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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  June 21, 2019 1:45am-2:01am BST

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welcome to bbc news. our top does make chance ' - v«
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around the opposition so far. could sweden offer resistance? it doesn't look like it. the defending chapters we re look like it. the defending chapters were in front with the quickest of the tournament in —— so far. sweden mustered little response 20 minutes before another testing. the united states spent the half with about book they fit. the shot was afflicted in. 2—0 dramatic, the usa we re afflicted in. 2—0 dramatic, the usa were placed by next. at 3—1 when over thailand will be enough to essentially through, 2—1 up from the penalty spot. both sides go home. that islands and canada were already into the knockout. the score is 1—1, the netherlands than what a 2—1 victory. they will face japan in the next stage and sweden for canada. into injury time, neither would progress. the last kick of the game, delivering the african nation into the last 16 as a best third place.
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they will tackle england next. that means a last 16 has now been settled, the defending champions playing spain on sunday, the other sta nce playing spain on sunday, the other stance ties. this one much in group c with uruguay taking on japan, this one much in group c with uruguay taking onjapan, the brazilian city, uruguay have claimed this tournament 15 times, winning before. it is currently a 2—2 with around four minutes remaining with stoppage time. by the group be, nicaragua are up against haiti. they are looking to make it back to back
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wins, are looking to make it back to back wi ns, costa are looking to make it back to back wins, costa rica and bermuda are playing in the conclusion in the same venue. now to the cricket world cup were defending champions australia have moved back to the top of the table after the when bangladesh —— beat bangladesh. david warner scored a second centre in eight days to lead the way as adam wilde reports. the size of the task is becoming a little clearer. flags waving, the support and —— unwavering against the chapmans. she would take something rather more than that. aaron finch and in particular david warner, making light work of the bowling. still he was the bangladesh support striking up again for had it'll affect. warner now past the century and enjoy himself stop boundary after boundary, bangladesh had no answer. even the most fanatical pushed —— hushed for a moment. what a possible hundred and 50 en route to the highest score in
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the tournament so far. after he departed, others were quick to take his place. of course, the great summer his place. of course, the great summer could slow the onslaught. what bangladesh needed in reply was a quick start and they found with a lightning fast reaction from finch. a brilliant run out of the looks of it all. there was just enough to keep faint hopes and spirits high but real bangladesh celebrations a lwa ys but real bangladesh celebrations always felt out of reach. a brave effort that fell just short which fittingly is how the game ended. the reigning champions stopped in the table, leading the way once more. to the gulf, the opening round with the women's measure of the year. it is the conclusion in minnesota. green is the leader with four under. 0ne head of south korea's player.
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a south korean also holds the share of the lead, six under with a 1—stroke lead after four others in the travers championship in connecticut. 2017 winner is struggling with a triple bogey at the 13th, helping to lead him three over. and nine shots of the lead. the nba draft is taking place in new york whether you expect star who is 18 years old, he will be drafted by the pelicans was up it was confirmed. he is expected to agree to an initial two—year deal in a louisiana outfit, there are grilled acquiring the hottest prospect in long time to come. no time winner roger ferro broke the serve of his
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opponent in the 11th game of the final set to win the second run matt of the germany open. that is seven—year—old swiss when the opening set in a tie—break before dropping the second and then held his nerve to take the lead. he will be in the quarter—final. the queens clu b be in the quarter—final. the queens club championship, cilic was defeated. he secured early breaks in both sets to wrap up his third career when on grass, the winner playing a russian play in the quarter—finals was up it's iq never been away for andy murray was back on court after having hip surgery. the form world number one eased his way back playing the doubles alongside lopez.
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this is andy murray's second serve, a second justify the spot he loves but five months ago he thought he would have to leave. he takes his first step back with a partner play doubles with lopez, allowing him to replant his touch, without the troublesome head. starting with not an easy one. against the top said, taking the tablet. with the help of the net, he won the set. he probably earned that bit of luck. earlier this year he lived in constant pain unable to even put on his own shoes, reaching these would have been tardy out of the question. despite the trauma of surgery and recovery, essentially distract the essential ingredients that made him a champion seem ingredients that made him a champion seem to have survived. the furious forehead, the fight up fist pump. that followed a crucial break and serve, on reactions alone he would never guess this was the first round of doubles at queens. there was
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a lwa ys of doubles at queens. there was always something might play. in the end, it was lopez that deliver the final serve, the final word would only go to one man. i felt quite relaxed today, and the buildup but we both said to each other as you walk into the court, starting to feel a little bit nervous now and thatis feel a little bit nervous now and that is what you want when you're playing tennis. you want the nerves, the butterflies in the stomach, had that today. he does not expect to return to the sunny world of singles until the end of the year. he will play only in a pair but doubles is quite something when it might have been quits. the world number one naomi 0saka been quits. the world number one naomi 0sa ka lost been quits. the world number one naomi 0saka lost in top seeds —— lost in straight sets us up she would have stayed the top but...
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ashley but he remains on court to do just that, she beat the american 6-3, 6-1. to just that, she beat the american 6—3, 6—1.tojust just that, she beat the american 6—3, 6—1. tojust cycling —— to the cycling, breaking away from a 25 mandating group just over three kilometres to go, there was an attack launched over the final kilometre, the dutchman held on to win. holding a 12 second lead over the austrian. three stages are remaining. just enough time to let you know that you require against japan, three minutes of stoppage time have gone, two minutes after that, 2-2 time have gone, two minutes after that, 2—2 in that one and in the golkar, nicaragua i2—0 down in texas
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against haiti. lots more at the website. hello there. well, you may have already heard that temperatures are on the rise this weekend. certainly to next week, it could be that some areas become quite hot indeed, but we'll see an increase of thundery downpours too. more on that in just a moment. to the here and now, friday is looking like being another one of sunny spells and scattered showers, although most of the showers will be across the northern half of the country, closer to low pressure anchored to the north of scotland. so we start early friday with a few showers across scotland, northern ireland and the far north of england. further south mainly dry with some early sunshine around. it'll be quite nippy out there first thing. high pressure is going to be building up from the south as we head through the course of today. there's that low pressure system. this weather front affecting mainly scotland and the isobars a bit closer together here. so more of a breeze blowing in from the west or the north—west.
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some of the showers fairly heavy and frequent through the morning. but they will tend to become fewer as we head on into the afternoon, and that goes for northern ireland and the far north of england. but further south, actually a dry day in store. some good sunny spells around. lighter winds too so it will feel a little bit warmer — 20 or 21 degrees in the south—east. still in the midteens for the north. as we head on into friday night, early saturday, that area of high—pressure continues to exert its force across the country. kills off most of the showers and the winds turning lighter. there'll be clear skies. one or two mist and fog patches, otherwise for most, a fine start to saturday but again fairly nippy. as we head on into the weekend, we start to draw up some very warm air from the near continent thanks to high pressure and we should see a lot of dry weather so actually quite a good—looking weekend on the whole. saturday, here it is then, lots of sunshine up and down the country. south or south—easterly winds.
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a bit of fairweather cloud tend to build up through the day. but most places should stay dry. it will feel a bit warmer — those temperatures into the low 20s celsius across the south, maybe a degree or so warmer further north. so i'll show you the pressure charts as we head through the weekend: high—pressure dominates for most, bringing this warm south—easterly across the country. but we've got low pressure to the south—west trying to move into western areas and all that will do is destabilise the atmosphere here so we will see increasing chance of showers or maybe even some thundery rain. but for much of the country, on sunday it looks fine again, with some lengthy spells of sunshine drawing up some really warm and humid air from the near continent. temperatures might reach the mid 20s celsius across the south. but across the board you can see, it going to be warmer temperatures. central scotland, for example, in the low 20s. but like i mentioned, with that area of low pressure trying to move in the chance of thundery downpours increases from sunday onwards so stay 00:12:47,301 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 tuned to the forecast.
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