenya says she was used like a human guinea pig' by the athletics world governing body after they insisted she takes medication to control her testosterone levels. the south african saw her appeal against the ruling rejected last month by the court of arbitration for sport — but the iaaf‘s decision has since been suspended temporarily after semenya took her case to switzerland's federal supreme court. reigning champion geraint thomas will be fit to defend his tour de france title despite a heavy crash in the tour de suisse on tuesday. the team ineos rider was taken to hospital for checks after he fell on the fourth stage of the nine day race in the alps, his warm up for the tour that starts in just under three weeks and his team say he'll make a full recovery. to tennis and roger federer overcame a spirited effort from john millman to seal his place in the second round at the halle tournament in germany. the 37—year—old swiss won his first grass—court game of the season 7—6, 6—3 in a tournament that he's won
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nine times with his last victory in 2017 and he'll now play france's jo wilfried—tsonga. the man who beat federer in last year's final — number four seed borna coric has set up a second—round clash with qualifierjoao sousa. it took the croatian 86 minutes to beat world number 88 jaume munar of spain in straight sets 7—6, 6—3. it was a different story at the queens club in london as play was completely washed out by rain on tuesday. more rain is forecast for wednesday, although with drier spells in the afternoon. it's only third time in the tournament's 18—year history that an entire day's play has been lost to rain. everything else, go to the website.
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hello there, good morning. by thursday, the weather should be much more straightforward, but we've still got cloud around at the moment, bringing some outbreaks of rain, and there are some storms around, too, as this warm and humid air pushes its way northwards. that cloud bringing the rain, this cloud bringing the storms as well, and they're tending to track their way across the south—east of england and east anglia, and this is the main area at risk of further thunderstorms as we head well into wednesday. there could be some really gusty winds, some hail and some thunder too. this is the story as we head towards the end of the night. we've got a lot of cloud for england and wales. outbreaks of rain, the storms moving away from the south—east of england, pushing across east anglia and into the north sea. things are more straightforward for scotland and northern ireland, where we've got sunshine and showers arriving from the north—west. but, by late morning and into the afternoon,
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we could see a fresh crop of thundery downpours arriving in the south—east and east anglia, even a few patchy bursts of rain across the midlands and lincolnshire. much brighter further west, across england and wales, and those temperatures very similar to what we had on tuesday. so some rain, unfortunately, again for the tennis at queen's, and some rain for race—goers at royal ascot. thursday probably dry for ladies day. certainly drier, i think, on friday by then. but it will be feeling a little bit fresher. the humid air ahead of that weather front is going to push into the near continent, the storms heading away, as well, and this fresher air will pull in from the atlantic around that area of low pressure. closer to that area of low pressure in the north—west of the uk, this is where we keep showers going overnight into thursday. clearer skies, a cooler, fresher feel for england and wales, but the promise of some early sunshine. now, some places may stay dry, but there are some showers heading eastwards from wales and the south—west of england. probably the driest weather and sunniest weather across northern
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but a scattering of showers for northern ireland, and some frequent, heavy showers across scotland, and again those temperatures 16—20 degrees. as we head towards the end of the week, we're starting to see high pressure building up from the south. but across the northern half of the uk, particularly northern scotland, we're closer to that low pressure. that means some showers will keep going in northern scotland, and it will be quite blustery as well. after a sunny start for many other areas, we're going to find cloud building up, but there's a good chance you'll stay dry, with some spells of sunshine into the afternoon. and those temperatures really aren't changing very much at all over the next few days —16—20 degrees. however, over the weekend, it looks like all of us will get warmer. saturday looks mostly dry, with some sunshine. things start to change on sunday, as we see some rain beginning to arrive in from the west. that's it from me, goodbye.
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welcome to bbc news. my name is mike embley. our top stories: cheering. president trump launches his re—election campaign for 2020 in florida. he says his supporters are part of a new political movement. it's a movement made of hard—working patrons who love their country does make patriots, love theirfly, love their children and who believe that a nation must care for its own citizens first. here in the uk, the remaining five candidates vying to become the next prime minister clash over brexit in a noisy tv debate. wiped off the map — satellite images show mosques in western china destroyed — the second of our special


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